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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Jets today (with chat)

Well, I'm in place and ready to go although the game doesn't start for another 90 minutes or so.

Here's what's happening:

1. If you didn't catch the latest update on my last post, the agent for Bill Parcells, Jimmy Sexton, is at today's game here. So it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he and new owner Stephen Ross discuss The Big Tuna's future as early as sometime today.

2. Channing Crowder is indeed playing. But he realizes this could be his final game with Miami. After he warmed up and was coming back into the tunnel, Crowder bumped into an old friend and as he passed the Jets locker room. He was heard talking about possibly becoming a free agent and then yelled into the locker room, "Any money for an inside linebacker in there?"

3. It is already getting dark here and there is a considerable wind. I have a strong belief that Davone Bess will be a major factor in Miami's game plan today. Look for him because I believe Chad Pennington will be.

Anyway, I'll update you with the inactives as they come. The live blog starts here at kickoff. But I'm here so if you have questions, comments, whatever, come with it in the comments section.


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Simms is an idiot.

generous spot

get ready ladies

not sure who sucks more that idiot phil simms or his scrub third string QB son?

7 on this drive would be bigtime.

pound the rock up the middle

looks like we can run the ball on these washed up tired NY scrubs!

Run til they stop it.

Don't like a lot of these horizontal run patterns. They aren't worth it most of the time.

TV is freezing now

in jests territory

nice chad, keep moving the chains! jets look out of if.

run clock and run ball.

Mondo why aren't the running on Longs side, is he that weak? Is Pace a problem for himn

oh ricky...WTF!

ricky :(

Ricky looked away before he had possession of the ball. Awful, disappointing. ARRGH!

Simms makes me sick. favorable schedule.

damn it

catch the football. geez.

just a tad underthrown by chad, but Ricky shoulda had that

And then they cannot get back to the huddle.

that's the season....shame to end it on such a sour note.

come on RICKy!

Unbelievable Ricky!

reload and keep on playing. Ricky will get another chance.

Need this 1st down....

that was the gamr

come back to back with it

that's Ok just keep moving the ball.

let's see what kind of team they are now and if they can bounce back.

have a good feeling about this game mia 24-9

Self destruction after the drop.

Andy Alleman false start. Dolphins are hurting themselves. They are still better than NY. But they haven't been better than themselves.

How do you come off a timeout and jump offsides, terrible.

the ref looks like the crip keeper

costly penalities thats 3

C-mon, need a score here.

Not gonna go crazy here......

Ricky, you just owe us one later. That's all.

notice the Jest aren't getting any penalities, refs favor Jests

Need the lead

another critical penalty. that the difference between good and great. great doesnt do that

Screen pass coming up.

Run a draw and punt. Not good enough to go downfield here.

fasano time

Seems to me the Fins have a lot of false starts this year....I'll have to lookup the stat

3rd and 12, what are our % on converrstion

Did find the "defensive holding", odd, but the catch with Fasano was close.

jets not looking good, Fins need to jump on them early put them away. Make farve put it up for grabs.

inside the numbers

Jets line being very cheap and refs letting them get away with it.

damn it

almost nil on 3 and 12

Yup blown opportunity. Offense didn't make the trip. sorry guys. Can't win if you can't score

ted ginn 19 yards

WTF!!! enough with the dumb penalties already!

Every interior lineman jumped, unacceptable.

He was across the line of scrimmage!!! We are getting f-ed as usual.

ginn was open

That was not a false start. the d tackle jumped

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