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Live blog of Dolphins versus San Fran. today

The Dolphins regular-season home finale, the last home game of the season until the home playoff game in January, begins this afternoon at 1 p.m.

The Dolphins are hoping Frisco running back Frank Gore is not playing today. I am told the likelihood of Gore playing is not very good.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, won't be as lucky with SF cornerback Nate Clements. He's playing despite a hand injury that forced him to miss last week's game versus the Jets. Clements, the former Buffalo CB, has eight zillion interceptions against the Dolphins.

We shall see how that works out. The live blog will begin at kickoff in the comments section at kickoff. Join me then. And come strong because I am seriously excited about this game.


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untill the home playoff game in january?? i like tour optimism

i meant your optimism

Yo Mando, You Did'nt Go To Vegas With Le Batard And Cote? Whos Your Pick Today?

Lets get Mando on the O-Line.

Terrell Owens Is An Idiot.

HUGE GAME - Season not doubt, is hanging in the balance. Will be interesting to see if Sparano and The Tuna will have our boys ready to play.

GO FINNS!!!!!!!!

I'm concerned guys. But I have to think good thoughts. By the way, I'm on the air right now on 790theticket.com. On until 12:45 so if you want to call in I'd be happy to talk to you. Toll free from anywhere in the country 1-888-790-3776.

Lets Hope mando picks 49s , he sucks at picking...

tough game. but we should prevail

while lebastard and cotex were on their vegas honeymoon you stayed back in MIA and put in some work! that a kid mando...

Here Is What You Can Expect From The Hands Of Stone , 2.7 Catchs, 36 Yards , .10 Tds.

P.s Those Are His Averages , I Also Forgot He Will Drop 2 And Run Out Of Balance 2.7 Times.

Gore has been ruled out for the game. Did you here that Joey? Time to get after the QB!!! Go Fins!

I traveld 500 miles you give you my seed.

Gore isn't playing as long as our pass rush is their we should take this one

Mando (written at noon): You've been extra-good on 790 today; StuGotz, not so much---kudos to you for standing up to his Jetsmania.

lets just say the niners are goin down for what they did in 1984.....i'll never forget...NEVER i HAAATTEE the niners!! And livin in the bay area over here in cali makes me hate them even more. Im gonna have a house full of niner fans today and nothin would be better than a W!

Down with the 49ers!!!

Give Armando one piece of credit this week. He is convinced we have a playoff Game in January. I am a big Buffulo fan Today. Get that win Buffulo you deserve it. Will the fins be heartbreakers today or be true to their fans?

PLEASE HELP!!!! Anyone got a link to watch the game online? Its blacked out in Naples

Hello everyone, I live in Orlando and I'm a huge dolphins fan but I don't get to watch games all the time...Where can I watch the game for free online?? Go Finns!!

If I ever moved out of city I'd get Sunday ticket or something...

Go PHINS! Let's give the 49ers 60 minutes of hell!

I love Dolphin nation!

I have sunday ticket and it's great!

Indeed, payback from 1984 - Pound 'em!! We need to RUN THE BALL!

Mando, Whats your prediction ? Sorry if you have already posted it, but i cant see it! I will go for 24-13 fins !

hopefully we'll put this game away by halftime. leave no hope.

I predicting a big pass rush today! Get'er done Phins.

Yo Aj, That You Dog? Whats Up ? Ill Be Rooting 4 The Fishes For 2 More Weeks..but After That Its Back To Jets,jets,jets

Just looked into my crystal ball, interesting outlook
Miami 45
SF 6

Miami 31
KC 0

Miami at the Jests, score is tied in the final 7 seconds of over time 0-0. Miami has the ball on their own 4. 4th and 11. Pennington drops back into his own end zone, Ginn comes across the midde on a skinny post, Pennington lays it on the numbers for the catch turns up field and encounters middle LB Calvin Pace who he executes a smooth spin move get out of the tackle heads down feel when he see SS E. Smith coming at him on the angle, Ginn stiff arms Smith to the ground and Fast Teddy's blazing speed takes him in the clear to the 40, the 50, the 40, the 30, the 20 the 10...TOUCHDOWN Miami wins the AFC East Division as time expires 6-0....Now the Play Off Picture....

Dolphins game online : http://www.justin.tv/whys0ser10us

Mando was the same guy that said Cam's crew from last year was going to go 10-6.

Good to see Mike Singletary get a shot. The York family should sign him up right now.

33-24 Fins

Let's go Fins! Poor Buffalo needs a win today, let's go Jills!

Mandoooooooo!!! Sup dude! Seems a lil windy down there, will affect Chad?

this means we will have the wind at our back in the 4th

no catch how the hell he make that catch

How bad was that hold on the RT???

Nice blitz!

Good Stop

Did they just give up on 3rd down on the opening drive?

great sack

bess should have gone left

Buf 0

shoot! Wets already up 7-0

PFT is reporting Porter and V. Davis were jawing before the game, lol.

If Pennington completes three more passes in a row, he would tie the team record for most consecutive completions.

'Mando...central FLA sucks!! required to show either Tampa or Jax...

nice change start with the no huddle...

he got that off just in time
where is Long on the protection on the left side?

Central Florida not in the house? That does stink.

penality...crowd noise LOL

For Now On My Name Is Marsha. Like Marsha,marsha,marsha. My Sex Change Is Going Gond.

I am ready for my Marino Fasano Jersey

nice nice nice nice catch!!!!

what allien got Martians uniform

No freaking way! Go Dolphins

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