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Live blog of Dolphins at KC Chiefs today

Why are you folks sweating today's game against Kansas City? Don't you know it's 8 degrees out there?

Seriously, don't you know the Chiefs have lost 21 of their last 23 games, meaning they find a way to screw things up no matter how hard they try and how hard they work?

Don't you know the Chiefs are about to bring a close on coach Herman Edwards' days in KC? This ESPN report details how KC ownership is in the early stages of a general manager search and already a guy Edwards would love to have hired is out of the running. That means Edwards' chances of keeping his job, with one year remaining on his contract, are not excellent.

And that means the Dolphins, who have already played four teams -- Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle -- whose teams have changed coaches or are about to change coaches, can add a fifth team to that list today.

[Major side note prediction: The Jets are at Seattle today in what is Mike Holmgren's final home game. He will be coaching against his old QB Brett Favre. I am predicting the Jets, who spent four hours on the runway Friday waiting for a storm to pass before heading on their five-hour flight to the Northwest, are going to LOSE to the 'Hawks today.]

Anyway, today's game is at 1 p.m. eastern. I will inform you quick as I can whether Channing Crowder is playing (it doesn't look good) or not. [Update: Crowder is inactive so he's out.]

The LIVE BLOG begins at kickoff in the comments section. Isn't this what you've waited all week for?


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Damn, he pushed off big time. We got jipped.


We know no prosperity. They get a good return, a reverse for a TD and pick that sets up a FG and just like that we are up only 7.

i guess they feel the need to give the Chiefs all the chances to stay in the game. Think of it like Charity.

Umm, equalizes the teams? Not sure about that...Players make plays and (usually) the better team wins regardless of conditions

Now our O will flounder.

First TD allowed by Miami defense in three games

Wow Look Its Only A Third Filled Stadium, Miami Must Feel At Home. Hahahahahahaga

Damnit Hayden...Get a new choice phrase...The properity thing was old last year

Time to run and run and run


nice pass

Sloppy coverage by secondary on TD by KC. Must put more pressure in Thigpen. Let Porter loose & not put him in coverage.

Can somebody at Arrowhead answer that ringing bell?

Boy this sweep crap is so stupid. Up the gut you dumb a@$ o coordinator

I just don't think Ricky has the spark that he used to , can't make that corner anymore

our o sucks

I'm sorry, but these playcalls suck.

Marc Is A Tool.

Seriously, why do we run that sweep play?

This ridiculous...just like Mando calling me out after 10-0 with 50 minutes left in the game.

horrible play calling, enough with the screens already they aint working...

weak ass play calling. run in the middle and stop with this finesse crap

No fumble no fumble

polite was down...


How many negative plays are we going to have. Looks like the o line isn't doing much here.

Dont Be Mad.

Phins dodging bullets early thanks to the refs.

These desperate teams piss me off.

Ronnie 2 plays. minus 14 yards. What the ...

i agree run the middle to set up those short passes base formation nothing fancy just power football

What is this with too many Chiefs on the field????

TV Announcers a sure its the Chiefs ball..

Take a look at the field in new england over on fox!

Ronnie 2 plays. minus 14 yards. What the ...

Posted by: mntnmanfinfan | December 21, 2008 at 01:32 PM

When the play starts from 7-15 yrds behind the line of scrimage then its hard to get positive yrds

I wish Henning would stop w/the pass play. Run it up the gut & stop trying to put the ball in the air.

Pats Up 7 To 0 heard only half of the cards were flown out for this meaningless game.

Good call ref.

Still fourth down. But at least ref got it right.

Goood call refs, he replaced the ball after it initially moved then secured it again, these announcers are horseshit!

How is Brown a Pro Bowler?

Pats up 14-0.

terrible punt!! c'mon fields! all you gotta do is pooch it!! c'mon!

HAHAHAHAHA! sorry herm... This randy cross clown needs to shut up and get rid of that idiotic looking stash.

same reason why farve is a pro-bowler

that was not Brown on the non-fumble.

Henning is trying to use smoke and mirrors to get yards b/c he doesn't think we get just run it right at anyone. He's come to this conclusion w/o even trying to run the ball w/ any consistency.

I agree Randy Cross is an idiot!

hurriphin here....

for once in my dolphAN life, I'm gonna try not to get down & retain the confidence I had when it was 10-0, us.

I Need a colostomy bag change marc, can you change it please.

Suck it up and tackle defense.

Dolphins missing too many tackles so far. weather related?

Can Randy Cross forget the entire idea that he was wrong about the review.

Offense and defense awful today. We suck again

need to get some heat on their QB.

Seems like the Ch(i)efs are trying to run the AZ / NE game plan against us. Nice play Goodman.

He is the only guy in America that thinks it was a fumble.

MANDO, another catch against your 4 million dollar a year man.

No pass rush. Awful coaching and preparation today. We didn't even prepare for the pass game

Arrowhead always a tough place to play -- worse when team you're playing has nothing to lose by doing whatever. So, we can expect a tough one. On the other hand, it helps if the better team tackles and blocks.

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