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Tundra Schmundra: Dolphins beat KC, 38-31

dIt was close and it was cold. But ultimately the Dolphins pulled out a 38-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs today to stay on course for the playoffs.

If the Dolphins defeat the New York Jets next Sunday they will win the AFC East division one season after finishing last in the division in 2007.

This game was not easy. The defense that hadn't yielded a TD in three previous games was on its heels most of this day. At one point, the Chiefs scored touchdowns on four consecutive possessions.

But, as Bill Parcells says, "You are what your record says you are." And the Dolphins are a team that has won eight of nine games while the Chiefs have lost 22 of 24 games.

Miami is now 10-5 while KC is 2-13.

"The thing about the Dolphins is they've been doing it all year at the end of games, Chad Pennington's been able to come through," Dan Marino said on CBS after the game.

Did I mention the Dolphins have a large game against the Jets next week in the Meadowlands? That game should be flexed to a Sunday night game by Monday afternoon, assuming the Jets can win this afternoon.

"Is it a big game? Absolutely," said Miami quarterback Chad Pennington, who will be playing the team that discarded him in the preseason. "We're playing for the playoffs and we're glad to be a part of it."

To get there the Dolphins had to win the coldest game in the franchise's 43-year history.

Pennington completed 26 of 34 passes for 235 yards with three touchdowns and one interception against KC. Tight end Anthony Fasano caught three passes but two of those went for touchdowns. David Martin also had a touchdown for the second consecutive game.

"The one thing I'm going to say to you is we had a tremendous week of practice on offense this week and Wednesday was an outstanding day," coach Tony Sparano said. "And under these conditions they executed very well."

Great stuff, people.

So Jets week has officially started. Get to talking smack!!!!!


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oh my god i might cry. i love my dolphins with all my heart. i hope we beat the living SHIZnet out of the jets

I want the Jets to win. Fitting to have Penny back in NY for an AFC East Championship game.

clarification. I want the Jets to win TODAY.

I need a sedative.This team is not for the weak of heart.Next Sunday will be awesome!Lets enjoy this win and Merry Christmas to Mando and all Dolphin fans!!!

Another win from our Defibrillator Dolphins!! At this rate, I'm going to have to up my heart medication!! :-)


HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jets most famous fan..Doug Heffernan, says it all really. Jets suck, and we're coming to claim the spoils

Cuban Menace should be joining us soon. Can't wait to see the back and forth that goes on this week

Another win from our Defibrillator Dolphins!! At this rate, I'm going to have to up my heart medication!! :-)

i got four seats first row 40 yard line!!!! going to be the biggest game since last years super bowl....we can certainly use channing crowder back for that game....big ups to the boys today and another monster drive to take control....good adjustment in the second half for lineman and backers to contain and not overpursue pigpen....

I hope all of you Negative Nellies learned a lesson today. Never. Give. Up.

Yo BelliCHEAT,

Sparano coulda' kicked a FG at the very end, but he DIDNT!

Its called CLASS, ya weirdo!!!

seahawks 3 and out

Love how Marino picks against Miami every week.

I must apologize to NYScott for one comment earlier this year...I said "Not a chance in hell" we make the playoffs...As improbable as it has been, and the way we've been winning it still seems a stretch to go up to NY and win a playoff berth, but we keep winning, somehow, some way...Still not entirely sold, but, I'm damn sure in a MUCH better mood this year than I have been since Danny left and Ricky quit (the first time)...Thank you Bill, Sparano, Henning, Pasqu-whatever, and god, allah, luck, or whoever...Oh yeah, and break Favre's neck, please, thanks


HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They did it again found a way to win in the coldest day in team history, previous teams would have used that as a excuse to disapoint us! I love this team flaws and all..lets go kick those overated overpaid and over aged stinking disease infected gutter trash soft as jelly jests!! Go mia

Jets up 3-0 to start 2nd Q.

son of a gun!!

d.brees needs 402yds to bring down marino's last meaningful record.

don't let it happen God!! please!!

seriously, who cares about marino's records!?

Let's start winning championships! Put the past to bed.

Yo Tjh, I've stated before, iam a pennington fan and what they did to chad begs for revenge. with that being said i would not shed a tear if the jets lost.

Yo Tjh, I've stated before, iam a pennington fan and what they did to chad begs for revenge. with that being said i would not shed a tear if the jets lost.

That's not his last meaningful record...It's awesome, but so was his TD record, and his yardage record, and his most 400 yd games, and most 300 yd games, and most 4K seasons, and most 3K seasons, and the list goes on...It's not one or 2 records that made Marino the greatest EVER! It's the fact that it takes 5 different QB's combined to start taking them away, ONE AT A TIME!

I hate to say it, but we are all now Jets fans (for the next 3 hours).

If the Jets lose, it changes nothing, but if the Jets win, NE is eliminated from the playoffs.

hope the jets win, and gain a couple key injuries along the way. f**k the jets.


Let's go Dolphins, let's win the AFC East!!!
Bring those f...ing JETS down!!!!
Merry Christmas everybody!!!!
Arturo at Queretaro

I Have To work till 2 next sunday and hope game is switched till 8pm.

Go JETS, against the Hawks. A jets loss today, with a win against us next week opens the door for the Pats to win the division by beating buffalo.

It's just...it's just damn nice to root for a team that matters again...



There's a million graphics on the screen, yet not one shows what yard line they're on!!!

Merry Christmas all True Fans. Hopefully, we get that win next week. That game is going to be HUGE!!!! I want to win soley for CHAD. He is the Gipper. They need to win one for the Gipper!!!!

Man, I haven't watched Peterson till now...Guy's a beast!

AS I say that, he fumbles...Reminds me of a Heisman trophy winner we used to know...

Thank you Armando for outstand coverage today and every day. Great job. And thanks for picking Miami to win.

Some of these other frauds in the media that picked KC to win today -- KC -- act like they know what's going on. They don't know s hit.

Seattel got to the damn 3 and fumbled

AP is a large scary man.

I think I need more heart meds... Chad pick up your bonus check my boy, you deserve it, you also deserve MVP consideration, considering you were snuffed by the pro bowl..What a dream come true, no matter what happens next, this has been a memorable season....KILL THE JETS!!!

The Jets are a lucky team. Last Bills game...that blindfolded TD on opening day...room and board from thier older, much more important sibling...

i will not root for the jets besides it doesnt matter because we will beat the wets

Nice that the defense had a bye week too so hopefully they will be fresh against the Jets. Can't believe I am rooting for the Jets this week - it wold be so nice to have the Pats out of the playoffs (Pats are eliminated if the Jets win - correct?)

WOW .... what a season!!!

I am so very happy. My turn-around season began when the Patriots lost the SB to NY and now Miami has a chance to take the Division from the Jets next week. Go Phins!!!

phil, you're right, but in a way it would be nice to savor the fact NE is eliminated for a week until our game.

drsamii, how are you watching the Jets game? Is there a stream?

And no need to worry about that "raucous, nasty" Jets crowd. Last game I went to had less fan enthusiasm than the Medevil Times they got over on route 3 out there.

Fan base has grown quite tame in years gone by.

Mostly due to the pimpled, pastiness of the Jets female fanbase.

Quite depressing.

Jets don't look too good - the one week we want them to win they may very well lose.

Female Giant fans are cute though.

I hate the Jets.

Go to justin tv for jets.

Great win. (Under the theory that any win is a great win.) Still, in the hour since the win, I cannot get over the fact we were running the ball, up a TD, under two minutes, and the opponent had no TO's. Coaching decisions like that give you heart burn. What are they thinking. Kneel, use the clock, and then, you kick the field goal, go up by 10 and cruise to the end. Instead, RW fumbles. I've never coached, never played, but I know that. Kneel coach, kneel.

I hate the Jets!!! Have since Gastineau, & definitely since Marty Lyons cheap shotted Dwight Stevenson & ended his HALL OF FAME career.

Jets losing 7-3 to Seattle in second quarter.

Yes George...Courtesy orf Direct TV. Best Investment I have made. Seattle stuffed Jets after thier fumble and just scored TD. 7-3 Seattle. Farve just SACKED for like 7 yards!!! End of First

End of First Half that is

Man! What a game! Glad Miami remembered it had a defense the second half. What adjustments they made too. KC was unstopable, scoring 4 straight touch downs the first half. Then, only mustered up 3 more points early in the second half. They got sacked and intercepted at inopportune times, late in the game, as MIami's defensde came out of their deep freeze. I give the Chiefs credit. They played their hearts out. Though Miami could have scored a couple more times, I think they showed considerable class in letting their defense and offense take control. And this should lay to rest any ideas that Pennington and Company can't handle sub zero temperatures. This was the coldest game in their franchise history. And how long did Miami hold the ball in the 4th? At least 10 minutes. Good that Miami was able to pull one out in a high scoring game. I'd say they are ready for New York and the Jets now. You might say this was a good warm up game. Tony Sparano certainly deserves Coach of the Year Honors. Wish I could have watched the game to see if they dumped the ice cooler over his head after they won. It would only be appropriate when you take into account how he prepped his team for this game. Go Dolphins!

I know this is "contrary" to the feelings of most of y'all, but I want the Jets to lose today-so they get eaten up alive in the NY Tabs (Post, Daily News, etc) & on NY radio all week. Eff The Jets & their Effing Fans!

Seattle has momentum. The crowd there is going APE$#!+!!!!. Its snowing like crazy. This is Mike Holmgrens last game there. They are filling it!!!!

I really hope next week's game gets pushed to the night. I'm spending Christmas in Tampa and I'll be damned if I'm stuck watching a garbage Buccaneers game...

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