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Pennington's arm more sound than Favre's?

The New York Jets scored their first touchdown of the season and first touchdown of their first game against the Miami Dolphins this season on a 56-yard bomb from Brett Favre to Jerricho Cotchery. It was an eye-popping throw that seemed to immediately make the contrast between Favre's legendary arm and Chad Pennington's arm of lesser renown.

Except that the 56-yarder would be Favre's longest pass of the season.

Except that Favre has spent parts of the last two weeks complaining that something is wrong with his throwing arm.

Except that Favre is having a terrible December in which he has under thrown several key passes.

Except that, by comparison, Pennington is humming along with no apparent issues with his throwing shoulder or arm.

So in the irony of ironies, it is possible to say the quarterback with the more sound arm and greater confidence in his ability to get the ball to a receiver on Sunday will be Pennington and not Favre. Amazing.

Favre has talked about having an MRI after the season and it showing "something" wrong with his throwing arm. At the very least, it sounds like he's got tired or dead arm. Of course the Jets are denying all of that. In today's New York Daily News Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Cotchery dismiss the idea Favre's arm strength is diminished.

So who to believe? Favre himself or the people around Favre who don't really know?

I believe Favre is telegraphing his dead arm. I believe him.

And that leads me to this: The Jets discarded Pennington in favor of Favre because they had grown weary of the limits Pennington's weaker arm put on their offense. But now they go into their most important game of the season, with playoff implications on the line, against Pennington, and their pass offense is again seemingly limited.



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The Following Year The Fish Are Beat By The Seahawks In A Playoff Game 27 To 20.

1984 , Dan Marino leads the dolphins into the superbowl with his n.f.l arm. the phins lose in a blow out 38 to 16. it will be the last time marino and the fins make it to the s.bowl.

1985, The Afc Championship Vs New England Pats A Game They Lose 31 To 14. They Will Not Be Back To The Playoffs Till 1990.

1990 ,after A 5 year absence from the playoff the fins lose to a thurman munson jim kelly team 44 to 34 to exit early in the play offs

Thurman Munson Rushs For 212 Yds For The Bills As They Make Quick Work Out Of The Fins Building A 22 To 0 Lead By Half Time Winning 29 To 10.

1994 The fins lose a close gamd to the chargers 22 to 21, the chargers will go on to the super bowl.

Iam Sorry That Should Be Thurman Thomas For The Bills

Thurmon Munson? He died in a plane crash in the late '70's and played for the New York BASEBALL Yankees.

STFU Tool.

So I have brung you into the 90s not much going on in that decade except a beat down by tie jags 65 to 7 which spelled the end of j.j and danny boy and brought on the darkest days for the dolphins lead by dave no nuts wannstadt, nick satan, and cam cant win camroon.

Oh Yeah I Almost Forgot, The 5 And 1 Fins And Jets Squared Off In A Game That The Fins Took A 30 To 7 Lead Going Into The 4th Quarter But Ended Up Losing.. So I Hope You Guys Dont Get To Confident Because I Lived Through All Those Fin Games And Cryed Afterwords.

Just A Warning Guys, I Hope The Fins Win, But After Breaking My Heart So Many Times I Approach All Gamer Guarded.


We have our wires crossed. I did not say Canadian Football League, I said Canada. When Csonka et. al. left, they were heading to Toronto Canada to play for the "Northmen" of the WFL, and the money was bankrolled by deep-pocketed Canadians. But the Canadian government forced the team out of Canada, and they wound up playing in Memphis.

I think we both know what we're talking about, sorry about the misunderstanding.

truth, you need to revisit your motto. I did not say your were a Jets fan. Rather, I pointed out that in using a portion of the Dolphins' history to suggest the Dolphins would choke, you completely ignored the Jets own history, which by comparison would suggest Miami has the edge. In my book, it's all invalid, but I wanted to point out the flaw in your psuedo-logic.

Iam Just Saying guys. ive been a dolfan since day 1 in 1966 when i was 6. theyve broken my heart so much i think of them like a old girlfriend that drags you along just to dump you. i do hope the phins win though.

With My Luck With The Fins They'll Tie And The Pats Will End Up In The Playoffs.

fins will disappoint as usual


teams win, teams lose. I read a different team this year. This isn't a team that has a habit of losing.


I'm with ya.

Hey Phins fans! Whose your daddy? The Jets have won 7 out of the last 8 games vs. Dolphins. Before you start thinking that Chad is a better QB than Favre right now, remember that Chad was a second string QB last year. He lost his starting job to Kellen Clemens of all people and Jets fans were glad to see him gone. After being rejected by the Jets, CP's pride is what's motivating him to prove that he's not a washed up QB after all. Bill Parcells, who drafted CP 8 years ago when he was with the Jets, got very lucky this year catching lightning in a bottle. CP is a nice QB but he will never take you to the promised land.

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I Think Favre is saying his arm has problems in the same way a looser has a limp. It is all so he looks good in the media. He has done this before.

However, Favre is Favre and he may come out and really stink up the place or get synched with that special super luck football gods connection and get Favre lucky. The first Phins game was a lot of Farve luck-- The Jest would not have won without it. We need to hope that Farve synchs with the dud/choke gods and shows us that other side.

BretFavre..............Blease..blease Give Other Payer A Chance....RETIRE RETIRE RETIRE W LOVE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;PIZZA

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