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Jets will find out Miami Dolphins a changed team

It didn’t end well for the Dolphins the first time they played the Jets. But if you think the New Yorkers can pick up Sunday where they left the Dolphins in September, then you must be among those believing Santa will arrive soon.

Yes, the Jets collected that 20-14 victory over Miami already. But that result may have very little bearing on Sunday’s game as the Dolphins try to win an AFC East division title.

That’s because the Dolphins started out this season as a shadow of the team they are now. A lot has changed in Miami as the Dolphins have traveled light years in four months.

“I think we have a lot of respect for the Jets,” Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano said. “But we weren’t playing our best at that time of the year and I think we’ve worked out a lot of our wrinkles. We’re going to have a great game plan put in. We’re all confident in that. And we’ll have a good week of preparation and go up there and play a big game.”

The Dolphins expect it will be a different game and consequently a better game.

The game the Dolphins played in that season-opening loss was not indicative of the type Miami has delivered lately.

Those Dolphins lost their first two games. Today’s Dolphins have won eight of their last nine games.

Those Dolphins suffered from miscommunication in the defensive backfield and yielded long pass plays as a result. The Jets scored their first touchdown against Miami on a 56-yard pass from Brett Favre to Jerricho Cotchery.

These Dolphins have stability in the defensive backfield brought about by the benching and eventual discarding of safety Chris Crocker, and the insertion of Renaldo Hill in the secondary. The Dolphins haven’t given up a scoring pass of over 50 yards since September 14, the game before Crocker was benched.

Those Dolphins could not win the turnover battle against New York. But these Dolphins are among the NFL’s most efficient teams at winning the turnover battle. The Dolphins are plus-14 in turnover differential -- tied with Tennessee as the NFL's best.

“I would say that probably, at that time, one of the things that’s tangible is the turnover ratio - us not turning it over and forcing turnovers,” coach Tony Sparano said. “I think another thing that has been pretty tangible is our ability not to give up the big play, although that didn’t happen [against Kansas City].

“In the first ballgame against the Jets we gave up a lot of big plays and it cost us. I also think our special teams have come a long way since then.”

Aside from the tangible changes the Dolphins have made, Sparano can also fill a digital recorder’s memory while reciting intangible ways today’s Dolphins are different from the ones that lost the season-opener.

“Obviously in the first Jets game when we played, we had no idea about a lot of things,” Sparano said. “Obviously, we were new at quarterback at the time. The chemistry and all those things weren’t where they are right now.

“Defensively, same kind of situation: New system, the chemistry, the communication weren’t where they are right now. But more importantly the resiliency is the thing that has come the furthest - this team’s will to want to win.”

In that long-ago loss to New York the Dolphins were still haunted by their 2007 season. But now those ghosts have been bound, and in the locker room, players who didn’t know how to win in 2007 believe they know exactly what happened in this year's first loss.

“Without taking anything away from the Jets, we felt like we lost that game," cornerback Andre' Goodman said. "They did what they had to do in terms of making the plays, the fluke play in the end zone. And the first play was a bonehead play on my part. So you take away a couple of plays in that game and we’re on top in that game. They did what they had to do and we made some bonehead plays.”

All this suggests Sunday will be a different day. Because the Dolphins are now a different team.


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It's hard to believe the Jets were 9-3 at one point. I've seen 4 of their games (including the 1st one in Miami) and they really don't look that good.

To go into Seattle against a 2 win football team and score 3 points with your season on the line is pretty bad. That says something about their team. Favre looks like he's in the mode of just chucking the ball around and hoping for the best. I can't believe that guy made the pro-bowl over Pennington. Pennington's a MUCH better QB than Favre at this point in his career.

The Dolphins' DBs better be ready. They're going to get a lot of chances at interceptions.


You stupid dolfans and your stupid little sportswriter stooge are going home crying on Sunday.

We know what it's like to win big games. You want a big game victory. I got one for your right here, you shems.


hey fuggetaboutit,we know its you stock rising,pats stock rising.jets stock rising and every other stupid post rising jets suk get over it loser



Fins fins fins!

Miami where you at!!!!

you know what its like to win big games? 13-3 seattle and loses to oak.sf and no super bowl app. since 1969 yeah alot of big games won ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

"We know what it's like to win big games"

Do you mean like last Sunday, when your season was on the line against a 3 win team and you scored 3 points?

Or are you referring to the overall history of the Jets, a franchise that has only won 8 playoff games in 40 years? 8 playoff games in 40 years. Yeah, that sounds like a team that knows how to win big games.

Can you please clarify?

Um, that first game wasn't really that bad (aside from Favre's floater TDs). I seem to recall Penny running the field and having 4 close shots at the end zone as time expired. Lets hope it's minus 12 in NJ next week.

Can you remember the last game that was this exciting? That playoff against Indy? Maybe that stomping of the Broncos that opening day?

Go fins!

Oh, did I offend you turds? Turth hurts ya big moe-moes. Your team was the laughing stock of the NFL last year and I still get a chuckle that you had to hire our retraed QB to be somewhat decent this year.

But be serious, we all know what chad p is going to do at the meadowlands ... he's going to be a hanging chad. get it? hanging chad.

Go screw yourselves ya bums. Go find some old jewish ladies on miami beach to chase. losers.

and keep those cubans from coming up here. We don't need no more corrupt politicians.

hey fake gm you had to roll over laughing when you read that post

and what were the jets 4-12 last year wow they were a real powerhouse and if anybody got offended it was you after that post you big crybaby what's a matter can't take it

fuggetaboutit,wah wah wah wah wah wah wah get over it the jets are g-a-r-b-a-g-e

I've got to say that I was glad to see the Defense play poorly against the Chiefs because we all know what happened the last time the D tanked a game, which was the last loss to the Patriots...The defense stomped the opposition into the turf for the next 3 games! By that logic, that should carry us to the AFC Championship! GO FINS!!! I LOVE EM!

Who cares about the trolls? I am tired of hearing them. How they can come in here and say the Jets know how to win after the SEattle game is a mystery. Same ones were here giving the fans grief because the Dolphins only barely beat the Raiders, 49'ers, 'Hawks, etc. But I bet they wish they had "barely" beaten one of them now!

Say what you want, but I for one never believed this game would mean anything for the Dolphins when the year started. I was looking forward to a chance to knock the Jets out of the playoffs with this game, but never dreamed it would also mean putting the Dolphins in the playoffs! This has been a great year!

Pennington is a better QB than Farve this year. Face it. This game will mean nothing by the time it is played for the Jets. By then New England will have already beaten the Bills and the Jets will be out. They will lose their composure halfway through the game and then give up in the fourth quarter just wanting to put this season behind them.

Miami Dolphins - AFC East Champions! Home game in the playoffs.

Merry Christmas!

gag gag gag green!!!Sounds like a choking dog to me....reminds me of the mets!!!!LMAO!! Best XMAS present EVER!!! mangini fired,old brett retires again........THANKS TUNA AND WAYNE!!!!!!!GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!

opps......THANX CHAD TOO! GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!

Bunch of meaningless comments there. Completely ignoring a troll shows intellectual superiority.
Brett Favre and the Jets spent all day yesterday watching film, mostly Pats and Chiefs games. They believe big plays are the way to score points. Expect a lot of Favre passing and getting Leon Washington the ball in space. Conversely, Miami must find a way to get consistent pressure on Favre and keep everything in front of them making the Jets execute flawlessly to complete any drive.

Even if the Pats win I'm pretty sure the Jets can still get in with a win and a Ravens loss in another 4 PM game. If true, no matter what happens in the early games, the Jets will still be in the hunt.


jets suck as always. They can't win when it matters- a losing franchise and puke fans. Dolphins by 21 points!!



Glen -- great point: Mets=Jets. Both second rate teams in the New York market. They are Yankees/Giants wanabees!! And it's funny -- those who like the Giants are loyal to the Yankees. The same losers who like the Mets, root for the Jets. After the Mets second remarkable collapse in back-to-back seasons, I really look forward to seeing these same fans cry again when the Jets follow suit!! Mangini will be fired; Favre will waffle, and the Jets will be back to square one. What a terrific Christmas gift for an upstate NY Dolphins fan like myself!!

To Dolfans:
You all will appreciate this story. My 4YO son was old enough to start taking to games this year so we bought season tix. His first game was against the Jets. A female Jets fan in a Jets jersey accidently knocked over my son's popcorn. She was nice about it but now my son always recognizes that green jersey as the enemy! Even on TV, he says, "that's the bad team Daddy, we don't like the Jets!"

Raising him right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if I can get him to hate the Pats and Bills as much.


Good points, but I wonder...

By your logic, which is sound, we should take away the long ball and keep everything underneath.

However, I'm not so sure that Favre can't beat us with a short game. The way I've seen him throw the last few games, it might be better to play close to the line and see if Brett can connect over the top. He's been throwing a LOT of undertrown balls lately, and such a strategy could lead to several picks.

Hey ForgetU...I guess you'll go "off the air" come Sunday evening. What a GREAT Christmas present. Thanks and have a nice off season.

I say we key on LEON WASHINGTON!!!!!!!! He's been a game changer (our version of cobbs) all year. Next we bottle up THOMAS JONES, this guy can wear us down. We need to hit him before he hits us! Last but not least we need to go for the jugular early! We need 60 minutes of hard nose football. The D enjoyed a week off last week and the O bailed them out. At this point we'd like to see all three phases of the game clicking. Brett can beat the blitz with the screen so lets not "show" blitz.

I'm hyped already! Lets go PHINS!


I agree! Raise em right! My son is one week old today and he has had on Phins gear from the start. His crib and room are all keyed on the MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!!!! This sunday we're going to see if he fits into his Ronnie Brown jeresy. We need a good crop of little DOLFANS!

Lets go PHINS!

Hey, the Ricky Williams fumble wasn't a fumble for one important reason: Ricky's legs were clearly out of bounds while he clearly hit the ball with his arm before it was recovered by the Chiefs. Why is it that no one else picked up on that? That would mean the ball should have been considered out of bounds and the Dolphins would have retained possession. It was clear as day!!!

whats is it with people from new york,they come to miami and there hair turns blue

i like how those 2 gay guys from new york sit on each others shoulders and spell out j.e.t.s .jets jets jets. its bad enough that new yorkers cant spell anyways they have to get taught by 2 gay guys

Hey Jaxdolfan: I have a 12 year old son. He wipes his ass with a dolphins jersey. Gets kinda expensive after a while but the cost will go down sunday when the Jets stomp the fish and the price of a dolphins pennington jersey goes to .45 cents.

You people are such losers. By the way, please come to the game Sunday so we Jets fans have someone to spit on. Im outta here.

NY Jet fans like balls to the back of their neck

Hey ForgetAboutU...You and you're family are so NewYork.


Most Jets fan have no class, we all can tell that you are scared and your season is winding down, dont worry it will all be over soon! Jets are the laughing stock of the league, they havent won a big game since 69, you guys were 9-3 and have fell apart, I rather have Chad P than Brett Favre right now, the Jets do not have smart coaches that coach Penny, thats why he will get his revenge this weekend, when he sends thousands of Jets fans home in that very same colde weather, whatever the condition, Jets are toast!

Fuggetaboutit,your name says it all! Fuggetabout the Wet winning sunday, We been waitin for the Wets, especially Chad "Hanging an asswhipping on the Wets" pennington! We can't wait fool, to make the jets drool, just like their TOXIC WASTE,BRAINDEAD, NO TEETH FANS! MIAMI is soooo much better prepared, physically, emotionally, and scheme wise. Miami is just now starting to peak, and we still are improving each week. If Miami can Win in Polar Bear weather, what do you think Miami will do in New York, in better weather? I'll tell you what is going to happen! Miami's offense will play like they did against KC, moving the ball with a mix of "Wild Cat", hard-nose running by Ronnie Brown,Ricky williams, and Patrick Cobbs, short passes by pennington to RB's, TE's and devon Bess, Long completions to Ted G, and the defense will play like we did against San Diego, Hard hitting, tight coverage, and plenty of int's(3)by farve! So, fuggetaboutit, fuggetabout the Jets winning Sunday, Final Score: Miami 45 Jets 20! Miami AFC Champs, NY Jets back to the bottom of the barrel, Fool!


The Miami Dolphins Team will come together on Sunday and play a flawless game in support of the Team Captain Chad Pennington. Early in this season we all hoped for this opportunity but, never expected it. The Coaching Staff and Team will not let us down. Miami by 10.

Happy Holidays GO DOLPHINS!

How about pumping up the speakers in the Dolphins training facility and locker rooms with Aretha's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"!!! That will get the blood pumping thru the veins and fire it up! Love that! Get them all psyched with some good ol' soul music! Hip hop is good too but you can't tell me Aunt R'tha don't get your mojo going! Fins have given us RESPECT!

Joey Porter two sacks, Goody and Allen a couple of INTs, Jets do not have a physical Def that can stop the mix of the Wildcat and our normal package, they will be confused, it will feel so great if Miami just spanks them on their field, this is our Super Bowl fellas, we will knock two of rivals out of the playoffs, Pats n Jets. Its over, Pats will win against Buf and the Jets will be knocked off, they will have no chance, its all over now take it like man

Peter Lacock?? Sounds like a double entendre (sp?) to me...The New Jersey Jets - YES, I said New Jersey, are doing their usual late season fold...Only reason they brought Fava-Beans in there was to sell PSLs (Personal Seat Licenses) to those poor bastards...Chadley was a God-send for us, and after we whoop up on the NJJ this Sunday, there'll be no looking back for him...he's FINALLY with an organization that is committed to winning!
BTW, jet fans (those from New York) HATE when you say their team is from New Jersey!! LoL
Happy Holidays!!

Ok fuggetaboutit, Did you ever get through school or did you just skip it. You are the Most ignorant NY fan I have heard..... OOPS sorry, there are quite a few of "yous guys".

You spew a lot of crap but not one accurate bit of information. Just face it, YOU SUCK... Oh and your team. YOU ARE JUST STUPID

Your Wet's couldn't beat Denver (at home) and the Phins beat them in their home.
Your Wet's couldn't beat Seatle... SAD eh?
Your Wet's couldn't beat...dare I say it. I will make you laugh... Raiders???
Oh yes and SanFran.

So, with that being said, GROW UP and Please learn some English. It wouldn't hurt lol

Go Phins

Mando you going to the game?

Thanks to the obnoxious Jets fans for chiming in lest we forget how much we hate all you transplanted bastards and the foul stench of your wretched city.

These are two teams going in different directions… Brett Farve forgot what got him to 13 – 3 with the Packers last season. After going 8 – 8 in 2006 Farve rededicated himself to a strenuous offseason program and the results were obvious but then he went into waffle mode this offseason and didn’t decide until late to come back and play. All the drama from the Packers letting him go aside, the thing that was missing was Brett working a complete offseason and getting his old body ready for another grueling year. Watching him play it seems to have taken its toll. But I think Brett can muster one more game and would never take him lightly.

How rare is it for a QB, any QB, to come in and be a savior? The Jets were thinking they were a QB away from a title shot and with 7 pro-bowlers it does seem like they have the talent but football is more about chemistry when you get to the NFL level, all the players are good. You have one team, the Jets in disarray and another, the Dolphins joined like a band of brothers. The Jets, media darlings with their gunslinger and the Dolphins, unsung misfits, castaways with only themselves to believe in and the chemistry that comes with it. While the Jets point fingers and look for blame, the Dolphins rise to the occasion. If the Dolphin defense is flat the offense takes over, when the offense struggles the defense steps up, no blame, no darlings, a band of brothers…

So march into that wretched city my brothers, with all of us behind you, and bring the AFC East title home where it belongs!

The Jets arent even from Jersey. They dont have a home. They are squatting in the Giants house.

Fugget whoever.....just ignore him. He is just sour. I mean, why else would a fan of a 3rd place team come in here to talk? Losing to all the teams we have beat & he is still yapping. Typical drunken Jet fan who goes to the game for $6 beer, not the game.

It's time we ALL live in the now. Last year is LONG gone. How sad it must be for him to be trash talking us this year, with last years rhetoric. Get some new material!

But, keep dismissing us as nobody's. Thats the way its been ALL year & its worked out well. They don't even appreciate Chad, who is better than the guy they dumped him for. LOL I hope the Jets play better than they trash talk.

I'm in NJ, I know many many a Jets fan. You can expect Chad to be very much supported on Sunday. And if NE loses, I think you can expect a FAIR amount of Dolphin support from loyal Jets fans who know Chad & what he meant to that team. Heart means more than strong arm. To their dismay, Jets fans now realize this.

EVEN if Miami loses, and the jets don't get into the tourney, it's still been a great year. Or if they happen to squeeze in, I'd love to see that Baltimore Defense come to NJ and pound Farve into retirment, again.

Regardless, they have proven to not be able to win with Farve. QB wasn't the problem. They let go a QB in his prime for a 1 or 2 year max window. They have no long term plan at QB & no short term plan either. They signed aging vets. This team is going to be BAD for a long time folks. As a Dolphin fan living in NJ, I see the misery on the Jets fans faces. It is PRICELESS!

Come Sunday evening, their nightmarish season will come to a fitting end & with any luck, ours will be just beginning!

Patrick, your words gave me goose bumps.

Go Dolphins!

Patrick, You summed it up beautifully. GO DOLPHINS!!


your gonna need to buy alot of Dolphins Jersys to clean up the mess that all the Jets Fans make when they shi T themselves after the dolphins whoop on Favre and the J-E-T-S..Suck...Suck..Suck..


hey "fuggetaboutit"

The jets know how to win big games??? Since when, I'm 26 and still have never seen that.

Good job Patrick!

The Jets fans will have to do more than talk trash for their team to win on Sunday, the may want to try prayer.
I know my opinions are colored being a fin fan, however, I challenge Jets fans to look in the hearts (if they have one) and ask themselves...

Face it fellow Dolfans--until we beat the Jets in a meaningful game the likes of Fugget will always be rearing their ugly heads. They've had out number in the last few years, even when they were 2-14. WE have to excercise the demons, beat them convincingly and send them, Fav Ruh, their classless fans and those ugly green unis packing. Has anyone else notuced the players' comments about trying to get some vindication for CP? I like that we have an extra rallying call like that...I have a sneaking susp[icion the Fins are going to play their best game of the year--which means the Jests are done.

hey jets fans... i (fins-fan) already purchased my playoff tickets too bad u have to wait for next year...and the next year... etc.

I am amazed that your son wipes his ass. When did your family start cleaning themselves?

fuggetaboutit....Man what a fitting name. Just to reiterate (this means “say again”..stupid) the proud and glorious history of your MIGHTY Jets (this is called sarcasm)…8 Playoff victories in 40 seasons, 1 superbowl appearance (Great Win..see second explanation). You come in here and throw around 1-15 but forget about the Dominating 4-12 season you worthless losers turned in. How much was spent by each TEAM this offseason? I’ll enjoy the victory for the MIAMI FOOTBALL DOLPHINS so much not only because of the historic implications…but just to shut you the hell up. I know you won’t, you’re too stupid to know when you’re beat. I mean, it’s been 40 years since you’ve even SEEN a superbowl from somewhere other than a couch, but you keep on talking. Thanks for making this victory ever sweeter. Good luck with finding a QB next season. Maybe you can go find a coach that doesn’t cry when he sees Bellicheat. GO FINS!!!!!!!!

you guys have to look up ryans songs- pennington is coming to town.. its all about if the jets have regrets for replaceing chad...its pretty good


thats the link.

A moment of silence for the Jets fans, today, and smile on the faces of the Dolphins fans...Jan. 23, 1983 - AFC Championship - Miami 14, N.Y. Jets 0 (25 years ago today!). A.J. Duhe destroys the Jets. Maybe this season's #55 can do the same as #77 did in 1983.


ha ha ha...a month ahead of myself

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