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KC and Miami at 31 tied to start fourth quarter

This is it. The game is tied 31-31.

It is time to close out the Chiefs because the playoffs are riding on this. Can the Dolphins do it?

Let's find out together in the comments section below.


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wtf is this

we lose.

The way the defense has played, it should win the game. It owes the offense!

They're FU%^ING US

Robbed. Completely Robbed.

bad angles

way to go guys calling the game over before it was. We will give up a TD and 2 pt conversion. Unf'n believable.

Joey Porter time? He's been invisible today.

damn bad call by the ref

F%$&, I just lost my feed because of the Jets

2 turn overs today

Joey gets his chance to be a hero

Why weren't we kneeling at that point?? I don't get it.

that ok, yancy can only toss incompletes anyway

WTF! D-fence needs to make a play here! JP shut up and show up here!!!

plenty of time left

all right porter time to earn your check

play of the game now

did JP just punch their QB?

we won nice

hell yeah

now its over!!!!


Why weren't we kneeling at that point? 10 point lead end teh game. Why werren't we kneeling at that point?? I don't care if we do win -- that was S-T-U-P-I-D. Comn' coach. kneel down, kick the field goal.

Renaldo Hill gets it done!!!! Interception.

I need new underwear

DONT FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This should be it!

jet game is meaningless Mando. We cannot get in without a win next week. Jet loss only helps the Pats.

So now we kneel. Great, just great.

KNEE and keep it away from Ricky please !!!

I think I killed the dog


Mando and all my fellow Dol-Fans, I wish you all a happy Christmas, and lets hope and awesome new year for the fins


1-15 to 10 wins, RECORD BOOKS BABY!!!!

Why do Brits say Happy Xmas instead of Merry?


wow pennington going to new york(new jersey) a contender and not a pretender!!!

Hey coach, lets punt here. Just a thought. Good gosh a'mighty. Kneel. Say it after me -- kneel.

ok wacko this is what you want now we'll make farve retire for good just bring it you stupid jet fan

Mando and all my fellow Dol-Fans, I wish you all a happy Christmas, and lets hope and awesome new year for the fins



wow watching the fins is a better workout than the gym. im wore out.;

Unbelievable...I think I have seen it all.

i'll celebrate with yall in a few. I'm officially trying to regain my sanity.......


Mando and Fin Fans Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

WELL IT"S OVER FINALLY>> Some very questionable coaching calls today...b4 the half not taking the field goal...2 min left in the game and running the ball with Williams...why not take the knee? KC had no time outs...



We don't suck anymore!!!

Maybe now the NFL Network will finally replay a Dolphin game after ignoring the Patriots game in New England

10-5 yeah baby

root for the jets

"Let's find out together in the comments section below!"

Very creepy in a Fred Rogers sorta way, Mando.

Very creepy.

Coach -- take a knee. Enjoy the win, then strangle whoever thought we should be running at that point in the game. Take a knee.

Too bad the W doesn't count...The game was over long ago, right?! If we just bust Favre's face open I'll be happy!

either division win or 3rd place schedule in 2010

yes the lions suck worse then we ever did

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