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Is Parcells one and done in Miami? [Updated]

Everyone agrees the Miami Dolphins resurrection in 2008 was quickened by the hiring of football czar Bill Parcells.

But with the end of the season looming -- whether it be after today's game or after the Super Bowl -- the Dolphins are scheduled to change ownership and that has a definite impact on Parcells.

I am told as we sit here today the chances are "extremely good" Parcells will return to the Dolphins for the 2009 season despite the change in ownership.

Yes, Parcells signed a four-year contract with Wayne Huizenga last December, which suggests he has three more years remaining in Miami regardless. But the truth is Parcells is 67 years old and suffered some health issues earlier this year. So for him, football is really a year to year question regardless of what a contract might suggest.

Parcells also has a clause in his contract that allows him to walk away from the Dolphins if, at any point, Huizenga is not his immediate boss. And that clause would require the Dolphins to pay Parcells the entire remaining portion of the contract, or $9 million after this season.

ESPN reported in its pregame show that the clause has to be used within 30 days of Huizenga no longer being Miami's owner. Here's the story.

That brings us to incoming owner Stephen Ross. He has had casual contact with Parcells in recent months. But he wants to formalize the relationship with Parcells. He doesn't want Parcells using the opt-out clause. So why would Parcells do that when he holds all the cards now?

Can you say pay raise?

Don't be surprised if Ross and Parcells negotiate a pay increase from the $3 million Parcells now makes annually. Parcells is not at the Meadowlands today but Ross is scheduled to be here and agent Jimmy Sexton, who represents Parcells, is also at the game today. It's not a stretch for them to discuss the matter, at least in principle, as early as today.

That all assumes Ross vows to continue allowing Parcells the wide latitude on the football operations side that Huizenga delivered. The chances are very slim Ross would risk alienating Parcells by asking the czar to have a relationship that is any different than the one that has brought Miami such success this season.

The only scenario I can imagine that might lure Parcells out of Miami?  If the Jets lose today and ownership is so angered by the team's failure that New York's GM and coach are fired, Parcells might be convinced to rejoin the team he once coached and was general manager for earlier this decade.

Can you imagine?


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Bill Parcells is a "must keep" if the Dolphins want long-term success. Look at Dallas now that Parcells is gone. He tour there was prematurely ended and the Dallas Cowboys are starting to fall apart. Parcells is a football god and the best at what he does. We need him to stay in Miami for at least four to five years to set everything in place for our future. GO FINS BEAT JETS!!!

Excellent reporting, Armando. Ross would do well to ensure that the most comfortable conditions are availed to Parcells.


Speaking of leaving or staying. MANDO i was thinking about getting a Bess jersey, but when i tried to find out contract details with him and the team. I found out that his contract is undisclosed. Do you have any information on his contract or what the dolphins long term plans are for him


Great job Mando...

Parcells is a joke if he leaves now. While I did not know of his health issues, it is nonsense that he would leave after a year.

I like all this crap about him not wanting to fly to NY because he hates to fly or that he is superstious.

I am sure this team will play well today (sarcasm) after news breaks he may leave.

Today is on Parcells...this ought to be a great performance today from the Fins.

If these owner wants to keep his fan base and team happy if will do anything and everything he can too keep bill. I'd slap Ross in the face with a dead fish if he didnt keep Bill!

Sup Mondo, thanks for the great update! After seeing Mort reporting on espn I felt SOOO sick to my stomach at the thought of Parcell's leaving. We must keep and and GO FINS, stomp those stinking JETS!!


We are about to play in our biggest game of the season & instead of giving anyone something useful to know, you write about how Parcells might not be back next year??? I guess I shouldn't be surprised after reading your blog off & on all season. As a writer don't you know anything about the timing of a story??? It's a dumb blog topic & you're an idiot!!!

Parcells isn't going anywhere....It's a story!!!

Yo a.j. what up dog?. ,also mr ross should perform man love if needed to keep the tuna a dolphin.

As always...... RUN RICKY RUN!!


Fish Boy

I would not worry about Parcells going to NYJ. I am confident that Mangini will have his team play well today and that will be a non-issue. I think he is a great coach.


BTW--Way to piggyback on a story from Chris Mortenson. Isn't Mort the same reporter that said Ronnie Brown might get traded this year??? F#uck off!

Wow We Get To Hear Dan Dierdorffs Man Love Spew For Tom Brady For The 1pm Game. I Wonder What Games On Fox?

"I would not worry about Parcells going to NYJ. I am confident that Mangini will have his team play well today and that will be a non-issue. I think he is a great coach."


Are you serious??? You're even dumber than Armando. Mangini will be getting fired if he loses today but Tannenbaum there GM isn't going anywhere. Parcells is very happy in Miami being a "guidance counselor" & working with Ireland & Sparano. The only thing that would or could be an issue is his health but this is Parcells last job....

BTW, Parcells has not done squat without Belli-cheat.

In the Twillight of his career, Parcells has come up small. Let's see what this guy can do today.

Nice stash on Randy Cross. Ron Jeremy?

Excellent reporting, Armando. I agree Parcells is positioning himself for a pay raise.

BTW playmakers: You are a turd for brains. I watched the Mort report and it happened around 11:45. I looked here and saw Armando wrote this at 11 a.m. and there were already comments on the board by 11:24. You really should learn about clocks, they are wonderful inventions.

What's with all the aggression, we have plamakers? I would say the Bill Parcells story is the biggest story of the morning until game time. He stays, we succeed. He goes, we're cooked.

Why do you have to be a knob when addressing people on the blog?

My last two cents on this issue...everyone is saying that Ross should re-up with Parcells...well, if this team lays an egg today (which they probably will now) I hold Parcells responsible for the distraction. IF a player did this, he would coming howling out of his luxury box telling him to pack his sh*t.

It is such a joke. The biggest game of the Dolphins franchise in many years and this guy uses the media NOW to attempt to get more money/a new job. Unbelievable. Let him walk.

I think Parcells, Ireland, Sparano and other coaches are all friends. He is hannging out in the FL sun rather than the snow. As long as Ross does not interfere with how Pacells does things he will stay.

mando I see that you watch ESPN also. They just did a story on this then you wrote the blog. Good job!

I dont think you can blame Parcells if this is a distraction. Blame the media. At the beginning of the season everyone knew this was one of Parcells conditions coming to Mia. The media is choosing to make a story out of this now. In the article above it says the chances are very good that he will return. It doesnt say anywhere in the article or on Sportscenter Parcells came out to make this announcement. Its good news anyway.

Tell me Parcells did not leak all that crap to Mortenson? Please...

the fins are going to disappoint as usual


I dont think Parcells is going anywhere! if he is, then his reason would be health issues.
why would he leave The Dolphins for the jets after having accomplished one of the greatest turnaround in NFL history!
that does not make any sense and Bill is smarter than that!
Miami 24, jets 17

I dont think Parcells is going anywhere! if he is, then his reason would be health issues.
why would he leave The Dolphins for the jets after having accomplished one of the greatest turnaround in NFL history!
that does not make any sense and Bill is smarter than that!
Miami 24, jets 17

Seriously, why worry about this crap today? Shouldn't we be focused on the GAME that is being played at 4:15pm??

Ultra lame to be talking about this instead of the FOOTBALL GAME being played.

Barry manalow is a well know homosexual turd smuggler and bone pirate.

And is a cousin of dan dierdorff. and is a priest in charge of the pre teen male choir.

Whats up Cuban. Today is the day we've all been waiting for! WE need 60 minutes of hard nose football!

I'm watching the packers/lions game and both teams look bad. The pack are showing the lions no respect by going for a 4&12 on the 1st drive of the game. Wynn td.....73 yard run. lions=0-16

Game info:
weather currently in low 50s wind 17 mph gusty and cloudy, Temp should remain in low 50s throughout the game.

What will ted (hands of stone) ginns stats be today , or will he be a non factor like he was 14 out of 17 weeks this year.

When will you start a pre-game blog

Pats 3
Bills 0

It is a little surprising that ESPN is making this report just before our most important game in seven years!!!

Just focus on the game ; we will have plenty of time to think about parcells future in the offseason (after we have won the superbowl)

Freddy, Gimme some of dat sh@t you smoken partner.

Parcells probably leaked all of this to Chris Mortensen for a pay raise.

Let's see what Parcells' got today

It Looks like now that tom brady is engaged it looks like dierdorff will be looking for a new b.f. and it looks like he sit his sights on matt cassel.

I believe the dolphins turnaround is all about experience from two crafty veterans .. parcells and henning.. go fish

I'm sure Coach Sparano has us zoned in. ESPN is gay, whoever responds to this garbage is gay. The only thing that matters is spanking some jets booty at 4:15!

Drew Brees has 47 passing yards as the 1st half is winding down against a stout Carolina D. My record for yards in a season will likely stand another year! Drinks are on me.

I can't believe the guy that gave me faith in the Dolphins is the one that will ruin it today. He is d-bag.

Why is this garbage being posted 4 hours before kickoff? The NFL wants Miami to lose today. Armando how bout some football.

This isn't on the media it is the TUNA...

Im watchin the Bills Pats game and now understand why Dick Jauron should be fired. His play calling and time management is incompetent.

Can anyone give the website to stream the game because im in gainesville and we got the jags gaes...PLEASE!!!!!!

Bills just got jobbed a field goal by the refs. The pieces are fallin in place for the NFL to get the Patsies in today. Hopefully the fins can blow out the JETS today.

I blame jer-koff Chris Mortencrap of ESPN for this distraction so close to gametime. He picks against the Dolphins every week and doesn't care about messing with their psychie.

when you gonna start a pre-game blog

Willy Is right, you know the nfl wants there marquee team playing in the playoffs, look for a bad call vs the dolphins to decide this game.


I feel for you bro! Go to justin.tv well before 4:15 and start looking for the feeds. Its almost like a crap shoot. You'll find it it just may take a little while thats why I say strat a lil early. This is the exact reason I got sunday ticket. Good luck DOLFAN!

ttc you are right, look for one if not two deep paas interferance calls against the fins to put the jest in position to score and beat the Phins.....

Ross isn't stupid! Parcells is worth a raise, even if they double his salary, because someone else will, because someone else will, because someone else will.

Bill Bellachek For Coach Of The Year!

If this team does not win today, it is all on Parcells and the season will be considered a failure. Think what these guys must be thinking in the lockeroom.

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