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Ricky Williams explains the inexplicable

Ricky Williams is being, shall we say, shy with the South Florida media of late for reasons I don't understand because they haven't been explained to me.

But Williams on Wednesday did spend some time on a conference call with the Toronto and Buffalo media because he apparently likes them. [They're probably smarter than the South Florida guys because, among other things, they spell center as centre.]

And during his interview with the smarter reporters from the great white north, Williams said some interesting things, some controversial things, and some stupid things.

Let's begin with the stupid thing. Williams was asked if the NFL's first regular-season game in Canada could eventually signal problems for the Canadian Football League. Williams picked that moment to say CFL players are different but just as good as NFL players.

"I think people’s first reaction is to think that the CFL is an inferior league and I wouldn’t subscribe to that," Williams said. "I think playing up there is different, a different game and I don’t think the NFL players are necessarily better than that of the CFL, they're just different. They're quicker, they're smaller, they don’t spend as much time at work. There, we had four-and-a-half-hour work days and here we’re eight sometimes nine hours. Coaches are sometimes here even longer."

NFL players not better? Oh boy.

Williams was asked about his 2006 CFL experience and what he thinks the CFL means to Canadians and in answering Williams said, in part, that CFL fans are better than Miami fans -- like you.

"I mean I don’t know, I’m an American so I’m not sure how important it is to Canada, but I know that each town we went to, including the hometown fans, when you went to a game, the people there, they're true fans," Williams said. "Sometimes, especially in Miami, you get people who only come when you’re winning and they're not necessarily big football fans. But going to places especially like Hamilton and Regina, Calgary. Just really, really huge football fans and it was just a lot of fun being in that environment week in and week out."

Yeah, Toronto CFL fans are great. In a greater metropolitan area that is home to 5.5 million people, the Argos' attendance averaged exactly 30,000 last season up from the 2003 all-time low of 14,998. The Dolphins', meanwhile, have a season ticket base of about 50,000 this year -- one year after a 1-15 season, and in the seventh season of a playoff drought.

But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of Ricky's point.

Finally, Williams seemed to make no bones of the fact he likes Canadians more than Americans because they are more accepting, according to Williams, and so that's what he tells teammates when they ask about life in Canada.

"Even before this week guys are curious about what it’s like and of course I only have positive things to say because I really did have a good time," Williams said. "In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

Discuss ...


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Hey, I love americans. Their skills with technology are the reason I'm still able to drive from a wheelchair. Always been treated great when I'm down there.

America is one great country.

Enjoyed the talk and I hope to make it to Miami to see the Fins with all the othr fin lovers.

Hey Armando,

I think it would have been more of a 50/50 reaction from people on here but your article really sounded like you were pissed at Ricky and personlized it big time.

I'm still a big fan of the blog and admit I will be back, I'd just rather talk about the playoffs you know what i mean?

As an every day reader of your blog -

I am enjoying you being live on here. Why don't you join more often?

Thanks Paul. Drop a line when you're at the stadium on game day and I'll try to come by and say, "Hey."

Hey Image, we posted at the same time. Guess that kills the theory of us being the same person. You have a good idea, I'll figure out a way to join more often and even schedule a chat every once in a while.

In Canada we spell 'center' as 'CENTRE' and we also spell 'Mando' as 'KNOB'

Jon: I totally understand. I was not pissed at Ricky. But some of the things he said simply needed balancing, particularly the stuff about Miami fans. Notice I didn't comment on what he said about Americans versus Canadians. I just gave you his quote and asked you guys to discuss ...

But don't worry, I'm driving over to training camp in a bit and will post FOOTBALL stuff from there. Thanks for coming on here.

Crazy: How sad is it that you come on my blog like five or six times a day simply to insult somebody you don't know, have never met and will never meet. You need to get a life, dude.

OK guys, gotta roll. I appreciate the talk and feedback.

God bless you all.

This article made me like ricky more. they ask him a question and he answers it. He is going to Canada where he has played before and is probably gonna pull more fans to support the dolphins with the comments he made, praising the cfl.

I wish I would have been here to talk with you Armandito. Takes balls to come into the blog and face down the haters. And I see they left your friends. You should go into politics.

WoW! What a hatchet job on a nice guy that made some mistakes in his life...He smoked dope and played in the NFL.

Mando, i think ricky is right aboot one thing, SOME miami fans only show up when they're winning. oh and he also right aboot the CFL players being different, not less talented, just different. the difference between the two is most NFL salaries probably tripled his when he was "the highest paid RB" in the CFL...and they're less talented. oh and he likes canada so much because the weed is pretty good up there eh'. what a hoser.
isnt prostitution legal too? sh*t...i might have to check this place out and change my name to Canadianphinfan eh'!

Yo Mando Beat U Guys Up Pretty Good.,last Time I Saw A Beating Like That Sonny Corleone Was Beating Carlo With A Garbage Can Lid.. Thanx Mando You The Man Dude

Mandobolus, long time. Bub-a-la, you are way off the mark with this one. I can understand why Ricky doesn't want to speak with the South Fla media. Its because all of you look to stir up shite. I know its a part of the job, but really, why this crap now in the midst of fighting for the division?

Perhaps if any of you guys could possibly come across as being somewhat sincere, and not looking to pass judgement on him, he might open up to you. I am sure doing a feature on him would be a heck of a lot more interesting then your average ball player. It appears as if Mr. Williams has more profound concerns about life then would say a Pac Man Jones, Terrell Owens, or Jeremy Shockey.

The facts will set you free!

Can You Say Peabody Award For Mando...

Cheap Shot Armando! When you visit another persons home do you always tell the truth. Sometimes the facts have to be checked at the door with your hat and coat. Did you know his family will be in a skybox, with owners. The dome open or closed is the real issue. Ricky talking with the Stadium people to insure the dome remains closed, guessed you missed that story huh! Every fan Ricky can quiet down to off-set the rabid Bills fans more power to him.
Ricky knowing this field could be the whole difference in this game. You sound jealous, he talked to canadian press. Tighten up we need every ounce of mo jo in canada, Buffalo is poised to ruin our season like so many Christmas past. Leave the Cheap Shot, jealous shots at the door until after the game. Ricky has been great teamate this season. SteFin

Next Blog Manado, Give The Cry Babys Something To Feel Good About. Big Babys If You Want To Feel Warm And Fuzzy Buy A Hamster

"Keep it civilized. I'm not going to put up with folks insulting me for the sake of insulting me. NONE of you know me personally so I'm simply not going to put up with that. But if you want to engage in a conversation or debate or argument even without cursing I'll be happy to do that."

Do you really know Ricky? Did you keep your opinion civilized, or did you call the guy you don't know supid? Please print the above paragraph and place it on you computer. Look at it before you write future articles, and follow your own advise.

You can dish it out Mando, but you really can't take it.

PS. Start the rumor, Galloway from Tampa next year. His contract is up, and the Bucs are treating him like dirt. Class guy and still has great speed.

Mando is a typical knee-jerk reactionary. He doesn't like it when someone criticizes South Florida. Boo hoo. First, an objective analysis of Ricky's statement might reduce some of your emotional torment as his point has been recited by Mando himself in the past. Florida Fans are fickle. Get over it. CFL players and NFL players aren't "better", they are different. Get over it. Secondly, criticizing or noting the deficiencies of South Florida, fans AND even America are fundamental freedoms in this country which is what makes it great. Your own actions validated Ricky's statements about Americans being less tolerant.

I could easily pull a Mando and argue Mando's intolerance (as evidenced by his personal attack on Ricky and his statement about criticizing S.Florida) is proof Mando hates America and the freedoms it affords its citizens. I could further "Mandorize" and arrive at the conclusion Mando is obviously a communist or totalitarian who wishes to restrict free speech unless he is the speaker.

Lastly, look up the word infer Mando. You took Ricky's words, inferred your own meaning and then blasted him for something YOU thought up on your own. Look up fallacious argument at the same time to understand the failure of your post and the vitriolic feedback. Of course, such nonsense does appeal to the lemmings who, without any idea of their own, jump on your bandwagon.

The Roof Will Be Closed.

Not that I actually think Mando, (or anyone) reads the comments posted down this low... and not that this hasn't been said already in some form or fashion... But Armando, this article is EXACTLY why some readers like me, hate your writing. Keep in mind I don't throw around words like "hate" very often, but I f'ing hate that you get to be the guy with a daily blog about MY beloved team, the Dolphins. I want to read about my Fins with a coffee every morning, and YOU are my only fricking option, you turd.

I was very angry at Ricky when he abandoned us years ago, and I was angry again when it happened AGAIN last year. But regardless, for you to try and spin things so we can be angry at him again now, for something that YOU are just being an idiot about. Wow, Mando, wow.

I bet you were that annoying kid in school who was essentially a total dork, yet you actually thought you weren't... so you would talk big sometimes, and somehow... SOMEHOW you just never got beaten up. Never punched in the face, not even just one time, from talking crap to the wrong person... that never happened to you, and THAT is why you are this way now.

Well, I kinda wish Ricky would punch you in the face. Oh, or better yet, a Canadian.

Laughable, Where Were U Win Mando Was Slapping The Taste Out Of U Haters. Where? Were U?

Easy to understand why Ricky avoids the media...

Run Ricky, just Run...

Run Ricky, just Run...

Run Ricky, just Run...

The great thing about America -- free speech. Ricky was speaking his mind -- he is entitled. I for one don't begrudge people from talking about America, it is just an opinion. I doubt he moves to Canada after his career is over. The comments he made are just W-O-R-D-S. No one died, no one was injured. It was an opinion. Leave the guy alone.

Mando............this is an all time low for you ,although this is an excellent way to excute your ultimate goal of creating more hits to your blog!!

Hey this is AMERICA, why are you jumping on this guy for stating how he feels? He's been good and CLEAN all season why attack him because he doesn't talk to you guys? You think this post is going to influence him to speak to the media MORE? I think its CRAP that they have to speak to you guys at all!!!

Maxfield, Call 1 800 Get Help. These People Will Help U With Your Anger Management. So Call Before You Rip Someones Head Off.

It's not that the Canadian media is any smarter, they just don'tact like they know it and nor do they take every opportunity to stab someone in the back like you do Armando.

Do not get so sensitive about it, nobody likes the media. Media often makes things the way they want it to sound, but it is not your fault you have stories you need to sell it is really about giving the customer what they want. People love controversy look how many people responded to this.

Westernfin, If Ignorence Was Blessed You Would Be The Pope.

cuban menace..get off Armando's jock will ya

Ricky like everybody else has the right to voice their own opinion... and i woo him for that,,, Gooo rickyyy,,, but stay off them weeds man

LMAO. the cuban "menace" thinks Mando actually made a valid point in his rebuttals; that is even more ignorant than Mando's poorly drawn inferences. I wasn't here but I wish I had been.

Darn it, I missed the 30-minute cutoff. A few comments:

1) As a former Canadian, I can tell you that I was enthralled with the CFL as a youngster, but as an adult (kind of) I find that the same things that used to thrill me now embarrass me. For example, one gets the sense watching a CFL game that the quarterback tells the receivers in the huddle, "Okay, everybody go long," or "You, 84, you go deep in front of the Buick, and 86, you circle around that tree." It often really does look like a pickup football game on the street. You frequently see two (sometimes 3) receivers in the vicinity of a pass.

2) The athletes in the CFL simply aren't as good (on average) as those who play in the NFL. The only area where the CFL was superior historically was in their earlier acceptance of the black quarterback. But that's getting to be a non-issue now in the NFL.

3) Canadians are not superior to anyone. I actually find Americans to be a warmer people than Canadians and less smug. Canadians, unfortunately, are becoming far too much like Europeans with Socialistic tendencies and reflexive anti-Americanism.

4) You people are hurting Armando's feelings with your ad-hominem attacks. As a longtime friend of Armando, I can tell you that he does his best, and whatever shortcomings he may have, and however numerous they are, does not justify the calumny shown on these postings.

5) I have since learned that what I was taught in Canada (rounding 2.65 to 2.6) is wrong. I humbly apologize, and were I of a different generation and religion, I might consider suicide or some form of self-laceration as a suitable punishment.

Sounds like youre jealous that Ricky likes Canadians better than us. To be honest, everything Ricky said is valid. I love that he is willing to speak his mind, no matter what people might say about it. So go ahead and be angry at Ricky for voicing his opinion. If he rushes for a 100 yard game on Sunday, you'll be cheering him on no matter what he says.

Mr Dodsworth, Dont They Have Suicide Assitance In Maple Leaf Land?

If Not They Should.

Cuban Menace... Hmmm. It's funny, because you are fitting a negative stereotype with every word you write already, so for your screenname to also be fitting the same negative stereotype as well, is truly amusing to me.

What I was saying in my "angry" post, was that certain kinds of adults learned all the necessary lessons of basic behavior back while they were growing up. If you get a little too big-headed in 9th grade and say something to the wrong person, you get repercussions that carry with you from that point on.

Then sometimes you get that one kid who was like that, but just never ended up getting his repercussions, never learned his lessons about his condescending, patronizing behavior... and then, that kid grows up into an adult. ...an adult who STILL could use a good punch in the face.

This is a winning season, so far 'Mando. There's no reason to bring this up now. It's controversial and unwanted. You should lay off Ricky's...

You ppl never seem to amaze me...god forbid we think that the idiot pot head is an idiot...That's it I want to read some off the wall hippy éxpose from Williams because they are so insightful...goals, I don't believe in goals".."expectations, I don't believe in expectations"...what a douche...

You ppl never seem to amaze me...god forbid we think that the idiot pot head is an idiot...That's it I want to read some off the wall hippy éxpose from Williams because they are so insightful...goals, I don't believe in goals".."expectations, I don't believe in expectations"...what a douche...

Look Mr Herald Editor, I got 219 responses to my hate on Ricky blog! Can I keep my job this week.

Good job Rob!!!! Well said, it seems Mando is looking for a little controversy to spice up the blog and radio show. Let Ricky be, 50,000 season tickets, hmmmmm I guess those seats impersonating fans spent good money to not watch.

I don't know about Canada to much, but Ricky better watch himself if he sails through me waters!!!


Violence, Violence, And More Violence, When Will It End? Punching Someone Just Because They Dissagree Or Have A Differant Opionion Is Just Stupid.

What's up Mando? Doing some damage control? You have had your head handed to you today- get over it and learn something from it. You get way too pissy when someone tell you how they feel regarding you and your job. Also, tell your butt licker Image to get off his soapbox and get a life.

Without Mando's blogs, you'd be spending your day doing something productive - like work.. which i don't feel like doing.. so everyone on here should thank him...


Stop complaining about empty seats and go support your team!

Read the post and comments and Armando is correct. The rest of you? Morons.

Ricky should grow back his dreads and smoke weed again. He was a better back when he did.

Long live Ronnie Brown!

By the way, Mando, I saw you picture on this blog and I wish I looked like you. I also wish I had a brain.

You Know While Mando Was Live It Seems That All The Haters Were No Where To Be Found. I Wonder Way?

You Know While Mando Was Live It Seems That All The Haters Were No Where To Be Found. I Wonder Way?

Thanks Mando

'You ppl never seem to amaze me...god forbid we think that the idiot pot head is an idiot'

Just remember Marc, Ricky is a better man than you. He always was and always will be.


Every reporter on the planet is smarter than you.

And we all see through your shallow attempt to stir up the Ricky-haters, even though Ricky has become a model citizen.

I hope you get fired. A chimp with a pencil would do a better job than you.

keep cuban menace away from pet stores, cuz apparently hamsters are what make him warm and fuzzy

Wasnt Me Bro, Must Have Been My Biaach.

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