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KC and Miami at 31 tied to start fourth quarter

This is it. The game is tied 31-31.

It is time to close out the Chiefs because the playoffs are riding on this. Can the Dolphins do it?

Let's find out together in the comments section below.


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Thanks George, I'm watching on NFL.com

I hate this perimeter sh*t.

I don't know Hayden. Why is Deangelo Williams splitting carries? Why is Ladanian Tomlinson splitting carries? Why does Adrian Peterson split carries? I guess because that is the way most teams do it now in the NFL.

Fins were late getting a substitute on the field, thats why the timeout

Mtnmanfin, Your funny, not funny marc wise, but funny haha.

Again a wasted TO

What is with the timeout spree?


another wasted T.O. This will definitely be a factor.

11 play drive so far. About 7 minutes off the clock. Love Chad, no matter what.


Terrible tackling, the fade route, Bell's missed pick and poor clock management is why they will win.

What is going on with wasting time outs?

OK, that field goal and the burning of the time outs may be the difference later.

Beli-Cheat thinks you get points for running up the score, how'd that work out last season douchebag?

It was his size vs speed...THey have charts

How can someone with that much speed an agility do poorly in the combine???? But I always thought it was his size just like with welker.

Posted by: jesavius | December 21, 2008 at 03:52 PM

Chad used to make these drives against us, and it used to really piss me off!

Bess ran a 4.65 at the combine. That combined with his lack of size freaked out the so-called experts.


Guess it's just all agility with Bess 40 times are way overrated look at ginn. Agility over speed any day.

Anyone wanna bet that our D will stop KC again?

well it seemed like chad didnt like what how the d was lined up bet to take the to then try and force something but may come back to haunt us

Giving up 31 or 38 points will be the reason they don't win, if they don't win. Not some stupid timeouts.

Bellicheat looking to move up in the BCS rankings.

Hey Armando, this is a terrible front line for KC. The shout out is nice but is it really deserved.

if AZ goes to the playoffs at 8-8, and we're 10-6 and don't..........

Sorry, the guy is not a Pro Bowler.

we must score TD's now cuz if they burn up clock like they did on that one scoring drive...its over

a FG is not enough. We need a 1st down here.

that's OK ricky keep the clock running...

I think I may puke. This is hard on an old man. I hope we use the TO effectively -- hand off to Brown on a dive. Gotta love these TO's late, when we're moving, and their D is tired. Is Wannstedt back from Pittsburgh?

oh no a flag!!!!!!

and on a KC blitz

Great job by Pennington and Fasano being on the same page on the blitz.

they share carries to prevent injuries. less wear and tear and milage on his legs.



WOOOOW, that 15 yard penalty will help a LOT against the win

nice TD! can we make a stop? INT/Fumble a sack or two would be nice...

Maybe we should use that last TO and decide what to do here.


Great play. That's heart!!. And Hayden, Guess what? No matter what you THINK...He IS in FACT A Pro Bowler

MOTHA F'ING TD, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great job by Fasano. And a big 15 yard peanly on the kickoff as well. Carpenter may be able to reach the 10 yd line!!

holly molly, I agree if phins win this game gameball to pennington and heavy considerations for mvp!!!




i dont care if they share if we win and they both are fresh then who really gives a crap

Get it there! awesome drive boys

Pennington is a pro's pro. What a player.

So, how many of you would have said run up the middle and take the FG? What if that was picked...


So Fasano catches a pass behind him ONE-HANDED. Then he breaks two tackles to score. Great stuff.

I M smelling good right now. CLOSE THE DEAL. 4 mins & change left. Put the nail in KC's coffin. LETS GO DEFENSE!!!

Finally.....the lead with 4 min left....NOW PLEASE HOLD THEM FOR ONCE TODAY..

Size Matters To You Then Right Marc?

13 play, 85 yard drive. You gotta' love Pennington. He is the MVP, whether he wins it or not.


if KC scores they will definitely go for 2.

The offense will have to come out and win or lose this again. Remember, Herm will go for two if or when he scores.

The question will be will Miami turn the ball over in the quest to win.

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