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On Pennington's decision and Crowder's knee

Linebacker Channing Crowder missed Wednesday's practice because his knee is acting up again.

"It's really a weird thing and it's happened to him two or three times right now," coach Tony Sparano said. "He wakes up and his knee is really stiff so we're going to take a look at it and he thought he needed a day's rest."

Crowder hopes he wakes up better tomorrow but there is no denying that this is not good news for a guy hoping to score a mega-buck deal in the coming free agency market.

Crowder's agent and the Dolphins until now have not been able to agree on Crowder's worth during recent extension negotiations. It is not beyond the realm of possibility one factor in that difference of opinion is Miami's level of confidence about the knee -- initially a question about Crowder coming out of college -- and whether Crowder can remain healthy throughout the life of a multi-year deal.

For the Dolphins, which place a premium on staying healthy, this is an issue to monitor.


Chad Pennington will start for the Miami Dolphins against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Do you guys understand the Chiefs made a run at Pennington when he was jettisoned by the Jets?

So Pennington would be starting for the Chiefs against the Dolphins if they had their way.

"I remember when the thing went down with him in New York, we talked on the phone. And Miami was involved in it and that was a good stop for him," Kansas City coach Herman Edwards said of the talks to bring Pennington to KC. "I'm glad to see him have a lot of success because he deserves it."

So what sealed it for Miami? The Dolphins were offering a chance to compete for the starting job.

The Chiefs were offering a chance to mentor young quarterbacks such as Brodie Croyle who were supposed to be the future but have instead flopped.

"We talked but I knew at the end of the day we were going through a rebuilding thing with two young quarterbacks and he had the ability to go to Miami and start," Edwards said. "And that was the whole key and was the best for him. So it worked out great for him."

No doubt.

It should be noted that Pennington also talked to the Minnesota Vikings and that team was interested.


At 4 p.m. on Tuesday when the Pro Bowl rosters were announced, Sparano called Pennington to console him somewhat and express his [the coach's] feeling that Pennington should have made the team.

Pennington answered the phone and invited Sparano to speak to him personally. He was in the film room preparing for KC. It was a day off for players but Pennington was in the film room at 4 p.m.

That's work ethic, folks.