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Ricky Williams explains the inexplicable

Ricky Williams is being, shall we say, shy with the South Florida media of late for reasons I don't understand because they haven't been explained to me.

But Williams on Wednesday did spend some time on a conference call with the Toronto and Buffalo media because he apparently likes them. [They're probably smarter than the South Florida guys because, among other things, they spell center as centre.]

And during his interview with the smarter reporters from the great white north, Williams said some interesting things, some controversial things, and some stupid things.

Let's begin with the stupid thing. Williams was asked if the NFL's first regular-season game in Canada could eventually signal problems for the Canadian Football League. Williams picked that moment to say CFL players are different but just as good as NFL players.

"I think people’s first reaction is to think that the CFL is an inferior league and I wouldn’t subscribe to that," Williams said. "I think playing up there is different, a different game and I don’t think the NFL players are necessarily better than that of the CFL, they're just different. They're quicker, they're smaller, they don’t spend as much time at work. There, we had four-and-a-half-hour work days and here we’re eight sometimes nine hours. Coaches are sometimes here even longer."

NFL players not better? Oh boy.

Williams was asked about his 2006 CFL experience and what he thinks the CFL means to Canadians and in answering Williams said, in part, that CFL fans are better than Miami fans -- like you.

"I mean I don’t know, I’m an American so I’m not sure how important it is to Canada, but I know that each town we went to, including the hometown fans, when you went to a game, the people there, they're true fans," Williams said. "Sometimes, especially in Miami, you get people who only come when you’re winning and they're not necessarily big football fans. But going to places especially like Hamilton and Regina, Calgary. Just really, really huge football fans and it was just a lot of fun being in that environment week in and week out."

Yeah, Toronto CFL fans are great. In a greater metropolitan area that is home to 5.5 million people, the Argos' attendance averaged exactly 30,000 last season up from the 2003 all-time low of 14,998. The Dolphins', meanwhile, have a season ticket base of about 50,000 this year -- one year after a 1-15 season, and in the seventh season of a playoff drought.

But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of Ricky's point.

Finally, Williams seemed to make no bones of the fact he likes Canadians more than Americans because they are more accepting, according to Williams, and so that's what he tells teammates when they ask about life in Canada.

"Even before this week guys are curious about what it’s like and of course I only have positive things to say because I really did have a good time," Williams said. "In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

Discuss ...


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Mark , Theres Another Old Saying" You Cant Teach A Old Dog New Tricks" So 4 Get The Americanos Will Learn The Metric System.

My hope is for Ricky to read Armando's comments and then those of the people who responded with love and respect for Ricky, and that it brings him peace. This blog posting & replies show the way that every exercise of negativity brings opportunity for positive action.

I've been reading your blog this season and I have to say Mando, the real question is will you ever get over yourself not being treated nice by Ricky Williams? you're acting like a girl that got turned down at the school dance. He messed up and I believe he has taken enough responsibility for himself and shouldn't be held accountable for all of the hater's egos that were hurt. People in general have opinions that are relevant to their own life experiences. Your opinion and his fans are not as true or important to him because in the end he is just being honest and many will thank him for it.

Ricky is right...Miami fans SUCK. They knock everyone. Ted Ginn sucks, Lets replace chad with the othe Chad. Crowder doesnt make enough plays.... MIAMI just shut up and support your team... Ricky is the man. He tells the truth about everything. How many famous people are there that LOVE WEED but keep there mouth shut and put up a front. A lot. but not RICKY WILLIAMS. He is a good man and Armando you are the IDIOT. for knocking Williams with this report.

I try to get my boy Rob to say something smart and his stupid posts comes out of his fingers. Rob you are a tool. Nobody cares what I allow you to think. The fact is Ricky said some ridiculous things and you excusing it won't change that fact. Now go to your $4.50 an hour (canadian) job and stfu.

HAHAHA yeah Armando you do sound like a little school girl. HAHAHA good one Beerphin.

Armando " The little school girl" Salguero

You get paid to play football and not to say stupid things. Play football and SHUT UP because every time you say something it sounds moronic.

Good post, Mando.

If Ricky doesn't like Miami fans he didn't have to sign a contract extension. He could have waited until the end of the year and gone back to Toronto.

Canadian people might be nice, but man they get the TAXED out the BUTT


Armando "The little school girl" Salguero

I see that name sticking with you Armando!!!!


You seem to be taking Ricky's comments personally (slightly unprofessional given the nature of your job).

I am Canadian. I prefer watching NFL. I love Americans. BUT

A number of NFL players have come to Canada over the years and did not perform well or dominate as expected (some like Warren Moon played well in both). Ricky learned that the CFL and it's larger field and constant motion is suited to different skill sets.

Ricky is not the first player, reporter of fan to coment on the empty seats in Miami so shoot him for stating the obvious. When the team wins people show up in Miami.

Finally, Ricky suffers from a social anxiety disorder. In Canada he was left alone (compared to NFL attention). Why would it surprise you he was happier in that circumstance?

I think you are trying to stir up a hornets nest. Shame on you.

Yo your chick was up here looking for you again. Please take of her so she will leave us alone.


I'll take the flak, but I'm with Armando on this one.

Ricky is the jerk, not Armando. He has left us in very bad situations... twice.

We have heard of Ricky's sentimental feelings before, and that was typcially just before a relapse. Even if that's not the case this time, Ricky needs to be more sensitive, if not perpetually apologetic, to this organization and the NFL when he chooses to speak.

The funniest post on here is from the Canadians that say they truly are better. The CFL is better? Be real. Canada is better? Why do you come to South Florida in the winter? Your crap is better? Why is your dollar worth about 75 cents American?


Image- YOU are a moron! So gald to tell you that Ricky is signed THROUGH ALL of next year and is a Parcell favorite. So glad that you are that 1 person that has no flaws. You suck! We'll all be watching him play football. Get off your pathetic soapbox and wise up loser.

Hey Mando,

Why didn't you say anything about Joey Porter calling out the fans a few weeks ago...

He said something along the lines of "maybe now we'll have a sell out, I've never seen a sell out here"...

Where was your blog blasting Porter?

Everything that comes out of Ricky Williams' mouth is self-righteous baloney. He never took responsibility for anything he did. He screwed the fans, the team, his agent, his dozens of kids.

And you guys are excusing his ridiculous droning about how great everything is as long as it's not American or Dolphins or Miami?

You people are beyond stupid.

Ricky is referring to the negativity of the fans like that displayed in these posts.
You don't find that kind of negativity in the midwest and west coast.


Any possibility that you would apologize for your treatment of Ricky over the years?

As far as loyalty goes, looking at the roster I believe nobody has beeen on the team nearly as long as Ricky.

Other than a couple of out of touch knuckledraggers on here, this seems to be landslide of people feeling that the intent of Ricky's words were twisted for controversey. I don't know how the Herald ranks its contributors or what metrics they use to entice advertisers. I beleive you to be an inteligent articulate person. Is it possible you said those things just to get a lot of posts and pad your webpage hit stats for $$$?

Si The Palm Beach Blog Is A Good Blog For Some Of You, They Also Have A Gay Blog That Iam Sure Some Of You Will Enjoy..so Please Check It Out.

Gotcha Ricky!

Armando Somethingorother.. he Gotcha!

Now he can go to the Herald lunchroom and brag to his fellow employees (the 2 or 3 that haven't been laid off) what a great journalist he is because he Gotcha.

Oh Snap Master , That Trannys In Long Isl. Dont Tell Her Where Ur Amego Is.

Meathead Ricky at his best.

Here are the facts from someone with more knowledge of the CFL than most of you.

First of all, OBVIOUSLY players in the NFL are better than players in the CFL. There's a long list of CFL starting QBs who can't make 3rd string in the NFL. I think Ricky was just trying to say that CFL players are still good, especially considering most of them hardly make a decent salary compared to the pre-madonnas in the NFL. Some players need to have jobs in the off-season just to pay their bills. They're not terrible athletes - I'm sure the Calgary Stampeders (Grey Cup Champs) could beat Detroit!

Secondly, when he's talking about fan loyalty - he's not referring to Toronto fans, he's referring to places like Hamilton, Regina, Winnipeg, etc. Listen, in Toronto, we want an NFL team. I've NEVER been to a CFL game (even though I can see the Rogers Centre from my office), but I go to Buffalo almost every year to watch a game. However, these other Canadian cities have NO OTHER SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. Of course their fans are loyal - they've got nothing else to spend their money on! Don't give me crap about Miami's 50,000 season ticket fan base. I've watched the games on TV - there's A LOT of empty seats. There are many fans in Miami who take for granted that they can go to a game whenever they want - so why bother when the Dolphins are losing...

As for the final point, as a Canadian, I'm quite biased here, but Toronto is a fairly diverse city, with a lot of people who wouldn't know/care about who Ricky is, so it would be much easier for him to blend in. In Miami, he wouldn't be able to leave his house without being recognized. In fact, a Bills defensive lineman actually lived in Toronto, and COMMUTED TO ORCHARD PARK EVERY DAY FOR PRACTICE. Now that says something...

FINALLY, I don't have to drive to crappy Barffalo to watch the Dolphins!!!!

Give Ricky a break for God's sake. All of those who bash him for his comments are ignorant and have probably never spent any significant time in Canada. If you did, you'd know he's right. Secondly, for his comments on the Miami fan base....is he lying? Has Miami not had fair-weathered fans even when Marino was setting records in the 80s? C'mon, look in the mirror people.

Kurt The Reason Why Rickys Here Is The Price Of Weed, He D Be Spending 4 Times The Price If He Lived In Lets Say Kansas City.

Gee "Truth",

Your woman cheats on you all the time and you keep going back for more.

Ricky led the NFL in rushing for the Dolphins and you are upset because he smoked some pot and this nation of half-wits falsely demonizes it?

On some of the other posts, let's go. I can't wait for Americans to demonstrate the failure of their education system by now exposing their complete ignorance of anything not American.

C'mon Americans, tell us all about Canada's health care system and their tax policy... compare it to Americans system of taxes, licenses, and fees. Once all of the separate taxes, licenses, and fees are added, how does it compare to Canada's "high taxes." Explain a for-profit system vs Canada's system vs a single-payer system vs a hybrid system utilizing both public and private facilities along with public and private insurance.

You people don't know shite from shat. Your ignorance on all matters - from football to world matters - is complete and evidenced by this blog. I recognize many posters (those who see through this "report" by Mando) aren't troglodytes and please don't take offense to my pointing out the mental deficiencies of those who are.


LOL, Well I didn't have time to sift through the amazing amounts of posts on this subject so someone might have already said this. I think the main reason why Ricky STOPPED talking to the south Florida media, (if you remember he was talking a lot in the earlier part of the season), was because of all of the articles talking about how he got ripped off by the Dolphins on his extension. Some articles went as far as saying he was naive and possibly stupid for not getting more money. So it's not really a big suprise to me that he has clammed up. Also I agree with Ricky about Dolphin fans. I don't care how many playoff appearances they've had or games won. YOU SUPPORT YOUR TEAM through thick and thin. The fans in Buffalo sell that stadium out every week and they've never even won a superbowl! Fair weather fans are the worst.

Dear Jet's Sux,

Although Ricky is signed through next year, it doesn't mean he can't be traded or release. Parcell's has an eye for talent... which is why Ricky doesn't start. Ricky does what Parcell's tells him, which is why he is still on the team - that and he's working for peanuts in comparison to other backs in the league... why is that??? he's the moron... maybe you are related to him..

glad to see I wasn't alone in how I felt about this ridiculous posts. I'm not going to repeat what everyone already said, but man Mando is retarded.

No wonder you couldn't get an interview with him, Armando. See, if he talked to you, he would have had to lie. This way talking to Bills guys made it easier to disrespect us. That's all.

Maybe Ricky should leave and the Dolphins should draft a younger, faster, more explosive back to compliment Ronnie. Hell, it would do wonders for the Wildcat.

Ricky deserves no break - he's had too many breaks - and all of you Ricky supporters out blogging on this site today hated him when he left you "high" and dry in 2004...

Ricky is a waste of roster space. Patrick Cobbs is just as affective.

CLearly this need not spiral out of control to be an us versus them.

As a Canadian, I can't think of better neighbors to have.

Armando clearly has taken a shot at Ricky rather than report on what he has said. He has definatley not given Ricky's comments a balanced treatment.

I suspect it has to do with Ricky not trusting him and as a result not talking to him. Given the twisting of Ricky's comment that he still thinks of smoking weed, are we surprised.

This is typical of the sensational media approach tat is too common these days. When a person gives an interview their words/meaning are twisted to make a better story. When a person refuses to deal with the media or certain media, they are also attacked. All the while, the reporter hides behind convenient comments like "I'm just doing my job" or "it's the role of the press to report what goes on".

Responsible journalists report the story, they give the facts and context. If they want to editorialize, they should write an editorial. Sadly all columns and now blogs are merely editorials.

I came on here today excited to talk to possibility of playoffs because even some ESPN anaylsts are giving Miami a chance now.......but no, this is what I found, a bunch of BS.

I love the few posters who are kissing Armando's butt and sticking up for him on this one. Crazy

Normally love the aricles Mando, but this was the biggest stretch I've seen you make, enough even for me to start believing the people who think you do this type of thing just to get the mob posting. I hope it isn't true.

Go Phins..........I'm going somewhere else to talk about the Dolphins exciting year this year and the possibilities of the playoffs this year or next.

Come on!!! this is exactly why you, armando, think that ricky doesnt like americans.. the way you word this whole article is totally demeaning and negative towards ricky. he is an individual who is different than most and for that he is not accepted. people around here have one way of thinking and cant think outside the box. Ricky has made mistakes and admitted to them. He seems to be making amends but people keep on hating. why cant they just appreciate that he was turned around and accepted the mistakes he has made. let it go man, and let ricky be!!!

Ricky needs to go back to being Lenny Kravitz's groupie..

Toronto is about has about as much fun a Fidel Castro's beard trimmer

Well, I see this post has caused something of a stir. People praising me, people calling me names or wanting me fired.

Tell you what...

I will stay on here for the next half hour and answer your posts if you have questions or comments you want to make about this post.

Keep it civilized. I'm not going to put up with folks insulting me for the sake of insulting me. NONE of you know me personally so I'm simply not going to put up with that. But if you want to engage in a conversation or debate or argument even without cursing I'll be happy to do that.

Clock starts now... 30 minutes.

Why did you personalize Ricky's comments rather than report them in a story like Darlington did?

No accusations, no say Ricky was stupid, just what he said.

Does it surprise you that a larger field and differenet rules suits some palyers better than others?

BRAVO Armando - Ricky needs to treat Miami reporters with the same respect he treats Toronto reporters.. Then maybe he can earn some respect.

Alright - i'll start....

First of all - have you ever been to Canada...

have you seen a CFL game?

Why would you cut RW's up if you havent even been a witness to anything he stated....

I just cant seem to understand your logic

Centre is the French word for Center, not a spelling error.

"The truth is a retard", we don't all think alike and the fact that you're judging americans from reading a handful of blogs in the sports section of a newspaper shows that you're every bit as ignorant as you accuse americans of being. The U.S.A and Canada are both great countries in their own ways and instead of trying to tear eachother down we should be celebrating our differences as we work toward a future of understanding and acceptance.

Paul: I don't understand what you mean by "personalize." I reported Ricky's comments verbatim.

The difference between Darlington and I is my job is to give analysis and opinion. That is want the Herald WANTS from me.

In my opinion, it is fair to make the point that Canadians are great without lessening Americans. It is fair to talk up the CFL but to say the players are as good as in the NFL is simply naive. And I don't ever like when folks, Ricky or anyone else, rips local Miami fans.

Local Miami fans have been through a lot. And they do love football and they do go to games and to say CFL fans are better when the numbers say otherwise is not basing an opinion in facts.

I'm just curious what journalistic value this adds to anyone. I'm not trying to be rude, but how does attempting to turn the Dolphins fans against Miami accomplish anything?? I know its your job to report it, but offering an opinion is something you add. I don't always agree with you, but I never sit here and trash you, but with this blog... I feel like Im reading one of those NY tabloids.

djrskd: I have been to Canada many times. Vancouver Island is perhaps the most beautiful place on earth. Montreal Rocks! I've never been to Toronto but look forward to this visit.

And yes, I've seen plenty of CFL games. I get TSN on my satellite and so I even keep up with highlights.

And I think you assumed I hadn't witnessed things I have.

Not to mention the fact that being from the Boston area and being a Dolphins fan, I can assure you fans up here really are far more passionate and loyal to their teams than South Florida fans unfortunately.

JACKS: I did not say centre was misspelled.

Armando is it possible that the numbers on ticket sales are better but the amount of people that show up is close to the same? Why are there always so many empty seats?

That's awesome then...

And for that I apologize.

Since you have seen the CFL games - then you should know that is a different style...

Longer fields - 3 downs - more passing - in which RWs clearly states that players are different not better but suited for that game.

Wouldn't you agree with that.

Some players adjust to both types of "football" perfect example of that would Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie - they brought they arm and open field knowledge of the game in which (-they learned in the CFL) to pass to open up the run....whereas in the NFL..coaches use the run to set up the pass.

I agree with you MTL does absolutely rock! Toronto has been refered to as Mini NYC...

As per your comments pertaining to the Miami fans - i am Bahamian living in Florida- and the Dolphins have been my team since i was 5. They are amazing fans in Miami...go to one of the tail gates and you can see what i mean...

But in Toronto - they have the same thing...maybe not the same attendance record but its the heart of the fan in which makes them not the number...


I have to disagree about Montreal Mando. I have never been treated more rudely in my entire life as I was the few times I was in Montreal. Beautiful city but it seems that they don't like us much. But middle and western Canada rocks!

Justin V: I am not trying to turn Dolphins fans against Miami. I am not trying to turn anyone against anyone. But if you want me to say I agree with Ricky Williams, I do not. It's simply untrue that Toronto or other CFL fans are better than Miami fans. Based by every measurable -- attendance, history, TV ratings -- they are not.

As to the passion of Boston fans, I would agree the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins fans are more passionate about their teams but their history with their teams is longer the Miami with the Heat, Marlins, etc...That has to do with history and the fact folks have grown up with those teams.

But I go to Miami games and I see passion for the Dolphins in South Florida that matches any other professional city. And when the team goes on the road, it has a national following.

Again, I don't like folks ripping on South Florida ... especially when they choose to live in South Florida or root for the South Florida team or PLAY for the South Florida team.

Fair enough on your role at the Herald.

I'm not sure how Ricky lessened americans. He stated something he believes to be true. That is America seems to take equal fun in buuiolding someone to an icon and knocking that person off the pedastal. You can say he is wrong in that belief but is it stupid? is it mean?

As for Miami fans, I watch evey Miami ggame on Sunday ticket and have gone to Minneapolis to see them play. But what amazes me is how so many empty seats exist. IMO the NFL is the greatest game in the world. I pay $500 to go to Minneapolis to see a game with teams I don't love. Why do people not go? And why is it wrong to coment on it. Also, Ricky was responding to a question about whether this signals the end of the CFL. If he said yes it does. Wat would have happened to him?

In terms of size and speed, NFL players are better. But that size and speed suits the game, the field size and the rules. If the players were just inferior, Ricky should have run for 5,000 yards in the CFL.

Good response Armando, I can respect that... keep it up.

Image is Armando!

NYScott: I don't know why there are so many empty seats other than the fact people have free will and can do with those seats as they please. It is true brokers buy a lot of those seats and fill them with tourists as part of vacation packages. And it is also true the economy has prevented some folks from going on vacation down here and so the seats are empty.

But the truth is the Dolphins have been a bad team for a while now and folks have stayed away after three coaching changes in four years and a 1-15 season last year.

I would predict the crowds will swell again next year as they did in 2004 and 2006 when folks were energized. Again that assumes the economy improves.

Finally, folks, I don't think attendance is the only standard by which fans are judged. The fact is the TV ratings down here are off the charts for the Dolphins, among the best in the NFL. That was even true last year. Folks care about their team. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Armando, do you think there is any basis to my theory about why Ricky stopped talking to the media. It seemed to coincide with all of the stories about his foolishness in taking the extension at what the media felt was too low.

i think it's funny..

Armando joins the blog - and all of the sudden 90% of the people who blasted and called for his job have disappeared....

Get a clue: Take the advice of your signon, dude. I come here as myself and no one else.

Paul, Ricky said Americans are not as accepting as Canadians. He said Americans frown on individuals. Of all people, Ricky should know not to lump an entire people into one or any category. Americans are different all over. Some are as Ricky said. Most are not. The point is he can show Canadians plenty of love and that is well and good. But why disparge other folks in doing that?

I just think the self-loathing that goes on in America is ridiculous. America is a wonderful melting pot of people and we do a darn good job of getting along despite our trillion differences.

NYScott: I don't know why he decided to start sidestepping the media. I frankly didn't know he was doing it until yesterday. But your theory could be correct.

If you only knew some of the background of that contract issue that I'm not allowed to divulge.

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