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KC and Miami at 31 tied to start fourth quarter

This is it. The game is tied 31-31.

It is time to close out the Chiefs because the playoffs are riding on this. Can the Dolphins do it?

Let's find out together in the comments section below.


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Fins are done. They cannot stop them and Pennington cannot throw into the wind.

Porter said he was a closer. I hope so.

well Porter and co. time to see if you're thinking about golf or playoffs

its time for porter now

What were you doing in the 2nd QTR Mandy? Gettin' hammered?

hoping are defence is a closer

Hayden why always so negative? Every week you say they're done. Hows that worked out for you so far?

Attack darn it. Attack!!

wow that's pretty sad when a 2-12 team is talking smack!!


here we go again.

JP is M.I.A today...

Make a stop!!!

He bounces out everytime. They head into the middle and then bounce outside...can you stop it please?

15 minutes. Final -- Miami 118, KC 117. Off to NY for the Division. OR, we lose and play NY anyway. Or, we throw our computer into the ocean. Or... I love the cardiac kids. They keep me interested.

they are sitting back and taking it. Attack!!!!

and they are off

joey porter is getting schooled... even if he gets a sack or two, he has hurt us this game

joey porter is getting spun around like a clown.


In the second quarter I was in that place called Stunned Disbelief, Marc.

put some heat of their QB!

4 million per year has to catch that, Mando.

Big play now

Yeremiah was a bullfrog.

#7 is Matt Leinart. Heisman winning QB from USC . Has been a bust. Only known for pouring beer down girls throat & dating skankbox Paris Hilton

they will go again on 4th if necessary unless we get a sack.

SOme emotion by Armando!!! Woohoo he IS a dolphin fan!!LOL

wow, a stop!!!!

Goodman has been clutch today.

Can you believe it, the fins are making a loser like Darling look like Terrel Owens today...the scrub has only caught 12 passes all year.

Kerry Rhodes would have caught it.

Thank you God

the Chiefs now have to punt ... for the first time.


of the game for KC

Thigpen coming back to earth. Chad will now step up.

will they kick it?

It's as if people have never watched the end of an nfl season before. Has anyone ever heard of the spoiler role? Has anyone ever watched a team that has nothing to lose beat a team with everything to lose? Happens all of the time, this isn't new to football. Add in the fact they are playing on a frozen field against a team who is playing it's ass off to save their coaches job and you have a recipe for a loss or tough win. stop whining,,jeez

1st punt, with 12:50 in the 4th. Ya, the defense is playing like Sh$t

Kerry Rhodes would have caught that, Mando. No question.

Too bad that was Bell, not Allen...He's NEVER dropped an INT

LOL, Marc

Armando, today I dressed up my color cutout of you in a chef's hat and a barbeque apron with a big, smiling pig on it.

56 offensive plays, Porter no tackles, assists or anything else. I thought he liked the snow. But this isn't Pittsburgh snow. How can you be on the field for so many plays and not make a tackle. Wow!

Ricky and Ronnie need to take over the game against the 30th ranked run D. Playoff teams can run the ball down opponents throats. Let's have a repeat on the Denver game.

Between that dropped pick by Bell, shabby tackling by the defense and the fade route on 4th down we should be ahead by multiple scores.

This is the drive we got to have to bury KC. I can smell it. WE CAN DO THIS!!

Did that place include several ounces of alcohol Mandy?

Things are looking up for the first time today...KC had to punt.

Kerry Rhodes has his own problems today, Hayden.

saints running up the score on the sorry lions trying to help brees tie marinos passing record.

How is Ronnie Brown in the Pro Bowl.

Please do something this drive!


That's why, Hayden LOL

great effort chad and ronnie


I'm afraid to look. Tell me when its over.

pennington mvp any one??

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