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Live blog of Dolphins at KC Chiefs today

Why are you folks sweating today's game against Kansas City? Don't you know it's 8 degrees out there?

Seriously, don't you know the Chiefs have lost 21 of their last 23 games, meaning they find a way to screw things up no matter how hard they try and how hard they work?

Don't you know the Chiefs are about to bring a close on coach Herman Edwards' days in KC? This ESPN report details how KC ownership is in the early stages of a general manager search and already a guy Edwards would love to have hired is out of the running. That means Edwards' chances of keeping his job, with one year remaining on his contract, are not excellent.

And that means the Dolphins, who have already played four teams -- Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle -- whose teams have changed coaches or are about to change coaches, can add a fifth team to that list today.

[Major side note prediction: The Jets are at Seattle today in what is Mike Holmgren's final home game. He will be coaching against his old QB Brett Favre. I am predicting the Jets, who spent four hours on the runway Friday waiting for a storm to pass before heading on their five-hour flight to the Northwest, are going to LOSE to the 'Hawks today.]

Anyway, today's game is at 1 p.m. eastern. I will inform you quick as I can whether Channing Crowder is playing (it doesn't look good) or not. [Update: Crowder is inactive so he's out.]

The LIVE BLOG begins at kickoff in the comments section. Isn't this what you've waited all week for?


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Cold weather takes away offense. Since we have a very basic, no frills offense, that should not hurt us.
Defense keeps us in it.

Prediction: Miami 16 - 6.

Just looked and the temps are 10 in KC now. Feels like minus-7 with wind gusts at 31 MPH.



With the Channing Crowder injury and uncertain status for next year and with Charlie Anderson coming along nicely on the outside, is there a possibility we see some Matt Roth on the inside, get tougher against the run in the middle and give us more speed on the outside with Anderson there

BALL SECURITY!! BALL SECURITY!! BALL SECURITY!!Forget it being 7 degrees @ game time. Protect the ball & clock management along with scoring pts & victory will be ours.

I honestly agree with you "are they the same".

Boomer and Phil Sims are the same person! At least for a while I thought they were....

So it is cold.Big friggin deal.Both teams have to play in it.Run the ball-no turnovers-no stupid mistakes.KC sucks.There is no excuse for losing today!!!

Call Helpginn.com

Whats going on with 105.9 sunny. Where can I listen online to the game.

casa da los loco's - luckily we are paying for all your illegitmate children and your health care!

2 games to go. Can noodle arm do it. does the rest of the team have the pebbles to finish the season Proper? Stay tuned.

Oh my goodness we have the B List Broadcast team. This game must be important!

Small crowd, Mando?

go dolphins kick some butt run ronnie ricky

whos got the link????

come on miami. pull it out.

please post the link to watch the game...i think its on justintv

Mando--Credit where Credit is due: you & "Gotz" were exceptionally entertaining on 790 Today; I barely if ever switched over to the Official Station.

The title says its the miami-kc game but its still on espn.


You guys ready for this? It's an amazing day in the NFL!

thank you!.....go FIIIIIIINS

A reminder folks: I am not in KC. I'm watching the game right along with you. Sportsbar style.


yeah. so excited to have such a meaningful game this late.

Dolphins lose the toss, KC defers

inside kc what a return

Cobbs taking care of business.

Cobbs on the kickoff for 60 yards!!

Ginn on the end around. good stuff.


my link has switched over to the game:


Ginner on the reverse TD!!!!

Thats how you do it in the cold

someone came to play!!!

Ted Ginn showing up!

thats a good start

7-0 in less than a min

Tundra Schmundra!

Come on D. Don't Collapse! Don't be bums today!

Great start........

Mando, come on man. Like the defense, you need to travel.

This is not negative, just experience: we MUST now build on this lead, step on their throats & take away their will to play hard. We need a blow-out if possible

Yeah, screw Teddy right? Wow, Cobbs on that return

wholly sh***t!!

that link has too much of a delay better off listening to the radio

Let's not give it back.

A Ted Ginn sighting. Way 2 go to start the game. Keep it up!!!

where do you go to listen to the radio cast?


One catch for Gonzalez on Bell, Mando.

Same reverse as against the Raiders

Come on D, you gotta be on that loose ball!

We always give sh*t back to them.

thats a better link is up to date enjoy watching

Matt Roth blew that one

you can also listen on 105.9 in the central florida area

3rd and 10 D D D come on

even the usually rabid KC fans didn't show up in this weather!

oh sure, Ginn underperforms last week to knock me out of the playoffs, then I bench him 5 minutes before kickoff and he scores.

Well, I'll take real Miami playoffs any day.


Let's blow them out today.

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