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Pennington's arm more sound than Favre's?

The New York Jets scored their first touchdown of the season and first touchdown of their first game against the Miami Dolphins this season on a 56-yard bomb from Brett Favre to Jerricho Cotchery. It was an eye-popping throw that seemed to immediately make the contrast between Favre's legendary arm and Chad Pennington's arm of lesser renown.

Except that the 56-yarder would be Favre's longest pass of the season.

Except that Favre has spent parts of the last two weeks complaining that something is wrong with his throwing arm.

Except that Favre is having a terrible December in which he has under thrown several key passes.

Except that, by comparison, Pennington is humming along with no apparent issues with his throwing shoulder or arm.

So in the irony of ironies, it is possible to say the quarterback with the more sound arm and greater confidence in his ability to get the ball to a receiver on Sunday will be Pennington and not Favre. Amazing.

Favre has talked about having an MRI after the season and it showing "something" wrong with his throwing arm. At the very least, it sounds like he's got tired or dead arm. Of course the Jets are denying all of that. In today's New York Daily News Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Cotchery dismiss the idea Favre's arm strength is diminished.

So who to believe? Favre himself or the people around Favre who don't really know?

I believe Favre is telegraphing his dead arm. I believe him.

And that leads me to this: The Jets discarded Pennington in favor of Favre because they had grown weary of the limits Pennington's weaker arm put on their offense. But now they go into their most important game of the season, with playoff implications on the line, against Pennington, and their pass offense is again seemingly limited.



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We have seen all this before. It makes me think that the NFL is fixed.

Favre limps around, looks shot and then comes out and wins the game on Sunday. Then all the "poets" in the media can gush all over themselves about awesome Favre...led by Chris Berman.

Pennington should be the "sympathetic" story. The story we should all relish. Yet, all we will hear from the national media is about Favre.

I am sure he will play well. It is not fair.

always thought it strange the jets would become so invested in a aging brett farve. the guy looked every bit his age in the NFC champ game. especially the last two possessions of that game.

Farve is tired, and ready to finish this season. He'll retire and quickly go back to where he must be. Watching games on TV. Believe me Mando, he knows he can't do it. Unfortunately, no one can fight age. He tried, it worked for almost 3 months, then reality took a toll. He is in pain, and ready to call it a season. He'll be in the Hall of Fame one day. He knows it and we know it. There's nothing to prove. Pennington wants it more, and can handle the stretch much better at this time.

Go Phins!! We're proud of you!

Thanks for the note, Mando

Please, please beat the Jets Dolphins....

Get into Brett's head with some pass rush and we will get 2-3 picks.....

We want the AFC East title baby!!!

Mando we need more posts!!! I'm so giddy over this game tomarrow I cannot contain myself. Its sooo ironic that coming into this game that CP would be the one with the stronger arm.I think the only "expert" to pick the phins on ESPN was shaun king. Nobody wants us to win over there cause they wanna talk Favrah all through the playoffs.and when we win tomarrow they'll talk about how the wets lost it, not how we WON.


This looks like a bunch of crap being set up by favre to an over eager media. The d reads this and thnk that they have the game won before it is played.
Whether it is true or not, the phins still have to win the game. The path lies through the body of favre. Whether he is hurt doesn't matter. They still have a running game. He can still throw short passes.
So I hope that the d runs through that son of a beotch and leaves his sorry excuse for a career on the field. He might have a lot of records but anyone can get a record if they play enough games. I still don't think to much of NY's latest hero.
Go Phins

What if the old guy is just playin possum this week, granted he has been bad for a while now but things do change in the NFL

I have been waiting a long time for karma to come back around since the Jaguars beat Marino 62-7...Come on Phins, lets send the MOP (Most Overrated Player) ever into retirement in a similar fashion...say, 41-3?


Lets just win this game baby,put that pressure on Favre and try to establish a running game this time around so we can control the clock.

I'm with Fox & Kindry----this is massive Favre b.s. If he loses, he's got his excuse; if he wins, the "poets in the media" (great phrase dude!) can wax ecstatic about his bravery & gunslingery. Total Favre set-up. I can't decide who sickens me more---Favre or his willing sycophants in the media. Dear God I want the Jets to lose soooo badly!!!

haven't been this excited about a football game in December in many years! 8-1 down the stretch makes me believe the Dolphins JUST MIGHT have a chance if they can get a win tomorrow!
Just win baby!

IT don't matter if Farve arm is sound or not, We want Joey Porter to tee off on Jets QB, and break his old ass into little pieces! I want Miami to play defense like they did against SD! The defensive intensity was sky high, and please CHAD P, play like you did last week against KC, score baby, score! Please destroy the Jets on National TV like ummmm Miami 45, Jets 14! Go Miami 2008 AFC EAST Champions!

Today is my birthday and besides wishing for continued good health and for my job to still be there in 2009, the only other thing I desire for my birthday is a win over the hated Jets. I just hope Brett is telling the media the truth, not setting up the Dolphins for a world of hurt. He certainly has had the look of an aging, hurting QB in the past month in games I have watched (Denver, Buffalo and Seattle).

I have to lose a lot of respect for Favre over the way he is handling this. Everyone loses arm strength eventually. You never heard Marino, Montana, or Elway complain that they had arm issues going into a big game. He has either set himself up as the old hero who just had nothing left in the tank despite his best efforts and the media could play up the sympathy card or he looks like the old war hero who steps up one more time to foil the hated Dolphins playoff aspirations. Personally, I don't have any more time for this guy. Go away already, you're crap!

I agree with the first poster Hayden above. All this optimistic talk about Pennington and negative talk about Favre, is taking away the emotional advantage we have. Everyone is talking Dolphins, nobody is talking Jets. That scares the crap out of me. A true champion has pride and all this talk about him being washed up is going to bring out every last bit of magic he has left. I just hope it isn't enough.

All I have to say>>>>>>>>RUN RICKY RUN!

Also watch out for Patrick Cobbs!


Miami's D is better off assuming Favre will be Favre and pressure him all day. The D needs to stuff the running game and win field position. This game will not be easy. Even if the Dolphins already had the division wrapped up, the Jet's still would play hard because of Chad being in town. Who wants it more?

I want to see Miami pull out new wrinkles that make up 50 percent of all the plays on the D and O. Suprise the Jet's with a game plan the NFl has yet to see. I hope Miami brings their "A" game along with being physical, fast and brutal. Miami has been beaten down for far too long, it is time to take our rightful place back, to win the East. It would be nice to see the stands empty out bu the start of 4th quarter.

Dolphin's D.....Please do NOT fall into the trap Favre and the ESPN correspondents are setting up! He will burn us with Coles and Cotchery.....GO AFTER THEM!!!! GO FINS!!!!!

Is anybody else watching Annie on ABC Family?

do not write brett off just because he had a few sub par games. all of a sudden he can't throw? come on. you are all being fooled by him and the media. wake up. the man can win this one easily just like he did in tenn. you will get hit in the mouth with a good dose of thomas jones and then shorter passes that go for long yards. i'm a die hard dolphin fan but a realist. brett didn't forget how to win. he's been doing it all his life.

I'm praying the dolphins pull through. I've been waiting a long time to see my dolphins back on the winning side of things.

I hope Pennington goes into New York and shows those Jets what they passed up on, and watch him demolish the Jets secondary. Favre, I don't think be can pull it off. 5 years ago yes, but not now... I think it's over for him. Go Dolphins!!!

i think tomorrow the madden curse just may kick in with the kick that joey porter does after he lays favre out on his old ass.......cp will show the world who really should've gotten the pro bowl invite

Where can I buy my "Dolphins 2009 AFC East Champion" Tee-shirt. That covers my position on who will win.

Oh yeah. I forgot about the Madden curse. I think the time is now for it to kick in!

I have a SERIOUS question.....

WHEN the New York Bretts loose on Sunday and Farve throws for 3 INT's....will the mayor of New York ask for the key to the city back??? lol

Here's my take on Brett...I liked him until he started his game playing a few years ago about retiring or not. Most of the so called analyst say that he's a team player..BS...he has NOT thought about team first for the last 4 + years and that's clear to me. He has become a media ho and he loves it. He's NOT gonna retire but I really don't care..I hope he stays with the JETS...it will give us two more division wins next year...speaking of next year...

N.Y. doesn't meant New York...it means NEXT YEAR !!! We should have won the first game and there's NO reason why we can't be them Sunday....

shane falco is so right...favre is so overrated its sad..mr interception..big deal he has the most tds in history..what good is it when he also has the most ints?..he is such a glory hound..i retire..oh wait no i dont..yes i do..no i dont..now my arm is tired..but i have one more game...etc..he will do whatever he can for spotlight..how about this favre?..just hang yourself on the goalpost on sat nite..so when everyone comes to the stadium on sunday they will see your useless corpse just hanging there..scumbag

Very true Gomez68 he was always about himself,I remember someone questioned him about beeing or mentoring Rodgers and the prick said thats not my job to turtor him LMAO.I dont care what anyone says Bret may have the numbers but he is not even a top five all-time qb by a long shot. I would put Brady and Peyton ahead of him maybe top 10-15 but not a top 5 like these espn cridicts say.I cant wait to see the sour mug on his face when they lose.He will retire again oh wait Minnisota called ok I changed my mind arm is fine.

Why would anyone think that this would be a blowout for Miami? We can't even put the bottom feeders away, what makes anyone think we can beat let alone blow out a team with 7 Pro Bowlers?

Guys, don't worry about our D being duped by the Favre-ain't-got-it-anymore rants. It really doesn't matter.

The fact is the Jets have NO fast receivers. Our DBs will play tight coverage, no cushion, and challenge Favre to beat them over the top. It won't happen with the Jets' lack of speed and our DBs current quality.

Another thing- the Jets O-line is built for running. I expect our pass rush to be superb- Matt and Joey should each collect 1 or 2 sacks.

What we do have to worry about is the Jets run game. They have been strong running the ball, even in their recent slump, and our D has given up a lot of rushing yards.

Overall, I see a modestly high scoring game with us on top, 30-24.

I forgot to mention...

Look for our O to do well with passes to the TEs, as the Jets giving up a lot that way this year. Also the Wildcat, which we didn't have in week 1, should have us running roughshod over the Jets since they will have to guard against- you guessed it- Pennington's deep ball (who has many more long balls than Favre this year).

Hayedn Fox I dont think we will blow them out but 7 pro bowlers uh who cares the Raiders,Seatle,San Fran,Denver etc 3 out of those 4 were the bottom feeders we have beat and guess what the Jets didnt so much for 7 pro-bowlers.How many pro bowlers a team has dont mean sh@t Dallas had 13 last year,the skins have alot this year and they will not even be in wildcard race,also the years that New England won the super bowl they had never had more than 4 pro-bowlers,last season they had 8 Moss and Tom were no shows

the adrineline tomorrow will take care of that"deadarm" We should expect a close game tomorrow and it will go down to one of the kickers winning the game..

This conversation is mute!!! (Thanks Wanny!!)

It will be 60 degrees, rainy and windy as all heck on Sunday here in the NY/NJ metro area. BOTH teams would do very well to establish the running game. This game will be decided in the trenches.

Big men deciding a big game!


Here we go DOL-FINS


That's right, Foy...I saw a video on fins TV where mad dog said that chad has Henne and Beck doing homework on game film and then he would critique them. I immediately thought of what you just said about what brett said about not being is job to mentor Aaron Rodgers. I hope that Rodgers breaks all his records in GB...and ur right...now he will force a deal with Minnesota..too funny but we will get the last laugh..

Hayden Fox That's funny!
Another jest troll on our site. "It's not fair" I can jest hear your girly jest voice now.
Favre is toast, he is finished, has been for a few years now. Everyone in GB knows that (anyone with a brain) That's why jest fans (these jests have been losers for how long now? going on 40 consecutive yrs LOL!)can't see it yet, no brain.

You dumped the best QB your team has had in over 40 yrs for a washed up limp armed old man!

It's going to be fun to watch what the Fins do to jests Sunday.

By all accounts Pennington is "game manager" ,which is a term we have heard to describe him all year long. Almost every game we have won has been tight with the game on the line late in the game. The only game all year long that I remember as a blowout was the Phins crushing defeat of the Pats. Each time he has delivered with a drive or a key 3rd down conversion. I would take Chad over Brett "I like to throw the ball up for grabs" Favre any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Thats right boomer pick against us again. U just can't pick us can you? Its comical how nobody either on espn or the nfl network can pick us and we keep winning week after week.

That false confidence the jets and their fans have is exactly why they will lose.

Read the damn post...I am not a Jets fan.

The point of the post is that the NFL and media are setting this up to be "poor old Brett". He will come out and light it up and then everyone can have their love fest with him. It's fixed.

Read the post before you call someone out.

F*** Hayden Fox
F*** Brett Favre
F*** 7 Pro Bowlers
F*** the F***ing Jets.

Less than 24 hours away you losers. Do all your talking now because were going to clean your clocks. tik tok tik tok. You dream season ends tomorrow cinderfellas.

Ha ha. Losers.

All I ask is if I am correct about Favre tomorrow, you guys that are giving need to apologize. Tell me the NFL does not want Favre or Bob Kraft's team in the playoffs. Haven't you seen this before?

BTW, Foy, we have not played anyone worth their salt in the last 4 weeks. Let's play someone decent before you think we are going to the playoffs.

AFC Gameday on NFL channel today had Maden game w/ Rickey sealin' the deal on a dead run:Dolphins 24 NY Jets 20...Hot Damn!

Shane Falco, tell me where I am wrong?

You all believe this stuff about Favre being cooked? You are all getting hoodwinked...

I want the Fins to win as much as the others here...I am just way too nervous of all that is against Miami tomorrow.

The Jets have won their past five meetings with Miami, and eight of nine, and are three-point favorites where do you guys get all of the confidence from? Teams ALWAYS play their best against us---especially in the second half of the season. Nobody ever turns in a clunker against us. Unfortunately, I think I will be right.

Hayden Fox-

Your only issue is counting the seven Pro Bowlers. The Pro Bowl is a joke. It wasn't that long ago that the Pro Bowl had a ton of Dolphins (under Wannstedt) and we still sucked. However, you may be correct on Favre playing possum with the media, the Phins, etc.

The rest of my post just mirrors my feelings on the whole subject and I lumped you in to it for the fun of it.

I too am nervous about tomorrow...our playoffs have been going on since St Louis.


You clowns forget about history, the mullets are will know for there chokes.. you people are in for a big cryfest sunday evening. booo hoooo. ahahahahahahahah

Lets Remince, choke # 1 losing to the raiders in a playoff game in 1974... theres so many more chokes i'll pop in to bring you those chokes.....

Oh Snap, Change That Last Choke To Choke # 2 ,Choke # 1 was losing to the cowboys in the superbowl...hahahahaha and boys theres a lot more to come.

run ricky and ronnie run, we can beat theses stinkin j-e-t-s we got chad. THANKS NY

I agree Fox we have not beat a teams like Pit,Giants etc but we did beat New England,Denver,San Diego all wild card bound,but yes we lost to Arizona and Baltimore.Anyway that does not mean that we cannot beat the Jets I know we have had better shots at beating New England with Brady than New York for sometime but (I know could of would of should of)beat the Jets in the opener bad playcalling,etc gave away that game we are a much more focused team now.
Fox I wasn't bashing you or whatever I'm just saying 7 pro-bowlers dont mean nothing sure they beat Tenn,but they have been on a downward spiral since they are losing to teams that we have beaten.

Heres Another choke, 1975 vs baltimore colts. all the mullets have to do is win 1 of there 2 remaining games. game # 1 they lose to a pesky browns team so the final week they play the balt.colts and yes they lose this 1 too. to miss the playoffs for the 1st time in 4 years...theres more to come.

1978 The Fish Lose To The Oilers Of Houston 17 To 9 To Make A Quick Exit Out Of The Playoffs.

1979 The dolphins were only blocking dummies in the way of the steel curtain .pitt 34 fish 14.

1981 , Some call this the greatest game ever played., unless you were a dolfan. the chargers jump out to a 24 to 0 lead. shula benchs woodly and puts in don strock who rallies the fish back. but like other fish games the fish end up as losers.. more to come.

The truth.com ? Can you tell me what a team in the 70s have to do with a team in 08? My aquatic nut sack tells me nothing!

The Dolphins will win in a tight game, until the 4th where Miami breaks off a 40+ yard T.D to seal the deal.

truth, there is a difference between truth and reality.

The truisms you relate are meaningless in the real world. At the very least, this team has no ties to the teams of the late '70s except in name.

And you are only able to pretend you have a grasp of Dolphins/football history. Otherwise, you would know that after our great success in the early '70s, the heart of our team left for Canada and bigger salaries- the dawn of free agency. That is the reason our team didn't perform as well later in that decade.

You go even further and look like an idiot when you try to use Dolphins history to justify your prediction, when the Jets own history is much, much worse. I'll let you do your own homework to find out how many playoff games the Jets have won in the last 30 years.

George And Mammal, Iam Not A Jets Fan Nor A Fin Fan Iam Just Pointing Out That Miamis Let There Fans Down., I Salute You Die Hard Fans Actually.

1983, The Fins Make The Super Bowl. But Are Beat Up By The Joe Thiseman Lead Skins 27 To 17.


The heart of our team left for the World Football League, not the Canadian Football League.

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