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PFW showing Miami's Jake Long no love

This week's edition of Pro Football Weekly has an interesting ranking of the biggest rookie duds and the biggest rookie studs. It is interesting stuff so go here if you want to see the full article. On the other hand, if you want analysis stick right here and read on.

The article rightly picks New York Jets linebacker Vernon Gholston as the rookie leading the charge toward that terrible four-letter word: Bust.

That list includes Darren McFadden, Glenn Dorsey and others.

But it's the list of studs that puzzles me. PFW picks Denver offensive left tackle Ryan Clady as the best rookie player so far this year. And while I agree Clady has been outstanding and is the best rookie tackle today, there is no way in the world if the 2008 NFL draft was done over again, Clady would be the first overall pick.

Fact is Clady is a more polished and complete offensive tackle than Miami's Jake Long. But for the Dolphins offense, one based on a power running attack, Long is the better fit. Moreover, if the Dolphins didn't take Long first in the hypothetical re-draft, they would probably take quarterback Matt Ryan.

Let me rephrase that: If the Dolphins didn't take Long, they would be stupid not to take Ryan, who has been amazing. Forget that his stats are darn good for any QB, much less a rookie. But his leadership in taking an Atlanta team from the garbage heap to the playoffs and possibly a division title is amazing. That guy has the make-up, as the Dolphins like to say, to be a dominant NFL player some day.

Enough Ryan gushing. As you go further down the list of top 10 rookie studs, I look to see what PFW has to say about Long ... scrolling ... scrolling ... still scrolling. He's not in the top 10!

Chicago's Matt Forte is on the list, Tennessee's Chris Johnson is on the list, even New England's Jerod Mayo is on the list. But no Long.

Long is found in the publication's 'On the verge" list along with Davone Bess and others. I don't really understand it, frankly. There's no way Jeff Otah is a better tackle today than Jake Long, and yet Otah is in PFW's top 10.

You'll hear a lot about this week about the Dolphins getting no respect. Much of that talk will come from the Dolphins locker room. And this list kind of feeds that thinking.

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Yet another example of the lack of love the Fins get nationally. Other examples are ESPN & NBC Football in America constantly ignoring the story (while hyping the Atlanta-turnaround story), including Chris Berman's reluctance to learn anything about the team beyond Parcells (on Sunday he mocked Sparano for wearing subglasses indoors as a South Beach pose---how hard would it be for Berman to learn that Sparano MUST often wear sunglasses for medical reasons). F them all! Winning Sunday will be sweet reward.

That's horrible to hear mando. Even tho pro bowl voting is a beauty contest sombody was thinking of big jake being a pro bowl alternate.

Good reporting Mando. I'm fed up with the Football Intelligencia myself. Clady, Ryan, Chris Johnson, all these guys are great rookies, no doubt. But I'm not even slightly rethinking the Jake Long pick. He WILL be our dominant left tackle for the next decade + (fingers crossed). And possibly making the playoffs in his rookie year is a good starting point. We don't need ANYONE to show the Dolphins love. Keep hatin', we'll just show up every Sunday like we have been all year and making people eat their words. DOLPHINS RULE!!

Dolphins are'nt receiving any credit from anybody.
That's good!
Because Dolphins are going to show next Sunday what they are made off.
All the time I'm reading or watching comments on how "not to trust" the Miami Dolphins.
That's good!
Because OUR Dolphins will show them soon who they really are.
Pennington, Porter, Brown, Williams, Long, Fasano, Roth, Bell, everybody, GET READY.
Let's kick some a**es on Sunday and show that THIS Dolphins are for real.
Go Dolphins!!!

Armando !

Congratulation for your prediction about Seahawks win on Sunday !

I had the same pick ......


Very True, they analyst never give miami any credit, and i like it that way. They just get paid millions because they are "experts" but sound like any joe 6 pack off the street.

Ryan 15/9 3280 yds
Pennington 14/6 3218 yds

The turnarounds on both clubs are based on strong defense and a lack of turnovers. Ryan didn't put up some extraordinary numbers any more than Chad P did for us, he just didn't fu@k it up.
If Ryan or Pennington played for a team with an average or worse defense they would be benched and ridiculed and you can put Flacco in that category too.
Can you imagine Ryan or Pennington surviving as the starter for a whole season in SD or Denver?

Mama McNabb been eatin a bowl of Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup(it's a good source of lean protein), and thinkin on this.

True Dat. Some publications don't be gettin it, but neither do those among you who say, we'll get some respect next Sunday, or come playoff time, or when we win the Super Bowl.

Truth be told, respect is for people who need it. Life be a journey and a hard one at that. Dat journey never be over, never!! (you feelin me?) until you in the grave.

Like I told my boy Donovan, 'When you start lookin for coddlin from others, you be done, son. You done missed the train. Dey be plenty a time fo countin rings when you hang em up, son, but hey - maybe average is ok. Its all up to you."

Hell I still don't know what he thinkin - he crazy like a man who butt be on fire.

Pro Bowl, All-Star game, Music Awards, Grammys, Latin Grammys is all a popularity contest..... because the people who vote know nothing about talent, so they go for the popular names......
The best example, How the hell does Brett Farvre get in the Pro-Bowl this year????, cause of his name (and yes he has been great in the past) but this year he has been mediocre at best!!!.......

Rivers 32/11 3800yds 102 rating
Cutler 24/15 3800yds 89 rating
Rogers 25/13 3730 yds 91.4 rating

These are manly qb numbers and there are others.

Lets not confuse 'Not Fu@king It Up' with 'Playing QB Like A Man'.

All Ryan has done is not fu@k it up. He was no great star in college either. I've seen him play here in Blacksburg and the more important the game the sooner he folds.

its not just the dolphins all miami sports constantly get snubbed by the national media. You see it on espn all the time when a florida team is deserving of glory they dont even mention it. I wouldnt be surprised if the fins make the playoffs and espn attributes it to the jets being bad.

Mando, that's been the case all year. None of the Fins' players get any love from the media. But I guess coming off a 1-15 year a lot of people need to be convinced more forcefully and the only way to do that is BEAT the HECK out of the NY JESTS. The season has already been a success but a playoff hunt would make everyone eat crow.

It’s absolutely great Armando, the disrespect for the Dolphins is what is driving the team to prove these talking heads wrong. Yes Ryan Clady looks better than Jake Long that’s because Clady has been playing the exact same zone blocking scheme since his freshman year in college. In a zone block scheme the lineman are not responsible for a man but responsible for a zone in the trenches. Clady had nowhere near as much to learn, once Jake fully makes the transition he will go down as one of the best picks in Dolphin history…

Armando, good article. Thankfully, the writers at PFW (which I like, in general) were not hired by Parcell's to make draft picks.

Heck, thankfully Spielman, JJ, Wannstedt, Saban, and rest aren't picking for the Fins any more either!

Now, let's beat the darn Jets!

Clady fits Denvers offense to a tee. He is a great pass blocker, but not a good run blocker. Boise State ran a similar offense that Denver does, so stepping in as a rookie was much easier. Also Clady is protecting a fairly mobile QB that has a couple very good if not great WR's to throw the ball too.

There is not an apples to apples comparison for Long.

Finally - Denver plays in the AFC West - they play 6 games against those teams - all of whom are under .500.. Not to tough to block some of the defenses in the West, I wonder how Clady's stats would be if Merriman was rushing the passer twice this season!

PS - Who the he ll cares was any publication thinks. We've seen week in and week out what kind of leader and team mate Jake Long is.

No regrets, and I'd pick him again today over Ryan, or Clady!!

Honestly, who cares what Pro Football Weekly has to say about Jake Long? They are just a run of the mill publication that happens to focus on football. Why waste energy worrying about PFW or giving it free press? I doubt PFW will be writing an article that mentions the Herald's rankings of this or that.

The Dolphins have signed linebacker Derek Smith, a 12-year vet who has played in Washington and San Francisco and San Diego.

The signing is another suggestion the Dolphins are concerned about linebacker Channing Crowder's availability this week for the Jets game.

Crowder missed the KC game with a knee injury.

Not to worry, there are plenty in the national media who have given Jake Long credit. Chris Mortensen thinks Clady and Long have been 1-2 the whole year in terms of ranking the rookie offensive tackles.
KC Joyner of ESPN ranks Long AHEAD of Clady and considers him the best rookie offensive tackle.
Clady is a bit more polished as a pass blocker (as Armando mentioned) but Long has been a solid pass protector this year and is simply a mauler in the running game. KC Joyner breaks down film of every NFL game and says that Jake Long wins 96% of his run block assignments, by far the best he has EVER SEEN in the NFL (not just among rookies). Long isnt getting that kind of credit because the Phins arent dominating teams running the football.

Is PFW a knitting publication? Because they have apparently paid as much attention to football as one.

Master, it's good to see a fellow Hokie on this board. I thought I was the only Dolphin fan in the area

This is nothing new, there's a complete black out of anything Dolphins in central Florida, and has been for years. There hated by most of the NFL and most of the sports talking heads in the media. They always get the short end of the stick anytime the NFL and the ref's get a chance to screw them. It must be the Super Bowel wins and the 17-0 season, is all I can think of. The CBS station out of Tampa that is supposed to show the Dolphins rarely does even when they are able by NFL rules.The Dolphins care more about the fans in England than they do about the fans here in central FL, and the NFL wants everyone to buy NFL Sundy Ticket.

When Big Jake gets his pass protection down he WILL be the best.

To all those that say Miami gets no respect I say this. What have we accomplished? We will get respected when we accomplish something. Winning 10 games w/no playoffs is insignificant. Who here remembers the 05 or 03 Dolphins? We lump those seasons together with the "crappy Wanny or Saban tenure". When we make the playoffs than and only than will we get respect.

I do not know what the anaylists are thinking either. The only one making any sense is Merril Hodge who is sticking with his choice as the Dolphins winning the AFC East title. Look at it this way the Jets have lost 3 of their last 4 and Farve has thrown 1 touchdown to 7 interceptions in that span. Fins have won 8 of their last 9 and Pennington has thrown for 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in the last 4 games. It is Pennington who is making the smart choices and showing more accuracy and arm strength compared to Farve. Farve seriously underthrew several passes against the Seahawks. Plus the way our Defense has rallied (we need Crowder healthy for the Jets game.) I say the Fins have the momentum.

A little off topic, but that fine on Ellis of the Jets for lobbing a chunk of snow into the Seattle stands was ridiculous. I'm no Jets fan, but sheeez.

Those Seahawk fans were absolutely pelting the Jets players with hard-packed snowballs (for which we owe thanks), so that innocent lob seemed comparitively very benign. Bad call, NFL.

Living 60 miles South of Buffalo is torture enough, hearing about the Bills non-stop is brutal. But it is their local news so although I hate it, I understand it. However, nationally, the anti-dolphin feelings or lack of coverage at all is embarrasing. I haven't had respect for Berman as an analyst for years, but his attitude seems to prevail throughout ESPN and Sirrus radio as well. OK, perhaps we won't win the Super Bowl or (God forbid) not make it to the playoffs. Either way, how doesn't this Dolphin turnaround merit the attention of the Falcons and/or Ravens? Personally, I don't care! As long as we Dolphin fans understand what is happening, perhaps in another year or two we will see all the major network "experts" breaking down the fine play of a potentially champion Miami team. When they do, we fans should find it comical that it took them that long to acknowledge a great orgizational turnaround.

Let all the so called experts from ESPN continue to pick against Miami, they have done it all year and have have to eat crow every week, besides ESPN has been terrible over the last 3 or 4 years. Their analysts and on-air personalities drive me crazy with how little knowledge they have on sports.

If you don't like what one expert has to say about the Dolphins, find another that says good things. That mere perception will change the reality. Simple as that. Then you can sleep at night. In fact, you won't have to count sheep to sleep. You actually will be sheep. There, there, nice sheep. If you are not sure what to think about this post, look at what others are doing. Or even better yet, laugh, because I say it is funny.

We don't want respect from the National ? scribes. What does it mean anyway? The only thing that matters is that we keep winning and go 5-0. It is a whole new season.

Down is the new up. Grass is bright orange.
1-1 = 5. Drinking chlorox will not make you sick. Cows are born with 3 legs, then aliens from Uranus synthetically attach mechanical prostheses as 4th legs. Contrary to what your mother said, the fire on the stove is soothing and cool.

Well Armando, I guess people have to ask themselves who they trust more - Some guy writing for pro football weekly, or the pro-bowl voters who made Long the first alternate.

It's just a stupid rag- who cares?

Chris Berman is still picking the bills to win the AFC East.
Everyone credits our wins to our weak schedule, but we have won, while the jets have lost to the same opponents.

i like the lack of respect. it hopefully has the entire team playing with a chip on their shoulders. Add fuel to the Dolphins Fire.
GO Phins.

Well, once again, I'm no expert, but I can recall several times seeing both Long and Satele bulled over into the QB, I have yet to notice Carey back there...I could be wrong...

Jake Long has done a tremendous job and I'm sure Parcells & CO is happy as well.
I dont know why Armando says that if not Long, then Ryan would've been our 1st pick? why? we had to fix the OL first or else Ryan would've been killed in his 2nd game.

I'm kind of sick of Berman.

This game is set up to be that much more of a beautiful win, or hurt that much more because it comes down to the stupid jets.

bermans comb over is ridiculous 2.
all they do is talk about the cowboys and t.o and Romo. and when they arent talking about them they talk about the boston teams. they slip in some yankee stuff then back to the cowboys.

A victory Sunday could be dedicated to a few people:

1. The NY Jets who discarded Chad Pennington
2. The rest of the league which ignored Chad's MVP like performance in the greatest turnaround in NFL history and not even get a Pro Bowl nomination.
3. Chris Berman for being an absolute turd eater.
4. The announcing tandem of Greg Gumbel and Dan Beerdorf for their performance in the second Mia-NE game. Dan for his perpetual Patriot compliments which got almost embarassing to listen to after a while. And Greg for saying this at the end of the game: "The Dolphins are who they thought we were, a team that has come along but still has a long way to go."
5. Every idiot patriot and jet blogger who infested this forum like a virus during the year.

"Chris Berman is still picking the bills to win the AFC East."

Posted by: cRUZ | December 23, 2008 at 04:00 PM

ROFL. Yeah, nobody circles the wagons...

Thats funny- Nothing new the 72 Dolphins got NO love eitheir, no hype around them has they coasted to perfection. Heck if memory serves me correct they werent in favor the next year, has they won the super bowl AGAIN.

Nothing new, all these so called experts are a joke anyways. I have drunk friends who are better at picking games.


So I wrote the guy who wrote the article and this is what he had to say...


Here’s the bind I’m in: My editor is a die-hard Patriots fan, my girlfriend is a Bills fan to the extreme, and I’m a HUGE Jets fan, but my job is to “objectively” report on football matters, including the Dolphins, whom I detest vehemently. Anybody with two functional eyes and an understanding of what a hash mark is knows that Jake Long’s the greatest thing to happen to the game of football since the forward pass, but I have to balance out my utter disdain of all things Miami and trying to do my job. So that’s how I decided upon putting Long in the second category.

I’m really confused as to why you even bothered to write this e-mail. Clearly, you and I both know that 1) I know positively nothing about football, and 2) my decision to shaft Long was a conspiracy and not, oh, a difference of opinion. So I ask you Vic, why bother?


Classic JETS FAN, figures!

Disrespect and doubt this late in the season from media outside of the enclosed walls of the Herald is a theme. I watched a lot of "analysts" on ESPN who still doubt them, and occasionally you'll get one guy who believes. But this is the way I want it, and I'm sure it's the way the Dolphins want it. They're going to be ready for this game, and hopefully the Dolphins can close the deal and enter the playoffs.

Wow Vic,

Too funny, you know what they say!

You can take a JETS fan out of NY
but you can't take the NY out of a JETS fan!

What a loser!

Tell Mando to read your post, at least this will shed some light on this situation.

PS... I'm not the same Matt

What happened to the multi postings?

Whats the word with Crowder? Will you not know until tomorrow?

I wouldn't trade Jake for two Clady's. Clady is not better than Jake IMO.

Completely missed in this discussion, how many times has the Dolphin's blocking scheme given Jake help with his man? Either with the running back or tight end. I remember a total of one play all season when this occured. Jake has been a rock and has not been given nearly enough credit for Chad's success. He allows Chad, by Chad's own admission, to have confidence that his back side will be protected. Neither Lemon or Beck had that last season.

My farts do not stink.

Lay off Chris Berman, guys. I mean it. I really don't mind playing Smithers to his Monte Burns. I have no envy or desire to have his job, and enjoy it when he rambles on and on.

Enough already!!! Who cares about what the sports media says about Long or the Dolphins? Just beat the damn Jets on Sunday. Keep winning and the respect will follow. At this point, the Dolphins have not accomplished enough to be shown any love. And, in all honesty, they have a long way to go. How does anyone give up 31 points to KC?

This Sunday I'd love to see Pennington throw one ball to sidelines and have it hit Mangina right in the head!!!

I think a big part of the reason we don't get respect from the networks is because the Dolphins haven't been the team playing in primetime. They want to talk about those teams so people tune in to watch those games. Since we got blacklisted from primetime after last year, they don't want to talk about us.

"What's this, Miami won 10 games? Whatever, we'll talk about it if they make the playoffs so people tune in to watch."

I say let them ignore the Dolphins. We can keep quietly winning games.

Maybe Chris Berman should come out of the closet, iam sure marc/marsha would be happy finally.

Are you obsessed with me you little prick? I know I'm sexy and all, but damn...I'll tell you what...We can meet up when you're ready, and I'll blow you (AWAY! f@g) Get a life douchebag

Does any one know where i can get a joe 6 pack and a joe the plumber action figure doll? i know one little boy that needs them.

**Master, et al..
yeah, it may be worth mentioning that if Chad P or Matt Ryan were playing for San Diego or Denver they'd have ALL PRO recievers (Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokely, Antonio Gates, LaDanian Tomlinson) to throw to - who is Chad P. throwing to?? Fasano!? Camarillo?! Ted Ginn?! Gimme a break.. There's a BIG difference when you're a QB tossing to Pro Bowl calibre wideouts, as opposed to throwing to a bunch of average to mediocre recievers -
yeah, Phil Rivers and Jay Cutler can play, but they have All Stars all around them to throw to
not to mention block for them.. Put Chad beind center for SD or Denver, and he'd do fine -

Marc/marsha How About that bath house next to the gay bar... iam sure you know where it is. i heard you were a goldcard holder.

Oh Oh, i know one little boy that wont be getting any dessert tonite.

I disagree. Miami has gotten plenty of love on NFLN. But it is mostly Pennington.

Such anger Marc. Really. You must have a latte with me a drive up to the Hamptons to my summer cottage. All my gay friends would love to hear your sailor talk.

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