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On Salguero's All Pro ballot and more

Still in New York where the fallout from last night's Dolphins victory is already being felt.

Seems the Dolphins not only beat the Jets, they broke the Jets. Eric Mangini has been fired and speculation is rampant that Brett Favre is retiring (again). GM Mike Tannenbaum remains. I tell you guys this because the AFC East is like a pond and the shaking in New York ripples in Miami.

If Mangini's coaching staff is cut loose, I would hope the Dolphins explore hiring special teams coach Mike Westhoff. Yes, I realize the Dolphins have a special teams coach, but Westhoff is in a class by himself and Miami's special teams were merely mediocre this season, even after a late-season improvement.

Moreover, there is continued talk of Bill Parcells being a possibility here because the story about his possible pending free agency is making the rounds.

And while Gotham's AFC team is surrounded by chaos, the Dolphins are plugging along toward a playoff meeting with Baltimore. Not much happening at this hour. There will be a press conference around 12:30ish by Tony Sparano.

Speaking of coach, I turned in my ballot to the Associated Press for All Pro and postseason awards last night. As promised, I voted for Sparano as coach of the year. I voted for Chad Pennington as comeback player of the year.

While outstanding and inspiring, Pennington does not get my MVP vote because, simply, I think Peyton Manning is a better candidate. He put a team on his back in the face of numbing injuries to his offensive line, running back and receiver corps. And he did it without having any time in training camp and while still recovering from knee surgery.

Enough said.

You'll notice I did not vote for Joey Porter as an All Pro. I felt he faded late in the season and couldn't give him the nod over DeMarcus Ware or James Harrison at outside linebacker. Yes, I know Harrison had 1.5 fewer sacks. But he had more forced fumbles, more interceptions, more passes defensed and over twice as many more tackles than Porter.

I voted for Harrison for Defensive Player of the Year. I'm sure some of you will agree with me. I'm sure some of you will disagree. Anyway, here is my ballot:   



WR (2): Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald.

TE (1) Tony Gonzalez.

T (2) Ryan Clady, Jordan Gross.

G (2) Chris Snee, Steve Hutchinson.

C (1) Kevin Mawae.

QB (1): Peyton Manning.

RBs (2): Adrian Peterson (Minn.), Michael Turner.

FBs (1): Le’Ron McClain.

Place Kicker (1): Rob Bironas.

Kick Returner (1): Clifton Smith (Tampa).




DE (2):  John Abraham, Jared Allen.

DT (2): Albert Haynesworth, Kevin Williams (Minn.).

OLB (2): DeMarcus Ware, James Harrison.

ILB (2): Jon Beason, Barrett Ruud.

CB (2): Cortland Finnegan, Charles Woodson.

S (2): Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu.

Punter (1): Shane Lechler.

The awards:

Most Valuable Player: Peyton Manning

Comeback Player: Chad Pennington

Defensive Rookie: Jerod Mayo

Offensive Rookie: Matt Ryan.

Defensive Player:  James Harrison

Offensive Player: Phillip Rivers

Coach: Tony Sparano


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In general your ballot is ok, can be little changes depending on each persons opinion.

The only big mistake is in MVP, Chad Pennington is not only the comeback player, he's also the MVP, lets face it, do you know what he mean to the Dolphins, he's responsible for a winning record, a playoff appearance, division championship and fewest turnovers ever, not to take anything from Manning but CP is the choice here.

Phillip Rivers over A. Petersen or Brees? You're an idiot.

Penny is the MVP and comeback player.
Bar none.

Good Ballot (i really dont care) :)

Can someone PLEASE get me the link to a Jets blog site like this one!!!!!!!

Do whatever to keep the Tuna. And, if he leaves, I am happy he at least came to us for one year and gave us some sort of hope. Sparano should be signed to a 25 year, cazillion dollar contract. What a job with this team. Don't stop believin'!
Keys to Bal vs Mia game:
1- tackle guys the first time.
2- pressure Flacco all day.
3- No turnovers.
4- Develop a couple of trick plays and Run the ball. Also, stop the run.

Go Fins!

How could you not vote for Pennington as the MVP? Who has possibly been more valuable to their team than Pennington? Who has won more with less than Pennington?

Pennington is not MVP? What planet do you live on???????? What one player has been more valuable to his team and done more to turn a team around in one year than he?

Also, why should Phil Simms ever be a commentator for a Dolphins game again? I thought his comments were ridiculous and definitely biased against the Dolphins.

Don't agree with the Rivers pick for Offensive Player of the year. It should have been Brees or Peterson. And you rTE choice should have Witten not Gonzalez.

I thought Simms definitely had a NY bias to him but it's fun to see the Dolphins stick it to these ridiculous personalities like Dilfer, Simms, etc, even Berman.

Here is my ballot:

WR (2): Andre Johnson, Steve Smith
TE (1) Tony Gonzalez
T (2) Jake Long, Jordan Gross
G (2) Chris Snee, Steve Hutchinson
C (1) Todd McClure
QB (1): Peyton Manning
RB (2): Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner
FB (1): Le’Ron McClain

DE (2): John Abraham, Julius Peppers
DT (2): Albert Haynesworth, Shaun Rogers
OLB (2): DeMarcus Ware, James Harrison
ILB (2): Jon Beason, Ray Lewis
CB (2): Nnamdi Asomugha, Charles Woodson
S (2): Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu

K (1): Jason Hanson
P (1): Shane Lechler
KR (1): Clifton Smith

The awards:
Most Valuable Player: Peyton Manning
Comeback Player: Chad Pennington
Defensive Rookie: Jerod Mayo
Offensive Rookie: Matt Ryan
Defensive Player: Ed Reed
Offensive Player: Adrian Peterson
Coach: Tony Sparano

Pennington should be the MVP. I know Manning is going to win it but Pennington is every bit as valuable to the Fins as Manning is to the Colts. I posted after the Ravens that the Fins should switch to Henne. I happily eat those words after watching Pennington week in and week out compete with class and just win games. Pennington led the Fins to what has been one of the most fun football seasons in a long time. Lets hope the season is not over yet.

I don't think Clady deserves an All-Pro nod given the system he plays in and the amount of help he gets. Probably deserved a Pro-Bowl berth, but not All-Pro status.

oh come on armando, how can u pick clady ahead of jake long? unacceptable

Mando, i don't disagree with too many of your choices except
T and MVP. i don't know who jordan gross plays for so i cant argue why he shouldn't get the honor. i DO think that jake long did a great job and you could've been a little bit of a homer and voted for him, but whatever, no worries. as for MVP, it would be pretty hard to argue that chad pennington is not the MVP this year. but i realize you only get one vote and you cant go wrong with peyton. also, chad has already won comeback player of the year, twice i think. other than that, good choices Mando IMO.

A couple of things:

I know this could be me being overly optimistic, but if the Dolphins beat Baltimore, they will travel to Pittsburgh and play the late game the following Sunday.

On Rivers: The guy led the league in TD passes and had the highest QB rating so how can you argue Brees? It's about scores, not yards in the NFL.

As to Gonzalez over Witten, please compare their stats before you say anything. Also, Gonzalez had a great day against one of the better strong safeties in the NFL -- Yeremiah Bell. That's good enough for me.

Finally, I truly appreciate you guys participating and engagin in the debate. By the way, Sunday was the biggest day on this blog ever. This blog had over 30,000 page views on Sunday. Great job by YOU.

Clady? Did you even watch the Denver game? Dierdoofus was going on and on about how well Ryan uses his hands as the super-slo mo clearly showed him practically ripping Porter's shirt and pads off again and again. Maybe you should give his spot to Ed Hoculi.

Armando you didnt explain why you chose clady and who the hell is Jordan Gross ahead of Jake Long????

Fasano did more for the Dolphins (a winning/playoff team) than Tony did for KC.
Otherwise....well done!

I hope to god parcells doesn't leave Miami. Ross needs to do everything he can to keep him here.

I dont think Parcells is going anywhere! if he is, then his reason would be health issues.
why would he leave The Dolphins for the jets after having accomplished one of the greatest turnaround in NFL history!
that does not make any sense and Bill is smarter than that!
Miami 24, jets 17

Posted by: AK47 | December 28, 2008 at 12:34 PM

Guys, really. Chad Pennington for MVP? He's done worlds for the Dolphins this year, but he's light years from being the best player in the NFL.

AJ in ATL--google "jets blogs" or "jets fans websites" there's a few, but none as good as mando.

is tuna really considering leaving us after just 1 season?!! and to the jets. the thought is depressing. I thought he had health issues, didn't want to be coaching any longer, etc. what the hell?? south florida doesn't appeal to him at his career stage?


If Rivers is your Offensive Player of the Year, why is Manning your QB?

the best blog site would be linked to nypost.com thats where knowledgable local types go to get their jets blood

i say parcells staus for a change and mando, not sure jets special teams were so special this year, making your westhof choice peculiar...never liked the fact he sold us out and went to the nyets....our coverage units since the last couple of ST acquisitions have really firmed up quite nicely and I know this because there have been no cpmplaints in weeks....and btw, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE carpenters 48 yarder yesterday...huge confidence booster for the rook who we will need on SUNDAY...WHAT? DID I SAY SUNDAY?????!!!!!!!

parcells stays, not staus

I woke up with my pants around my ankles this morning and my butt hurts real bad. Jeez, what happened to me?

mvp isnt best player-- its most valuable player, You cant argue that chad not only contributed on the field but he also instilled a work ethic and will to win that this team has lacked for years

Yesterday was so good , Im not going to take a shower until after next weeks game, if then. I'm going on a beer run to get this all week playoff pregame party started. Ok, who wants cold beer?

Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs!!!
Bluto - get me a Coors. I might even take off my shirt at the stadium and do the robot. I am pumped.

Playoffs? I want in. Please?

Playoffs? Can I get some of that action?

Can we play?

No. Only we are allowed in.

We are all consoling each other in the gay bar.

Heres mine good stuff by the way Mando


WR (2): Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald.

TE (1) Tony Gonzalez.

T (2) Jake Long, Jordan Gross.

G (2) Alan Fanica, Steve Hutchinson.

C (1) Kevin Mawae.

QB (1): Peyton Manning.

RBs (2): Adrian Peterson (Minn.), Michael Turner.

FBs (1): Le’Ron McClain.

Place Kicker (1): Rob Bironas.

Kick Returner (1): Clifton Smith (Tampa).


DE (2): John Abraham, Julius Peppers.

DT (2): Albert Haynesworth, Shaun Rodgers

OLB (2): DeMarcus Ware, James Harrison.

ILB (2): Ray Lewis, Barrett Ruud.

CB (2):Nnamdi Asomugha , Charles Woodson.

S (2): Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu.

Punter (1): Shane Lechler.

The awards:

Most Valuable Player: Phillip Rivers

Comeback Player: Chad Pennington

Defensive Rookie: Jerod Mayo

Offensive Rookie: Matt Ryan.

Defensive Player: Demarcus Ware

Offensive Player: Drew Brees (I like Peterson too)

Coach: Tony Sparano

dr rob, Westhoff didn't sell us out: he was fired by Wannestadt. I don't blame him for taking whatever job was offered. He was a terrific coach, and we never should have let him go.

Armando, can you at least explain your picks??? Why Manning over Pennington? The Colts were supposed to win 12 games, hell they were the fav's to win there division. And yet they only got a wildcard. Pennington is the biggest reason for a 1-15 team going 11-5, and an AFC EAST TITLE.

I laugh at the Clady pick, because I know you don't have a clue about lineplay and prob. only watched Clady play against us this year. Not that I think Jake should have made it either, but it was defineatly the hype around Clady that made you pick him

I had to post one more time, because the more I think about it, the more I get steamed. F'ing Pennington is VERY VERY Deserving of the MVP this year, as are others. But when our own local idiot beat writers don't vote for him, how the hell is he supposed to win??? I bet not one local hack in the Minnesota area, picked anyone but AP, the same for all the local pocket protector wearing dolts in Indiana, all voted for there local guy. Unfricking believable you are...

Here's my list

- FB -
39 L. Polite

30 C. Cramer
- RB -
23 R. Brown

34 R. Williams

38 P. Cobbs
- QB -
10 C. Pennington

7 C. Henne

9 J. Beck
- WR -
83 G. Camarillo

15 D. Bess
- WR -
19 T. Ginn

E. Wilford

17 B. London
- RT -
72 V. Carey

75 N. Garner
- RG -
68 I. Ndukwe
- C -
64 S. Satele

57 A. Alleman
- LG -
J. Smiley

61 S. Murphy
- LT -
77 J. Long

B. Frye
- TE -
80 A. Fasano

88 D. Martin

81 J. Haynos
25 W. Allen

33 J. Thomas
- DE -
70 K. Langford

R. Starks

90 R. Wright
- NT -
95 J. Ferguson

96 P. Soliai
- DE -
91 V. Holliday

97 P. Merling

71 L. Dotson
- CB -
21 A. Goodman

33 N. Jones
- LB -
98 M. Roth

74 Q. Moses
- LB -
52 C. Crowder
- LB -
51 A. Ayodele

R. Torbor
- LB -
55 J. Porter

56 C. Anderson

74 Q. Moses
- SS -
37 Y. Bell

T. Culver
- FS -
24 R. Hill

C. Bryan
15 D. Bess

19 T. Ginn

38 P. Cobbs
- K -
5 D. Carpenter
- H -
2 B. Fields
- P -
2 B. Fields
- PR -
15 D. Bess
- LS -
92 J. Denney

Whatchall talkin about?

Parcells ain't goin' anywhere. He needs more $ from the divorce. Ross will pay it, we keep the Tuna and go on a Superbowl run for the next 3-4 years. Hopefully we can win one. Dilfer is a nitwit trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about. He got lucky by being on a championship team. He can't hold Marino's, Elway's, Montana's or even Boomer Esaison's jock strap. Dilfer is a funbag. Simms is just pissed Chris wasn't wanted by the Tuna. He was just another Dilfer like QB and Tuna knew it! Penny for President! oh well, okay, I'll just take MVP! GO FINS!

armando, you are a punk for not voting for Chad as MVP. Do you think any writer in Indy is not voting for Manning??? you can make the case for chad and should know better since you covered him all year....manning has two all pro wideouts, and an all pro te...you suck

I have no idea what the love affair with Ryan Clady is, he looked horrible the last 4 weeks of the season. Jake has gotten stronger and played like an all pro while Clady in my opinion, has looked like a rookie.

whats the word on david martin?

WAY TO GO DOLPHINS!!!! Fans in Pa. are hoping Mr. Football(Parcells) does not pull an Elway! The Big Tuna should stay a while and soak up some of that miami sun. Hope David Martin is O.K., Great Game! Still waiting to see Ronnie Explode! my vote for best dolphins game for 2008 is still week 4(dolphins vs. chargers), this game shows the dolphins dismantling the chargers completely, and inspirational as well, as the dolphins seem to be playing in another gear! Way to go Fins!!!

How can Manning be the MVP but not the offensive player of the year?

The new york jets/Dallas Cowboys were full of charismatic people on their squad, (they are outside looking in)...Miami,on the other hand, has a bunch of blue collar athletes with character...I'll take the Miami Dolphins squad anyday...Go PHINS..STAY HUNGRY

Mondo, who was the Dolphins player on the ground holding his knee at the end of the game? Someone on another blog said it was Langford. Is he hurt? Is it serious? How is Martin doing? Please give us some real info!!

My sources tell me Ronnie Brown could explode against the Ravens. Not his whole body - just his head. It is due to a blood pressure thing or something. If it happens it will not be pretty, but look for first year coach Tony Sparano use a platoon rotation with Patrick Cobbs spelling Ricky Williams on 3rd down.

How could you vote for Peyton Manning for MVP ahead of Pennington, Rivers, Michael Turner, or DeAngelo Williams? As memory serves, Peyton Manning didn't lead a team to a +10 improvement in the wins column, nor did he lead the league in passer efficiency, touchdowns, rushing yards, or times screwed over by Ed Hochuli.

Expect another blog record on Sunday, Mando. Especially if the game is blacked out.

I agree full hearted with the Chad MVP why for one,it makes me mad that people get the award for putting up big numbers isn't that why we have the offensive player of the year award.If Drew Brees gets the MVP I for one will be pissed he has not even led his team to the playoffs.To me the MVP should be emphesized on leadership,I would put Matt Ryan ahead of Brees for god's sake anyway,Chad in my opinion was the best leader of a team by far this year,not to mention he did what he did with mediocre receivers and a not so great running game(well it could have been better).Though Chad may not have the 4,000 yards 30 td's blah blah blah he did lead a team who people even had the Lions ahead of this year to a division title,and a playoff birth.Again to me MVP stands for a leader and if thats the case then nobody deserves it more than Chad.

Way to take one for the team Cuban Menace. No smack, just admitting your team lost. You'll heal. LOL.

U can't get mad at Mando cause he's being objective. Manning has had a better year stats wise and he willed his team to like ten str8 wins after a horrible start.he should win the mvp. But I DO take offense to clady being voted as an all pro. I remember u saying in another of ure posts that joe thomas was "nails". You couldve voted for thomas. Quick question Mando, knowing what u know now, would u take clady over long? I think down the line big jake will be THE best left tackle in the game.(And by "down the line" I mean next season lol)

Whatever, they can stick the "I love me" awards to anyone and from there to where the sun don't shine. It means nothing unless stipulated in a contract and they get a bonus for it.

How is David Martin? That is the important question.

On to Crowders knee. I did notice him limping a bit on that first td. He seemed a little slow on a couple of plays but played huge in the end. Even Ginn showed up yesterday making some great adjustments and showing nice hands.

I believe that your blog does have a little effect on some players when you call them out.

As far as Joey fading. You are right but they might be double teaming him all of the time or the coach has him playing in a lane and he is not allowed to leave it.

I'll be fine guys. My leg came off but they were able to reattach it in the locker room I noticed it was fine except venous drainage patterns in perimesencephalic nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. The precise etiology of perimesencephalic nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (P-SAH) has not yet been determined, but coach Sparano will look into that and get back to me.

Pennington is the MVP of the season. If he is not our starter we probably end up 5-11 or around there. With Manning out, Indy still has a few Studs on their offense. Two All-Pro WR's and TE; along with an upper-level runningback.

Porter does deserve Defensive MVP. He does the most (like Pennington) with the least amount of talent around him. The next phin in sacks has 3. Porter is the only pass rusher that other teams have to worry about. Harrison in Pitt has other great players along the line, the same is true with Ware. Porter is playing with guys like Roth, Crowder, (an aging) Holliday...the next best player on their D is Y Bell. None of those guys are household names. Harrison plays with LaMarr Woodley 11.5 sacks, James Farrior 133 tackles, and Palomalu.

Porter is the man. Roth and the Rookies need to step up a little more this week to get the pass rush going.

Go Phins!!

Rivers over Brees, you have got to be kidding me! I suppose you were in full agreement with Saban about Culpepper over Brees also! Brees has 1/2 the weapons Rivers does and the defences of the 2 teams aren't even close!

"Chad Pennington for MVP? He's done worlds for the Dolphins this year, but he's light years from being the best player in the NFL."

They got to live with the title. It is not the "Best Player Award." It's Most Valuable Player, and that's Chad on and off the field.

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