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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Jets today (with chat)

Well, I'm in place and ready to go although the game doesn't start for another 90 minutes or so.

Here's what's happening:

1. If you didn't catch the latest update on my last post, the agent for Bill Parcells, Jimmy Sexton, is at today's game here. So it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he and new owner Stephen Ross discuss The Big Tuna's future as early as sometime today.

2. Channing Crowder is indeed playing. But he realizes this could be his final game with Miami. After he warmed up and was coming back into the tunnel, Crowder bumped into an old friend and as he passed the Jets locker room. He was heard talking about possibly becoming a free agent and then yelled into the locker room, "Any money for an inside linebacker in there?"

3. It is already getting dark here and there is a considerable wind. I have a strong belief that Davone Bess will be a major factor in Miami's game plan today. Look for him because I believe Chad Pennington will be.

Anyway, I'll update you with the inactives as they come. The live blog starts here at kickoff. But I'm here so if you have questions, comments, whatever, come with it in the comments section.


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Bess. Bess. Bess. Bess. they want him to get the ball a lot this day.

I love marijuana


Every dolphin game, I seem two guys I've never heard of.....

ha ha.

That was very good protection by the OL.

Why does everyone play their best game against us.

come on....someones got the link...please post

Pennington is getting plenty of time.

Bad punt :-0(

The jets play like it's the superbowl.

i guess when you haven't gone since the 1969 this is the only thing they know.

I'm still nervous about Sp.Tms.

Justin.tv always has the game on

well got it out of the end zone. hope for good feld position

Dolphins are affraid to go over the middle. Noodles arm off target already.

didn't like the 2nd down playcalling there on 2nd and 8

Was ginn open and we had an overthrow, or was it a throw-away??

INT Yeremiah Bell!


We need to get pressure on Favre this series, or we'll be playing the field position game for a while. Do like the look of the fins at this point, for whatever thats worth.

here it comes

wrong guy

how did you know?




Farve looks disinterested in being there.

Oh look Defense made the trip. Too bad offense didn't. Why can't we afford a plane for offense defense and speacial teams mando?

INT baby! YEAH!!! farve is playing like the washed up trailer park bum that he is...

Colonel Up for Grabs strikes again!!

look at the coverages the last drive they had the ball. The dolphin defense is based on changes in schemes

OK gotta love Favre. just wing it baby. Oops, another turnover.

the amazing thing is they have a good running game and they still want to throw the ball. I understand why they have lost three of four.

We need a long drive here fellas!

we gotta establish the pass to set up the run

Fins are going to play it like they have all season -- close to the vest.

Ronnie Brown is soft...and a Pro Bowler. Wow.

can you post the link to justin.tv

mangina is upset boo-ho...

We've had trouble capitalizing on the turnovers we get.

not today sit back and watch

Why off tackle? Teams have been having success on the edges vs the Jets the last few weeks.

that's a neck injury to David Martin, it looks like.

That's a catch and fumble.

he is really hurt

Doesnt look good

That looked scary on the last replay. Hope Martin is okay

If Pennington has this much time to throw, he will pick them apart.

hope martin is ok looks like a hard shot to the head/neck.

I think it is a catch and we lose Martin for the game.

That's a catch & a first down by the way.

Everyone take a Knee for Martin Please!

did they rule it a catch Mondo

Shot to the head for Martin. Hope hes OK. It was a completion, on the ground when he let go of it.

Nice catch. Painful knee to the head... better than the groin though

I hope david martin is okay! i love all dolphins!

Toughest sport since the gladiators of Rome.

will someone take Phil Simms out

found the link myself....thanks for nothing turd buckets

that screen could have been int easily


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