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Jesse Chatman surgery proves Dolphins right

New York Jets running back Jesse Chatman is having knee surgery today at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables as yet another step in what has been a bitterly disappointing season for the former Miami Dolphins player.

So why am I breaking this Jets news on a Dolphins blog?

Because it speaks to yet another set of personnel decisions, these controversial, that Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells made this year that have, well, paid off handsomely.

Chatman, you'll remember, was a pretty good player for the Dolphins last year. He gained 515 yards and averaged 4 yards per carry. But unsigned for 2008, Parcells and Co. let him walk.

That came in the wake of the Lorenzo Booker trade that brought howls from the bloggisphere because Booker showed much promise toward the end of the 2007 season after being drafted in the third round of that season's draft.

The Dolphins jettisoned Chatman and Booker and kept ... Patrick Cobbs.

Tell the truth: You were scratching your head over that one. But guess what? It has worked out very well for Miami.

Chatman signed a one-year deal with the Jets and promptly was suspended four games for violating the NFL's banned substance policy. After the suspension was lifted, he played all of three games before suffering the season-ending knee injury which required surgery today by Dr. John Uribe.

Chatman's total contribution to the Jets was five carries for 8 yards and two receptions for 5 yards. He also played on special teams those three games.

Booker has also been something of a non-factor for Philadelphia even as the Eagles have endured injuries to both Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter. Booker has 20 carries this season for 53 yards -- a 2.7 yard per carry average. He also has 5 receptions for 10 yards.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are maximizing their contribution from Cobbs to the point he's become one of the team's more valuable players. Imagine that. Cobbs has 10 carries for 44 yards and 16 receptions for 256 yards. He has scored three touchdowns and is one of the team's most active special teams players.

The Dolphins saw in Cobbs attributes that fit "the makeup" of a player they want. And Cobbs has delivered well enough that he was offered and signed a contract extension.

So the Dolphins were right on Cobbs. And those, me admittedly among them, that wondered about the wisdom of letting a proven rusher (Chatman) and a promising third-down speedster (Booker) go were wrong so far.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins will be right all the time -- see Ernest Wilford and Shawn Murphy -- but I think we've all learned to trust these personnel guys much more than we did previous ones.

So give Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and assistant director of player personnel Brian Gaine a hand. They earned it on this one.


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I agree Armando these guys have done a terrific job. Come to think of it, exactly what has Twinkle Toes Taylor accomplished this season? 1 freaking sack! All that dance training really paid off... NOT!


salguero sucks!

Yea ... Maybe Murph will be an all pro for years to come... cough.

Parcells, Ireland and Gaine (underrated) have done very well. But no one is perfect. That's why the two running backs they drafted haven't done anything and Murphy is a flat out bust so far.

But I appreciate you being up front with the fact about not agreeing on the Booker trade. I was right there with you and I was obviously wrong also. Takes big men to admit when they are wrong, Mando.

What a non-story.

Excellent scoop and excellent analysis Armandito.

I think it easy to forget what these seemingly meaningless moves means in the overall improvement of the team. This post points that out pretty good.

Merry Christmas!

tricky is a glass is half full kind of guy.

You May Also Add Favre To The List,seems Hes Got Arthritis In His Right And Left Elbows,and Playen In N.y Is Not Good.

Mando....normally I think you are way off, but you have been spot on lately. I think you woke up one day and got "it!" This was another great blog and imformative with some good thought out opinion. I enjoyed this blog.

Cuban Menace

I know who you are. I was in the Coast Guard and stationed in the keys in the early 80's. I was on a boarding party of a shrimper boat that carried Cuban refugee's. I remember it all to clearly now you where standing next to Tony Montana wearing a J E T S Ballcap and a Patriots T shirt and Bills sweatpants. You cant hide I know who you are.


Great stuff as usual from Armando - Thanks !

I'm soooo curious to see what they do with Vernon Carey, Yeremiah Bell and Channing Crowder.

This will be one of the most fun off-seasons in a while.

Mando writes, "Booker has 20 carries this season for 53 yards -- a 2.7 yard per carry average." Excuse me, but 20 carries for 53 yards is actually 2.65 yards per carry. And since everyone knows that you're supposed to ROUND DOWN to even numbers, that rushing average, to one decimal point, should be noted as 2.6 yards per carry.


I was one who believed in Parcells and didn’t really question the moves they made because if a team is 1-15 no player is safe IMO.

Never doubt a Parcells decision! your right, with chatmmen, I said to myself "what are they doing?!" I thought for sure this was going to be another Welker story, the same goes for Pennington, I thought "what are they doing?" the lesson here is NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE A BILL PARCELLS DECISION OR TEAM! I'll be coming down to eat, cause the TUNA in MIAMI is GREAT!

While I was shocked when the Dolphins traded Booker, letting Chatman go didn't surprise me. He never really impressed me. If the Dolphins were so deep at running back, I'd still probably want Booker over Shawn Murphy.

I thought Cobbs was their 3rd best back last year behind Ricky and Ronnie. I was hoping that these guys would see the potential in Cobbs. After they traded booker, I was sure Cobbs was to follow; especially after they drafted two running backs. I'm glad they knew how good Cobbs was.

Their criteria seems to be size. I guess they think big guys get hurt less and wear down slower through the long season.

Nathaniel, when you say "everyone knows," do you mean you and your imaginary friends? There is no rule about rounding down to even numbers; your fevered brain came up with that one on your own. The rule is that you round down for one thru four and round up for 5 thru 9. Five is in the middle and it just had to be decided for consistency which way to go. Long ago, it was decided to round up.

But you aren't a loser for not knowing that. You're just a loser for insulting someone else because they didn't know something that it turns out you didn't know!

So Nathaniel Dodsworth argues rounding up and down to the correct decimal points and consistently signs on this blog as Nathaniel Dodsworth and Norman Weatherwax and Conrad Billingham and has the nerve to call ME a loser?


Si, Si Senor Soiled Bottom That Was Me,a Young Cubana Looking For His Human Rights Like Ur Presidente Jimmy Carter Promised.

Get Him Mando.

Excuse me but I have no affiliation with any of the aforementioned names mentioned above. (But I do agree with Mr. Dodsworth's contention that 2.65 should be rounded down to 2.6 yards per carry. EVERYONE knows that.)

Mr. Salguero's ultra-sensitivity and seeming inability to appreciate sarcasm and irreverence causes no end of mirth or amazement to myself (and my multiple personalities). Nevertheless, it is perplexing. Therefore, to ensure Mr. Salguero's future mental health and avoid any more hissy fits, I will refrain from any more posts on this website, save for serious comments like this:

It is disturbing that some Dolfans are bemoaning a likely 10-win season, claiming that we will suffer from low draft picks in next year's draft. This reminds me of politicians who want to achieve power (but not TOO much power). (i.e. Democrats who are afraid of the inevitable fallout now that they will be held solely responsible for the welfare of the country, given that they control the Presidency and both the House and the Senate) Excuse me, but didn't you become a politician to enact your legislative program? Didn't the Dolphins hire Parcells and company to WIN? We didn't hire them for endless high draft picks. Look how long Shula was able to keep the Dolphins a top 5 or top 10 team with endlessly low draft picks.

P.S. It really is 2.6 yards per carry.

I found this on CBSsportsline.com; it's an angry wet's fan hope you like it.

"The Broncos deserve an F, any team that has to resort to faking injuries to stop the hurry up offense doesn't deserve any credit for anything. The worst sportmanship I've seen in a football game in a long time. I think Shameahan should be investigated. The refs also clearly favored the Broncos. That BS fumble return for a TD. Come on, Cotchery was clearly covering the ball and on the ground. I thought the NFL was trying to protect defenseless players on the ground? If anything the Broncos should have been called for the hit, not rewarding them with a touchdown, and then it is not reveiwable, total BS.

With that said, the Jets played horribly and just did not get it done. Their playcalling on both sides of the ball were horrible and their inability to adjust their gameplan is the reason this team cannot take that next step to becoming an elite team in this league. The go into the game with a "game specific" gameplan and if it doesn't work, they lose, thay cannot adjust for some reason (hint coaches suck). "

Ehh...never really thought much of Chatman or Cobbs for that matter. I was sure Camarillo was done for as well...Booker I thought had potential. I just wonder how we would look with Chambers still here and Zach in the middle with Crowder...Theres hits and misses with every regime including this one...

Millions Right ,you Know Who The Worst Coach At Making Halftime Adjustments Was,dave (no Testicles)wannstadt Was The Worst.

Wether If He Was Winning Or Losing, This Moron Refused To Make Any Changes Example Was I Think In 2000 When Dolphins Were Killing The Jets And They Blew A 24 Pt Lead.

My good friends Nathaniel and Norman are correct, if verbose. I was taught in school (Canadian public school where we add "u" to the word "color" and "ay" to the word ... well, to just about anything) that when you have a number ending in "5," like 2.65, and you want to round to only one decimal point, you round down and up to an even number. Hence, 2.65 rounds down to 2.6. Likewise, 2.75 would round up to 2.8.

Armando, I don't really think you're a loser. I think you're - well I think you're just the tops!

Bill Parcells SUPER GENIUS

Well in America 5 or more is rounded UP..Eh

Is this blog about Mando or the Dolphins?

As for the decision to keep Cobbs, it was a good one. The guy brings it each Sunday, something so many others fail to do.

c'mon mando, thats kinda like saying you got a D on your history test, but you were the only one in the class who knew what the first english colony was so you deserve cool points. Ernest Wilford far outdoes Booker and Chatman. and as usual, were still playing musical chairs with the o-line even with Sparano. The best teams in the league have solid usually-healthy established starters on the o-line, we never do. we have vernon carey. thats like saying we have leprosy.

Well the Steelers have a terrible O line and they look fantastic! As much as we make a big deal about our team when you watch a team like the Steelers or Giants it shows you we have lots of work to do!

SIDE NOTE; Im still curious about fat boy Solai. Why does he keep getting suspended and why hasn't he been cut? They must see potential in him...

Can we focus on the game this weekend?

sportsbook.com has the game vs Buffalo even.

You can focus on whatever you like Master...One of the benefits of free will...JP Losman is starting the game is in Canada...We've beat them once already.

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The last year we swept the Bills was 03...

The last year we swept the Bills was 03...

Who could possibly complain about lower draft picks? We have possibly the best evaluator of talent in the history of the NFL in charge of our draft!

We will not only conitnue to have great drafts like the one we just had, but we will not have to shell out ridiculous money to top of the draft rookies that can easily be a bust like Gholston, thus keeping money to spend on free agent veterans.

You clowns amaze me.

Leticia I'm warning you to leave my husband alone. He does not need you bothering him with your firm young body and your cigarette pants and your tight shirts and your red lipstick.
I was good enough for him when I was small so that means I'm good enough for him when I'm big. He is not a great man but he is adequate. Find Your Own Man!

Skydome in Toronto (location of the upcoming Bills-Dolphins game) has many shortcomings. Like all multi-purpose stadiums (football/baseball), the fans are far removed from the field. Add to this the fact that a Canadian football field is 65 yards wide, and one can appreciate how far away fans will be from the action for a field only 53 yards wide. Skydome also has artificial turf. And for television viewing, the camera is so low it almost looks like it's at field level. Nevertheless, Torontonians will pay any price to see this game, as it is a city full of pretensions and a claim to being "world class."

A few names from that roster...Fieldler, Ricky Williams,Travis Minor, James Mcknight, Chambers,Matt Turk,Rob Konrad,McMichael,Gadsen,Donald Lee,Buckley,Surtain,Madison,Sammy Knight,Marion,Zgonina,Ogunleye,Taylor,Seau,Bowens,

Well I'm sure we'll make the playoffs with 3 more wins. To make things easier this is the game we need.

Lets not forget they ganked a 2nd round pick for Taylor. :D Another good move.

http://proxy.espn.go.com/nfl/sportsnation/ratings Found this on espn coach ratings. Look at Sparono go. Has highest aproval rating 92%.
take it for what its worth I would rather have several of the other coaches over sparono but willl take him.BELLACHEAT 70% LOVE IT

"Well I'm sure we'll make the playoffs with 3 more wins.

Master - I wouldn't be so sure of the three wins and in math, especially if one of them is not against the Jets. Almost certainly going to need the win in NJ to take the division.

And wild card looks bleak with 3 V's. Baltimore (with the tie-breaker) and Indy (with a weak remaining schedule) are both a game up on us...and then there's the Pats.

Hey, mando, can you dump the loser troll posts that have nothing to do with the Dolphins? They are a bit annoying to read, when I am looking for content.

I love the fact that for the first time in who knows how long, we actually control our own destiny. We win out, we are the AFC East champs, and may get as high as the second seed in the playoffs! I doubt Tennessee will fall off enough for us to get the top spot, but getting home playoff games again would be awesome!


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july 4, 1776 - november 4, 2008

If Booker was a dolphin no one could say if he wouldn't bdoing well either. Hard to say. Different circumstances different results.

Mando,, Tell that dude to go back to grade school,,, what kinda moron calls someone a loser bout roundin lorenzo booker stats

Sometimes players other than qb's need a year or two to sit and learn the NFL game while they grow physically and mentally. I think Murphy will be one of those players. Parmele could be another.

Don't worry Mondo, Dodsworth was actually a cartoon character way back. Oh and, .49 and lower you round down, .50 and higher you round up. Dodsworth must be the secretary of a bowling league to come up with that logic.

The moves by this regime have been mostly good. The best 2 moves, if not understood by many Dolfans here, was getting rid of the twin cancers of the Miami Defense: Jason Taylor & Zach Thomas. Those 2 overrated players openly advocated for softer practices and gentle preseason's to better rest the veterans. All it accomplished was the steady decline of what was once a pretty good defense. Not surprisingly the Dolphins D is doing better this year with arguably less talent. Addition by Subtraction. On another note, it was highway robbery that the Dolphin are actually getting a second round pick next year for a washed up Jason Taylor. Absolutely amazing, and more than makes up for the Ernest Wilford signing. Go Tuna!!

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