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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Jets today (with chat)

Well, I'm in place and ready to go although the game doesn't start for another 90 minutes or so.

Here's what's happening:

1. If you didn't catch the latest update on my last post, the agent for Bill Parcells, Jimmy Sexton, is at today's game here. So it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he and new owner Stephen Ross discuss The Big Tuna's future as early as sometime today.

2. Channing Crowder is indeed playing. But he realizes this could be his final game with Miami. After he warmed up and was coming back into the tunnel, Crowder bumped into an old friend and as he passed the Jets locker room. He was heard talking about possibly becoming a free agent and then yelled into the locker room, "Any money for an inside linebacker in there?"

3. It is already getting dark here and there is a considerable wind. I have a strong belief that Davone Bess will be a major factor in Miami's game plan today. Look for him because I believe Chad Pennington will be.

Anyway, I'll update you with the inactives as they come. The live blog starts here at kickoff. But I'm here so if you have questions, comments, whatever, come with it in the comments section.


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If the Phins win the opening coin toss, will they defer? I think getting the ball first n the 2nd half is always an advantage. Put D on opening KO and control the game, stun them first

Mike W, haven't you heard? Parcells may be a free agent...

Mando what is your feeling today?

What Are We Doing Here?

I picked the Dolphins to win today Hayden.

We're having a tea party.

hayden cbs is afraid it might get sued for sexual disc.by dierdorf and what will dan do if n.e is out of playoffs

Cyndi Lauper with the national anthem today. Good until her voice failed her at the end.

Hey, girls just wanna have fun

did you see her new breast augmentation?

ok its 4:05 now i'm getting nervous

Captain Lou Albano is doing the halftime show.

TV is still showing the Oak/TB final minute

Too many distractions today to win. :(

gametime is 4:15 mike w

YEah i know

Prediction Miami wins 24-10!!!!!!!!Ronnie Brown will have a huge day!!!!!

no record for brees go marino

Dolphins win the toss and defer.

here we go boys and girls

Ready to take my stress to new levels watching this game. WE CAN DO THIS FINS!!!!!!

Brett Favre in the pregame huddle, "Let's play our game today, whatever it is."

Not exactly inspiring.

Channing and this defense is going to come up small today.

Squib kicking already. Formula for a loss!


If that's how the Jets are going to attack today -- with passes up the seam -- Jets are going down.

did anyones tv stop?

whos got a link to the game?/


Neutral zone infraction on Miami. Joey Thomas was coming on the blitz.

Regardless of what happens here.......

Let's try to remember--

We won ONE GAME last year.

Everyone here(including myself)try to remember that.

Pick penalty. Miami back at it by breathing life into the opponent.

Leon Washington the New York player I would fear the most.

please can some
one post the link

C-mon D! need a sack/INT here set the tone for the rest of the game!!!

Holding on defense. Amazing. Terrible.

Phins trying to self-destruct early

Bums i tell you

Looks like our D hasn't changed since last week.

This is so FIXED. Favre wins and goes home a hero and Bob Kraft goes to the playoffs.

Phil Simms says the Jets want to throw down the field more today. they have a Pro Bowl running back, their QB has a dead arm, their WRs are not that good, but they want to throw. Not too smart.

It is fixed.

I hate this uniform matchup, we should've switched it up.

please....link anyone?

i hate farve

These CBS guys are gonna drive me crazy all night.

Get off the field Coach P

lions 0 and 16... drink up 76 bucs.

Favre should have run. He'd still be going.

A stop on 3rd down, nice!

Did not get that play off AND the RT moved. We are going to get crap for help today.

Jets are going to get all the breaks today, we'll need to overcome alot.

Great special teams by Jets. Westhoff rocks.

Ronnie Browns best game ever!!!!!! 186 yards 2 TDS

oh wow

CBS 12 you suck.

for cryin out loud....i get a link all year long here and the most important game and nobody showin me some love...please link?

amazing the opps punters continue to have career years against us

Cobbs in the game the first play. Sparano loves him.

Ginn not in the game first play.

discipline!!! stupid penalties already.

Love Bess

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