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On Joey, oh nuts -- stuff about 49ers game

I was going to do this blog entry on Joey Porter's impassioned defense of Plaxico Burress for having a gun go off in his pants at a club a couple of weeks ago. And then after reading the story and watching him -- full interview will be played at 10 a.m. Wednesday on the Jets Television Network -- I got bored with the idea of Porter defending another guy charged with a crime.

So you do your own work. Go here if you want to see what Porter says. Go here if you want to watch.

Enough already. I'm over the never ending Porter editorials on all things NFL. I just want the guy to play well.

On to more important matters: You will no doubt hear from several Dolphins players and coach Tony Sparano this week that despite the fact the San Francisco 49ers have a 5-8 record, they really are not the team their record says they are, as Bill Parcells would say.

Well, the truth is the 49ers have found their mojo in recent weeks and some factoids about them bear witness to that.

For example: The 49ers have 55 plays of 20-plus yards this season. That is the second-most in the NFC.

San Francisco's little-known QB Shaun Hill is actually putting together a pretty good second half of the season. He has posted a QB rating of 95 or better in seven of his nine career starts including the last four games in a row. He also has a 5-2 record as a starter.

Receiver Isaac Bruce, a South Florida prep product, is coming home this week and he's bringing with him a pretty decent season. He has 45 catches for 695 yards this season, which is a surprisingly high 15.4 yard per catch average considering Bruce is 36 years old and playing in his 15th season.

Cornerback Nate Clements missed last week's game and the Dolphins should hope he doesn't play this week, either. The former Buffalo player has been something of a Dolphins-killer with 9 career interceptions against Miami.

Clements broke his thumb two weeks ago and had a pin inserted in the finger. He was hoping to play with a cast against New York, but was inactive for the game. I'll update you this week on his status.

The 49ers defense matches up quite well against Miami in the red zone. San Francisco ranks third in the NFC in opponents' red zone percentage. The 49ers have allowed 21 TDs in 47 red zone possessions this season -- a 44.7 percentage.

That combined with the fact players have taken quite a liking to interim coach Mike Singletary and are playing hard for him so he can retain the job -- and they can stay employed for 2009 -- and you have a motivated, eager opponent.

So it should be a tough game -- regardless of San Francisco's record.