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Live blog of Dolphins at KC Chiefs today

Why are you folks sweating today's game against Kansas City? Don't you know it's 8 degrees out there?

Seriously, don't you know the Chiefs have lost 21 of their last 23 games, meaning they find a way to screw things up no matter how hard they try and how hard they work?

Don't you know the Chiefs are about to bring a close on coach Herman Edwards' days in KC? This ESPN report details how KC ownership is in the early stages of a general manager search and already a guy Edwards would love to have hired is out of the running. That means Edwards' chances of keeping his job, with one year remaining on his contract, are not excellent.

And that means the Dolphins, who have already played four teams -- Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle -- whose teams have changed coaches or are about to change coaches, can add a fifth team to that list today.

[Major side note prediction: The Jets are at Seattle today in what is Mike Holmgren's final home game. He will be coaching against his old QB Brett Favre. I am predicting the Jets, who spent four hours on the runway Friday waiting for a storm to pass before heading on their five-hour flight to the Northwest, are going to LOSE to the 'Hawks today.]

Anyway, today's game is at 1 p.m. eastern. I will inform you quick as I can whether Channing Crowder is playing (it doesn't look good) or not. [Update: Crowder is inactive so he's out.]

The LIVE BLOG begins at kickoff in the comments section. Isn't this what you've waited all week for?


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Loving it.

Andre' Goodman has been playing great for three months!

nice throw pigpen

in case someone want the link

WOW...Are we here to make a point or what?

Thank Goodness.

boy we got lucky on that call

wow!! bailout!!

Wow, what a break! Don't think that was a catch anyhow.

stupid Dan Fouts! same play that took out Brady by the same team.

No confidence in being able to line up in a base formation and run the football right at them.

Hammer between the tackles.

They are ready for the run and screen today. Just go up the gut. Power ball baby

the stadium is EMPTY.

Awful play calling since the pick.

Mandy, why didn't you travel?

Guys, good teams find a way to win -- Dolphins. Bad teams find a way to lose -- KC. That simple.

Hey Mando, you sat out the trip to KC? coz it looks like the wind is killing everything.

hah hah the play clock is frozen

This looks to be our typical crappy play call drive after a score.

I have it in my contract nyfinfan: I don't work when the feels like temp is BELOW ZERO!

3 and out go figure

That's a drop by Ricky. sorry, but a drop nonetheless.

Run between the tackles.

atleast we got some points off the turnover

Carpenter hits the chip shot. 10-0.

Where's Hayden Fox?

So, lack of arm strength not a concern?

LOL Mando, So i guess you aren't coming to NY next week then?

Set the tone and run between the tackles.

Failure to get 7 there dooms this game to nail biting status, & perhaps the season as well.

once we go up 7-0, our play calling becomes garbage.


NE beating Ariz 7-0

We'll they've score their points for the day!

Love it Mando...I will say this: this ain't over...if KC comes back I will call you out.

However, I will tell you one thing in all honesty, I love the blog. I will always be here. Thanks for the outlet. However, we always give it back so this will be a game.

In this weather there is NO such thing as a "chip shot" FG

Should have had at least 2 running plays on that drive. Don't get cute w/the pass under these conditions but got pts anyway.

looks horrific out there, good to hear the place is a third full

Guys, lets just calm down, Henning is probing to see what we can get later on. I'm sure he'll see that passing wide isn't working and will adjust. Positive energy!

Dolphins can't win with you guys!

If they pass, you say the play calling sucks because they should run. If they run, you say the playcalling sucks because they aren't being aggressive enough!

Make up your mind!

that game in NE is the football should be played snow and cold

Arrowhead Stadium is empty.

Who the hell is playing Middle linebacker?

Dolphins get it and we then give it up.

Like Tupac said, it's hard to be positive when n****z shootin' at your crib!

12 tackles 0 sacks 0ints

C'mon - that was horrible!

Wow, that was embarrassing.

Where is Mando?

Can you say Trap game.


that game in NE is the football should be played snow and cold

Posted by: | December 21, 2008 at 01:21 PM

Football should not be played in conditions where you can't be sure the best team wins. The conditions equalize the teams and means it doesn't matter who is the better team.

we are in trouble

Like I said---nail biter, thanks to Ricky's drop & play-calling on last drive.


That was offensive pass intereference by Darling.

There goes the TD streak by the might Chiefs.

That was a push off. He's a Bahamian so I will give him that one but no friggin more

the bend but dont break just broke time to pound them to the ground

good D

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