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Miami Dolphins the AFC East Champions!

The Miami Dolphins completed the most amazing, improbable, astounding, unexpected, truly magical worst to first climb in NFL history today. They defeated and deflated the New York Jets, 24-17, at Giants Stadium.

Bring on the Baltimore Ravens!

This game means the Dolphins are the AFC East champs. This result means the Dolphins will host the Ravens either Saturday or Sunday at Dolphin Stadium.

It is the first time Miami is in the playoffs since the 2001 season. They lost to the Ravens 20-3 in that last playoff game so long ago. The Dolphins also lost to the Ravens earlier this year. 27-13.

There is no player who deserves this more than quarterback Chad Pennington. He returns to New York, to play the team that discarded him before the season started, and sends them into their offseason.

Pennington threw two touchdown passes this game. He fumbled once. He had no interceptions.

OK, so what do you think about this fanciful turn of events?

And what do you think about the upcoming matchup against Baltimore?


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Looking for American Bowl photos from 1991 game in Tokyo against the Raiders. E-mail me at otownraiders@hotmail.com






Come on you guys. act like you've been there before. It's a nice story, but the final chapter to this season has not been written yet...The Chad left the jets hanging>>>:)

From a dolfan in Costa Rica, this is amazing. For all finfans in MIAMI, go next week to the game and cheers our team. GO DOLPHINS


Tuna for Governor!

The Dolphins have earned my approval, and they have it.

Grats True Dolphin fans who stuck through the thick and thin. No matter what happened today I would have been happy for the ride but by winning today..man, this was like my Super Bowl, esp for CHAD!!! They won one for the GIPPER!! And to Jason Taylor...Thanks for the second rounder...it will give us a great pick since our own pick will be so late in the 2nd round due to being in the Playoffs..Now you be with your family and support us from home.

Any news about Parcel leaving the Fins for another team next year? I hope not. Fins are doing great, but still rebuilding.

As A long time Dolphin fan, it has been so great to enjoy watchin the Dolphins play again!!!
Chad is such a class act and the best Miami QB since MARINO,..whom I still miss.
Hey, we Dolphin fans have every thing to be happy and excited about,....thank you team for such a great year and getting to watch into the 2nd season!!!

I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY TO SAY AFC EAST CHAMPS!!! Its truly amazing the turnaround from last year to now. Never expected this, but certainly welcome it. Chad Pennington is the MVP of this team and the League as well. If he doesnt win that would be an even bigger injustice than him missing the pro bowl. As for the Ravens next week, its going to be a tough win. They are a great young team with an awesome defense and an offense that likes to utilize some trickery like we do. I think if we just stick to our gameplan and play our game and use home field advantage we can win in a tough one, but this will be a chess match im sure. Plus would be nice to beat up on Cam Cameron.

all right MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the Sunday 1PM game. Was hoping for Saturday night.

Favre aint gonna play in no pro bowl!! Penny's gonna fill in the slot family!!!

Public apologies to Pennington for thinking early on, that his arm was dead, and he was just another scrap iron QB.
And another to Ginn, whom hasn't won me over yet, but played some ball tonight.
Oh yeah.......I also had given up on Ricky, but he is making amends.

Any questions? Aw I forgot to join in on the live blog during the game. At least I got to watch it here on the West Coast for a change. Probably wouldn't have been able to watch and chat much about it anyway. I was riveted to my chair the whole game. What poise, what consistency, what a game! When Miami scored their second touchdown, it just seemed to me the victory was there for the taking. They held the so called high powered Jets offense in check the whole game. This is a much improved, and matured team. Sparano has them in the right mind set. And at least they will be playing at home again. I liked the new wrinkles Henning introduced to the offense this week too. I believe Miami has enough offense and defense to get past the Ravens. Go Dolphins!

-Incredible season - one that will be written about for years to come...why not the super bowl? This team has been given no credit for any of their accomplishments. Why not the superbowl!

Congratulations! Enjoy your victory. It all ends next week.

>Tough for me as a New England fan to see the Patriots out of it, but congratulations to the Dolphins for a great season!

A real fan and good sport!


I see you baby!! I'm reppin' Newark DE!!

I see you too Carlos!! Spacers up in here!!!!!

Thank you God!!!!!! Go Dolphins!!!!

What's up Dolphin fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did it!! Congratulations to Chad and the boys and my man, OUR coach,, Tony Sparano! Too many penalties and missed tackles will have to be cleared up before next weekend but they stood strong and never got down on themselves. Great to see the Jets fans, 1. booing their QB, 2. Leaving after Fasanos TD. 3. Cheering for the Dolphins and Chad Pennington with the game still in doubt. If they aren't the worst fans in the league, I don't know who is. Three offensive stars for me were Chad Pennington, Ronnie Brown, and Fasano (Also Bess was huge!). Three defensive stars were Goodman, Bell, and Merling with an honorable mention for Anderson (for the blocked punt that ended up putting them up by 7 and forcing the Jets to need a TD to tie). Way to go EVERYONE!!! Wish you hung around JT!

I remember reading a story during July of how successfull Parcels has been in his first year at a new team. I remember saying to myself, that streak is going to end.

The turnaround is all about the little things. There is not that much difference in talent from last year to this year. But the ground work is being laid for a long time organization.

Let's just hope Parcels doesn't take the nine (9) million and bolt to another team. (Thanks for the going away present Wayne).

Sa-WWWEEEEEETTTTT!!! So great to see the Fins in the playoffs again! The nice bonus is we got to beat the Jets to do it AND prevented the Pats from getting in! Now it's on to the Ravens. It's going to be a tough game that's for sure. Miami has come a long way since these two last played and the game is in Miami. I think the Dolphins have a really good shot at beating the Ravens. They definitely need to get more pressure on Flacco this time around.

WOW!!! What a SWEET win! I even had a few doubts this season. Well earned and well fought for. It's nice to know that after years of sliding down the ladder that we have overcome while kicking the Jets and Pats to the curb. The Ravens are up next. We have to match their sick D as well as shut down Flacco. I haven't seen the pass rush the last few games. Porter are you there? Oh, and Oregon Fin Fan... I raise my glass of Hefeweizen to ya from Hillsboro! Now maybe the loser who lives around the corner from me will finally take down his Dallas Cowpie flag!

Favre should do the right thing and pass on the Pro Bowl game, his presence there will just be pathetic at this point...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, cervexa para celebrar.
Mexico ama a los Delfines.

chad is 2nd alt rivers is 1st alt he would go not penny if favre opts out of pro bowl

Seven years, seven long years I'd been waiting for this moment. Many people will never realize the feeling lived by this whole life Dolphin fan from Mexico.

I love, I truly love my Dolphins and I am so thankful to Tony Sparano, Bill Parcells, Huizenga, Jeff Ireland, Chad Pennington, Ricky Wiliams, Brown, Fasano, Porter, Roth, Camarillo, to all of them, all of them... You made my year and life so joyful, guys! FINS, FINS, FINS!!!

Lots of people have asked me :"If the Dolphins never win, wh don't you change teams?" You can change your wife if she makes you suffer, but you cannot change your team! FINS, FINAS, FINS!!!

Full of love in m heart for you all guys! God bless you for ever!!


As a long time dolphin fan, and reppin the retro coat and gear here in snowy juneau alaska, im lovin every minute of this! I would give anything to be at that game next week, most weekends just happy to get them on TV instead of seattle seachickens! But all the internet watchin and love for my boys has come thru. For fin fans all over the world this is the best xmas present i could have recieved! GO Dolphins beat the ravens !! you have lots of fans in alaska!

Seven years, seven long years I'd been waiting for this moment. Many people will never realize the feeling lived by this whole life Dolphin fan from Mexico.

I love, I truly love my Dolphins and I am so thankful to Tony Sparano, Bill Parcells, Huizenga, Jeff Ireland, Chad Pennington, Ricky Wiliams, Brown, Fasano, Porter, Roth, Camarillo, to all of them, all of them... You made my year and life so joyful, guys! FINS, FINS, FINS!!!

Lots of people have asked me :"If the Dolphins never win, wh don't you change teams?" You can change your wife if she makes you suffer, but you cannot change your team! FINS, FINAS, FINS!!!

Full of love in m heart for you all guys! God bless you for ever!!


Oh yeah!!! Dolphins ontop of the AFC East and the Patsies are out. What a beautiful season. Too euphoric to even think about next Sunday, except to say GO DOLPHINS!!!

Being from Miami, but now living in Seattle, this has got to one of the sweetest wins ever...knocking both the Jets and Pats out in the same day...who would have ever thunk at the beginning of this season that we would be calling our Phins the AFC East Champions!!! I have taken so much grief up here for not being a Seahawk fan (who will get a Top 5 draft pick!!)but today my revenge is SWEET!! Thank you JETS for getting Brett!!! Pennington should be the MVP, and Sparano should be Coach of the Year, and the Tuna the GM of the year!! Please dont leave TUNA!!! OMG!! WHAT A DAY!!!!

i' m from mars and i'm a long time dolphin fan

You made this comment in the 4th quarter post and said you would explain it later but never did, please explain. Here is your quote:
"I have tremendous respect for the Jets coaching staff. These guys are not just bright, they're cagey. I'll explain later."

words cant describe what the FINS have done this year. Watching the Fins beat the hated JETS should be the end all.
But you start thinking about the Ravens and they have one of the top defenses in the NFL and a balanced offense. I hope, players, fans, coaches can overcome what has just been accomplished and be ready to take on the Ravens.

Hey A.J. in Atl
you almost got it right:
New England Patriots....at home
New York Jets...........at home
Buffalo Bills...........at home

the last line should say:
MIAMI DOLPHINS.........at home HOSTING #3 seed play-off berth.
Miami Locals come out and raise hell supporting our Dolphins and send them all the way to the Super Bowl.

Has anyone found any post game video?

See!! EVEN the Martians love the PHINS!!

lol....mike w.....great point.

looks like the broncos are gonna get beat....lmao

What up J E T S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What up up???????? WHere you at????????????

Lets all just bow our heads, & Then give A FU to everyone at ESPN & NFL network & everyone who said that Brett Frave was going to take over & win this game & gave us no respect. Thank you guys, & FU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not bring my self to post during the game today.My wife is a RN my blood pressure was 198/102 on my meds.She checked it 10 times during the sesond half and it was rising.She is a Cowboys fan.She wanted to watch the Dolphins because she knew the Cowgirls had no heart.When they went down by 30 she said f@ck this lets watch a real taem get to the playoffs!!!This team is the sh@t.Thank you 2008 Dolphins for giving us a season without equal.Chad Pennington you are the MVP of this team.Tony Sparano thank you.2008 Dolphins thank you for so many thrills and chills this year.A team for the ages.Lets get the Ravens this week and remember -Worst to first!!!!SUPER BOWL AWAITS-TAKE IT-IT IS THEIR FOR THE TAKING!!!!

A toast to the AFC champions from a fan in Taipei, Taiwan.

We're in the air
We're on the ground
And always in control.

How sweet it is. Congratulations, Dolphins!

Been a FISH fan for 40 years and that was one of the sweetest wins ever.
Thank you Brett Favre, first for playing the game the game way it should be played and second for dropping Chad Pennington in our lap.
Maybe your sore arm will allow Chad P. to go to the ProBowl after all.
Thank you Mr. Heuzinga for Bill Parcells. How sweet today must have been for The TUNA, JETS out, PATS out, COWBOYS out, FINS in...PRICELESS!

Word out is that the Meadowlands will have a flea market next Saturday and majority of the things for sale will be Jet's # 4 Favre Jersy's. If you wear a Chad Pennington Jets or Dolphin Jersey you get in free. Go Phins!!

Like Chad said, it coulden't be in a different way

Yo where u at fuggetabout it???!!!...hahaha u damn fool!!!...u came in here and talked all that mess and look now!!!...u are speechless and lookin like a complete moron...hahahaha!!!...have fun watchin us in the playoff u loser wets fan!!!...hahahaha


Hey Phin Phans
We started the season 0-2.
We believed in ourselves when all others doubted.
Last year the Giants started 0-2 and they believed in themselves.
Think about it.
Why not us.
We believe....
thank you the father (Bill), son (Tony)
and holy ghost (Jeff)

What is the deal with the report coming from ESPN that Parcells may be out when Wayne sells the rest of the team? There are already 4-5 teams interested in him. Is this true? I know it is his contract, but do you think he will leave?

wets fans have gone away tra la tra la.Where have all the wets fans gone?How does OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS sound loser bastards?F.CK u. Limp home Favre will follow U.BOO HOO eat sh*t Asshol#s...F*c* OFF!!!!!!

here's a toast fom us dolphin fans on jupiter

FUGEGGGEDUBOUTITTTT-Blow me you jergoff-how does kumm taste-in your mouth-your girl says it tastes salty.Your mom says it tastes like you!!!I just blew my load in mommas mouth.CHERRY PIE!!!FUGGGETABOUTIT!!!!!

Great job Fins!!! What a remarkable turnaround. Fantastic job from the top of the organization to the bottom. Tough matchup in 1st round vs Ravens. Must continue to play error free game and take chances down the field when they have them. If they can keep the game close and give the Ravens short fields then they can win this game. Remember, the first game between them earlier this year turned on the pick six by the ravens def otherwise game would've been closer. Go Dolphins!!

Steve, thanks for that comment! I was so pissed that ESPN and NFL Network were saying that Brett Favre would "take over" the game. He sure did as the "Waiter" served up 3 interceptions. To ESPN and NFL Network ... Thanks for using shortcuts to thinking!

As always.... RUN RICKY RUN!!!

Congrats to the team from this life long fan. This is one of the most satisfying seasons I have ever experienced since I was a youngster with the great 70s teams.

How great this win and Division Championship are. To beat a tough Jets team in front of 80,000 of their fans was no easy task, but in doing so you also knocked out the Patriots who were 17-1 and threatened (as well as trash talked) our Undefeated Season (Awesomeness be upon it). Irony and Revenge makes one helluva drink.

Chad, for an old, washed up QB, I want to thank you for a textbook season. No matter what happens, you truly are the NFL MVP, no player has made more difference for their team than you. Talk Peyton Manning or whoever else all you want, but nobody comes close to doing what you did. And you did it with class.

To the fans overseas who are posting. THANK YOU for keeping the flame of Dolphins spirit and pride alive, even through the dark years, from so far away in countries that probably dont understand our game, let alone our passions. Keep up the great work spreading the message of our team and bring more fans to the fold. We love you all.

Grew up in Giants/Jets territory. Now I live in
Pats territory. Have been a Dolphins fan for over 30 yrs. This was SWEET! Thanks Guys.The Ravens will be tough, but why not the Dolphins!
God luck. And thanks again for a great regular season. Go Phins.

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