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Live blog of Dolphins at KC Chiefs today

Why are you folks sweating today's game against Kansas City? Don't you know it's 8 degrees out there?

Seriously, don't you know the Chiefs have lost 21 of their last 23 games, meaning they find a way to screw things up no matter how hard they try and how hard they work?

Don't you know the Chiefs are about to bring a close on coach Herman Edwards' days in KC? This ESPN report details how KC ownership is in the early stages of a general manager search and already a guy Edwards would love to have hired is out of the running. That means Edwards' chances of keeping his job, with one year remaining on his contract, are not excellent.

And that means the Dolphins, who have already played four teams -- Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle -- whose teams have changed coaches or are about to change coaches, can add a fifth team to that list today.

[Major side note prediction: The Jets are at Seattle today in what is Mike Holmgren's final home game. He will be coaching against his old QB Brett Favre. I am predicting the Jets, who spent four hours on the runway Friday waiting for a storm to pass before heading on their five-hour flight to the Northwest, are going to LOSE to the 'Hawks today.]

Anyway, today's game is at 1 p.m. eastern. I will inform you quick as I can whether Channing Crowder is playing (it doesn't look good) or not. [Update: Crowder is inactive so he's out.]

The LIVE BLOG begins at kickoff in the comments section. Isn't this what you've waited all week for?


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Damn again. That ball shold have been spotted on the 9

Buy the way i'm wearing ladies panties

Where are all the W. Allen J. Allen nut huggers now?

Mando, you boy just gave up six.

we suck

Hey Sparano, you might want to cover Tony Gonzales!!!!!! Idiot coaching

I think i will go watch the Lions play.




Game is far from over. KC going for it on fourth. Two Thigpen fumbles gain yards. We will rise up and win, you will see. We are the new Cardiac kids.

3& out or turnover next series? Whadda ya think?

he cant cover him from the sidelines retard

Can we get a double team on Gonzalez? Stevie Wonder could have seen that play. We are making Thigpen look like Len Dawson.

Whats up with all the bend but dont break attitude the D plays with? And when will the offense break out???

Need Chad to wake up and make some plays gotta have a TD to answer their score.

Nice D....how many 15 play drives has this team given up the last 2 weeks? Even the Fins pull this out, no way they beat the Jets next week

Bums! Bums! Bums! Hayden you are a Genius. I should have known not to get sucked in believing in these clowns.

Why is anyone even watching the NE game, the ONLY two teams that matter in this division is the Brets and MIA

Terrible. More bad news Pats up 21-0

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 21, 2008 at 01:51 PM

And we all thought they were going to win the superbowl at the beginning of the season. What a complete dissapointment this season has been huh.


Why can't the Fins show any killer instinct? They are up 10-0 and KC wants to go home. What does the defense do? Breath life into them and now we are down 14-10.

We have no chance to move the ball today either. Our only chance is to score on defense or special teams.

I hate life.


Not to mention the Brets still need to play today...

I can't stand it.........I just can't stand it.

The offense will break out when we actually get a couple of GOOD wide receivers

Defense hasn't been able to get off the field last five quarters.


NE game is more interesting than watching these 2 No matter teams

Cobbs actually accelerates on returns where Ginn stopped doing that.

Awful defense..forget the playoffs this year

This doesnt look like a playoff team at the moment. KC creaming us with better play calling, looking for the win. Dolphins offense gone since Greg went down. Weaknesses really showing up. Come on Dolphins !!!

Here comes the pain!

We're a buch of pansy assed retards

Our whole offense has been Cobbs on special teams. Ooppss penalty...disregard.

Why cannot the Fins play a clean game...why?

They do nothing big or clean.

Well, can we get a first down? my prediction is we lose 5, punt, and give up another long drive.

The phins D is letting us down...now the offense needs to step up

We abandoned the run after that reverse.

Walden you idiot !!!

I hate these games against teams that have 1 or 2 wins. They go 4 it on every 4th down and throw hail marys every play because they don't care anymore, and of course they'll hit on them.

SEE, we can run, lets keep doing it.

To those who thought that it was over at 10-0, and now think its over at 10-14, the game will be played to the end -- that is when the team with the most points wins the game. Nobody has won anything just yet.

Typical trap game in KC, reminds me of 2002. BTW who knows where I can get a stream?

Im wondering what a real QB with a real arm could do in this type of game

*cough* Henne *cough*

Hayden because they are a young team with a new coaching staff, little talent at wide out, holes on the offensive line and only a couple of pro bowl worty defenders. Don't we all know this by now?

Horse collar!

"OHH WE'RE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS" what a joke..p.s marc iam sorry but i pooped my depends again.

HORSE COLLAR! nice run ricky!

we need to get Bess involved more

Excellent drive and answer from the O

Touchdown to David Martin. Thank you Randy Mueller!!!

yea baby here we go

TD!!!!! Just what wee needed!

let the seesaw begin


Yeah baby!!!!

where are my heart pills

About F'ing time!!!

Nothing cute. Just play them straight up football

Now the special teams and D need to stand up

It's a shame that TD to Martin doesn't count since a bunch of you already declared the game over when Gonzo scored.

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