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Long, Pennington thisclose to Pro Bowl

It occurred to me that while the Dolphins had two players selected to the Pro Bowl earlier this week, there was no news about their list of alternates.

I asked the NFL office for the list and they said it was up to the individual teams to release that information. I asked the Dolphins and they told me they were not going to release the names. So I decided to actually do some work.

And I have learned left tackle Jake Long was selected as a first alternate. And quarterback Chad Pennington was selected as a second alternate at quarterback.

"It is an honor," Long said today, "but I'm not thinking about that now."

Alternates go the Pro Bowl if the players picked as starters or reserves cannot play for medical reasons. So if starting tackles Jason Peters and Joe Thomas or reserve Michael Roos cannot play in Hawaii on Feb. 8, Long is on his way.

Peters, by the way, is not exactly cruising to the regular-season's finish line. He missed practice time this week while nursing a knee injury.

Pennington would need two quarterbacks to back out of the game before he gets a berth. The quarterbacks picked ahead of him are starter Peyton Manning, reserves Jay Cutler and Brett Farve and first alternate Phillip Rivers.


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Word has it that Pennington may get the nod. Peyton Manning has a severe case of smugness, Brett Favre is going to announce his annual retirement and have a good cry as usual. Phillip Rivers is questionable with a bad yeast infection.

Philip Rivers is a yeast infection!

Outstanding work , Sal.

Peters should butch up to the fact that he doesn't deserve the honor of being a pro bowler

joe thomas sucks 2.


just a thought regarding your "if you say anything bad about me I'll delete your post" rant...I guess that is the only subject that IS taboo?

TB: No Dolphins subject is taboo. Salguero? Taboo.

Also, I didn't say you couldn't criticize what I write, but folks were posting stupid stuff like "Bite me Salguero," and that doesn't advance the conversation.

"You're great Salguero," also doesn't advance the conversation and those comments get deleted as well.

Good information Thanks Armando. I like reading good work like this (NMSB - had no idea about music pumped in and crowd noise...didn't even know it was called the NSMB. Also you're first out with Crowder questionable listing. Good stuff.

Oh, come on Mandy, that was a good one...

you wanna kno why i like favre, because hes gonna leave the jets high and dry..

hopefully he retires before the probowl... would that open up a spot?

Armando, Why did Panthers DeAngelo williams not make pro bowl? 5.5 avg 14 tds rushing, 16 total and NO FUMBLES. A. Peterson has 4.9 avg 9 tds and 6 Fumbles. Well maybe people will pay attention when Williams is doing "super bowl shuffle"

A.S. Hey Didn't Marino always miss Pro Bowl? I don't remeber him ever playing.

If Phins win AFC are we looking at Coach of the year?

Marino was selected to 9 Pro Bowls, including seven as the starter. But due to injuries or surgeries played only twice -- in 1984 and '92.

Jay Cutler needs to sit it out just on gp

i'm ok with Favre, but cutler over pennington?

not buying that one

A media personal doing actual investagative journalism in America? Unheard of. Good work, Armando.


no offense to armando, but finding out who the pb alternates are gets a dikembe mutombo on the does-this-qualify-as-investigative-journalism

jake long 1st alt.pro bowl-vernon gholston 1st team toilet bowl. 12tkls o sacks oints

So how did Farve get into the pro-bowl? By throwing the most interceptions?

When will we know if the finale will be the flex game?

whats the big deal about the pro bowl man, they didnt make the team, just get over it.
we have a big game on sunday thats what we should focus on.
i know our dolphins havent received the love they deserved this year but it doesnt matter as long as we, the dolfans support them.

" We have a big game sunday thats what we should be Focus On" Right coach! you idiots couldnt coach a pee-wee team of retards, you make me laugh.

People in Buffalo don't even want Peters in the Pro Bowl.

Held out... and had a bad season.

What a joke.

I cant see how brett farve made it to the pro bowl. The only stat he is leading is INTs with 17 that leads the nfl. CP has more yards higher qb rating and much better td to int rating. I guess it is name other stats when it comes to the pro bowl.

nice long is in before clady

where did bell end up in the pro bowl selections

The game on sunday is a playoff game because if we lose to KC we can kiss the playoffs good by.I would love for CP to knock the Jets out of the playoffs on the last day of the season and get some pay back for cutting him for Favre.He should of made the pro bowl over Farve because hie stats are better.

Farve Made It Cause he plays for the 1st place team in the afc east ..

channing crowder did not practice today and will be game-time decision on sunday.
have we realized that if the jetz, ravens and DOLPHINS win on sunday, the cheaters are out! sweet!

our opponents next year:
*assuming we win the division.
I dont think I see a team with a losing record. I wonder if we're playing @PIT in december.

our opponents next year:
*assuming we win the division.
I dont think I see a team with a losing record. I wonder if we're playing @PIT in december.

Pennington deserved the honor I thought more than Favre or Rivers. Beyond the stats, the guy has done more for his team than Rivers or Favre. Not sure Cutler really earned the honor this year to be in the pro bowl. Unfortunately the Pro-Bowl is a weak link to the NFL. You should become an "All-Pro" player by selection of current and previous coach polling. The honor of playing in the pro-bowl carries very little honor. It's a weak game that hardly anyone watches.

thats a stacked schedule next year... that would be the true test of the trio whether the rebuilding is a bust or not

Even I a jets fan would like to see pennington go up to new york and see him beat the jets.

Wilford is a toilet bowl starter

The dolphins alive in December, WOW its been a long time dolfans. I'm loving it...

Get rid of Ernest next year for heavens sake,I say Hill and Crowder as well.Lets test the market and draft us the best lb,cb or safty with the first three picks,throw in a defensive tackle somewhere in there as well.But we should consider Crowder if he comes cheap.I like Veron but I think we should see how well Samson does in the gaurd position,if Samson seems to do well I think we should then have Davis as our center,Samson and Thomas at the right side.Ronnies is in a contract year next season so lets give this kid the rock more and a chance to prove himself so lets save a little cash to re-sighn Ronnie as well.

Wow my bad I ment Johnson as our center for some strange reason I was thinking about Al Davis wow dont ask.

Pennington in the probowl says a lot more about the sorry ass QB's in the AFC than him. HE IS JAY FIEDLER!! ALSO - Clady over Long, Jonhson over Satele, R Malagua (or some walk-on) over Crowder, and Ronnie Brown knows he should be nowhere near the probowl unless he is there for having incredibly white choppers.

I just arrived in kansas city for the gm. the weather is a lot like it will be tomorrow... it is FREEZING! And im even from wisconsin... its very windy! ill be first row endzone wearin my ronnie brown jersy and a ton of othr warm clothes. they better put up some points!

hey tiny tim you idiot .the guys who didn'tmake the afc team big ben,chad,rivers are better than any on the pathetic nfc.don't forget the hurt qb's palmer and brady,i didn't know clady was on the dolphins,. moron.by the way who is your team.

Just watched inside the nfl, wow what a feature on the new england pats. Makes Me glad theyll win the afc east. it brought a tear to my eyes.

Chase, They Havent put up points for 2 months , what makes you thank they will? it will be a low scoring game as usual..idiot.

Go Phins, you are a true tool.

BADE MOON RISING my feelings are really hurt man... lmao or not...

Chase Just Messing With You. Have A Good Time And Dress Warm And Eat A Lot Of Chunky Soup..

bad moon rising the only tool is the one you use to shove up your rectum while spanking your monkey to the soon to be eliminated pats

Go Fin, Why Dont You lite your penis scenced candles and curl up with you husban and have butt sex..

husban can you say e-bonics,who's gayer you or your husband.

bad takes up the moon rising,i heard your like a bowling bowl you get fingered ,thrown in the gutter and comes back for more.now go to some gay marriage rights protest

husban,scenced did you pass pre-school now go cuddle up with t brady and cry together over the inside the nfl segment on the pats

and next time mind your own bus.i wasn't talking to you when i responded to tin man a-hole

I Well enjoy another afc.east crown with the team of the new millinium.THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

" i well enjoy" how old are you? we will see.

Ho mo Fin, Whose the man in your house ?,you are nasty nate?

Hey should we go on the new log and insult each other or should we stay on this blog?


kinda sad that the pats have a good shot at being 11-5 and be out after this sunday if the jets and fins win. meanwhile the broncos can lose the next 2 and still be in at 8-8. i hope the fins get past the chiefs, it's their last tough game this year. we win that game we win the division on the 28th over the fading fast jets.

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