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KC and Miami at 31 tied to start fourth quarter

This is it. The game is tied 31-31.

It is time to close out the Chiefs because the playoffs are riding on this. Can the Dolphins do it?

Let's find out together in the comments section below.


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we need a jets win against the seahawks today.

cause only way patsies get in if there is a tie next week b/w us and the jets.

We out scored them 14-3 in the 2nd half....way to move the chains Penny!

As bad as the D was..they held up in the 4th. Thats Big.

A win is a win is a win. 10-5. That is the bottom line. Time to shock the world this coming Sunday vs the Jets. Got to deal w/the Jets fan here in New York. Hopefully 8pm...prime time...CHAD'S REVENGE. Meantime, going to get the heart checked after this game.

Everything rides on the game v Jets...wow..prepare for that one!

HERE´S TO ALL THE DOUBTERS: KISS OUR FISHY A_S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need a jets win against the seahawks today.

cause only way patsies get in if there is a tie next week b/w us and the jets.

Posted by: LOL | December 21, 2008 at 04:27 PM


that jets-fins game has to be flex down to the sunday night game.

That's not true ... any tie with the PATS and we are in the playoffs. Jets loss puts them at 9-6, so a loss to them ties us and the Jets would go ... if all three teams end up 10-6, the JETS go to playoffs, not the PATS.

Common Seahawks beat the Wets!

i want the jets to loose cause when we beat them next week it doesn't matter what ne does and then wacko will know that they cant by a superbowl

Still we have so many problem areas to fix on this team, but what spirit again to battle back after being pushed all over the field. Chad a hero again, with the secondard coming up with big plays. Ricky's fumble was a potential season killer and he is a liability to us late in the game. Lou Polite showed me why the FB job is his next season, what a great find he was. Ginn shows us why he will be gone next season and Crowders absence may keep him on this team next season, afterthe defense looked lost until late in the fourth without its defensive play-caller.

10-5 the Biggest turn-around in NFL history, its an amazing story, however the Jets game is what being a football fan is all about. Fairytale, Hollywood script ending ?? we shall see but Im going to have an amazing Christmas knowing for now that the Dolphins have a chance to make it to the next stage. I love it.

And the Pats can still get a wilcard if Baltimore loses and they win next week.

assuming the Jets win today.


BS about Ricky being a liability. THAT WAS NOT A FUMBLE. The REFS are a liability.


They just reviewed the INT and he did not catch it clean.


KC ball!

Yeah, but he didnt have a strong enough grip on the ball, why give it to him late in the game he has done this bfore this season a few times. Ronnie has better hands, as well as Polite. Im a ricky fan, but I dont trust him when the ball has to be kept safe.

Thigpen back tosses to Gonzo

breaks tackles!!!


TD KC!!!!!!!

going for 2..

Thigpen scrambles....

in for the score!!!!

KC 32 MIA 31!!!!!!



What are the implication if Jests lose today?


They beat MIA once.

They beat them next week and MIA and NYJ have same record but NYJ would be 2-0 vs MIA and AFC EAST CHAMPS

does jests loss actually HELP patsies???

SMART, Tough, Disciplined, they make the plays when they have to. Take a deep breath, put on your seatbelt, Lets Rock and Roll at the Meadowlands..Merry Christmas Dolfans, the Grinch will finally catch up to Farve....:)

Some of you are just too "fair-weathered". The defense didn't give up a touchdown for 3 games. They sucked today but that's no reason to toss them out or revoke Joey's Pro Bowl selection. The team wouldn't have been in this position in the first place without Joey and the defense. So put your hearts(and pacemakers) back in your chests and send some POSITIVE vibes to the team against the Jets.

Yo Hayden...stop being so down on ronnie bro...the man is a beast and a pro bowler...remember that he led the league in yrds from scrimmage last year b4 he got hurt...also keep in mind that our o-line is still a work in progress...and the reason he shares carries is to prevent wear and tear on him...and stop wit the negativity man...regardless of wat happens next week imma be damn proud of the phins this year...4rm 1-15 to 10-5???...HUGE turnaround...and this was suppose to be our rebuilding, no more then 5 to 6 wins year??? LOL...jus can't measure the heart and desire to win baby!!!...sure we didn't win some games the way we wanted to but hey...we still got a way to go and jus a winning record for a supposed rebuilding year is fine with me

finally no pennington haters in here

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