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On Pennington's decision and Crowder's knee

Linebacker Channing Crowder missed Wednesday's practice because his knee is acting up again.

"It's really a weird thing and it's happened to him two or three times right now," coach Tony Sparano said. "He wakes up and his knee is really stiff so we're going to take a look at it and he thought he needed a day's rest."

Crowder hopes he wakes up better tomorrow but there is no denying that this is not good news for a guy hoping to score a mega-buck deal in the coming free agency market.

Crowder's agent and the Dolphins until now have not been able to agree on Crowder's worth during recent extension negotiations. It is not beyond the realm of possibility one factor in that difference of opinion is Miami's level of confidence about the knee -- initially a question about Crowder coming out of college -- and whether Crowder can remain healthy throughout the life of a multi-year deal.

For the Dolphins, which place a premium on staying healthy, this is an issue to monitor.


Chad Pennington will start for the Miami Dolphins against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Do you guys understand the Chiefs made a run at Pennington when he was jettisoned by the Jets?

So Pennington would be starting for the Chiefs against the Dolphins if they had their way.

"I remember when the thing went down with him in New York, we talked on the phone. And Miami was involved in it and that was a good stop for him," Kansas City coach Herman Edwards said of the talks to bring Pennington to KC. "I'm glad to see him have a lot of success because he deserves it."

So what sealed it for Miami? The Dolphins were offering a chance to compete for the starting job.

The Chiefs were offering a chance to mentor young quarterbacks such as Brodie Croyle who were supposed to be the future but have instead flopped.

"We talked but I knew at the end of the day we were going through a rebuilding thing with two young quarterbacks and he had the ability to go to Miami and start," Edwards said. "And that was the whole key and was the best for him. So it worked out great for him."

No doubt.

It should be noted that Pennington also talked to the Minnesota Vikings and that team was interested.


At 4 p.m. on Tuesday when the Pro Bowl rosters were announced, Sparano called Pennington to console him somewhat and express his [the coach's] feeling that Pennington should have made the team.

Pennington answered the phone and invited Sparano to speak to him personally. He was in the film room preparing for KC. It was a day off for players but Pennington was in the film room at 4 p.m.

That's work ethic, folks.


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I believe him and Zach would have made great teammates during Zach's prime.

Good information Mando. I'm skeptical about Crowder's knee too (especially regarding a multi-year contract). However, I think he's a good player and would help the team if he came back next year. But I'd like to get another middle linebacker too just to be safe. Pennington DEFINITELY deserved to be a Pro Bowl selection (especially over Brett "Interception" Favre). I think P. Rivers would have been the best choice (in all fairness) but Pennington has meant more to his team than any other QB in the league in my humble opinion. Go Dolphins, crush KC!!

Crowder is brutal and never makes any big plays that matter in wins.

Everything I have ever read or heard about Pennington is how much of a class act he is.

I didn't pay much attention to it when he was with NY's other team, but damn, we are lucky to have him.

crowder has alot of tackles,but there all 5 to10 yds down field.
you can't even think of comparing him to zack t.
crowder's just average,good but not great.
zack always got at least a hand on a runner to slow him down,crowder just over runs the play.

pennington is a good qb.
he is smart, and hits those high % passes excelent.he deserves the pb. this year .
they gave it to farve because it might be his last and because of who he is.

now that's a blog

now that's a blog

I hated CP because he was a damn Jet, but here in Miami it brings back the Dan days where you knew every Sunday the Fins had a chance for W...

Im much better than Chad Penny

F an A, Pennington deserved to go to the pro bowl.

I dissagree that Rivers should have been above Pennington. Rivers has some of the best skill players in the business around him and they have all been playing together for years. On paper they should have been headed to the superbowl. Other than TD throws (which I admit are important) his stats aren't much better than Pennington's and his interceptions were much worse. Chad did it on a new team, new system, new coaches and with skill players that really didn't know how to play together. Add the fact (?) that Ginn the defacto #1 receiver's skills and talents dont lend themselves to Chad's skills and talents and that on paper Miami looked to not win more than 4 games - it really makes Pennington's contributions that much more impressive.

Chad was simply a fantastic offseason pick-up. I really hope that he gets a chance to win the division for the Phins in the Meadowlands. But, first things first, BEAT THE CHIEFS!!!

Crowder scares me as far as a long deal. I think they can find better more raw talent in the draft. Now that some of the other players have stepped up throughout the season on defense, I think we have the luxury of taking a top rated middle linebacker within the first three rounds if there is a stud sitting there. Parcells can draft some linebackers baby! I think he enjoys the search and therefore Crowder is out. Everyone say thanks, this will be his last as a Dolphin.

Pennington's play can't be put into words. Sit back and really savor this one Dolfans. I would love two more years of this and with close tutelage, Henne will understand what it means to LEAD an offense amd we will not skip a beat.

Thank you CP for your professionalism, your work ethic, and the ability to take a negative situation (Getting dumped by the team who drafted you, for another b&*W#@) and seize the moment to make it positive. Your season has and should be an inspiration to all those fans intimate enough with the team to comprehend YOUR story.

The story is building for a photo finish. CP was cut and snubbed from the pro bowl all by the same guy. There is nothing to say but a W in NY!


Good for you Armando!

About Crowder's knee, this is the first time I read you in a neutral point of view, congratulations!

Now, PLEASE continue to writing like that!!


now that's a blog.i guess alot of people agreed with me

developing story brett favre "these could be my last games" on espn.can you say kellen clemons,i say 4-12 next year while the fins could be sb contenders ahahahahahahahhahahaha

I believe resigning Vernon Carey will get done early, with Channing not so fast, whats available with the JT pick which is before our 2nd round pick in the 09 draft. Crowder money can go a long way in free agency. It might bring a larger more healty body and a pro-bowl linebacker. Vernon Carey is as close to Pro Bowl caliber as any RT in the NFL not named to the pro bowl. I like Channing but some of the numbers being offered up makes you want to look at NFL linebackers and their salaries to see what grocery's you can afford. (:>

Hey Hey

Is getting Pennington one off the best offseason moves the phins have ever made ?


no way, the best offseason move we made was picking up Ernest Wilford.. look the jags arent even making the playoffs without him..

im winning now because i really dont have to make i just hide in the booth with my head phones and call plays from the green notebook in the water boy.

stefin ,they don't have to worry about crowder's money, they have plenty of money under the cap.

I hope Chad Henne is taking notes. He has the tools to be great. If he puts in the work that Pennington has, he could be really good. All the great ones (Brady, Manning) watch a ton of film like Pennington.

You have to love the work that this team has put into this season. So far, it's paid off big time. The bigger check comes in the playoffs...hopefully.

But I really do love the work ethic of the players and the coaches. I can't say enough about this aspect of the Dolphins.

I agree, getting pennington is definately the best move miami has ever made. Look at what we got him for, its amazing! I hope Pennington can continue to play at a high level for at least 3 or 4 more years! How long do we have Henne locked up for?

crowder is very average at best he always seems to make plays way down field. We need more of a play maker at ILB...

what makes Chad P. valuable to this team is that he understands that the team is more important than the individual accolade. He'll be fine Poetic justice will be served when he leads "his" team past the faultering jets...Sometimes nice guys do finish first..

Players like Pennington are players the dolphins have always had success with. Smart players that dont make mistakes. Smarts makes up for some talent. Remember Griese!!!

Thank God for Chad!! A great player this team has needed for many years.

Armando, I have ripped you in the past but I must tell you that this was a great entry. Keep it up.

mando,like i said many posters have agreed with me about your recent blogs dude.this one was good.

Folks, huddle up please.

This is a Dolphins blog by Armando Salguero. This is not a Dolphins blog ABOUT Armando Salguero. So hopefully you are here to read about and comment about the Dolphins.

You should not be here to talk about Armando, I hope, because I really don't think Armando is worthy of commentary. The Dolphins are the topic worthy of commentary.

So by all means feel free to exchange thoughts and ideas about the Dolphins, their opponents, free agency, the draft, the coaching staff or anything NFL.

If you want to disagree with the opinions here, including mine, do so. If you want to agree, feel free. But from this point forward comments about how great or terrible you think I am will be deleted.

I appreciate the love I get from the blog's fans but it's really not necessary. I also appreciate the loyalty of the haters who come here for the expressed purpose of ripping me, but you will not be allowed to derail or detour the purpose of the blog.

Ready? Break.

only 1 comment form menace!! why so quite, you make the blog interesting!!

i will now be known as the jamaican menace!!!


I like Crowder back there at Middle Linebacker. Hes not Ray Lewis but the guy hits hard and has size and speed. I have yet to see him bowled over like Marion Barber did to Zach Thomas last year. The last few weeks he's laid out some people running his way. Keep Crowder he's starting to become a beast.

Crowder's a tough call for me. I'd like to see him stay, but I'm worried about his health. Not sure how deep the draft is for linebackers this year. If we can get someone better to replace him, then let him walk.

As for Chad, he's one of the best things to happen to this team. I wonder if mR742 still wants to cut him.

I like both guys. Sure everyone has their faults and Crowder does make some tackles downfield. But, is it always becauses he is out position? At least he can catch some people and instead of a 50 yard run it is 5.

Pennington got screwed because of what people call a weak arm. I think every coach in the NFL would be happy to have that turn over ratio from their qb. There are a lot of gunslingers out there. Gunslingers may be fast but they have to shoot straight and pick fights they can win or they are dead; qbs the same pick a spot and a high percentage pass and you win games.

How can u not love Chad Pennington, I just want to hug him.

Chad Pennington has done a tremenous job and I'm glad we got him in the offseason.
I like Channing Crowder and wish he could stay next year but I don't think that's gonna happen, it seems like he's asking for more money than he's worth, plus his injuries history.
Vernon Carey has been decent and has the advantage that he can play a different position.
We definetely HAVE to sign YEREMIAH BELL, he's not known for INT but he can make plays, force fumbles and has been consistent this year.
I also would love to see Bill Parcells go after Nnamdi Asomugha, anyone? that would be a tremendous upgrade! He's gonna be expensive but he's worth it.

Penny A Great addition, wolfford Blah, bess great addition.,ranger 180 why arnt you at that sun sentinel g@y blog you said you were going to, i also thought you would never post here. you are a liar.

The game against the Jets is Miami's Super Bowl. If Miami beats them at their house? Holy crap that would be sweet!

Please, please get rid of Crowder after this year! Let's think about this ... he's finally got a coaching staff that has a clue about defensive strategy, personnel use, etc., and this has by far been Crowder's best year. Even when you consider those things, Crowder is still ... average, and that's on a good day. How many impact plays has he made this year? They could any one of a dozen rookies in the draft who would be better next year.

Nhamdi is a really good cornerback but so are Will Allen and Goodman. I'd pick him up for sure, but then we'd have no money for a Wide receiver and we know they don't like to draft them. I see us going after one of the Big name WR in the offseason like Anquan Boldin or TJ Houshmanzadeh.

Crowder only leads the team in tackles and is all over the field. while I agree he may be a little small out there he has produced. Although, he might not be worth what his agent is pushing for... if he was smart and truly wanted to come back he would have signed the extension which was fair enough for him. He would be missed but there are more areas to improve and his void can be filled quick with moving Akin Ayodele over who has played just as great and will be fine... Idunno it is hard to say at this point

"As for Chad, he's one of the best things to happen to this team. I wonder if mR742 still wants to cut him.

Posted by: Ranger180"

Of course he does. That guy hasn't the slightest clue what he's talking about and probably needs to go to one of Channing Crowders Mom's classes (she teaches wives and mothers the basics of football).

No Mando, I can't wrap my head around the fact that the Cheifs went after Pennington too...especially considering Herm Edwards is their coach!!! LOL

Keep Crowder, 86 Ted Ginn And His Clip Board Holding Daddy.

no worries about chad not making the pro bowl he's going to tampa in feb with the rest of the dolphins , SuberBowl champs 09. the jets will se what they let go!! Go phins, in regard to channing i think he is an underachiever he could be doing a whole lot more

chad got robbed.. they should leave that pro bowl spot up for grabs and whoever wins on DEC 28th should get it. plus its not like the game is played mid season why dont they hold of the selection until the end of the season?

I agree with timm13. Crowder shoots the wrong gap a LOT and has to come back to make the tackle 5 -10 yrds down the field. He SUCKS.

I Am just sitting back listening to your drivel about how the mammals are going to the super bowl. It just makes me laugh.

I hope you guys do go to the playoffs and would love to see payton manning carve up that defence like a hungry man carves up a thanksgiving turkey.yeah boy.

I would be careful with giving any questionable player a long term contract this year. My reasoning is due to the fate of the collective bargaining agreement being in limbo. The rumor mill says the owners opted out because they want to install a rookie salary cap to reduce the ridiculous signing bonuses being given to unproven rookie draft picks. Because of that there will be a huge influx of juniors entering the draft this year. That means the draft will be as deep as it has ever been. A 3rd round pick this year could be a 1st in other years so smart teams will load up in the draft and be very selective in free agency.

Players like Crowder will not get the paydays they think they are worth because they will be supplanted by the influx of young talent. Same can be said for Vernon Carey, but I believe the Dolphins will make a run at Dallas RT Marc Colombo who is up for FA to replace Carey. I would expect the Dolphins to move out of the 1st round if possible and take advantage of the depth in the draft. For those reasons I don’t expect a lot of the FAs from the Dolphins being re-signed.

I have no idea what we're going to do next year. We have so many upgrades needed. For that reason alone I would not give ANYONE one this team with an expriring contract a long-term deal.

I'll be happy with an 8-8 record next year.


I forgot about the owners opting out of the collective bargaining agreement. That will have a cascade effect on the entire league. Sophmores will be coming out early to get their paydays before things change. That might add depth to the draft, but a lot of them might not be polished enough for the pro game. I don't think the Trifecta wants another 3 year project....

The Dolphins haven't been able to reach a deal with Crowder because Crowder probably thinks he's worth more than he is and someone will overpay for him on the open market.

Crowder is a good player, but he's simply not a play-maker. 1.5 sacks, 3 FF and 0 INTs in four seasons. All he is is a solid tackler. He's easily replaceable by a dozen guys in he draft.

the colts cant stop anybody. detroit was in that game untill the end. so if we get pressure on manning and our corners hold up..i like my chances vs the colts.

We havent allowed a touchdown in 3 games you can argue the schedule bla bla bla, but that is what your suppose to do to bad teams. which the Jets and Patriots have failed to do.


Chad is indeed a class act. I've watched almost every snap he has taken from Marshall to now. I believe his arm is also somewhat stronger. Last 2 yrs. he threw a lot of dyiny quails. He will make a great coach someday. Position coach for awhile and then head coach
for some lucky team--maybe fins.
Jim Wilson from W.Va.

My Last 2 game stats 3 catch3 for 22 yards 1 run for - 6 yards 3 droped passes 1 penalty for - 15 yards.

Chad Penningon is an all Pro. He knows it, the fans know it and that's all that matters. He is a classy man and deserves the credit and praise for bringing the Phins to where they are today. Look out all you pro bowl QBs, Pennington will be in the Playoffs, because he is a for real ALL PRO.

sophmores can't leave for the draft,only 3rd year soph i.e.guys who were redshirted and juniors.you have to be removed fom h.s at least 3 years.

great blog mando,there's some inside info

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