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Live blog of Dolphins at KC Chiefs today

Why are you folks sweating today's game against Kansas City? Don't you know it's 8 degrees out there?

Seriously, don't you know the Chiefs have lost 21 of their last 23 games, meaning they find a way to screw things up no matter how hard they try and how hard they work?

Don't you know the Chiefs are about to bring a close on coach Herman Edwards' days in KC? This ESPN report details how KC ownership is in the early stages of a general manager search and already a guy Edwards would love to have hired is out of the running. That means Edwards' chances of keeping his job, with one year remaining on his contract, are not excellent.

And that means the Dolphins, who have already played four teams -- Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle -- whose teams have changed coaches or are about to change coaches, can add a fifth team to that list today.

[Major side note prediction: The Jets are at Seattle today in what is Mike Holmgren's final home game. He will be coaching against his old QB Brett Favre. I am predicting the Jets, who spent four hours on the runway Friday waiting for a storm to pass before heading on their five-hour flight to the Northwest, are going to LOSE to the 'Hawks today.]

Anyway, today's game is at 1 p.m. eastern. I will inform you quick as I can whether Channing Crowder is playing (it doesn't look good) or not. [Update: Crowder is inactive so he's out.]

The LIVE BLOG begins at kickoff in the comments section. Isn't this what you've waited all week for?


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Wow an efficient offensive drive, they can do it!

nice drive...how about the D wakes up now

come on d, step up now

Huge come back drive! We needed that!

LOL, "THANK YOU Randy Mueller".

i want to see this play calling now.

our play calling is much better when we are tied or down.

once we take the lead, our play calling becomes so bad.

There you go, just like that 17-14. Oh, wait, games still not over. Stick around for the cardiac kids -- we win at the end.

Ricky got rolled up on that horsecollar. Did he hurt his knee?

Now it's time to cover Gonzalez!

it's going to be one of those games, folks. they're not giving up on offense ... but their defense is terrible.

some one needs to ask the coach why the play calling becomes garbage when we take the lead.

Steelers Titans looks like a battle right now, Patsies game is over before it started.

The Chiefs are ranked 32nd in pass defense, it should be like this all game, but im nervous about how fast they are getting into Pennington's face. Im not surprised by how they are moving the ball on us, the chiefs have a good passing game and nothing to lose

LOL a Randy Mueller reference!!

I know I keep saying this, but if they are going to throw it EVERYTIME, why not rush 3 and drop 8 into to coverage? The Pats have done this in the past to teams that air it out.

I guess that is why they are smarter than our coaching staff.

d martin! from penny

I blame Henning for the Dolphins sputtering Offense, he gets aggresive when were down and plays like he works for the other team when were up.

To many sweeps and 5yrd dump passes when where up.

Mandy, can you dig up a stat on how many deep balls the Phins have attempted when they have the lead vs when they are down?

Time to get after Thigpen!! c'mon DDDD



Need a 3 and out here!

That's true to a certain extent. The team definitely goes ultra conservative when they have the lead but they also lead the league in turnover differential because of it.

I've said it before, and i'll say it again.......
The lack of a KO punch(meaning legitimate playmakers. not here & there guys, like ginn, brown, and camarillio)will always keep us just on the outside of being a great team.

That being said TD Phins!!!

What Bout Them Pats?

2 weeks in a row w/nice TD catches by D Mart. Now put some heat on Thigpen & Gonzalez.

Stop with the Henne overtures!!!! GAWD!!! Penningtons done everything U want except throw 60 yards downfield. Stop bitchin and let him wait his turn!!!

We have had some opportunities for turnovers today now lets see if we can take advantage.

Moment of Truth for Dolphins--a la Pittsburgh Steeler/Old-school Oakland Raider philosophy:

They cheap shotted Ricky & took him out, so we cheap shot Thigpen or Gonzalez to even the score.

Make It So!!!

calm down guys....we are a young team, not perfect. our fans flip flop every other drive, sad to see

Hayden we are having trouble getting pressure on the QB with 5 rushers and you want to reduce that number to 3?


Who was the Ravens KO punch when they won the Super Bowl?

Whats Teds Stats Since The 1st 30 Seconds Of The Game?

You want Thigpen to be able to take a seat and wait for a wr to get open or what? That's why the coaches are ALL smarter than you. They actually know how to play the game.

Whats Teds Stats Since The 1st 30 Seconds Of The Game?

This D is bad.

I'm gone. See yall next year. This one is over.


WTF!!! they got us on a blitz.

D is a joke

Now Will Allen's hurt? Doom Looms.

where is the d

wow..just wow.

sloppy D, and for everyone that was calling for Pasqualoni to blitz! we just got burned coz of the blitz and poor tackling!

Someone just ran into his own player and fell while trying to get to the rusher,,,that was bad

still early though

This is rediculous

WOW, 2 plays, too easy. That no TD's allowed streak was a mirage.


Pretty unbelievable, huh. Lots of game left. Any prediction on the final -- 65-64 sounds about right.

armando, is sparano a yelling at halftime kind of coach? i hope he rips them up

Dolphin D is letting this team down.

Soft Soft Soft

They got off the field quickly on that drive!

I cannot believe how soft the defense is...

By Dolphan4aday,,,,don't worry about coming back,,we don't want or need your negative vibe. Oh yeah, have fun posting negatively under a different name. You're leaving,,pfffffft.

Now Will Allen's hurt? Doom Looms.

Posted by: C. Little | December 21, 2008 at 02:05 PM

W. Allen is a third stringer at best

come on miami we are only down by 4 time to step it up

well the D made up for the last three games

this are games we do not win they are rockin in new england

No one wants to tackle ... the D is quiting on this team.

first team to 50 wins...this D has been tough to watch...my hemmorrhoids r starting to flare up

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