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Ricky Williams explains the inexplicable

Ricky Williams is being, shall we say, shy with the South Florida media of late for reasons I don't understand because they haven't been explained to me.

But Williams on Wednesday did spend some time on a conference call with the Toronto and Buffalo media because he apparently likes them. [They're probably smarter than the South Florida guys because, among other things, they spell center as centre.]

And during his interview with the smarter reporters from the great white north, Williams said some interesting things, some controversial things, and some stupid things.

Let's begin with the stupid thing. Williams was asked if the NFL's first regular-season game in Canada could eventually signal problems for the Canadian Football League. Williams picked that moment to say CFL players are different but just as good as NFL players.

"I think people’s first reaction is to think that the CFL is an inferior league and I wouldn’t subscribe to that," Williams said. "I think playing up there is different, a different game and I don’t think the NFL players are necessarily better than that of the CFL, they're just different. They're quicker, they're smaller, they don’t spend as much time at work. There, we had four-and-a-half-hour work days and here we’re eight sometimes nine hours. Coaches are sometimes here even longer."

NFL players not better? Oh boy.

Williams was asked about his 2006 CFL experience and what he thinks the CFL means to Canadians and in answering Williams said, in part, that CFL fans are better than Miami fans -- like you.

"I mean I don’t know, I’m an American so I’m not sure how important it is to Canada, but I know that each town we went to, including the hometown fans, when you went to a game, the people there, they're true fans," Williams said. "Sometimes, especially in Miami, you get people who only come when you’re winning and they're not necessarily big football fans. But going to places especially like Hamilton and Regina, Calgary. Just really, really huge football fans and it was just a lot of fun being in that environment week in and week out."

Yeah, Toronto CFL fans are great. In a greater metropolitan area that is home to 5.5 million people, the Argos' attendance averaged exactly 30,000 last season up from the 2003 all-time low of 14,998. The Dolphins', meanwhile, have a season ticket base of about 50,000 this year -- one year after a 1-15 season, and in the seventh season of a playoff drought.

But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of Ricky's point.

Finally, Williams seemed to make no bones of the fact he likes Canadians more than Americans because they are more accepting, according to Williams, and so that's what he tells teammates when they ask about life in Canada.

"Even before this week guys are curious about what it’s like and of course I only have positive things to say because I really did have a good time," Williams said. "In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

Discuss ...


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Wow! I'm typically more of a reader than a poster but this is incredible. I've never seen a more obvious attempt to twist a positive,vanilla,feel good interview into a negative, unpatriotic interview from a professional journalist. You're personal dislike for Ricky Williams and you're feelings of abandonment and rejection are ringing loud and clear my man.

I agree with Ricky on just about all of it. Of course the NFL gets a better level of player, but I think his point is more that the CFL is different and the play aint bad.

I loved reading the Toronto paper article and the Herald article but I really did not like the Armondo blog bit.

I don't see how ANYONE could question that Florida fans are some of the most fair weathered, bandwagon fans in the world. The Dolphins are probably the most immune to this, but take a look at the Heat, Marlins and Panthers. If any of those teams is winning, the stadiums are sold out, otherwise, they're about 1/2 capacity (except that Marlins who are like 1/10).

I'm a native Floridian and cheer for all teams but the Marlins, even when they suck, but sadly, most in Florida aren't the same.

From reading all the comments above I now understand why Ricky disses Americans. You are all a bunch of whiney little b*****s. So what if that is the way Ricky thinks??!! Who made you people the thought police? Who appointed you people judge jury and executioner? When he is on the field he gives it all up, is that not what he is paid to do?

Who the hell cares anyway, the world is collapsing around us right now and all you ignorant bastards are complaining about what a football players says.

I hope you all are just ignorant, I fear you are all just stupid.

Entropy - Who cares? I do.. as a Phins fan that was left behind several times by a drug addicted, contradicting, self centered washed up football player named Ricky Williams.

He owes the Dolphins fans...

I can't understand why everyone hates Mando for "reporting" to us what Ricky said....

It truly makes no sense!

Ricky said stupid comments, and because Armando blogged it, he is the idiot? Sounds like everyone is deep down inside mad at Ricky Williams or agrees with Ricky - don't take it out on Armando for doing his job. The fans have a right to know what their team is saying or doing. If Armando didn't report - ESPN would have....

Ah Cubana Pete Comasta Amego, And 4 The Rest Of U Rednecks Its Just That Mando Wanted 2 Day Off . So He Posted This Great Thoughtful Article Last Nite, So If You Dont Like It To bad. Mando Enjoy The Day Off You Deserve It.

Everyone knows Canadians are more accepting than americans, just ask the UN...and there is no doubt that if an nfl team goes north to play a cfl team with cfl rules, they are going to get their fanny kicked big time. Oh and in canada the cfl doesn't have the budget for steroids like the nfl, cough,cough

Since Miami's writers don't have anything good to talk about let me give you an inside scoop far more entertaining than what you are all discussing.

Rogers Center In Toronto Canada is strongly considering opening the retractable roof so the weather can become a factor against the Miami Dolphins.

Any thoughts?

We all know Ricky is a free spirit and this is Ricky being Ricky. I'm very happy for Ricky because he seems to be happy back in Miami and is honest enough to say the he doing it because he needs the money.

Let's move on and RUN RICKY RUN !!!

Mando i have always enjoyed your writing and have never commented before. But this post was way off base Ricky didn't say anything you haven't said about dolphins fans in the past. And as for Canada so what if he likes it better up there does that hurt your feelings.

If You People Want A To Feel Good ,go Down A Buy A Monkey

I think the results are in Mando, and it's a landslide. I read all your posts and enjoy most of them, however, between Ricky Williams and you, Dolphins fans choose Ricky. He screwed with us, yes, but every time he's come back to the team, we end up winning more games. Simply put, Ricky's a great running back, and we're very lucky to have him. Think back this past decade, how many stars have the Dolphins actually had on their roster? I can probably count them on one hand. Sparano saw that immediately in training camp, and pretty much said Ricky's the best player on this year's team. I don't think you understand the importance of that statement. After a year like last year, I'm willing to give ANY player on this year's team a little leeway as long as they keep winning like they have been. I don't want players you sports journalists love, I want players that help the Dolphins WIN! PERIOD!

Oh, one more thing...because of Ricky, I predict the Dolphins will the crowd on our side...Woooo Hoooo Ricky...booo Mando.

Since Miami's writers don't have anything good to talk about let me give you an inside scoop far more entertaining than what you are all discussing.

Rogers Center In Toronto Canada is strongly considering opening the retractable roof so the weather can become a factor against the Miami Dolphins.

Any thoughts?

You know it's bad when cuban comes to Mando's defense.

moving on...

No Roof Open, They Dont Have The Drainage To Get Rid Of Snow Or Rain ,also 3/4 Of The Seating Has Cloth Seating,so Dont Worry Bout The Roof Being Open.

Ricky's a different cat, that's all. If nothing else he's honest - I wish our politicians were as honest as him! He has his opinions, ad everyone here has theirs. Some are more right than others in actual facts, but that's another argument. But everyone has a right to their own thoughts, etc. and Ricky is no different. Frankly, he's not your normal, run of the mill, modern athlete programmed to be a marketing machine. That's one of the things I've liked about the guy for a while. Let him be.

Salguero was a pyromaniac as a child and thus his incendiary choice of profession seems appropriate. If you guys want a real sports staff you should try reading the Palm Beach Post.

Yeah, this why he doesn't like talking to the media.

Yea Cuban Menace you are right. I just read about it on SI cnn.com


Palm Beach Post you say??.....excellent I'm gone. This Armando guy is pretty stupid.

Wow! Mando, several people pointed out your obvious idiocy but let me pile on; only a jackass with nothing better to do would infer such negativity and then try to project it on another. Ricky said absolutely nothing that was controversial or disparaging towards Americans, NFL players or NFL fans. You are doing the public a disservice - I realize your only concern is to create blog visits but many of your readers aren't bright enough to recognize you are just attempting to manufacture controversy where there is none. You should be ashamed for misleading those folks gullible enough to accept your misguided reasoning and interpretation of fact.

Mando getting killed with this one.. Hey I lived 13 years in Europe, and I can feel what Ricky is saying. people just need to lighten the F up..We all know Ricky is different, one he is smarter than anyone posting here, and probably most of the media. Two, he is friggen honest, works hard, and just wants to be an individual of his own choosing..Let the guy be.

You gotta be pretty stupid to bring this up right before the franchises biggest game in 5 years...true jackass armando.

Mando... I can't believe you'd stoop this LOW!!! This is your new ersonal best LOW... congratualtions!!! Unbelievable!!! I have a suggestion, instead of bashing our players on this blog, why don't you use the power in your hands to help build this team's esteem. Blog about the great things these players do for South Florida. Who cares if RW likes Canada more than US... I have lived in NY, PA, and now in DC and I prefer DC... will the citizens on NY and PA be pissed at me for that...? Who cares??? Get a LIFE!!!

You wonder why he hates you snakes? Maybe its because you tried to make him look like an ass when you guys blew that "non-story" of him being tempted to smoke pot completely out of proportion. Disrespect the man, and lose his trust... alls Im sayin.

Ricky is a brilliant being having a human experience, just as we all are. Most humans experience negativity while few experience positivity. What comes from your mind is what you will experience. So literally, watch what you say......the universe is listening!

You are right on the money Mando. How soon we forget what this pot smoking fruitcake has done to his teammates and all the Dolphin fans!! He has been a flop in the NFL all but one season. I say take a hike to O'Canada Ricky and enjoy that million dollar weed all you want, give me RB any day. Just another example of how much he appreciates what he has....not.

Yeah Mandy, didn't you know better than to say anything about the rumblin fumbler unless its makes him out to be a superhero? Ricky sucks and he abandoned us in a time of need...repeatedly ! if any one person is responsible for the state of the team the past 4 seasons it was Ricky not Wandstat Saban or Cam!

Yeah Mandy, didn't you know better than to say anything about the rumblin fumbler unless its makes him out to be a superhero? Ricky sucks and he abandoned us in a time of need...repeatedly ! if any one person is responsible for the state of the team the past 4 seasons it was Ricky not Wandstat Saban or Cam!

Ricky was being respectful and positive in an interview conducted for Canadians. Only a scmuck would take a feel good piece meant as PR for the NFL and trash it because of petty jealousy.

By the way America didn't "make Ricky great" moron. The collectivist mentality that tries to latch onto the greatness of others by discounting their individual talent is childish.

So Ricky rips Americans, NFL football and my hometown South Florida fans to make the folks up north feel important and you guys take it out and Armando?

You people are either imbeciles or morons. Armando, keep up the great reporting, dude. I appreciate the information.

Mando, I recall an article you wrote earlier that grew national headlines about Ricky being tempted to smoke week during the bye week....

And like a week later you provided part 2 of that interview that really didn't match up with what you claimed but the damage was done.

Why would Ricky talk to you after that unless he is obligated?

Now you once again "THROW RICKY UNDR THE BUS" with this article.

I don't get you.

Mando, I recall an article you wrote earlier that grew national headlines about Ricky being tempted to smoke weed during the bye week....

And like a week later you provided part 2 of that interview that really didn't match up with what you claimed but the damage was done.

Why would Ricky talk to you after that unless he is obligated?

Now you once again "THROW RICKY UNDR THE BUS" with this article.

I don't get you.

Actually Magdiel I Got That Info From A Guy Who Some Of These People Are Calling A Hack Writer, Our Own Mando, Again Mando Keeping The Menace Up To Speed On Every Thing In Sports.. I See A Pulitzer Or A Peabody Award Going To Mando.

Haha. All the Ricky apologists got their panties in a bunch. The fact is the words came from Ricky himself. He makes himself out to be a tool, not anyone else.

Oh and to the guy saying he's leaving this blog to go to the Palm Beach Post: I looked. The palm beach post has the same post up on what a jerkoff Ricky is. Chew on that.

Thanks for standing up for Dolphins fans, Armando. Most don't deserve it.

Ricky liked Toronto so much because he smoked weed like a madman up there. I know. I was with him.

This is absolutely the worst piece of journalism, if you can call it that, that I have ever read. The Miami Herald should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this on their site. Absolute garbage.

Excellent post, Armando. Ricky is a flake and anyone who doesn't get that by now is a retard. The guy left his teammates holding the bag by retiring one week before the 2004 season. Then he was welcomed back and Dolphins fans were stupid enough to love him again and he got popped again for the 2006 season. Before it is over, I predict he will screw us again. His words here suggest it. Book it.

Good stuff. Thanks for the great reporting Armando.

Ricky says CFL fans are better than Miami fans and the facts don't bear that out. Maybe he needs to remember Miami fans like me pretty much are responsible for his salary.

Honestly, I think Ricky is a moron. The guy spends 3 years smoking weed in Asia and now he has the nerve to say that about a team that has accepted him back and helped him get his sorry life in order. I really don't understand why the coaching staff kisses his ass so much either. Ronnie definitely deserves some of his carries.

Ricky's comments were once again refreshing and completely accurate. Your comments were typical. You took everything he said and put a negative spin on it to serve your own agenda. Ricky wasn't putting anyone down. He was just expressing his appreciation for the time he spent in Canada and his experiences with Canadians and you twist it to make him sound stupid and as if he was a traitor. You helped make his point.

Have you ever seen a CFL game or spent to time in Canada?

No wonder he doesnt speak to you.

Jeez Armando. You really can't understand why Ricky won't talk to you and the other South Florida media?

Just read your own post and think about how you spent the whole time mocking him. I'm a fan of your work, but you I think you should reflect on that for a while.

Just like idiot fans to blame the media for something one of their superstars says. Keep working it, Mando. Love your work!

Perhaps you people outraged by comments about Canadians and the CFL should take a reading comprehension course. Twisting words to support your self-hatred is not a valid criticism of the speaker but of yourself. No one bashed Americans or fans or claimed CFL players were better. Your feigned offense is pathetic and your hero worship of Armando and his interpretation of words rather than actual reporting is moronic. Speak to Armando? I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.

Who the hell gives a crap what Ricky thinks, as long as he's producing on the field. I agree with Dolfan Dan, except that this is not jounalism... it's tabloid gossip.

American's aren't accepting? The Dolphins franchise, run by Americans, has accepted him back time and time and time again after he F UCKED us time and time and time again.

Maybe he forgets that. Maybe you morons defending him forget that. I do not forget that.

... By the way, I like boys.

Accept him back? Perhaps you forgot the Dolphins essentially held a gun (remember the lawsuit) to his head and demanded he return. You might remember even dipstick Mando pointed out it was a horrible contract Ricky signed that still left the Dolphins holding a gun to his head. He essentially is playing for free.

However, the issue isn't about Ricky or his past. The issue is Mando claiming to be a reporting while offering an opinion on his interpretation of Ricky's words and you morons falling right in line and bashing Ricky for an offense only a fellow moron could manufacture.

So at every home game when there is always a HUGE amount of away team fans there on large tours or vacations is false?

I was at a Philthy game in Miami where every time Duce Staley touched the ball you heard DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE very loud and in many parts of the stadium.

I was also at a Vikings "home" game where 1/4 of the people were from Minnesota on vacation and in very large pockets throughout the stadium.

I am not talking the Steelers who are famous for traveling heavy all over the country, I am talking about the Eagles and Vikings.

SO - there is a lot of truth to what Ricky is saying, deal with it.

(btw Armando, do you have any clue how many of the season tickets you are referencing that are owned by broker and scalper networks that sell tickets throughout the country and help put together vacation packages for opposing teams fans?)

Ricky is right, Miami fans are and always will be front running phonies. Miami has the worst fans in the country. When was the last time the stadium was filled?

I'm Canadian and honestly we are better than you. If you've ever been to Toronto, you would know it's a much more accepting place and our women are better looking than yours. If you want testimonial, listen to Ludacris' All over the World and listen to what he says about Toronto's women.

In addition, the correct spelling is centre. We get English, like you, from the Brits and the correct Queen's English spelling is centre. So change it up! And while we are at it, what's with the Imperial System? Get with the rest of the world and switch to metric already.

Mando, great job. Anytime you write something this stupid it necessitates all the blog readers to make posts to correct your lack of intelligence - giving your blog a better popularity status. Kudos.

Ricky is a man who speaks his mind and the truth, which is something you can't relate to being that you are a little girl who constantly spins reality and who whines about athletes not granting you interviews.

Keep up the good work (Not you Mando, that would be an oxymoron but my fellow blog readers who correct you and are the only reason I actually read this blog)

You Americans Make The Menace Laugh, Havent You Heard The Saying" Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me" This Guys Burned You So Many Times You Should Be A Perfered Patiant At Jackson Burn Center.

This article sucked, i am glad the fan based agree. Let Ricky run free, in the end he will be remembered as a good running back that never got caught up in the hype. Run Ricky run!!!!!!!

I think Miami fans are pretty solid. I go to games, I watch on TV, I read about my team. And it's not like I've been rewarded with any Super Bowls or even a playoff win lately. What's Ricky's problem? What's you people's problem?

The team might have held a gun to his head, but fans did not. We cheer for him (until now, but I'm done) and accept him despite the fact he's done terrible things to the team twice in exchange for two first round picks. So I think YOU are a retard for not realizing that.


I say discuss ...

The mob goes wild. Many visits and clicks on my blog. My numbers shoot skyward. My paycheck shoots skyward. My profile shoots skyward. I am a star. Next stop Sunday Night Football in America.

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