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On Joey, oh nuts -- stuff about 49ers game

I was going to do this blog entry on Joey Porter's impassioned defense of Plaxico Burress for having a gun go off in his pants at a club a couple of weeks ago. And then after reading the story and watching him -- full interview will be played at 10 a.m. Wednesday on the Jets Television Network -- I got bored with the idea of Porter defending another guy charged with a crime.

So you do your own work. Go here if you want to see what Porter says. Go here if you want to watch.

Enough already. I'm over the never ending Porter editorials on all things NFL. I just want the guy to play well.

On to more important matters: You will no doubt hear from several Dolphins players and coach Tony Sparano this week that despite the fact the San Francisco 49ers have a 5-8 record, they really are not the team their record says they are, as Bill Parcells would say.

Well, the truth is the 49ers have found their mojo in recent weeks and some factoids about them bear witness to that.

For example: The 49ers have 55 plays of 20-plus yards this season. That is the second-most in the NFC.

San Francisco's little-known QB Shaun Hill is actually putting together a pretty good second half of the season. He has posted a QB rating of 95 or better in seven of his nine career starts including the last four games in a row. He also has a 5-2 record as a starter.

Receiver Isaac Bruce, a South Florida prep product, is coming home this week and he's bringing with him a pretty decent season. He has 45 catches for 695 yards this season, which is a surprisingly high 15.4 yard per catch average considering Bruce is 36 years old and playing in his 15th season.

Cornerback Nate Clements missed last week's game and the Dolphins should hope he doesn't play this week, either. The former Buffalo player has been something of a Dolphins-killer with 9 career interceptions against Miami.

Clements broke his thumb two weeks ago and had a pin inserted in the finger. He was hoping to play with a cast against New York, but was inactive for the game. I'll update you this week on his status.

The 49ers defense matches up quite well against Miami in the red zone. San Francisco ranks third in the NFC in opponents' red zone percentage. The 49ers have allowed 21 TDs in 47 red zone possessions this season -- a 44.7 percentage.

That combined with the fact players have taken quite a liking to interim coach Mike Singletary and are playing hard for him so he can retain the job -- and they can stay employed for 2009 -- and you have a motivated, eager opponent.

So it should be a tough game -- regardless of San Francisco's record.


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hey dolfans , i'm a fla 49ers fan and usually post on the "niner insider " in the sf chron !!!! wazzzzz up !!!! hey if we have gore this week , you guys could be in trouble...without him we could be in trouble !!!! how's your pass rush this year ? a very very good one could spell trouble for us ... a mediocre one and uh oh !!!! how about justin smiley ? !!! i loved him but the ex jacka$$ of a head coach let him go !!! thank god for singletary, he has us playing like a real nfl team ... well good for you to get parcells and the turnaround !!!

I'm flying down to Miami this weekend for the game. PUMPED!!! Go Dolphins!! Oh and billmusgrave, we have the NFL sack leader on the team - don't know if that answers your question. Should be a good game - definitely tough though.

Thanks for the comment, bill! I have to say, I first read that you were a niners fan and went "oh no. Here we go." If you've ever seen a few Pats/Jets fans on this blog, then you'll know what I'm talking about. But there was a nice, almost unbiased input there, even though I did expect some bias. But thanks for the good input and not the "you suck, blah blah blah" crap. Much appreciated.

Now, at this point, I'm hoping the Dolphins think that this is their playoffs because they need a strong mentality to win the remaining games. I think they can do it, but they can't slack off in any one of the winning facets of the game. It sure would be nice to see the Phins in the playoffs again, especially with this team.

Don't forget possibly the biggest injury factor...Frank Gore's bum ankle. It's a pretty bad sprain I think, he might not play at all.

Whether Frank Gore plays or not will be huge. If he doesn't I think the Dolphins can make the Niners one dimensional and get after Shaun Hill.

It would be nice to get a pass rushing contribution from Charlie Anderson again. If he can contribute down the stretch as a pass rusher, I think that would really help the entire defense considering the Dolphins havent had another consistent pass rusher besides Porter.

Nice to see the 49 fans have class compared to those jets. Hate to say it it but this is another trap game. SF has been playing good recently and that will be a problem with us. i think if we play like last week and st is ok again then we could win. but i feel as if we let them get he lead then we are screwed. anyways bill good luck to each team and thanks for having class.

Also keep in mind that the Niners have to make the looong cross-country journey for this game. Seattle, Oakland, San Diego were all defeated after making similar trips.
I agree with Armando - SF is better than their record and they're playing inspired football now that Singletary is making half time speeches and pulling down his pants. Yes, I'm disturbed by that too.
SF usually turns the ball over frequently. I'm hoping for a couple INTS and/or fumble recoveries. It should be a close game, but I think we'll win with the defense closing out the 4th quarter... again.

Niners fan shows some class by making football savvy comments unlike Jets fans who wouldn't know a football from a bannana. The defense is really playing well as of late. They are committed to stuffing the run and really did a good job at that last week against Buffalo. If the pass rush is there and the secondary can cover Issac Bruce.....the 36 year old who is having a resurgence this season......then it is up to the offense to score about 21-24 points and this should be a win. Don't forget that the 49er's have to travel across the country. Don Shula must have made the Dolphins schedule this season. Couldn't have played out better......even the finale being against the Jets......awesome.

I'm expecting a very competitive game vs. SF but this game in not a must win for Miami. IF NE loses 1 of it's remaining 3 games (very likely) and Miami wins it's final 2 games the Dolphins will win the division regardless of the outcome of the SF game. The 2 must win games are the AFC games against KC and of course the Jets. But why leave things to chance, I'm hopeful Miami can win them all.

Good post from a San Fran fan. It's nice to see that competitors can post on visiting sites and give input and ask real questions. Nothing makes me quit reading our blog page quicker than when a jet, pat, or bills fan comes in with mindless hate toward our team and fan base. Hey, I teach Kindergarten and First grade here in NY and often get more intelligent conversation from my students than from visiting bloggers. That said, stay focused Phins and keep your eye on the prize! A great season would be even better with a playoff game or two.

I'm worried about the niners LB Patrick WIllis in this game. In order to win and keep it a Dolphin game we need Ronnie/ RIcky to be huge. there passing game can be scary at times especially with Gore, that said Gore won't play and I think the Phins secondary have been up to the challenge lately excepting the Pat game. goto Pennington in the red zone... he has been very good at finding the receiver and threading the needle in there and we can't settle for field goals with this team.

Yes me and flame are in town to see the battle of sweaty muscle men play, i just hope i can catch the tight end at a club in mia.beach. woooo,wooo all aboard.

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Yes Rainbow , Where Do These Fine Spicamen Of Man Meat Hang Out? Oh And Iam hungery for a meat sandwich.

Ohhhh Girl, Do you want white or dark meat?


Maybe a latino ohhh can you say dirty sanchez. you go girlfriend.

Maybe a latino ohhh can you say dirty sanchez. you go girlfriend.

Tom Brady..is that you??? LOL

Ohh Tom Brady Now Ill Take Some Of That..

Does Joey Porter understand that people do not have issue with someone feeling the need to protect themselves, but they do have issue with an irresponsible gun owner illegally carrying one loosely tucked into their sweat pants while drinking alcohol in a night club?

If Plaxico understood how to properly carry and use a firearm, this would of never happened.

Joey, just sack the QB and shut up.


when did the f ags take over this blog?

My biggest desire is that Joey Porter continues to play out of his mind the rest of the season so that the Dolphins can trade his big, stupid, moronic, imbecilic, fast-twitch mouth to another team in the offseason.

The dude is an embarrassment to the Miami Dolphins.


Good post David,
I agree 150% on Plaxico being the farthest thing from a responsible gun owner!
He grossly failed every basic 101 gun ownership rule that nite, which leads me to believe he also has countless other times...VERY SCARY THOUGHT!

Idiots like him are what give guns and gun owners a bad reputation.
I hope they revoke his Fla. permit and seize his other weapons before he accidentally kills himself or some innocent bystander.

why are wet fans posting here? are you guys getting scared and wetting your panties already. Pennington is a better QB than Favre right now and your wets are desperate and pathetic, while our Dolphins are on a win streak the wets are on a losing streak. keep losing Jets and thanks for Chad P. peace out... girl scouts

This is probably going to be another street fight, gutting it out in the 4th quarter type of game. The "West Coast team comes East for a 1:00 game and loses" theory didn't happen when the Niners went to Buffalo, and that's a little scary. I think this whole game hinges on our front 7 on defense. We know our offense can score at least 16 or 17 points against pretty much anybody (don't laugh, not too long ago, it was a GREAT GAME if our offense put up 17 !!!). So, our front 7 really has to get penetration against both the pass and run, and get some sacks!

We're Queer and we're here girlfriend so live with it.

All 49er fans are f ags. Watch out all DolFANS, it could be ol' Bill here is cruising for a piece. Don't give him your back.

Oooohh All this talk about penatration and scorings getting me randy. yeaaaa baby yeaaaa do i make you randy?

Rainbow and Flame, I'm praying for you guys.

Rainbow and flame are the same guy, probably making a move on himself

it's menace aka arawk aka dolfan4life aka collosal loser!!!

Hey Armando

I usually agree with you on most posts. I saw the Joey Porter video that you wrote about but I do not see the big deal. It's his opinion and I see his point alot of these players are in there mid 20's to the early 30's alot of them our single men who like to go to clubs and hang out like most men that age that are not in the NFL do.

The difference is that our faces are not all over tv and we are not targets like they are. With all the examples of NFL players getting robbed and killed even at there homes (Sean Taylor R.I.P.). I can see why they want the ability to defend themselves.

Even though I believe that what Plaxico did was stupid. At the same time he did not hurt anyone but himself. It wasn't a pacman jones or Stephen Jackson (NBA) Situation.

As far as the 49ers are concerened I agree with you there brother we definately can't sleep on them.

But if we play hard I don't see how we can't beat them. The run defense has improved and continues to improve. I believe if we were able to handle brandon Marshall we should be able to handle Isaac Bruce and If we put Yeremiah on Vernon Davis that should handle that.

The only thing that scares me is there defense it seems to be improving from week to week. They have been getting a lot of Sacks and Turnovers lately. I believe one of the main reasons why the Phins have been so good this year is because we have to be one of the best prepared teams in the NFL and besides the Arizona game we played every game close even the losses. Tony does a good job of getting the phins ready each week and I believe we will be ready for this one!


Go Phins!!

Phins 23 - SF 9

I didn't want to get dragged into this as happened on my radio show Tuesday but, Finfan, I cannot bite my tongue.

ON the Plax Burress thing: There is a thought out there that he hurt no one but himself. Really? The doctor who covered up this emergency room visit was fired or suspended. Teammates Antonio Pierce, who was trying to help a friend in crisis, is under police investigation. The New York Giants are minus their best receiver so by definition Burress hurts 53 other guys he has a responsibillity to help.

Also, what kind of fool carries a gun in his pants without a proper holster? What person well-trained in the usage of guns has it go off in his pants?

Finally, can anyone name me one NFL player, one athlete even that has fended off an attack upon himself because he had a gun? I'm not being smart here. I seriously want to know. Give me one example of an athlete being alive today because he used a gun in self defense.

Also, I don't want any Sean Taylor arguments that he'd be alive today if he had had a gun. If Sean Taylor had had a gun, he still would have gotten shot. He might have shot back, but that wouldn't have stopped the other guy's bullet.

to: miami dolphins coaching staff
(or in contact with coaching staff)

you must watch the entire game tape of this years Dolphins vs. Chargers game!** I am ahuge dolphins fan, last night I watched this very game(again), espn says dolphins are peaking at the right time. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I am not a negative person in any way, in fact I'm an optomist, but the dolphins team that crushed the chargers does not in any way resemble the team that is currently on the field! THIS IS A FACT!! you MUST watch this game! almost every offensive play went for chunks of positive yards, the whole team seems to have played this game in another gear! WAKE-UP CALL!!! it is CRITICAL for this team to watch this game NOW(not when their senior citizens reliving yesteryear) to remind them what they are capable of, and how they MUST play to make the play-offs! YOU REALLY HAVE TO WATCH THIS GAME!! GO DOLPHINS!!

Hey mando,

Burress doesn't use saftey's cause they give him nightmares... must be a receiver thing

Glocks don't have safties...Everybody knows that!

All that whining Armando and you STILL used 25% of your blog to write about Joey Porter.


Way to rip off a Saturday Night Live joke. Work on original material, please.

Dolphins HAVE to win this game. I realize that the Niners are playing out of their minds right now, but a playoff spot has to be better motivation than a coach's job or a spoiler role. A lot of these guys haven't even SNIFFED the playoffs in their careers. If we don't come out hungrier than the 49ers, something is deffinatley wrong.

Joey just needs to shout his mouth for awhile and stop giving the team unwanted attention and distractions. First his support for Vick and now Burress. Is it just me or does he do this for the attention he gets :)

Westernfin: If I had been interviewing him I would have asked about the Dolphins, not Plaxico Burress. I also wouldn't ask him about abortion, the Bible, politics, gay marriage or anything else not involving Miami Dolphins football.

Also dude, I would bet you don't know any of the media that cover the Dolphins.

Paul K: I used that 25 percent as a service to my readers who might not have been aware of what Porter said and could be interested even if I'm not. That's my job.

Joey, I half way agree with you. Everyone has the right to protect themselves. No problem with carrying a gun if responceable and legal. Plax was in no way legal. NY is brutal on its gun laws i think you have to have it registered and only allowed so many per person (4-5) not shur but was told that. Know the laws state says have to have a permit- get a permit. dont believe any state allows a firearm in a bar and other places like federal property. Goodell you are not thier daddy your statement if you feel like you need a gun then dont be there. Gotta live your life. Any place where there is another person is a reason for concern, even say at your local grocery store. I cant stand goodell and think the nfl would be better off without him.

Im not a star and I carry a gun....but to carry it in the club is another story....Everyone has a right to carry, unfortunatley our society is filled with crazy people who at any time any place can attack that which is important to you. The problem with athletes is that they where that Bling that attracts thieves and carry wads of cash to look important. Be smart , if you feel in danger when going out , cut out da Bling , bring a debit card and keep the gun at home or in your car at least !

Armando, I know you didn’t want to talk about Joey but… WTF! Why does Joey feel the need to bring the spot light to himself by defending Plaxico Burress in the national media? I’ve seen roughly 5 minutes of Dolphin highlights on ESPN this entire season. Now we have Joey all over the media talking this BS. I even heard that complete A-hole Jim Rome do a section on it. Well I didn’t actually hear it because I turn off the radio the second I hear his voice say afweat instead of athlete.

Anyway, Porter is way off base. First of all Burress knows less than my grandmother about handling a gun if he somehow shot himself with the piece in his pocket. He was out showing off his bling in a place where he obviously knew there was a high potential for trouble. Look, you want the big money, you want the high profile then you have live with the consequences.

But that is not the point, the point is this team has been flying under the radar and making huge strides without individual accolades and all of a sudden Joey has to bring the spotlight on himself for something completely out of context with this team or even himself. He may feel very strongly about this issue, but trying to justify people carrying illegal weapons into night clubs is just plain stupid and makes him look like a hoodlum. So what does the nation know about the Dolphins considering they too have only seen 5 minutes of highlights? That they are all a bunch of hoodlums? Come on Joey, go to the doctor and have him check to make sure you haven’t blown the resistor between your brain and your mouth

1. Sean Hill has been playing very well, not consistent with his accuracy but has been playing well. He like going to Vernon Davis down the seams and to Isaac Bruce on 3rd downs.
2. Frank Gore will not be at 100 percent, don't expect him to have a big day but i expect around 25 carries for 80 yds from him.
3. the 49ers defese is very very good, they are suspect in the secondary like we were, but like us the secondary has been playing well enough to get turnovers and win games.
4.keep an eye on 52 Patrick Willis at all times!

Yep, Plaxico just carried it into the club because it makes him feel like a bad ass that can say and do what he wants. Whats wrong with hiring a body guard to carry one and sit in the car and wait for you? No need to have it in the club....NO NEED.

Hey Armando

It wasn't easy but I did find one example but I believe it happens alot more and its just not reported.

"Early in the morning on Jan. 21, Corey Fuller, the 5-foot, 10-inch, 210-pound defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens, was confronted by two armed robbers outside his Tallahassee house. One robber chased Fuller into his house where his wife and children were sleeping, but Fuller was able to grab a gun and fire at the attackers, who then ran away."


there is actually something interesting about Will Allen in this article as well

All I'm say Armando is that if a gun makes an Athlete feel safer they have the right to carry the gun.

I Do Agree and said that what plax did was stupid. I said that because of the way he carried the gun especially in his jogging pants with no safty on. I mean that is just stupid not to mention as rich as he is he could have had atleast a legal gun. At the same time you are not allowed to carry a gun in new york or new jersey(where ever the hell it happened) and maybe that is why he was carrying and illegal gun. What I meant by not hurting someone is that he did not pull it out and fired like some other athletes have. What happen was an accident and had the gun been carried correctly we would have never heard about this incident.

After doing the research that I did trying to find the example I was surprised of the numerous Athletes that carry guns including Shaq and Jason Taylor.

All I'm saying is if Plax has to do 3 to 15 years in jail for carrying the gun and shooting himself in the leg is a bit excesive and believe that he has a right to carry the gun if he feels safer but should be smarter about carrying it next time.

Just to clear things up I don't like guns but that is my opinion but If someone else feels like they need to carry it that is there opinion and i'm nobody to tell them otherwise.
Espiecially If Players are getting robbed by there own drivers (Steve Smith which was Plax's teammate).

I carry my .45 in many places I technically shouldn't...including Dolphins Stadium and bars and nightclubs...NY does have terrible gun laws...I didn't know that a state had the authority to override the constitution, but apparently in this case they have. Who cares they ask Joey a Q, he answers...if he doesn't answer he's an ass if he gives his opinion he's an ass...do you want the same PC answers that most others would give? Who cares he's a physical and emotional leader on our D and the others respect him...That is what's important!

and for the last time...GLOCKS DON'T HAVE SAFTIES!!! No need to have a gun in a club? Are you all from Beverly Hills?

and for the last time...GLOCKS DON'T HAVE SAFTIES!!! No need to have a gun in a club? Are you all from Beverly Hills?

and for the last time...GLOCKS DON'T HAVE SAFTIES!!! No need to have a gun in a club? Are you all from Beverly Hills?

The Glock has no externally located safety devices which need to be activated manually. All of the safety devices function automatically. The devices are sequentially de-activated as the trigger is depressed (as the Glock is fired).

N.y. law is a good law, though i understand the right to bear arms is also important, a gun in a place that serves liqour, where theres women, and adolesnt adult males is not a place for guns.

With That Said, I Understand That A Lot Of Males Carry Guns Because Of A Lack Of Size In The Male Penis., Thats Way Id Thought Marc That You Would Be Packing A Bazzooka.

I am packing a bazooka as well...Ask your mom...loser

How'd You Feel If Your Girlfriend/boyfriend Was Shot Because Plexico B. Is A Complete Moron , I Know For A Fact That Mayor Bloomberg Is Out For Blood On This One.

I See That Sex Change Is Makeing Yot A Little Bit@hy Marc, Or Is It Marsha?

Marsha,marsha Marsha, ....,

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