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Jets will find out Miami Dolphins a changed team

It didn’t end well for the Dolphins the first time they played the Jets. But if you think the New Yorkers can pick up Sunday where they left the Dolphins in September, then you must be among those believing Santa will arrive soon.

Yes, the Jets collected that 20-14 victory over Miami already. But that result may have very little bearing on Sunday’s game as the Dolphins try to win an AFC East division title.

That’s because the Dolphins started out this season as a shadow of the team they are now. A lot has changed in Miami as the Dolphins have traveled light years in four months.

“I think we have a lot of respect for the Jets,” Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano said. “But we weren’t playing our best at that time of the year and I think we’ve worked out a lot of our wrinkles. We’re going to have a great game plan put in. We’re all confident in that. And we’ll have a good week of preparation and go up there and play a big game.”

The Dolphins expect it will be a different game and consequently a better game.

The game the Dolphins played in that season-opening loss was not indicative of the type Miami has delivered lately.

Those Dolphins lost their first two games. Today’s Dolphins have won eight of their last nine games.

Those Dolphins suffered from miscommunication in the defensive backfield and yielded long pass plays as a result. The Jets scored their first touchdown against Miami on a 56-yard pass from Brett Favre to Jerricho Cotchery.

These Dolphins have stability in the defensive backfield brought about by the benching and eventual discarding of safety Chris Crocker, and the insertion of Renaldo Hill in the secondary. The Dolphins haven’t given up a scoring pass of over 50 yards since September 14, the game before Crocker was benched.

Those Dolphins could not win the turnover battle against New York. But these Dolphins are among the NFL’s most efficient teams at winning the turnover battle. The Dolphins are plus-14 in turnover differential -- tied with Tennessee as the NFL's best.

“I would say that probably, at that time, one of the things that’s tangible is the turnover ratio - us not turning it over and forcing turnovers,” coach Tony Sparano said. “I think another thing that has been pretty tangible is our ability not to give up the big play, although that didn’t happen [against Kansas City].

“In the first ballgame against the Jets we gave up a lot of big plays and it cost us. I also think our special teams have come a long way since then.”

Aside from the tangible changes the Dolphins have made, Sparano can also fill a digital recorder’s memory while reciting intangible ways today’s Dolphins are different from the ones that lost the season-opener.

“Obviously in the first Jets game when we played, we had no idea about a lot of things,” Sparano said. “Obviously, we were new at quarterback at the time. The chemistry and all those things weren’t where they are right now.

“Defensively, same kind of situation: New system, the chemistry, the communication weren’t where they are right now. But more importantly the resiliency is the thing that has come the furthest - this team’s will to want to win.”

In that long-ago loss to New York the Dolphins were still haunted by their 2007 season. But now those ghosts have been bound, and in the locker room, players who didn’t know how to win in 2007 believe they know exactly what happened in this year's first loss.

“Without taking anything away from the Jets, we felt like we lost that game," cornerback Andre' Goodman said. "They did what they had to do in terms of making the plays, the fluke play in the end zone. And the first play was a bonehead play on my part. So you take away a couple of plays in that game and we’re on top in that game. They did what they had to do and we made some bonehead plays.”

All this suggests Sunday will be a different day. Because the Dolphins are now a different team.


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gotta lay off the eggnog for a bit

Oh Christ fuggetaboutit you have every right to talk trash since your team lost to Oak,Sea,Den,San Fran all teams that we have beat this year.Oh and as for good ol cry baby Brett tell him to try throwing to the right team for once in his life god he is soooo great Ray Charles wouldnt throw as many picks as him.Not to mention look what Chad has done with a mediocre set of wideouts.I didnt think this was possible but im starting to hate you guinea ass jets fans more than Ne fans.Jeez Brett comes to town and they are the greatest team ever lmfbo.

Miami in 08- 09 will make the playoffs,the New York chokers will not!In 09-2010 the Mighty Dolphins will have the same coach,plus a boatload of fresh new talent coming in.The New York chokers will probably be starting over with a new coach.The Might Dolphins will also have their starting quaterback in place for next year,plus their quaterback of the future gaining more experience for the next ten years.What about the Jets? Anyway you look at it Jets fans,we are on the way up,and you are on the way down.GO DOLPHINS!!!34-21 on Sunday

Miami has the greatest, the greatest fooball team they (something something something) like no one has ever seen! they're in the air they're on the ground they're always in control, and when you say Miami you're talking_____ ____!(didnt want to jinx us)Cause were the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number oooonnne!
EVERYBODY!!!! Miami Dolphins!

Fello Phin Fans.. Don't even worry about the troll Jet fans. They can come on here and spout whatever they want, but the fact is if they aren't truly worried they are not true Jet fans.

I have a buddy that is a die hard Jets fan, and he is extremely knowledgable about his team and the NFL. He is worried sick. In fact he doesn't give his team much of a chance after seeing the last 5 weeks materialize. He knows Pennington is a very solid QB, and he is not convinced Farve can do this.

How can any Jet fan be confident going into this game. The phins have won 8 out of their last nine games. The Jets have lost at home to a mediocore Denver team, laid an egg in SF and Seattle.. Now they play the team with a QB they totally disrespected. A QB who 99% of Jet fans will tell you was one of the classiest players to wear Jet Green. Where he lacked in physical abilities he made up for it with smarts and class. Even now when he could be talking crap about how he was treated he is calm and the ultimate professional.

Jet fans can say what they want. Win or lose their season was a major dissappointment, while win or lose the phins have had an incredible season. The Jets gave up a ton of $$ and draft picks to win THIS SEASON, now they have to hope for a win and losses by other teams to get into the dance.

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.... I can't wait to hear the chant right before Chad gets his revenge and puts the finishing touches on an incredible regular season for the phins..

Go phins.. One final message to Jet fans (trolls) - someday you'll be honest with yourselves and admit this season has been a disaster, and worst yet, you'll suck for years to come due to the win now mentality you had to start the 2008 campaign.. A season to remember for Jet fans.. Total collapse and many many years of trying to get where the phins are now!! Yeah baby!! Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fans!! LOSERS!

Every one read Patrick's Post. It will psych you up.

Hey Fuggetaboutit,
You are definitely a moron and a loser if you have to comment on the Dolphins blog. "Jets know how to win big games?" Like last week when you played mighty Seattle?
How well I remember Dan Marino faking your entire team out of their jocks with the clock play a few years back. Next Sunday the phins will clean your clock again. JETS will simply stand for: "Just End The Season"

Miami has the greatest, the greatest football team, they (something something something) like no one's ever seen! They're in the air they're on the ground, they're always in control! And when you say Miami you're talkin _____ ____!(don't want to jinx us). Cause they're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number oooonnnne!!
EVERYBODY!!!! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins!
OK, now for serious business.
the jets suck and now they cant hide it. three points against a two win team!?! didnt this guy play in the snow for 16 years in cheesebo field!?! Lmao!!

Monday morning...this just in..JETS officially change name to New Jersey Crop Dusters...

I picked this name because that way you Dolphins fans can think I'm Italian and in the mob and from Brooklyn.

Well, one out of three. I'm from Brooklyn. And I'm a Jets fan. And I understand some of my fellow Jets fans can be a little obnoxious. Let me explain why --

The Jets play in the GREATEST Place on earth. New York is the capital of the whole friggan world. We have it all up here. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.

Miami is a nice place, too. But it is third-rate compared to New York. And that leads me to your football team.

I congratulate Bill Parcells for whoring himself to practically every team in the AFC East. Where you going to next year, Bill? Buffalo?

I want to congratulate Chad Pennington for whoring himself to the Dolphins. You couldn't make it in the big time, chadwick so now you're trying in Triple A?

Look, we can argue back and forth about which team is better. The fact is when they played the Jets beat the Dolphins and did it in Miami.

Now the Dolphins come to the Meadowlands. That is where the Dolphins come to die. That's a fact.

So have fun for the next couple of days Dolfans. Have a Merry Christmas. Because your New Year's isn't going to start out so great after the Jets beat Miami a second time this year.

Hey BaDa...The Jets play in New Jersey. You don't even know where your "team" plays.

Why must EVERY Jets fan (who shows up here) try to re-write history for their sad franchise? JETS fans, let's look at the facts:

-You have lost 3 of 4 to sub .500 teams (with the only victory handed to you by a major boneheaded play).

-You win this weekend and end up OUT of the playoffs.

-You lose this weekend and Miami claims the AFC East title.

-You don't have a stadium to call your own.

-You play 2nd fiddle (BY FAR) in your own city.

-Next year you will have to start all over again at QB.

-Last years 4-12 record is NOTHING to boast about.

-Oh, and Miami is a completely different team than you saw in week 1. Enjoy your a**-kicking!

Now using correct spelling:
forget-about-the-jets because it is OVER!!

Armando, congratulations on your record-setting number of blog hits.

Curiously, though, I don't find you mentioned in Wikipedia. Seriously. There is no entry for Armando Salguero. Could it be a conspiracy? An anti-Dolphin, anti-Florida, antebellum vituperative attempt to silence south Florida's finest sports writer?

I'm seething.

Hey Bada bing,
That is precisely the problem with you Jets fans. "New York is the capital of the world" is the psychology which makes the rest of us Americans despise New Yorkers so much. With the exception of 9-11(and we all felt pain then), your arrogance and your attitude immediately turns people off. We can argue here all day about Dolphins vs. Jets, but things will never change until you arrogant New Yorkers realize that there is a whole big beautiful world starting to the west of the Hudson River(except maybe NJ). There are smart people, excellent universities, museums and legitimate theatre as well as good ethnic food elsewhere in the USA (and worldwide).
More importantly, there are better football teams than the Joysey Jests out here also.
Next Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will show you in living color and black and white that you do not have "everything" in the "world's capitol". We will be AFC East Champions and you will be sucking a lot of East River water.

U shouldn't even respond to that clown of a jets fan. Any realistic jets fan should be terrified of those Phins comin to that smelly ass metropolitan area and whooping their ass on sunday. And while we move on to the playoffs Mangina will get the hook and Favrah and his wrangler jeans will retire and set the Wets back a number of years. MIA:30 WETS:12

GO PHINS!!!!!!!!

F*&K the Jets!!! Whatta ya gonna do Jets Fans when Favre retires? Count on that loser back up QB from Oregon? Here's to hoping ya fire that coach Mangina and pick up that other loser Dick Jauron!!!

Wow Bada congrats on your lack of football smarts.For starters im in New York and to me it is a piss hole,we have Koreans,Itailians etc running around selling fake stuff.Anyway you bash Parcels but didnt he once come to the jets and turn your sloppy ass team around.You bash Chad we because he is a better player and leader than Brett.Also did you not know that this organization only has 6 losing seasons,and we are still the team with the most wins in nfl history.Now truth be told we do have more of a problem beating you guys than any other team but we still had more conference championships,more superbowl wins,a better record most years.What will be your excuse if we do come to your house beat your wife and eat a good dinner afterwards.

Nathaniel, I didn't understand some of the words you used in your post. I'm just a sports writer.

Seriously folks, a new post is up. Check out what PFW thinks of Jake Long.

I love New York - - it's the Jets, and their douchbag fans, that I hate. And ManGenius, too.

Yes Mr. Bing we remember the epic game in 1986 when Marino threw 6 TD passes only to lose 51 – 45 in OT… But what most people don’t remember is what happened in the second meeting after all the razing by the Jets fans; the Dolphins destroyed the Jets 45 – 3. So you keep stoking that fire because I can tell you one thing, the Dolphins are coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder the size of Manhattan. I certainly hope your boys are ready to play because I guarantee you the Fins will be out for some blood.

STATISTIC: THERE ARE MORE DOLPHINS FANS IN JERSEY THAN ANY OTHER TEAM IN THE NFL (EXCEPT PHILLY) I'll be at the Game on Sunday... Farve is a respectable QB but JOEY PORTER will be all over him all day... I'm expecting at least 2 sacks from him alone. Thankfully with Detroit not winning a game all season, and the 11-5 finish (AFTER THE JETS) Dolphins 1-15 is pretty much erased. I hate to say it, but the only game that the Dolphins had all wheels turning at once was the first game against the pats. Lets hope for another one on 12/28/2008. anf uh... fuggetaboutit I pray to the Gods above that im sitting right next to you on sunday, so i can watch the tears fall from your eyes when the jets leave that stadium with their wings shaved off!!! I'll be sure to bring a box of tissues for you.

The Cardiac Kids are hungry.The New York Numbnuts ate the cheese (Farve is not their savior) and on Sunday their fans will eat a whole lotta crow!!

The Dolphins are a much changed team, and the record shows that. Even from week 1. I'm excitied, and I hope the Dolphins can pull it out.

Oops, I was wrong in my post. Of course the Jets can make the playoffs even if the Pats win. As long as the Jags beat the Ravens. SO they won't 100% know their fate when the game starts. My bad.

But I had to comment on the "New York is the capitol of the world" comment. Coming from someone who doesn't even live in the US, this seems a little arrogant. But then I will assume that the vast majority of Americans have an IQ higher than a Jets fan so I won't worry about it too much. If I am wrong about that then....

But, to the game. I honestly think the Dolphins will have to establish the run. I think the one complaint I have about the coaching staff is they do not stick with the run long enough to get Ronnie in the groove. I would like to see a strong statement on Sunday. I think a long 6 minute drive focused on the run to open the game will take the fight out of the Jets/ Forcing Farve to play catch-up will give us at least 2 turnovers.

Here are the keys to winning Sunday:
1. Running Game
2. Pressure on the QB
3. Maintain Composure - I hate to see a repeat of the end of the PATS game.

Go Fish!

The jets cant keep up with the dolphins. That slow old piece of junk you call a quarter back is going to his last game sunday. You guys have suckey WR's, and the fins defense will halt whatever running game there will be. This time the fins have a better secondary. The jets can't just rely on thomas jones and Farve to win. You can expect the dolphins to unleash there pass rushers on farve who's not exactly a Matt Cassel in the pocket. its just simple for the fins, just keep playing the way they've been playing.

The jets make me laugh so hard every week that I burst into tears. They've proven themselves unworthy for the playoffs, especially by losing to teams like oakland, SF, and Seattle. I love the way they have been playing, which is losing. Just keep it up so Miami can take over the division, you sorry fat a** new yorker's ): . You guys just never learn, and now you've got yourself in a mes with farve who will likeley retire in the next couple years if he doesn't just do it after this year. At least this time we're playing at your sh***y stadium, instead of you piosoning our field with your fillthy new yorker scum. All I can say is have a great time staying in that S**t hole you call the capital of the world, while we'll be in the playoffs.

Both Dolphins fans and Jets fans each lack the bigger picture here and that is if the Fins lose the Brady-less, Maroney-less, Defense-less Patriots can retake the east title for like what the 7th year in a row? The Dolphins absolutely MUST WIN THIS SUNDAY. The Jets should be playing for a shot at the title this weekend, but obviously they don't want it enough. That's a shame because I truly wouldn't mind if the Jets won or even if the Bills clinched it a long time ago. That cannot happen now as the division is once again within the Patriots grasp.

Both Dolphin and Jets fans must see the rallying cry that this weekend the Patriots dynasty comes to an end...period!

We don't have to worry about the patsies cause our PHINS will take care of business come sunday.


I really want to drink the Kool-Aid, I really do! But I just remember how the Meadowlands has been a house of horrors for us (for the most part) for over 20 years! But, then, I think about all the things that are going Miami's way right now, and how badly the Jets have played the last month. They can't just "turn it on" and come out and whip our a$$es on Sunday, can they? All the pressure is on them, too. None on us. If the Fins lose, that's what most people expect anyway. With all that being said, I don't know if I'll be able to watch. I don't know if my heart can take any more of this!
But I WILL have the DVR going, just in case we blow them out! Then, I'll watch it about 100 times!

I love thinking about the offseason... The Dolphins, fresh off an AFC East championship and playoff appearance, aquire even more excellent draft choices and free agents. We continue to build our young, improving team around a solid, dependable QB. We contend again next year as a much deeper, more talented team.

The Jets are scrambling looking for a QB. Realizing they are sick of a recently retired (and unretired, then re-retired) gunslinger who turns it over 6 times a game, they draft a "game manager" with their first pick ("You know, someone like Pennington. Man, he was the best QB we ever had.") Unfortunatley, they're strapped by the salary cap and missing picks. Their "game manager" ends up being a taco bell manager. Kinda like all their draft picks. That Ghoulston experiament is biting them in the @$$. They compete with the Bills for the basement of the AFC East.


You need to Fuggetabout being a decent
human being saying some of those comments.

Get a NEW and Fresh perspective on life,

Why must EVERY Jets fan (who shows up here) try to re-write history for their sad franchise? JETS fans, let's look at the facts:

-You have lost 3 of 4 to sub .500 teams (with the only victory handed to you by a major boneheaded play).

-You win this weekend and end up OUT of the playoffs.

-You lose this weekend and Miami claims the AFC East title.

-You don't have a stadium to call your own.

-You play 2nd fiddle (BY FAR) in your own city.

-Next year you will have to start all over again at QB.

-Last years 4-12 record is NOTHING to boast about.

-Oh, and Miami is a completely different team than you saw in week 1. Enjoy your a**-kicking!

Now using correct spelling:
forget-about-the-jets because it is OVER!!

Wow, I love the showmanship on both sides here. I am a long time fins fan, and it has been a long time since the fins have played in a game like this.I know we won the division in 02, but with a 9-7 record. and then stumbled in the playoffs. But we are a much better team now than we were then. Have you guys stopped to think why we are so much better this year, than last year. how, in one year does a rookie head coach win more games then our last 2 coaches combined?
Alot has changed in miami since last year, so it is hard to point at one thing and say "that is the key." But I watch every game, havent missed 1 since 01. I read every column,and watch sportscenter and nfl network daily. and I watch the post game press conference every week.I see the difference, I know the "key" to why we are better. First, know that I am a huge c.penn fan. we have been lacking consistent play at qb since marino, and pennington is about to be the first dolphin in 15 years to start every game at qb. But he is not the key. The coaches have put him in a position to succeed. The coaching for miami has been the difference this year. Sparano has our team very prepared for every game. They are all very disciplined, and sparano has taught them that if they have a good week of practice, than that translates to good play on sunday. We lost alot of close games last year, we lost 6 games by exactly 3 points. in each of those games we had 3+ turnovers. I have learned that alot of turnovers can be avoided with better preparation. our dolphins are not that good yet. But we are no longer making those costly turnovers, and penalties. so now we are winning the close games, instead of losing them. We have now won 4 games in a row, and all of those games were just one stupid mistake away from being a loss. last year if we would have cut our turnovers in half,and committed fewer penalties, we would have won 7 or 8 games.Last season, when we lost close games, we averaged almost 8 penalties and 2 turnovers (I just spent 30 minutes adding it up.)This season we are averaging less than 3.5 penalties, and less than 1 turnover in our close games. surprise, surprise, they are wins. and in the two close games we lost this season (jets and texans) Were at 4.5 penalties and a turn over. And once again, how do you prevent turnovers and penalties? you practice harder, and you come sunday 100% prepared. It is The coaching staffs job to prepare the players, and make sure they have a good week of practice. so look at us this season. we have won 6 games by 7 points or fewer. if those 6 games went like they did last season, we'd be 4-11. That is the difference between being prepared, and showing up on sunday with no game plan. My point is, The dolphins are a smarter team, and more disciplined then in years past. They show up to each and every game both physically and mentally prepared. The game preparation is the "key" difference between this team, and last years team. That preparation comes from the coaches, but mainly sparano. If sparano loses out to mike smith for coach of the year then a serious injustice has been done. Take away roddy white and michael turner, and then see what mike smith can do. Sparano Has changed the culture for the dolphins. Miami Is on the verge of something really good. And I believe sparano will see it through.
Sunday will be the last meaningful game for the jets for the next couple of years. I sure do hope you jet fans like kellen clemens, cause thats what ur going to be left with. win or lose, ur not going to get another year out of favre. He just looks like he has lost his passion. Im wondering if he is only playing cause he needed the money. but favre has turned it over 3 more times than the dolphins. even if he comes back next year, you cant win like that. If this game turns out to be a good tight, close game. favres mistakes will cost the jets their season.

And I apologize. I said miami was turning it over 3 times a game last year in the close losses. It was only 2. I put it in after I added them up, but forgot to change it. But we were turning it over 2 times a game last year, when we lost 6 games by exactly 3 pts. 11 miami turnovers in those 6 games. we also had 48 penalties in those 6 games. we have 12 turnovers right now. and c penn has thrown for 3400 yards, 17 td's, and only 7 ints. I specifically remember 3 ints this year. 2 of them were balls that should have been caught by ginn, but because he thinks he has to jump to catch a ball 5 feet off the ground, he tipped it up, and it was picked. the third was a timing route. ginn was supposed to run the seam, and ran an out route, so it was a pretty easy pick for houston. Just wait til Miami gets a name brand wide reciever.

Skip bayless just compared devonne bess to anquan boldin! But he's the same person that said favrah has had a better season than cp lol.

Hello World Demonstration Document

Hello, World!

Manjackass traded a pick for Favre.!!!


Well TypePad.Gonna Treat Me Like A Terrorist Again????

.Any Old Time Fish Fans Remember The " No Name Defense" ?

fuggatabout spelled dolphins dolphans....what a complete ignorant moron i love it

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