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Porter only certain Dolphins Pro Bowl player

The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters for the AFC and NFC teams will be announced Tuesday afternoon but despite a titillating 9-5 record and all you've heard about how enthusiastically fans voted for the Dolphins, only one Miami player seems certain of getting picked to play in the game.

Joey Porter.

Porter, an outside linebacker, leads the AFC with 17.5 half so he has the statistics to deserve attention with players and coaches aside from the attention he already got in fan voting.

Fan voting makes up one-third of the weighted system that picks the Pro Bowl rosters. Players vote to make up one-third and coaches vote to make up one-third.

Miami rookie offensive tackle Jake Long was the top vote-getter from fans, which suggests he will be in the game. But the truth is Denver rookie Ryan Clady has been better this year, while Tennessee's Michael Roos and Cleveland's Joe Thomas will also garner a large number of votes from coaches and players.

So Long might make the team. But he's not quite a lock.

Running back Ronnie Brown finished second in the fan balloting. I don't see how that will translate to a him actually being on the team based on his statistics.

Tennessee's Chris Johnson and Thomas Jones of the New York Jets each have better statistics than Brown. San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson will garner votes based on the respect he has around the league. And Houston rookie Steve Slaton also has produced more than Brown, although the wild card with him is the coaches and players may not know his body of work based on the fact he is a rookie and plays in Houston -- perhaps the reasons fans didn't vote for him, either.

Dolphins rookie kicker Dan Carpenter easily won the kicker category among the fan voters. But the truth Carpenter probably doesn't deserve to be the AFC's kicker this year. That honor seems more like to go to Stephen Gostkowski of New England.

While Carpenter has connected on 19 of 23 field goals for an 83 successful conversion percentage, Gostkowski has booted them true on 30 of 33 attempts for a 90 successful conversion percentage. Tennessee's Rob Bironas also has a 90 percent rate after hitting 28 of 31 this season.

So unless the Montana contingent that stuffed the fan ballot box suddenly got jobs playing and coaching in the NFL, Carpenter might have to bide his time before he's the Pro Bowl pick.


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Thats about right Mando. Porter and Long, with an honourable mention for Pennington and maybe Bell. On the subject or honors, The New message of Smart Tough and Disciplined, who would be your top 5 to make this and your bottom 5. My top 5

1. Camarillo
2. Long
3. Cobbs
4. Pennington
5. Bell

Bottom 5

1. Ginn
2. Jason Allen
3. Satele
4. Crowder
5. Anderson

The bottom five dont include busts like |Wilford or Murphy who are not in the plans of the team this season. Of the bottom five the chances of them all being here next season are minimal. The top five all have long term deals or may expect contract extensions. In the case of Pennington, do you think the Dolphins will go for a 2 year extension, taking him to 34-35 with Henne well seasoned. Thoughts please Mando you God amongst South florida Journalists

Boz, here's the deal.

J. Allen and Crowder will be gone next year. Ginn, Satele, and Anderson will return.

Boz, here's the deal.

J. Allen and Crowder will be gone next year. Ginn, Satele, and Anderson will return.


You forgot to mention Vernon Gholston's likely pro bowl bid. He ranks 24th on the Jets in tackles with a total of 12 this year. He also has as many sacks as Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyora combined.

I know Crowder overruns plays a lot. But he plays really hard every game (at a position where you really have to bring it), and makes a lot of tackles almost every game. Plus, he's been pretty durable. He is not a pro bowl player, but he is a good player. He has been right in the middle of this defensive resurgence. If you think he will be easy to replace, you are wrong.

I think you're OT comments are pretty amusing. I doubt you've actually seen many of those guys play and are going off what you've heard, read, or names. Some people like to say Clady is outplaying Long, but I'd love to hear the argument on that. Clady has been great in pass pro, but I doubt he's been even close to Long in the run. KC Joyner said Long's run blocking metrics are the highest he's ever seen since he came up with his formula. Add to that the very good job Long has done in pass pro and I find it very hard to believe that Clady "has been better this year," as you claim. Roos has been lights out and deserves to be there but, Joe Thomas? That's a joke right? Thomas hasn't had nearly the year he did last season, and if you watched the game tonight they talked about how Trent Cole couldn't wait to go against him because of the tape he's seen on him this year. Then he proceeded to beat him numerous times getting pressure on the QB as well as a sack.

Pennington is the second highest rated passer in the AFC. He should be a lock for the Pro Bowl.

What about TE Haynos, doesnt he deserve a pro bowl looksee

Clady has not been better. I dont know how you can say Clady has been better when Clady is shielded by an already solid O Line and Long has had to become one of the leaders on the OL already. Joe Thomas has played like crap this year and looked horrible on prime time last night. Jake Long is better than both of those guys and is playing like a veteran. Jake has only yielded two and half sacks to Clady's half sack but again, consider the two lines and player weapons on each team.

What about Carpenter being selected as Special Teams player of the Month for November and player of the week last week? Shouldn't that and him being the most vote getter earn him a spot?

Hey Coaching" Geniuses" What About Your Mvp Wide Out Ted( Hands Of Stone) Ginn As A Pro Bowler?

I never met a side line i didnt like.

Man don shula better watch out., i see a lot of possible head coachs on this blog.

Jason, the Broncos rebuilt most of their offensive line this year so it was not already solid. Adam, you are correct, I have not broken down film of Clady versus Long. I have, however spoken with pro scouts and assistants around the league who I trust and who do break down the film. And they know better than you or KC Joyner.

And, by the way, I watched Joe Thomas last night. He played well against an excellent pass rushing team. You're wrong on that count also.

SWflafan: Being selected player of the week or month is not a standard by which the Pro Bowl is selected. Sorry, bud.

Clady has not had a better year!! Please, get off this nonsensical "Clady is better than Long" bandwagon!!!!! It's garbage! Long has been dominant most of this season, rarely getting beat in any capacity. I've watched him on nearly every play! He's a monster! He was deserving of the #1 pick. Clady is a nice tackle too, no doubt, but please! Long is better!!! You just couldn't resist 'Mando, could you!!

Big deal Clady this and that for one Denver has always had a good line,Long is picking up the slack from the left side our whole line is new besides Sam and Vernon,Long is the most physical out of the two and most talked about amongst opossing players.

you would think after not allowing a TD in 3 straight weeks maybe another defender could make it. we were 2-4 looking at another losing season with maybe 5 wins, but this team since then is 7-1. i really believe they will end the season 9-1. it's too bad we didn't gel just a bit faster. we would be looking at home field advantage right now at 11-3. we were beaten by the cards, balt and the patsies but those loses to the jets and the texans definitely would not have happened if the secondary was set like it is now. 2 very lucky plays cost us both games. the mets got lucky this week with the bills. that coaching staff should be fired for their bad decision in that game. we will break a record this season for the least turnovers ever in a season. we never had a game with more than 1. we have 10 in 15 games, the record is 14. 6 int's and 4 fumbles in 15 games. imagine if we had 1 more receiver to go with bess and camarillo. i think we can win with the team we have but i think even with a tough schedule we will will next year too. we have cap space, we have draft picks. we have made only one mistake so far, willford. if they do as well as last year we should make strides. we should leave the jets and bills in our dust and have a very good shot at overthrowing the very old pats even with brady. they should extend penny, but open up the position during camp. give henne a shot to win it. if he can't we have a great leader in penny, if he does we have a great backup/mentor in penny. top needs in the draft. a shut down corner, an OG, a receiver, more DL depth.

maybe some of you saw all these things working right away, i didn't BUT am amazed how good they did.
roth at OLB
penny at QB
porter being this good.
jake long being our best lineman from game 1
devone bess being this good. wes who?? and he doesn't have moss.
martin and fasano at TE being the answer.
ricky staying healthy, mentally and physically.
brown's phantom knee injury. i've never seen a less than 1 year recovery look so good.

no matter what happens over the next 2 weeks and in the playoffs thank you wayne for making the right move bringing in the tuna. thank you tuna for hiring the right GM and coach sparano. sparano has the enthusiasm of a bill cowher and the smarts of a bill parcells. i see us getting younger and better each year, and i feel we will be in the playoffs consistently and get the bowl win sooner than we think.

Vote For Me Ill Bring The Pinettas.

Thank you Jaison Biagini for the most intelligent post I have read on any blog this season!! The Dolphins have had a very good season so far, (sure wish we could play the Cards now), and hopefully were not done yet. Best of all, there is great hope for the future, unlike the Wanny years.

"We played against Clady and I practice every day against Jake Long. Both are good, young players. Both are going to be very good real soon. But if I have to pick, I think Clady is further ahead in his development right now."

--Joey Porter
Sports Illustrated
December 2008

Well its nice to see any pro bowlers...but if we put the numbers aside and ask yourself who would you rather have as your main running back w/o splitting carries out of everyone you named Ladanian Tomlinson and Ronnie Brown would be my top choices by far as of this year i gve the nod to Brown for sure look what he can do with wildcat and being versatile. who knows what kinda numbers he would have if he avg. 25 carries a game, Mando. I'd take Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams over all of them you named in the AFC

Jake Long is solid already Clady is too. I'd still pick up Jake long 1st in the draft though he seems more intelligent, determined, and hard. I bet you he has a better career. honestly I still can't believe that we are talking about rookie OT's being Pro Bowlers, how many times has that happened?

and Pennington has earned a spot being the most accurate and 2nd rated QB in AFC first being Rivers on SDchargers are out of playoff contention pretty much... 3000 + yds single digit Ints what more could you ask for? Oh yea a comeback year after 1-15 team Strongest Leadership, highest IQ, and Amazing chemistry on and off the field. possible MVP in my opinion when you look at what he has done and could do. history...

alot of the fan voting I bet was off with QB but i'm interested in how the Coaches and players voted for Chad Pennington?

By the way, I knew Slaton and Chris Johnson were going to be great players. I was surprised when Steve Slaton wasn't in the 1st rd. they got my other two votes besides Ronnie Brown for the Afc

Yeah I can agree with most of what Porter said but Porter always talks before he thinks,Clady was a better pass rush than Jake as where Jake was better for the run.Porter you have only played one game against Ryan you practiced with Long for how long and he also only gave up 2 sacks 2 in all the practices before the start of the season and sorry Joey you didnt get one on Long,not to mention I also read that he put you on your back too and you were getting pretty upset.

Guys, I love Pennington but let's be real here. Peyton Manning and Rivers have had better years and are more deserving for the Pro Bowl.Jay Cutler is probably next after those two. Let's not lose our minds.

rivers team is going no where pennington has guided his team to the top of the division after a 1-15 season. you can make an argument for pennington based on passer rating and yards.

and jason ferguson and bell are the 2 main reasons why our defense can actually stop people this year.


Great stuff. JP is the loudest, and most boisterous player we have right now. He also leads the AFC in sacks. That's what makes him a pro bowl contender. As for the others, they have to do more in their respective positions to earn a place there.

On a completely different topic: Armando when are you going to put the smackdown to people like the cuban menace/whatever is rising?

It's posts like his, and others that clog up an otherwise great blog.

Personally, I think your blogs are insightful and pretty funny at times, but some of the people that post insults, or other inane garbage makes it harder to find the "good stuff" that real Fins fans write.

This is ESPECIALLY true during the live game blogs.

I know you're pretty open minded, Mando but please make this community better by banning/warning these people.

I miss guys like Tinshaker, NYScott, Mr. Bungle, and Tree posting here. The fact that they are either gone, or posting elsewhere should tell you something.

I'll always read your blogs, but I'd like to participate in a quality blogging community as well.

Come on guys look at my life time stats per game i catch 2.7 per game ,i gain 35 yds a game and i get in the enzone once every 11 games. and i can find the sidelines quicker then anyone in the league!

Armando writes, Jason, "I have, however spoken with pro scouts and assistants around the league who I trust and who do break down the film. And they know better than you or KC Joyner."

1) Proper punctuation necessitates that a comma be placed after the word "however."
2) "who I trust" should be "whom I trust," since the word you're using is an object, not a subject.
3) The use of "And" to begin a sentence, while technically acceptable, is nevertheless usually frowned upon.

I make these corrections not to scold or impugn. I make them because I have 5 minutes left on my lunch break and I can't think of a more productive way to spend my time.

Oh, Mando, you never got back to me on my suggestion that you petition the NFL to change their stupid procedure of selecting Pro Bowl players with 12.5% (2 games) of the schedule remaining, which would be like selecting year-end All Star teams or Gold Glove Winners in baseball with 20 games remaining in the season.

Ranger 180, Hes allowed his opinion just cause they do'nt conform to yours is not a reason to ban some one. And not only that some of the things he writes are funny.

I'm also pissed that pennington has not been getting any pro bowl consideration over someone like jay cutler... Are you kidding me? Have you seen the tools hes had to work with? He has also lost as many games for the broncos as he won!

I think, as i've said before that mandatory registration would deter the bulk of nonsense...

Then again, it appears that Mandy's kudos are based on hits alone and that in itself probably dictates that "control" is not on the agenda...I doubt he would spite himself

My pro bowl vote for people i believe should make it...
Joey Porter
Chad Pennington
Will Allen
Yeremiah bell if they took three pro bowl safeties

Whoops Jake Long as well

Guys Over On espn classic they got georgia vs pitt in sugar bowl .1982 marino mania.

I could give two sh!ts what scouts say Mando,the scouts are not the ones playing against Long.I heard more players comment on Long then on Clady not to mention how well and fast he has adjusted his pass protection skills.I bet Clady cant even pull.

Kind of shows a guy's [astounding lack of] football knowlege when he rips an offensive tackle for not being able to "pull."


At this point, mandatory registration might even be a good solution. That way posts that I consider inane and inflammatory could be ignored.

As far as "hits" I'd go for quality over quantity any day. This is a DOLPHINS BLOG...not a Jets blog, or a Bills blog (at least that's what Armando tells us).

That said, I like reading Armando and will continue to do so. It's just disappointing that the Flagship of all things Dolphin (The Herald) has a worse blog community (IMO) than the Orlando Sun Sentinel. Over there it seems a lot more fan friendly.

For others that would actually defend the cuban menace/whatever rising/Yets fan, and others like him...this will be my last comment on the matter. Flame away.

Goodbye You'll Be Missed.

flpd, why would you say Manning and Cutler are having better years? look at every stat except yardages bcuz they have over 100 attempts more this year and TDs because they also throw twice as many INTs as Chad Pennington amd you'll see Pennington has had the best year and a 95. Qb rating Manning 90 Cutler 88. they might have better arms but they definitely have better receivers and have been playing there longer so this year all things accounted for the Pennington has been the better QB

Only Phil Rivers in the AFC has had better stats and rating and Chad is 4th in the entire NFL in QB rating

Wow i never met a blog nazi before.

Face It guys , unfortunetly the best doesnt always get in. Chads numbers are good but he dosnt get those national headlines . its sad but the truth kids.


Can someone tell me what was the last dolphin game played in the o.b. i say it was against new england . please help a case of beer goes to the winner.

I don't drink alcohol (it doesn't taste good), but I'll venture a guess, Questions Rising. I know the last year the Dolphins played in the Orange Bowl was 1986. And without looking online to confirm this, I believe the Dolphins and the Patriots played the last game of the 1986 regular season on Monday night in Miami. I think Cincinnati needed Miami to win in order to get into the playoffs, and the Dolphins looked like they were going to win, but they ended up losing. I recall MNF switching to live shots of Boomer Esiason and other Bengals who were rooting for the Dolphins to win.

I was not ripping Clady for not beeing able to pull jackass I was just stating the fact that Long can and it takes some players years to perfect.Oh as for lack of knowledge you may not know what the term pull is anyway.A gaurd is more prone to do this,but in case you didnt know offensive tackles sometimes do this as well.

Two are in Joey and Ronnie!!!

Did i upset someone.


any word on the kickoff time for the jets/dolphins game? do you expect it to be flexed into the 8pm national tv game? i have front row 40 yard line seats at the swamp and will be wearing marino with pride and a pancho to ward off all the drunken jet fans tears and beers as we dominate rickey and ronnie style like the old days...please advise if you can...thnks

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