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Ricky Williams explains the inexplicable

Ricky Williams is being, shall we say, shy with the South Florida media of late for reasons I don't understand because they haven't been explained to me.

But Williams on Wednesday did spend some time on a conference call with the Toronto and Buffalo media because he apparently likes them. [They're probably smarter than the South Florida guys because, among other things, they spell center as centre.]

And during his interview with the smarter reporters from the great white north, Williams said some interesting things, some controversial things, and some stupid things.

Let's begin with the stupid thing. Williams was asked if the NFL's first regular-season game in Canada could eventually signal problems for the Canadian Football League. Williams picked that moment to say CFL players are different but just as good as NFL players.

"I think people’s first reaction is to think that the CFL is an inferior league and I wouldn’t subscribe to that," Williams said. "I think playing up there is different, a different game and I don’t think the NFL players are necessarily better than that of the CFL, they're just different. They're quicker, they're smaller, they don’t spend as much time at work. There, we had four-and-a-half-hour work days and here we’re eight sometimes nine hours. Coaches are sometimes here even longer."

NFL players not better? Oh boy.

Williams was asked about his 2006 CFL experience and what he thinks the CFL means to Canadians and in answering Williams said, in part, that CFL fans are better than Miami fans -- like you.

"I mean I don’t know, I’m an American so I’m not sure how important it is to Canada, but I know that each town we went to, including the hometown fans, when you went to a game, the people there, they're true fans," Williams said. "Sometimes, especially in Miami, you get people who only come when you’re winning and they're not necessarily big football fans. But going to places especially like Hamilton and Regina, Calgary. Just really, really huge football fans and it was just a lot of fun being in that environment week in and week out."

Yeah, Toronto CFL fans are great. In a greater metropolitan area that is home to 5.5 million people, the Argos' attendance averaged exactly 30,000 last season up from the 2003 all-time low of 14,998. The Dolphins', meanwhile, have a season ticket base of about 50,000 this year -- one year after a 1-15 season, and in the seventh season of a playoff drought.

But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of Ricky's point.

Finally, Williams seemed to make no bones of the fact he likes Canadians more than Americans because they are more accepting, according to Williams, and so that's what he tells teammates when they ask about life in Canada.

"Even before this week guys are curious about what it’s like and of course I only have positive things to say because I really did have a good time," Williams said. "In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

Discuss ...


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Screw you Ricky. If you hadn't proved that you are a flake and inconsistent over and over again I might care a little more.
And by the way, I didn't have a problem with your individuality, I had a problem with your smoking pot, abandoning your team, and not even apologizing for letting the fans down. I guess I'm not as apathetic abot him as I thought I was.

So is the idea of this to turn us against Ricky? You're not real sharp. He doesn't talk to you reporters because he doesn't want his name in the paper. He doesn't want ANY attention. He just wants to show up, do his job, and be left alone. That's why he likes Canada. Nobody there bothers him. He doesnt have any sarcastic jackass journalists like you judging him. Good for him. I wouldn't talk to you if I were him, either.

Well said Rob!

Quite Frankly Mando I think Ricky was just being honest and upfront. There alot of things we all disagree about this country and even though I was born in America I have my disagreements, especially with the people. Travel outside of America and you will immediately see the difference in how people are and how humble people are out of the USA. What Ricky said is true.

Another think Mando is that you better then anyone know Ricky has never liked the media back to his days with NO. So i dont know as to why this is a surprise to you. I know you are trying to do your job, but Ricky is Ricky and I think like a previous poster said, Ricky just wants to do his job and be left alone.

The only thing I disagree is that the CFL is better then the NFL and no offense to you, but I think he was just trying to say that they are different in their own unique ways. I think the part of the CFL being better then the NFL was understood incorrectly by you.

At least Rob's got his head on straight...

Rob, I couldn't agree more.
Ricky Williams, actually has some good points.

If you think the 50k fan base for Miami means we have great fans...well, many are great, but the majority due only show up when we win.
Is Canada more excepting of individual human charteristics....yes.
Is life in Canada more laid back....yes.
Are the football players better in Canada....well perhaps they could go Boise State on an NFL every now and then...but this is the only Ricky point not on level. However, he was just trying to be respectful of the team and league he played for.
If you think about it, how many times have they asked Ricky, Do you think the Dolphins are good enough to do this or that....and he always says yes with optimism even though he knows Jay Fiedler wasn't going to win anything major....etc.

You would think that Ricky was a prophet or something the way the media here over-analyzes everything he says.

He's just a simple football player trying to score touchdowns to pay his child support, man! Leave Ricky alone!

Please don't get him thinking about Canada he might take a toke. I'm sure he was fond of the weed laws their also. Don't Psycho analyze the guy.

Why are people so harsh on Ricky?The man is a bit different.That does not make him a screw up.He is a very thoughtfull insightfull person who goes against the grain of what a football player seems to be....Pacman,T.O.,Plex,Ocho,.He Is a good man trying to do the right thing.I was pissed at him initially when he bailed on the Fins.I thought id never forgive him,but i find it very hard to hate him now.

You know Mando im usually with you when you are right but you totally missed this one. Articles like this are the reason ricky avoids you and the rest of the south florida media. How could you attempt to cause any crap with the team when need all positive vibes so we can increase the chances to win out. But noooooo you gotta go call him out over his opinion that he expressed in an interview that you were not even apart of. Sounds to me like you are just jealous ! Why is it that the only good writing you do is in training camp? Please just put a lid on it and just do the post game blogs. We need smart positive reporting!!

I know I get tired of watching kick offs and having a bunch orange seats wide open at Dolphin Stadium. I do not want to hear about season ticket base.

The guy probably was just trying to compliment Canadian fans...relax.

"the Only Thing I Didnt Like About Canada Was The Weed Cost A Arm And A Leg" Ricky Williams

He needs to spend a couple of winters up here in Toronto and then let him decide how much he likes it...

Mannn I Am Soooo Stoned Man, I Got The Munchies Can Someone Make Me A Fecal Sandwich.

Really Mando? Are you that naive in failing to realize that what YOU wrote here is exactly why Ricky treats the media the way he does. Ricky is a humble, hard-working, honest person. And he just happens to be a great football player to.

So what if he used to smoke weed, if I recall correctly, which i do, he was the 2002 NFL Rushing Champion WHILE HE WAS SMOKING WEED. Just because the government says its wrong doesn't make it so. But that is another argument all together.

My point is that Ricky is right in pretty much everything he said in that interview, even the NFL CFL comparison. He never said that CFL players were better than NFL players, but that they are different, which is true.

And he is also correct about the fans. Now i wouldn't say that they are "better" fans up in Canada, but i think he makes a good point in that there are more, as in a higher concentration, of die-hard football fans. Face it, there isn't a whole lot else to do when its -20 degrees outside other than watch football. But than again, thats why i love South Florida, there are so many more options that we have down here that football isn't always as high on our list as it is for the people he mentioned.

And he hit the nail on the head about how Canadians and Americans being different. Americans tend to be much more aggressive and flamboyant than the general population of other countries. Canadians are more humble and laid back, a lot like Ricky. So tell me why is it so hard for you to comprehend why he likes it up there so much or why he said what he said? To be honest, i would not be a bit surprised if after Ricky retires, again, he moves up there and enjoys the company of people just like him, and of course, smoke all the weed he wants.

Now with that being said. Normally i like Mandos' posts, but you just whiffed on this one pal. Try making some positive news out of a story like this instead of bashing one of our hardest working players...I really do need to be getting paid for this.

Armando, do you have anything else to say? 99.9% disagrees with you on this one, guess what my man I'm one of them.

Hey mando... I respect Ricky for 100% in practive and everytime he steps on the field. I could care less if he ever gave the South FLorida media another interview again. Not everyone has to be a media darling. Who cares if he likes Canada better. I agree that they are more tolerant and not as superficial as the south floridians. Ricky is not a fake arse so I support him!

I found his comments refreshing and it is interseting to see you just be an idiot and trying to put your own spin on it.

You wonder why he wont talk to you? wake up mando.

lazy journalism

why let the truth of what was said affect your misinterpretations based on your prejudice - and you wonder why he is mistrustful of the sf media.


Hey Likes Canadiens better? Didn't he see the Southpark Movie?

what the f*&%&$ was that about, ja

Stir that pot 'mando. I'm not your biggest fan nor your worst, but, this was a very weak article. And as previous posters have stated, it's why Ricky doesn't talk to you nor the rest of the reporters now. You probably thought all your little barbs and jabs at him were cute and cutting, but, it really just made you appear jealous that he was talking to them and won't to you. He was a) being honest and b) paying a compliment to a city and fan base that supported him during a hard period of his life. Quit trying to stir the pot on everything that surrounds the guy and go find something newsworthy to write about. This was pathetic and made you look petty.

honestly Mando, you write articles like this and you wonder why the guy doesnt want to talk to you? You really must be as simple as the people you are planning to turn against Ricky with this crap you are writing. If Ricky prefers Canada to the US then thats his choice and he is entitled to it without being called stupid. In case you didnt know the US isnt high on the "countries the world loves" list so Ricky isnt alone with his opinions.

'Mando, have you been to Canada to see any CFL games? This is something I would have to know in order to comment on your article. The Canucks may be paranoid about their big dumb southern neighbor, but they do love their sports. And their weed. Nice post FinsFan24.

That said, this piece seems to pander to the Mando-bashers out there--the hater types who really have nothing good to say about much of anything.

As an out of state fan, I often comment on how weak some of our fans in attendance seem to be. Not only is Miami NEVER on the list of hardest places to play or best NFL fans etc., but I certainly recall home games where Jets fans were more vocal. Maybe this was what Ricky was getting at? Or maybe, as noted by "Hayden Fox", he is also disappointment with all the visibly orange seats at our stadium! (I content that this the real reason for the development of the alternative orange uni--A trick, like the mixed seat colors in NO).

Let's spank some Bills.

Thanks for blocking me to cover up some silly character and us having a little fun with it. I geuss the words "viva Cuba libre" mean nothing anymore. Nice.

I think I was just blocked to cover up some silly made up character (the cuban menace) and us just having a little good spirited fun with it. I geuss the words "viva Cuba libre" mean nothing anymore. Nice.

Its ridiculous for any of you to suggest that NFL players are not better than CFL players.
Its ridiculous for any of you not to realize that that it is just plain stupid (besides being wrong) of Ricky to rip fans of his own team.
This is a classic case of people being close-mindedly open-minded.

You wonder why Ricky doesn't want to talk with you? When you call his comments dumb? Geez, whose being dumb?

I watched most of Ricky's games for Toronto (Channel Catch47 ?). He was in great shape, comming off being the NFL's leading rusher and yards did not come as easy to him there as they do here so I can see why he (probably accurately) felt that their league is not inferior.

After Ricky's candid conversation with you about having thought about cannabis during the bye week got plastered all over the national news much to the ire of the organization do you blame him for not wanting to talk to you.

There probably isn't anything sports media has done that does not piss me off more than how they-you villified this truly decent person for doing something almost everyone on this board (and employed by your newspaper) has done. Something that is safer than asprin and did not give him a cheater's edge. The cannabis prohibition laws that got almost 900,000 otherwise honest law abiding Americans arrested for mere possesion are criminal in themselves and anyone who supports them or enforces them should be the people being tarred and feathered in the public spotlight.

Damn, Armando

Typically I either agree or simply agree to dissagree with your opinions, but this subject (Ricky), you just don't get and probably should avoid...

Sorry dude, but Ricky isn't really wrong. He gets treated like crap here because he smoked pot....Canada is a little more forgiving in that area. And we may have 50,000 season ticket holders...but NO WAY do all those people go to games. THe only reason the Phins don't get blacked out is because big companies buy up all the remaining tickets to stop it from happening.

Seriously...sounds like bitter grapes from Mando. "Ricky won't talk to me so I'm gonna try to make everyone mad at him!!"

Ricky's comment about the NFL players not being better?? Ridiculous.

Ricky's comments about the Miami fan base...ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! ITS PATHETIC to see that stadium filled with fans from other teams game after game...and yes, I go to the games...I'm a season ticket holder.

Oh and another thing I have had season tickets in the nose bleed section 443 for years. I rarely miss a game. I even signed a waivor to get out of an Ambulance and trip to the emergency room after I had a motorcycle accident on the way to the game (broke several bones, bruised and scraped one side of my body and gave me one hell of a concussion). I made the game. All those empty orange seats - they piss me off and say loud and clear that many to most South Florida fans are fairweather and don''t really care much about football. I don't take offense to Ricky's comments on the subject because:

1. I know it doesn't apply to me.
2. It is accurate.

Mando...buddy...what's the deal here? Are you offended because Ricky doesn't want to offend? So, the CFL and NFL look for different qualities in their players...Ricky suggests...and you're offended. Do you play in the NFL or CFL? And how close is Canada to Miami...I'm thinking it might be one of the farthest points from Canada in the continental US.

Anyway...I see a need you have for a blog; I see you sitting there trying to create a controversy, right? "Oh, hey!" you ponder, "We haven't given Ricky sh@%$ in a while (because he's been quietly smart)...let's see if we can raise a stink about something inconsequential he said in a silly interview. See if we can shake his currently healthy mental status."

Is that what journalism has come to Mando? (I'm a former newspaper reporter myself, so understand I have some reference)

I didn't see or hear anything in Ricky's comments that I found the least bit offensive; and suggest that politics may be in his future so long as he stays healthy (mentally).

As for you Mando, what's up? You're extremely sensitive and sounding very nationalistic. I read your blogs regularly and enjoy them, but this one is very odd.

Have you written a blog about guns yet? Now Plexico is someone ripe for the picking-on...c'mon and leave Ricky alone already, huh?

Who wouldn't prefer the Canadaian media to this tripe from S. Florida. No one likes you Mandriod.

Ricky's right about the "fans" in Miami and of the Miami Dolphins.

Just pick any of the past blog's and read the ignorant posts. Couple that with idiots in the media like Dan LeBetard and Greg Cote, and, well, who can blame him?

seriously...why cut RWs up...

He liked Canada...and now all of sudden..you Americans are digging at him...Give him a break and more importantly give yourself a break.

Have you ever been to Canada? Did you experience anything in which RW's said? If not then you are just jumping to conclusions. I grew in the Freeport Grand Bahamas, but went to a boarding school in Canada for Football! The people there are amazing and I agree with RWs. (-now that I live in Florida)

The CFL doesn't have better player - but like RW's said they are different players -its a different game.

You can interupt what RWs said in a negative way - but as a reporter shouldnt you listen to all sides of a story...

dam b...you just lost a fan

Geez Mando. Sometimes it seems like you are just trying to rile some people up. I think you can take most of what Ricky said with a grain of salt. But splashing it on fans who are still 'touchy' from last year seems to have some ulterior movtive. It seems to me that Ricky wouldn't want to insult the football of the country who let him play there and get back to himself. Why must the South Floridians be turned against this guy when he's not even doing anything negative but giving them what they want. He's all ready seen what happens when he gives you guys what you want. Leave him alone. Isn't this good season enough for some? Why go negative?

It was a smart move by ricky. Bottom line, the worst impact this will have is entice the toronto locals to be Ricky fans and show up to the game rooting for the fins. At the same time, it reminds us fins fans to get our behinds to the games more often.

Even if he didn't plan that intentionally...

No wonder he doesn't talk to you guys.

Ricky recently said on a long weekend, smoking a joint briefly crossed his mind from old days of habit. You hacks expanded this to a picture of him coiled in his bathroom going through withdrawl symptons. He doesn't dislike you, he distrust you as petty egocentric backstabbers

I can't tell you how much it pains me to read this blog. Do you really think that the NFL is going to go to Canada and allow the players to club the country or the citizens? It's a P.R. tour and as far as I'm concerned, the press is more intelligent,accepting and not nearly much of a douche as you are. Obviously football in America is more popular, that is the reason the NFL is going to places like Canada and Europe. It's about expanding the brand. Damn, you are stupid.

Way to be objective. What is the point of allowing people to post if you remove critical views. You are a coward and you should do the world a favor. You know what you need to do.

Awww sensitive readers felt hurt... Lemmme tell ya as a lifelong fins fan, Miami is one of THE worst sports towns period. 2nd only to the ATL.

As far as Canada being less uptight - you bet. They're funnier too .... Check out the "Trailer Park Boys" on Youtube and you'll see the funniest show ever been on tv , but it got pulled from bbc america because references to pot and cussing ... We are just a little mental here in the states and this article just helps to prove it.

End of the day - whooop dee friggin do who gives a S%^$.... I'm bored gonna get a sandwich

Rob I agree with your comment (Second one from the top). Thanks for saying it perfectly.

Armando, it looks like you shot yourself in the foot with this story which in the end is pointless and taught us nothing.

I think I speak for the majority when I say we'll pick Ricky over you any day of the week.

If Ricky doesn't want attention.. doesn't like America.. doesn't appreciate NFL fans - who by the way have been there through his own trial and tribulations while the Canadians barely knew who he was... he should have never come back to the NFL - since in his own words "it's not as fun".

As a loyal Phins fan for decades - i find it extremely offensive to Miami fans that he would take the time to insult not only Phins fans, but America - the land that made him who he is and the league that has given the pot head way too many chances..

Please trade him in the off season - i beg the team.. he is not what he was built up to be since retiring...

I have no gripes with what Ricky says. Armando, have you ever watched CFL games? You should try watching a full season. It's a slightly differently game with mostly undersized blue-collar players with talent. (size is a blessing) I totally understand what Ricky is saying in that respect. I'm a Dolfan, and like Ricky, i'm kinda critical on our fanbase as well for being the way they are, again...check for Errick. We really do have a 'reffy' fan base that doesn't know the history of the game/team. Mando, much respect man but it looks like you're trying to make him the bad guy....am i wrong?

Mando, Great Reporting. Keep It Up.you The Man.

Dolphins in Depth?

Now theres a contradiction.

I live in Miami, but I have to agree with Ricky 100%

Wow. This is actually this first piece (in a long time) written by Armando I actually agree with.
Especially comparing Toronto football fans to Dolphin fans. Please.
I’ve been a Dolphin season ticket holder for three decades and have traveled to other stadiums (including London last year) to watch the Dolphins. I’ve never felt the Dolphins had a poor turnout at home. You think that if you see some empty seats on TV, at the moments the camera happens to catch the stands, those seats are all no-shows? Guess what? At times, during a 3-plus-hour game, people actually leave their seats. I’m guessing there are always an average of 10,000 people in lines taking a pee, buying drinks or food, or the drug addicts are in the outer concourses getting their nicotine fix. Are there no shows? Sure. Is every seat sold? Of course not. However, compared to most NFL teams, the Dolphins attendance is fine (in the top 10). See: http://branddunk.wordpress.com/2008/01/26/2007-nfl-attendance-figures/
Also check out the Dolphins fan loyalty ranking: http://www.bizjournals.com/specials/pages/34.html
After last year’s disaster and the current economy, attendance is amazing.

Geesh, it must be a slow week. Let Ricky be! And give me Ricky over 9/10s of the other NFLers who continue to embarass and disgrace themselves and the league. See: Plex, Pacman et al.

Football is a team sport - As far as i am concerned - the NFL should have never let him back in the league after abandoning his teammates right before the season started.. or after the second or third pot incident... Ricky is not a team player.

Mando's right and all you who say Phins fans suck need to check yourself. Do you really want the player that abandoned you a few years ago making comments about how faithful you are?

Armando Salguero - A Prick?

Fins have season ticket holders of 50K+. That means 50K plus HAVE TICKETS TO EVERY GAME and still don't show up unless they are winning.

NFL players ARE BETTER (at the NFL).

CFL players ARE BETTER (at the CFL).

Not hard to comprehend. Mabye Armando Salguero never played sports and doesnt understand subtle differences. Like how a player can be a dud on one team and a stud on another when the LEAGUE didn't even change, just the TEAM.

Maybe Armando Salguero shouldn't be writing about sports. But, I dunno. I just a DolPhan.

Armando i hope you lose your job.


You're a tool.

Did you want Ricky to tell Canadian newspapers he hates Canada? That he hated his time in Canada? That America is better?

Just because Ricky doesn't want to talk to YOU, don't hold a grudge.

Maybe if you approached Ricky with something positive (and possibly non-football related), he might sit down with you.

Grow up. You're acting like a toddler.

So, let me get this straight. We're in the middle of a push for the playoffs, and the local sportswriters are spending their time bashing the players for talking to the media of the opposition? 'Mando, don't you think that just maybe it would be worth finding something positive to write about instead of trying to stir up a controversy around a team that is trying to win the rest of their games and get into the playoffs?

it's good to hear that you want Mando to loss his job Rob - you'd much rather Ricky go on and slander the Phins fan that you supposedly are...

Ricky abandoned you a few years ago - now it's okay that he questions your love for the game and team?

As a loyal fan, i think we deserve to know he doesn't value us or the NFL...

Stop blaming a reporter for reporting - and start blaming Ricky for running his mouth..

I think some of the things that Ricky said probably shouldn't have but the comments from Armando seem like a jealous reporter to me for Ricky talking to the Canadian media instead of him.


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