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NFL moves Dolphins game to late afternoon

The NFL has just announced it is moving Sunday's game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets from a 1 p.m. kickoff to a 4:15 p.m. kickoff.

The league is also moving the Baltimore Ravens game against the Jacksonville Jaguars to 4:15 p.m. from an earlier starting time.

The Dolphins game will be broadcast on CBS.


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It's time to whoop sum Jets ass !
Farve will retire jet fans.....Mark my words , still none since Namath !
Great season for fish,
three draft picks in first 2 rounds next year,
and money to burn !

Since they moved the Jacksoville game, it will still be blacked out in the central florida market! Oh well, thank god for the NFL Ticket!

yeah I live in Maryland, 20 minutes from Baltimore so that doesnt help me at all. THANK GOD FOR DIRECT TV NFL SUNDAY TICKET!!!!!


Great news! So NE still plays at 1pm? If they win, Jets will know they have nothing to play for (except pride, and we all know the Jets HAVE no pride, no class and NO SKILLS)! Let's go Dolphins, we've got one more obstacle in our path.

Ugh, all that means is I have to watch a stupid Jags game instead of my Dolphins.

Maryland fans rejoice...go to D.C. and check out the game there with your brothers and sisters...say nothing until the 4th qtr. ends...keep it humble..we have won nothing yet

Dc Fanatic, Trust me the jets will bring there " A" game regaurdless of pat/bill game. The jets hate the fisg and vice versa, this will be a battle from the word go.

wets have nothing to bring. They're done a month ago. Losing 3 1/2 games out of 4....weak and pathetic. $140 million waste of money.

if the ravens lose the jets can still get a playoff spot by the wild card..... they will definiatly be playing hard

that said, let hope penny can get some revenge and leave the 'man-genius' jobless and send favre into retirement!!! go fins! this game will be the most special since mr. marino was under center!

This is a Goodel/NFL screw job of the Fins. Had the Balto game remained at 1pm, a Pats win & Balto win = nothing for Jets to play for; but now, even if Pats win, Jets will be extra motivated because they will be in wildcard hunt if Balto loses. Hence, the double-move to 4pm keeps the Jets motivated. Also, watch for the Refs to make any number of close calls in the Jets favor. The League & CBS want Favre in the Playoffs; the revival of the Fins is no more than a "cute" little story to them (as shown by the decision not to move game to 8pm).

Maryland and DC Dolfans... I'm stuck in Maryland (Rockville) this Sunday for the game. Is there a good sports bar that Dolphins fans go to? Help!

Dam it no Dolphins in orlando again

I dont like this game one bit,our d really needs to step up this game.Bret can still throw the long ball and we have been giving up to many big plays,anyway Chad do what you do best buddy no turnovers,move us down field use our te's and rb's in the passing game,let Ronnie run the dang ball more oh and lets have some better play calling if we are in field goal range on a 4th and short lets take the points this time for christ sake.Also what I thought funny is that the jets played in some bad weather funny how Bret played in GB and the weather was frigid and full of snow there but they couldnt do a thing.

The game time move by the NFL is spite-ful. 1) It means colder tempertures by as much as 25%. 2) It knocks a good portion of Florida from veiwing the game on cable as much as 40-45%, because N.Florida is declared a Jag-town by the NFL, so it'll televise Raven-Jag game augggh! 3) The drama is gone from the Jets post season if NE wins the Jets are out. A 1pm game would at least kept the suspense and scoreboard watching.4) Armando who is the idiot who does this scheduling, can you name this person. 5) Buy stock in anti-acid fixes 3 more hours of waiting, God this game has to be at the Jets house with Heart Stopping Dolphins. Go Fins FinFanForever

Why wouldn't the nation want to watch two juggernauts from the intensely competitive and talented AFC West duke it out? Absolutely absurd decision on the part of NBC. Favre vs Pennington - Dolphins with the chance to go from worst to first - and the historic games between these 2 teams. Bad move Peacock.

Go Phins!!!

This is annoying, but not a screw job. The NFL wants meaningful games in the afternoon. After Arizona not showing up yesterday, a team with nothing to play for is bad for ratings, the fans, the teams, and the NFL overall. In most cases, teams are not as classless as the Cardinals, but it does make sense from the NFL's point of view.

Now, how the Donkey's/Chargers games is prime time and not the Favre/Pennington showdown is ridiculous. Maybe it has something to do with too much extra revenue for Giants Stadium, but who knows.

All that said, making the Dolphins play a much colder night game in NY is garbage, but oh well, you have to win, so just do it.

The NFL decided to "flex" the Broncos-Chargers matchup only after Denver lost to the Bills, thus making it a real playoff game in the respect that the winner goes on to take the 4th seed and the loser goes home. Of course, if Denver would have beaten Buffalo, then all this talk would be irrelevant, as the Broncos would have clinched.

Jets-Dolphins would have then most likely been the game that would have been "flexed" to Sunday Night, as it would have direct consequences for who wins the AFC East. But the Bills (slight) upset of Denver changed those plans.

Stuck In Maryland:

There's not really an official "Dolphins" bar around, but there are plenty of decent places to see the game. Caddies in Bethesda. ESPN Zone in Downtown DC. Hooters in Rockville. You'll be able to see our Dolphins beat the Jets and make the playoffs. Incredible!!

Who cares what time the game is? It's all about NFL money and once they figure out shat will make them the richest, they care not who they offend, so don't take it against the aqua and orange, but all in favor of NFL Green$$$$!
I know one thing, except for the Wildcat game against the Pats, the Dolphins have been unable to put anyone away this year. I would love for the Jets/Fins game to be close the first half, then the fins hopefully put it to them the second half and most of the Jets fans would leave the stadium, leaving a few hundred loyal fins fans to pull out their Fins gear, that they were keeping hidden from all the drunk NY crazies. It will remind me of the times, especially recently, when the Jets whip up the Fins at Dolphins Stadium and all the Jets fans sort of take over the last few minutes in the stands.
Whatever happens, I just want my Fins to play as tough as they have this year and, win or lose, leave it all on the field Sunday.
•WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS - it starts Dec 28, 4:00 pm @ the Meadowlands - win, you keep playing, lose and you go home!

I became a life long fins fan in 82 when my dolphins shutdown the jets in the AFC champion game. gonna dust off my bible and pray for the spirits of the Killer Bs to guide us to victory this weekend.

GO FINS!!!!!

stuck in Maryland- Maryland and DC Dolfans... I'm stuck in Maryland (Rockville) this Sunday for the game. Is there a good sports bar that Dolphins fans go to? Help!

You're in luck my friend, we have a wonderful place where you can watch the PHINS kick some j.e.t.s Suck @ss. It's called Orange Ball Billiards Cafe, on 430 Hungerford Dr. (Rt.355 Rockville Pike) see ya there.

So is this going to be a nationally televised game ?

This move could help us because the Jets are VERY weak in games that start at 4pm Eastern time. They do MUCH better at 1pm games this season.

The NFL is absolutely and utterly clueless, if the League wasn't a money making machine, these idiots would destroy the league, but they can't because the NFL makes money no matter what happens. take in point....

I live in Philly
Im a short 1.5 hours up I-95 to New York City and yet the NFL has us in the Steelers market instead of NYC just because they are in the same state as us even though they are 6 hours away, on the opposite side of the state and not even on the east coast. Do people in Los Angeles root for teams in the northern tip of California? NO! People in philly have more in common with new york city than pittsburgh which is basically ohio territory. so when the dolphins play the jets i get the f'n steelers, ugh, its unbelievable how dumb the NFL is, they just dont get and they get very lazy with dishing out tv markets.

i have a man crush on chad pennington!

I'm actually hoping the Pats lose. I want the Jets out there playing 110% football for the AFC East. That way when we beat them it'll be that much sweeter.

If you live in the MD area and don't mind driving, we have a Dolphins fan club up in York, Pa. It's less than an hour north of Baltimore. We always watch the games there and have a pretty good turnout (25-40 people).

Yeah, ever since those sorry Jags were created and the ONE year Tampa was relevant, we, in Orlando are stuck with one or the other...Can't stand it!

Maybe after discovering that the Pats win, Mangini will give up and get his revenge on Billicheat by sending Miami to the playoffs.

Anyways, Miami does not need any charity, because we are the tougher team in the East. Favre and Jets have crashed. Its a wrap.

The time seriously dosent matter cause the way those damn jets are playin they have no hope.dolphins win by two td's next week.


You turd nuggets make me laugh, you idiots really think phins can stroll in and automatically win? iam laughing at you fools.

You know what else is funny to me(funny haha not funny like marc) is you think you could go far in the play offs.

You know what else is funny to me(funny haha not funny like marc) is you think you could go far in the play offs.

how embarrassing, the Qb the jets just threw aside took a 1-15 team to the playoffs and a division crown and clinched all this by beating them in their own stadium against the team that dumped him. and he gets to watch as the "star qb" that took his job is imploding and failing under the pressure. Talk about redemption!

the jets are just like every new york team. the yankees, the mets, they all just spend rediculous amounts of money to buy a championship without knowing anything about team building and wasting all that money on over the hill "star names" who cant play anymore. i can't believe how bad, especially the mets, how awful they play down the stretch in seasons and just choke on center stage. its become comical for the rest of the country. i mean seriously the mets debacle 2 years in a row and now the jets and at the hands of Chad Pennington?!

even if the jets dolphins game is close at the end, we all know and i mean WE ALL know Favre will flutter one up late in the game and it will be picked off by goodman or allen. sorry jet fans there is going to be no helmet sticking catches or "brett favre miracles" that will bail u out of this one. and lets not kid ourselves, we all know the refs will do anything they can to slow down the dolphins and keep the jets in the game so the league can "sell" the "brett favre fairy tale"

theres no way the jets are going to be able to stop ricky AND ronnie, thats just too good of a 1-2 punch. and then pennington throwing play action to martin and fasano, and now heynos has become a big option! Please.

Dolphins 27
Jets 17

Run Tel Dat!

what kind of name is gort? only a jets fan

Sorry but I dont see how the SD-Den game gets the nod and the Phins-Brets game gets bumpped...

Even in CA we want to see the MIA-NYJ game, it has a better background story behind it, whats the story line with the SD/Den game?

Well, I guess I'll be hitting the bar for the first time this season. I'm not missing this one. Speaking of "one," that's the number of wins left in the countdown to the playoffs for the Dolphins. I hope they can do it!

i think miami can beat the jets regardless but if the Pats win i have trouble seeing Mangini of doing them the favor and sending them to the playoffs, it would taint our win but who cares. How do the Jets get up for this and say hey lets win one for billidick and the Pats they hate miami but they hate NY much more.

i mean hate new england much more **

I think it's greatt that the Miami Dolphins Vs new york 'numbnuts' is at the same time as Baltimore. I could see the numbnuts going for it on fourth and 15, no pressure, no worries, they have nothing to lose...I think this is a perfectly played out scenario we should be thanking for the NFL decision to move both games. it will make it more compelling....The better team will win...and at this point, I would give the nod to the hungry "Cardiac Kids"..AKA..Dolphins

"Even in CA we want to see the MIA-NYJ game, it has a better background story behind it, whats the story line with the SD/Den game?"

Storyline is that Chargers believed bad ref call cost them the first game; ever since that time Denver has been ahead in the division-Denver had many chances to win the west but they allowed SD to catch them; now it comes full cirlce so I understand why that game was flexed.

Thank god for DIRECTV because the local CBS station here in Tampa does not broadcast any game if the Bucs are playing at the same time as the Dolphins. I have only watched 3 games on regular T.V. this year and those were the first three games of the year. The Fins are gonna be so up for this game against the Jets they won't stand a chance. The defense is gonna step up and the offense and special teams are gonna continue rolling. GO PHINS!!!

The only game I've had a chance to watch was the Dolphins-Bills game with the sound off at a bar. I usually watch the play by play on NFL.com and listen to the NFL Network. It irks me so much, because for two years I had the NFL Sunday Ticket and cancelled it this year. So of course the Dolphins actually start winning again.

How can I join the York Dolphin Fan Club and where does the club watch the games?

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