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Joey Porter discusses his late-season slump

Logic would dictate the Dolphins have to deal with Baltimore's much-hyped defense by playing well on offense. Duh.

It is also fair to expect Miami's less known, more obscure defense to step up. After all, how are the Ravens going to win if they don't score?

Well, in expecting the Miami defense to play well, one should expect their best and highest-paid player to play exceedingly well. That means the spotlight is on Joey Porter for Miami's D as surely as it shines on Ray Lewis and Ed Reed when Baltimore is on defense.

One problem: Joey Porter hasn't exactly been prominent in Miami's defensive success the past few weeks. Porter had only one tackle the past two games. And the man who finished second in the NFL with 17.5 sacks during the regular season collected zero sacks in those two game against Kansas City and New York at the end of the season.

Now, you've probably heard theories as to why Porter hasn't been nearly as effective at the end of the season as he was the rest of the time. But frankly none of those theories apply.

He's not injured.

He hasn't been double-teamed to any significant degree.

Porter just hasn't gotten to the quarterback. Starting-caliber offensive tackles have outplayed him. And against Kansas City he not only couldn't get to the QB, he also struggled holding the edge of the defense on run plays.

“They're not doing anything, I am getting the same looks," Porter said Wednesday. "I just have to win some of my battles when I have opportunities. They have been playing pretty good football. I just haven’t been getting home."

That doesn't mean Porter is concerned about his miniature slump

"It’s not anything that I am worried about, like I said before, no sacks, that’s all I am pretty much looked at, if I don’t get a sack, I am not playing good," he said. "I understand that, but they come in bunches. I could run off three or four easily and then a game I will be quiet then, ‘He’s not playing good anymore.’ I hate that it’s looked at like that. ‘If he doesn’t get sacks then he isn’t playing good.'

"But that’s just the way it is.”

Well, perhaps if Porter was collecting four or five tackles per game no one would say anything about the lack of sacks.

Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni on Thursday said dogded the question about whether Porter had seen different techniques from teams as he's been shut down of late. Pasqualoni did say last week, Porter came very close to sacking Brett Favre on several occassions but the New York quarterback simply got the ball off before taking a sack.

In other words, Favre didn't hold the ball and hold the ball and hold the ball as Shaun Hill and JP Losman did this year vs. Miami. But Pasqualoni believes Porter will get back on track.

"It's a combination of things," the coach said. "It runs hot and cold. Joey is working very very hard and those things will come around."

Happy New Year everyone ... The Dolphins will be working on Jan. 1, which means I'll be working on Jan. 1. So look for the updates throughout the day Thursday. 


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First!!! Happy New Year! Go Dolphins!

Lmao mando ur 100% right if joey p wasnt a one trick pony then maybe we could judge him on more than sacks! make some tackles play some coverage or more hurries that be nice..its sacks or he is invinsible..but 2 his credit alot of his sacks have changed games!

Pinch a loaf

I have found that if you have low expectations of yourself you will always be happy....Let's party like it's 1999..

You avoided my post in your other blog but since you did, I will repost and ask again because Phin Phans want to know WHY:
TWICE in blogs since the Dolphin's won the AFC East Championship you have refered to the team as the "Miamians". The first time it ran chills up my spine. When you did it the second time I began to feel my blood pressure rise. Get off it. They are the DOLPHINS and not the Miamians. Hello. You make them sound like a bunch of gay illegals. The "MIAMI DOLPHINS" are the Champions of the AFC East. NOT the "Miamians" Has anyone else noticed this from Mondo? Let's straighten him out!!!

Hey good news, finally some recoginition for our Champion Dolphins. On NFL.com they have the Miami vs Jets game as their "Game of the week" With 14:47 minutes of highlights of the Triumphant Win.
Miami 19 (Porter gets a safety)
Balt 13

Very tough game for the Phins on Sunday. We need some big plays from Ted Ginn again. And it would be nice to have David Martin on Sunday. He has emerged as a legit down the field threat. David, get well soon.

Brett Favre just threw another interception.

Mando, ask coach Sparano to break out the orange uniforms for the home playoff game. They're undefeated with them!

Happy New Year to all Dolfans! As for working, i'll be too, Armando.

At least JP stood up and didn't make any excuses about his slump. Holding the edge has been a big problem and Crowder overrunning plays and leaving the backside open is what scares me. Let's go D!!

How do you think J.T AND Zack are feeling now that the Fins are in the postseason ?

I Think Joey will have a big game sunday ... Ihope..

MANDO - forget all these colour pieces....the smart money knows it ends this weekend against the Ravens. What's our cap situation for 09? Yeah we'rer 20 mill under but who will we likely cut to add to this, which are the big contracts we have apart from Porter and Long, how much will the resigns like Bell take? What real free cap room do we have to add more players? No-one's done any detail piece on the cap situation for the Fins in 09 for a while.

Joey will do what Joey does....Step up and have a big game Sunday!!!He knows what to do in the playoffs,just turn him loose!! GO FINS!!!!!!!!!

Just play the best he can and the sacks come. It was the same with JT. Tackle the ball carrier and defend the outside edge.
Tedd if your a reading this "Be Fearless". You have all the goods to make it to the very top of this team.
Win it!

Happy New Year Mando. Thanks for the columns.

joey is not doing a good enough job to be on the field every down. he is invisible most of the game. he rushes the passer on running plays and is always outsmarted by the tackles on the loop when they run downhill. you could bring him in on pure passing downs when he is fresh and you need pressure. he only thinks about sacks; not tackles or pursuit. i would trade him for a draft pick.

Mike W: Folks from New York are New Yorkers. Folks from California are Californians. Folks from Texas are Texans. Folks from Miami are Miamians.

The Miami Dolphins play in Miami. They are Miami's team. Thus they can be referred to as Miamians. And dude, get off the illegal jokes. That is so 90s. Some of this country's greatest citizens weren't born here. Hey, some people say the president elect wasn't born here.

Finally, it's Mando not Mondo.

Happy New Year.

Matt Roth has been pinching inside and losing outside containment, too. I think we were lucky that the Jets let Favre throw so much- he lost the game for them. Our run defense is what scares me.

Mike W.
If this is all you can find to bi*ch about then you should have a great New Year. Looking for something so unimportant as Miamians to complain about...well you must have a fairly easy, laid back life. It is comparable to calling the them Fins or Fish instead of Dolphins. It really does not make a difference and makes the reading more enjoyable.

happy new year everyone!

Armando, anything new with parcells and his future?


I'm coming all the way from London, UK to support my Dolphins. I'm a mad Fin fan and will be seated with the missus on Sunday 4th Jan 09 in section 126. This will be my first Dolphin game in Miami. I saw them at Wembley last year. Go Joey, Chad, Ronnie, let's march on towards the next round!!
Go Dolphins, this time we win verses the Ravens. We know their defence and we have improved greatly.

J.Peezy needs to have a big game to rectify his recent slump. I'm soooo looking forward to sunday.


I think the Miamians should wear their purple uniforms because they are undefeated with those as well. And I like the whole Miamians thing. It lets me bust out some of my wardrobe. I wear my Floridians jersey on Monday. And my Miamians jersey on Tuesday. And my 33056ians jersey on Wednesday. And my Dade Countians jersey on Thursday. I wanted to buy a Dan Marino Blvdians jersey, but it's discontinued. I guess I'll just wear my North Americans jersey on Friday, my Western Hemisphere jersey on Saturday and my Earth jersey on Sunday.

Mike W, you are right. Maimians???? Please Mando.... DOLPHINS. Remember? Miami Dolphins. Now repeat after me. M..i..a..m..i....D..o..l..p..h..i..n..s

Don't try that stupid name again.


Maybe Joey won't have the pressure of trying to attain the season sack leader total. I'm sure he'll play better Sunday. While the defense has played all year I can't help but wonder what we could've achieved if we still had Jason & Zach. In the 3-4 Jason and Joey on the outside with Zach & Channing inside.

It's not even about sack numbers with Joey lately, it's about the lack of pressure. Over the past 4 weeks he's been consistently getting one blocker and he can't seem to beat the guy. He doesn't really even seem to be putting on any moves. It's the same thing every pass play. He just tries to bull rush the guy and he gets nowhere. He's getting consistently handled. He doesn't even look like a challenge for some of these lineman.

When Jason Taylor was here, even when he wasn't getting sacks, he was always getting pressure. He'd be knocking the QB down, making him throw early, etc. JT seemed to utilize a lot more moves than Porter's been using lately. JT would beat everyone around the outside. Then, when the tackle would overcompensate outside, JT would fake outside and go inside. He'd use swim moves, speed rushes, bull rushes. He'd mix it up so that you never knew what he was going to do.

It's not even about sacks. Joey just needs to get some pressure.


I would not call it a slump he did have some qb hurries that are very effective. He caused Brett to throw that last int. He will have some sacks/hurries thsi upcoming game.

where is the meatball recipe i asked for.must have no eggs....................by liz

First, a little housecleaning...

Mike W., MartinK and Gian....Go away, you are annoying and showing your sub-teen age.

No then, Armando, agree or disagree ---

1) Lousika Polite will break Ray's nose this weekend?

2) The Phins will win the turnover battle?

3) Parcells will be back next year?

4) We'll run the Wildcat more this Sunday than during any one single game so far this year?

5) Dan Carpenter will be the game MVP?

6) Roth will become one of the top 10 OLBs in the game in the next 2 years?

7) Donald Thomas will return at full health and be as good, or better, next year.

Thanks and Happy New Year! Love the blogs.


tuna going to his beloved jets. MIKO

His popcorn muscles are stale that's why he aint gettin no pressure....what the hell is peezy anyway....joey.



Maybe he needs some of those smelling salts JT used to sniff...Just for the sake of argument, Miamians? Floridians, yes...Not sure about Miamians...Bostonians are the only CITY, not state nickname I can think of...Texans, not dallasians, not houstonions....New Yorkers, not Brooklynians...Californians, not Hollywooders...I'm pretty sure it's only BOSTONIANS are the only city named folks, cause it would be a mouthful to say you were a Massachusttesian, or Massachusetter???


I've sat back all year and listed to the tripe that has been posted here; both by Mando and the haters (Arawak, etc.).

First, Mando, a brief correction.... Folks from Texas are Texans, folks from California are Californians, folks from New York are New Yorkers, and folks from Miami (and listen closely...) are FLORIDIANS. The state of Florida is much bigger than just Miami.

By the way, has anyone else observed that our defense has seemed to read their own positive press clippings early in the year for the past 10+ years and then faded badly?

How 'bout a little "punch 'em right in the mouth" on Sunday?

Go Fins!

ravens:33 dolphins:3 by shomrck iii

Love those cheerleaders!

Mando I have a question.

If the phins can win the turnover battle, and possibly even sack Flacco once or twice, will the concession stand offer ice cream to the masses?

Dolphins don't lose twice to any team this year. they already had the 1 loss to ravens so this will be victory. Dolphins just need to correct the mistakes made the 1st time out. Plus Ferguson will be in the middle this time. BIG difference in the run defense

mando, went to the KC game...chilly...I was amazed by the amount of Dolfans (at least 15%) in the stands. KC historically has great fans and it was great to have such a great turnout by Fin Fans. Thanks for the column.

Armando said,

"The Miami Dolphins play in Miami. They are Miami's team. Thus they can be referred to as Miamians."


Last time I checked the stadium is in Broward County. The practice facility is in Broward County. Most players live in Broward County.

The Miami Dolphins are in name only, just like the New York Giants/Jets (ugh).

If anything, they should be called the South Floridians, but absolutely not the Miamians.

Lets compromise and just call them the Dolphins or Fins. Please don't try to get us to jump on your Miami bandwagon.


Thank you Miami Dolphins for a great year!
God bless you Chad Pennington!

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