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Ricky Williams explains the inexplicable

Ricky Williams is being, shall we say, shy with the South Florida media of late for reasons I don't understand because they haven't been explained to me.

But Williams on Wednesday did spend some time on a conference call with the Toronto and Buffalo media because he apparently likes them. [They're probably smarter than the South Florida guys because, among other things, they spell center as centre.]

And during his interview with the smarter reporters from the great white north, Williams said some interesting things, some controversial things, and some stupid things.

Let's begin with the stupid thing. Williams was asked if the NFL's first regular-season game in Canada could eventually signal problems for the Canadian Football League. Williams picked that moment to say CFL players are different but just as good as NFL players.

"I think people’s first reaction is to think that the CFL is an inferior league and I wouldn’t subscribe to that," Williams said. "I think playing up there is different, a different game and I don’t think the NFL players are necessarily better than that of the CFL, they're just different. They're quicker, they're smaller, they don’t spend as much time at work. There, we had four-and-a-half-hour work days and here we’re eight sometimes nine hours. Coaches are sometimes here even longer."

NFL players not better? Oh boy.

Williams was asked about his 2006 CFL experience and what he thinks the CFL means to Canadians and in answering Williams said, in part, that CFL fans are better than Miami fans -- like you.

"I mean I don’t know, I’m an American so I’m not sure how important it is to Canada, but I know that each town we went to, including the hometown fans, when you went to a game, the people there, they're true fans," Williams said. "Sometimes, especially in Miami, you get people who only come when you’re winning and they're not necessarily big football fans. But going to places especially like Hamilton and Regina, Calgary. Just really, really huge football fans and it was just a lot of fun being in that environment week in and week out."

Yeah, Toronto CFL fans are great. In a greater metropolitan area that is home to 5.5 million people, the Argos' attendance averaged exactly 30,000 last season up from the 2003 all-time low of 14,998. The Dolphins', meanwhile, have a season ticket base of about 50,000 this year -- one year after a 1-15 season, and in the seventh season of a playoff drought.

But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of Ricky's point.

Finally, Williams seemed to make no bones of the fact he likes Canadians more than Americans because they are more accepting, according to Williams, and so that's what he tells teammates when they ask about life in Canada.

"Even before this week guys are curious about what it’s like and of course I only have positive things to say because I really did have a good time," Williams said. "In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

Discuss ...


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Monkeys Too.

Hey Mando,

now that the election is over and you can't start political arguments on here to boost your views/posts, you belittle are own team...

oh yeah thats why I read the blog from another county... alot of other regulars are gone to i see... maybe the economy took away they're internet access

yea but i think monkeys are much harder to find at pet stores. but i wont argue with you, your probably an expert

I hope RW knocks ur teeth out the next time he sees you Mando..I really do!


first time I ever post on this blog, or any for that matter but reading this just pissed me off...how moronic and simple do you think your reading audience is? that we would take the bait of this story? Ive been a die hard phinfan since I can remember and i was devastated when ricky retired. since he has been trying to find his way, working hard, and helping us out along the way. To not accept honest and very well articulated opinions such as those ricky shared with i'm guessing better reporters than YOU is so narrow minded and short sighted it makes me sick. Parcells would probably b-slap you if he read this. Leave the guy alone, DO YOUR JOB WELL and motivate this team, its players, fan base, and all of south florida for this playoff push!!!

and lastly, they spell center centre because its in FRENCH, as in the language, ESTUPIDE!!

"If you only knew some of the background of that contract issue that I'm not allowed to divulge."

Armando, you should not be in a position to gain information that you are not allowed to divulge. As a reporter, that is an inherent conflict of interest. A word to the wise- don't get too cozy with those you cover.

80 cents to your buck......but free health care:priceless

I used to wonder why people bashed Mando so much here. It didn't take long for me to figure it out. You just proved his point. He was honest (and pretty accurate) and you write this crap about him? You really do need to be fired!


im with you on everything you said about America.

But yourmaking ricky sound like a traitor. Why the witch hunt? Ricky seems to finaly be in a good place mentaly, and he has been producing for us? How does alienating Ricky help the dolphins?

I enjoy hearing from Ricky because as E pointed out Ricky's perspectives are refreshing because he has something honest to say, whether you agree or not. He doesn't give the same generic answers or me-first responses most athletes give.

And last time i checked he is an American and has freedom of speech.

Hey Ricky, I support you and am a true fan. Don't listen to these D-bag reporters.

Cruz, Havent You Ever Heard The Saying"more Fun Then A Barrel Of Monkeys"?

Hey, E.

Since Mando is probably on the road, I'll (re)make his point.

He didn't state that centre was a misspelling. The simple literary device was to point out that some people *think* they are smarter because they use a words from foreign languages (akin to an outward pinky holding a martini glass). Your post amplified his point.

There you go.i hope you and the Brets find solace from ur hamsters and monkeys, while the Dolphins make the playoffs.

...and before someone else *thinks* they are smart, I know French is not a foreign language in Toronto. If you thought of pointing this out to me, you are just missing the point... again.

Not Sure Cruz But Maybe Mando Is A ...do I Dare Say?..... He's A Jets,jets, Jets Fan.....

Not Sure Cruz But Maybe Mando Is A ...do I Dare Say?..... He's A Closet Jets,jets, Jets Fan.....

And If Theres Something I Know About Its Rafts,intertubes, And Closets.

"Not Sure Cruz But Maybe Mando Is A ...do I Dare Say?..... He's A Closet Jets,jets, Jets Fan....."

lmao..true, you might be on to something Menace


and my point was that Armando's comment is dumb and not witty since Toronto is a former French Colony and still ingrained in their culture. It is even more dumb and misplaced given that Florida is a former Spanish colony and Miami is a city with a large hispanic presence where many proper names are in a "foreign" language like Spanish or even French.

So I guess whomever named Le Jeune or Fountainebleau was trying to sound smart(er).

and im sure mando has a laptop with wireless access to view his beloved blog, and im even sure it has a function allowing him to type in spanish or french. So smart.

"In general I just like Canadians. They all seemed very nice and honest. And one thing that I talk to people about as far as Canadians versus Americans is, I think in America, I think people sometimes are frowned at when you try to be an individual and from my experience, that’s something that’s appreciated in Canada and obviously I don’t really fit in everywhere I go. I really enjoyed it up there for that reason."

No one tackled this, so I will.

Ricky, what are you smoki- oh wait, nevermind.

I have lived abroad for many years, speak foreign languages, and am generally famaliar with several cultures. Ricky's statement is a slander against his own nation, yet incorrect. America (well, for all you chastising Armando on alleged ignorance of worldly matters, we're in the USA- "America" includes both countries, but I digress) is the most individualistic and tolerant nation in the world BY FAR.

His discomfort in the USA and his perceived acceptance in Canada are an illusion, probably related to his mental issues. He should know not to speak of acceptance issues, because of the very fact HE is the one with well-chronicled issues with acceptance and related behaviors.

I agree with alot of what everyone says. I won't forgive him for quiting on his team. I am glad he is here now. I don't blame him for not talking to the Sth Florida media. Fot the most part our media is more embarrasing then last season's 1 and 15...

Mando, why don't you pick on, plex,pac-man or Vick
those guys are idiots! leave ricky be...

Excellent post Mr. Salguero. I see their are some idiots out here that would defend a person's right to an opinion only if that opinion agrees with what they are saying.

Stay strong. Stay good.

Armando, I think your defense of Miami fans is commendable. But this blog proves they don't deserve it.

Great post. I agree with Salguero that the NFL players are better than CFL players. I agree with Salguero that Dolphins fans are better than CFL fans and for Ricky to suggest otherwise is stupid. And don't even get me started on Ricky's reputation for doing or saying what is best for Ricky.

I dont think there is anything wrong with anything Ricky said. Lets begin with what Armando thinks is stupid. Ricky said the CFL has players that are just as good as the NFL. Well I can name two off the top of my head that turned out to be BETTER than most. Kurt Warner and Steve Young. I'm sure there are palyers in the CFL that will never get a shot at the NFL for whatever reason and are just as good.

Ricky said the fans are better in Canada. Personally, I dont care what the season tix numbers are. Thats not relevant. I have Fins season tix and I can tell you first hand, Mia fans do not show up unless they are winning. Thats a fact. Until they started winning this year, literally half of the people in the stands were there for the opposing team. Also, many of the Mia fans that did show up had a very low football IQ. For instance, making no noise while our defense is on the field but they start a wave and cheer while the Fins offense is on the field. I cant tell you how many times I written on these blogs telling fans to go to games and all they give is excuses as to why they won't, yet they get on these blogs and complain about everything. Generally, the fans in FL suck, point blank, unless its college football.

As far as people being more accepting in Canada, just about everyone that I know that is from a state that borders Canada says the exact same thing.

If I were him, I wouldnt talk to reporters either. When he plays well good things are said, When he doesnt reporters go after his personal life. You print tabloid style crap like this article. When Ricky does do interviews he is always honest (even about himself). One of the best guys to talk to. Just recently he was thrown under the bus by reporters when he said he was tempted to smoke pot. The FL reporters will report crap even if it is a detriment to the team and causes unnecessary publicity. F u pen pushers!

I think everyone is trying to make to much out of nothing. I read the complete article, not just the clips Mando here has included. Realy, I don't think Ricky ment anything negative, towards anyone. But take it as you like. For the most part we all do what is best for ourselves, why is Ricky held to be any different. We should be talking about other things..Like the FN playoffs, not some BS article....

mando, ricky has every right to say what he wants. when he step on that field he give 100% efford in a postive way for the TEAM....not like the media giving 100% to start sh*t... shut the f**k up!!!!

Yeah, Armando Ricky has the right to say what he wants but you don't. By the way I am a driveling retard.

Mando, this Dolphins fan appreciates the fact you won't allow Miami players diss us. Eff them if they think the fans suck. Fact is, they've sucked for quite some time and I still went to the games -- not all of them, but most of them.

I don't want to argue with god, but leave Ricky alone. He's one of the good ones.

Hater! Ricky is just showing love to the league, town, and country that gave him a chance when he suspended. They treated him good and know is paying a complimant. Chill out Mando. Why do I keep reading your Blog??? I pray this is the last time.

Hey Ralph DC, I've been reading Armando for years and he's a better reporter/writer than Ricky is a RB. And he's never quit on us or gotten suspended. Trust me, if you never come back to this blog, the rest of us will find a way to somehow survive.

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