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PFW showing Miami's Jake Long no love

This week's edition of Pro Football Weekly has an interesting ranking of the biggest rookie duds and the biggest rookie studs. It is interesting stuff so go here if you want to see the full article. On the other hand, if you want analysis stick right here and read on.

The article rightly picks New York Jets linebacker Vernon Gholston as the rookie leading the charge toward that terrible four-letter word: Bust.

That list includes Darren McFadden, Glenn Dorsey and others.

But it's the list of studs that puzzles me. PFW picks Denver offensive left tackle Ryan Clady as the best rookie player so far this year. And while I agree Clady has been outstanding and is the best rookie tackle today, there is no way in the world if the 2008 NFL draft was done over again, Clady would be the first overall pick.

Fact is Clady is a more polished and complete offensive tackle than Miami's Jake Long. But for the Dolphins offense, one based on a power running attack, Long is the better fit. Moreover, if the Dolphins didn't take Long first in the hypothetical re-draft, they would probably take quarterback Matt Ryan.

Let me rephrase that: If the Dolphins didn't take Long, they would be stupid not to take Ryan, who has been amazing. Forget that his stats are darn good for any QB, much less a rookie. But his leadership in taking an Atlanta team from the garbage heap to the playoffs and possibly a division title is amazing. That guy has the make-up, as the Dolphins like to say, to be a dominant NFL player some day.

Enough Ryan gushing. As you go further down the list of top 10 rookie studs, I look to see what PFW has to say about Long ... scrolling ... scrolling ... still scrolling. He's not in the top 10!

Chicago's Matt Forte is on the list, Tennessee's Chris Johnson is on the list, even New England's Jerod Mayo is on the list. But no Long.

Long is found in the publication's 'On the verge" list along with Davone Bess and others. I don't really understand it, frankly. There's no way Jeff Otah is a better tackle today than Jake Long, and yet Otah is in PFW's top 10.

You'll hear a lot about this week about the Dolphins getting no respect. Much of that talk will come from the Dolphins locker room. And this list kind of feeds that thinking.

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I agree with Mark. Chris Berman has literally bashed this team the whole season, which somewhat makes me laugh because he doesn't really strike me as someone who's ever done anything athletic in his life. Other than that though, I'm okay with the Phins flying under the radar. It can only help and be used as a motivational tactic.

Chris Berman IS a douchebag!! (I've met him)

He's creepy and enormous. He plays the whole "Chris Berman" routine everywhere he goes. You know, he's got a f@ggy little nick name for everyone, he's loud and obnoxious, always lets you know when he has entered a room.

And he's a Bills FANATIC!

He should hate the Dolphins.

I hate the Bills. It makes sense.

I guess my point is that we should all rest assured, because Berman has been irrelevant for some time now. Everyone knows it.

It IS about ratings and we don't have any for them because we're not on in primetime, as a previous poster said. So hang in there if you're starved for the national attention. It will come with more success on the field.

And oh yeah...



I`ve been reading these blogs for a few days now , they are pretty cool. One thing I keep seeing is how the defense didn`t show up in KC, the reason it was such a high scoring game is because niether defense could react on that icy field. It is alot easier to run a route in them conditions, then to try to react to a sudden cut, or stop and go, they ultimately got the job done. Hey Mando great blog , lets kick some Jet A$$

Dolphins are'nt receiving any credit from anybody.
That's good!
Because Dolphins are going to show next Sunday what they are made off.
All the time I'm reading or watching comments on how "not to trust" the Miami Dolphins.
That's good!
Because OUR Dolphins will show them soon who they really are.
Pennington, Porter, Brown, Williams, Long, Fasano, Roth, Bell, everybody, GET READY.
Let's kick some asses on Sunday and show that THIS Dolphins are for real.
Go Dolphins!!!

You go out of your way to mention me in EVERY blog and you expect me to not be angry?!? You're sole purpose in life is to stir up $h!t!...You are a nuisance, and should be dealt with accordingly...

No Christmas Present For you little man.


Gezzzzz PFT what do they know, for crying out loud, they are sports writers. Don't tell me you exect football fans take any stock into what sports writers have to say or think do you? They don't know didly about football, crap you should know that LOL, I mean look at the some of the garbage you put out HAHAHAHA

Happy Festivus to you too!! now who is gonna wrestle for the pole?

Let me just say I like that we get no credit. I like that Chad didnt make the Pro bowl and Farve did. i like that Jake is not mentioned as a top rookie. I like that Bess is rarely even mentioned and is playing as well as any rookie reciever with the exception of Eddie Royal. I do like the way we play with a chip on our shoulder. We will get credit in due time. About jake. Yes he has struggled with pass protection some but he is a road grader. He dosent take plays off and will play through pain. I love his make up. He will only get better. So let all the so called EXPERTS say what they will and lets just keep flying under the radar.

Oh by the way Chris Berman and his Buffalo Bills can circle their wagons and Blow each other with Tom Jackson watching.

No way Long belongs in the top 10. He is right there just below or around Otah at 10. All rookies listed there absolutely deserve to be there and are all in the running for ROY honors, which can hardly be argued on Long's behalf. Long has been a good and safe pick for us. No way we should have drafted Clady over Long at that time in the draft. Clady was a big question mark, and could have turned out like Mandarich. Long on the other hand was money and will be money for years to come. No hard feelings oover the list.

I met Chris Berman at a bar, and he told me the dolphins were a mess. He sayed that we had no shot for years. The moron eating his words now . He just a fat ass drunk who doesn't know anything about sports, and is a hater of the dolphins. Go fins make the fat ass eat his words. and the bills suck!!!

Wow, Looks like there's a couple more bloggers out there that do'nt like marc also, why iam i not shocked? This to makes me laugh. hahahaha.

I wonder where ted ginn would be on that list?

PFW is the bust.c'mon 1-15 to one win from the afc east title chad is having a great year but without the time to throw [in large part thanks to jake] were once again ON THE CLOCK....

PFW'S article is the bust.C'mon from 1-15 to one win from the afc east title yes chad is having a great year but without jake protecting his blind spot were once again.ON THE CLOCK....

who cares thats what u want to be an unknown unrespected person heading into the playoffs after teams get punched in mouth then slowly teams well start seeing who miami is miami needs the element of surprise going into week 17 As long as these magazine opinions are costing these fins money it dosent matter well at least to me.

i mean arent costing

LETS leave berman alone he needs the support so these bills can pull through and beat the pats can u belive what this win will do for us everybody needs to look further then the turn around... Beat the jets and they are eliminated and the patriots more then likely are eliminated as well 2 division rivals out after that i belive this will be the greatest end to the 08 season lets go bills and lets go miami.

I hope the Dolphins don't have to be like the Patriots and use this meaningless junk to motivate them. Who cares if he's on the PFW list? I think it was pretty cool that Bess was "on the verge" as an undrafted free agent. I agree with Paz the list looks fine to me.

ESPN doesnt like good guys, they like controversy. They are just like MTV when it stopped being about music. The only time they talk to a MIA players is when Porter says something they can feed off of. Look at how much they talk about T.O. He sucked this year yet they are always talking about him. Then you have the whole Burress issue. They did talk about Ricky once this year and it was only because he said he was TEMPTED to smoke. You would think since ESPN has so many former players that the players would demand that the station tries to concentrate on good guys or positive stories mostly but most of them are sellouts and are worse than regular commentators.

the only list that looks fine to me is the probowl alternate list.

Oh Yeah, Have You Checked Out Craigs List ? In Particular The Personals.

I`ve been reading these blogs for a few days now , they are pretty cool. One thing I keep seeing is how the defense didn`t show up in KC, the reason it was such a high scoring game is because niether defense could react on that icy field. It is alot easier to run a route in them conditions, then to try to react to a sudden cut, or stop and go, they ultimately got the job done. Hey Mando great blog , lets kick some Jet A$$

Tell you what....Keep on with the disrespect. Just like the Giants got dissed last year. Close games, not hot until late, improbable playoff team....I'll take it. Do I predict a Superbowl victory for my favorite team? Unfortunately no. I also wouldn't be so surprised either. I'll take it, we can prove it next season and then we'll see. GO FINS!!!

Please remember all Miami Dolphins Die-hard Fans,Revenge is best served cold! Miami 45 jets 13 and after we win, We can email all the so called "football experts" and Tell them "WE TOLD YOU SOOOOOO! They won't have anything to write about once Wets, Cheatin pats, and America's Dumbass Team: The dysfunctional Cowboys are gone from the playoffs Sunday! What a x-mas present that will be HUH? PS: Screw all the Miami Dolphins Haters! please keep rooting against us, all the way to the Super Bowl!

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