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Tundra Schmundra: Dolphins beat KC, 38-31

dIt was close and it was cold. But ultimately the Dolphins pulled out a 38-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs today to stay on course for the playoffs.

If the Dolphins defeat the New York Jets next Sunday they will win the AFC East division one season after finishing last in the division in 2007.

This game was not easy. The defense that hadn't yielded a TD in three previous games was on its heels most of this day. At one point, the Chiefs scored touchdowns on four consecutive possessions.

But, as Bill Parcells says, "You are what your record says you are." And the Dolphins are a team that has won eight of nine games while the Chiefs have lost 22 of 24 games.

Miami is now 10-5 while KC is 2-13.

"The thing about the Dolphins is they've been doing it all year at the end of games, Chad Pennington's been able to come through," Dan Marino said on CBS after the game.

Did I mention the Dolphins have a large game against the Jets next week in the Meadowlands? That game should be flexed to a Sunday night game by Monday afternoon, assuming the Jets can win this afternoon.

"Is it a big game? Absolutely," said Miami quarterback Chad Pennington, who will be playing the team that discarded him in the preseason. "We're playing for the playoffs and we're glad to be a part of it."

To get there the Dolphins had to win the coldest game in the franchise's 43-year history.

Pennington completed 26 of 34 passes for 235 yards with three touchdowns and one interception against KC. Tight end Anthony Fasano caught three passes but two of those went for touchdowns. David Martin also had a touchdown for the second consecutive game.

"The one thing I'm going to say to you is we had a tremendous week of practice on offense this week and Wednesday was an outstanding day," coach Tony Sparano said. "And under these conditions they executed very well."

Great stuff, people.

So Jets week has officially started. Get to talking smack!!!!!


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sorry...'feeling it!"

Tony--to amplify one point from your fine post---this game now innoculates us from the cold factor in NYC. While snow & freezing rain might be problem (as they would be for most teams), the cold can't scare us anymore. This game today wipes out yrs of Shula/Johnson cold weather voodoo.

C. Little - I know what you are saying. Hopefully the Dolphins will beat the Jets and it won't matter what the Jets outcome is today, but knowing the luck of the Patriots, I can see the Jets losing today and then beating the Dolphins and the Pats getting into the playoffs. That is the worst case scenario for us Dolphin fans up here in New England.

Still 7-3 and Seattle just got ball back

Armando... Any chance you could blog the game next time in the post itself instead of mixing them in the comments section? No offense to you, but I just read through the comments and you seem to have attracted all the stupidest Dolphin fans on the internet. Seriously, those were the worst game comments I have ever read. Just awful, dumb, panicked, whiny, bitter comments. Either convince most of your regulars to give up football/internet or just put all your comments in one place, please.

yup...i want the jets to get blasted today and have vaccaro, serby and the rest of the media pit bulls in mangini and favres a**holes all week....we take care of business next week...the jets will lose today and next week to finish the season 1 and 4 after beating titans and pats....peakked to early and they have absolutely no heart...it is mind boggling how bad they are...seattle up 10 3....go hawks!!

jets are looking pretty bad.


that would defeat the purpose of a blog. Mando wouldn't have gotten his 2,000,000 hits or whatever it was.

If you don't like others' comments, including the negative, bitter ones, move to another country or tune to a different channel.

BTW, odds are very strong my IQ is higher than yours.

Hello Dolfans! Sorry I'm late. All I can say is "How bout them DOLPHINS"!!! Hey cUBAN mENACE my son was born tuesday. I was able to dress him up in official dolphin jammys. Today was special for a lot of different reasons. We did it yall....we did it! We need to pull together and get ONE MORE WIN! I love all dolphins and da menace....lol. Lets go Phins!

Seattle up 10-3 now but, Favre and jets driving

End of 3rd with Jets driving from the Seattle 40. Come 0n Hawks

OHHHH so close to a sack or stripped ball!!!

WHoa Jay feely Kicked field goal and they got a delay of game so kick is no good!!! And Mangini wont let him try the kick. Jets Punt. Still 10-3

George wrote: "I hate to say it, but we are all now Jets fans (for the next 3 hours). If the Jets lose, it changes nothing, but if the Jets win, NE is eliminated from the playoffs."

Sorry, George. But, technically you're wrong. If the Jets win, the Patriots are still mathematically alive. The Patriots would win the AFC East with a victory, and with the Dolphins and Jets tying. Odds are slim to none, but it's still technically possible.

"that would defeat the purpose of a blog."

How so? Do you understand what a blog is? Are you confusing it with a forum?

"If you don't like others' comments, including the negative, bitter ones, move to another country or tune to a different channel."

Well, I certainly will if it can't be improved. I assume your reaction if a house gets a rat infestation is to move, rather than get rid of the rats? Why do people like you assume that nothing can be improved, that everything is love it or leave it? Why not make it better?

"BTW, odds are very strong my IQ is higher than yours."

Not high enough to figure out I might not be talking about you, is it? And also... the fact that you would make that comment makes it very unlikely your IQ is particularly high.

Come on. Be better.

Seriously though notamarin, it ain't happening, so let it go, Dude. Mando cares mostly about the hits. BTW OHHH seattle almost had ball tipped to Jets for interception but they dropped it. Seattle Punts.....wait...thought it was blocked but he gets it away for a wonderful 34 yards.

Come on guys, let's all settle down. This could be a nice, friendly place if we would all just learn to get along. Why, even I haven't told Armando that he sucks in like over a month! So come on! Let's all pitch in and make this the friendliest insane asylum around!

I'm only following Jets thru y'all & ESPN Gamecast, but even thenI'm still getting that 'typical' Jets vibe--they'll get some JP Losman type break, or ass-lucky play, & tie 'er up. God I hate the Jets so!

Congrats AJ!
I don't often post on these blogs, but I am here every Sunday, watching my Dolphins from LA (thank goodness for Sunday Ticket)and enjoying all of your comments (sorry you don't agree notamarin). I don't think I could have made it through these last couple of games without you guys.

Farve sacked Farve sacked...They are out of field goal range!!!

Oh and grats AJ. Seattle receives ball 37 yard punt.

Jets had no reason to be motivated for the Seahawks game, as it means nothing....to them.
You can bet your bee-hind they will be ready NEXT week.
Lets hope our banged up players can be ready next week. We will need everyone. The Justin Smiley loss has affected our run game some, but our bench has really sucked it up. Great job by our mgt. team, finding some of these guys that were dropped by other teams. I bet H Wayne is crying like a baby now. I'm glad he's going out a winner. I just wish he'd found a quality coach GM 4 years ago.
Still, win or lose next week, this has been the most incredible season and turnaround.
Go Fins.

I am on Jetsblog.com and they hate the Jets.They won't even talk smack to me.Very funny stuff!!!

SO Mando what happens if the Jets Lose this game? What are our scenarios? BTW seahawks just got 2 false starts. 3rd and 13..too bad they pick up 10....Doh. Seattle is thinking about going for it.

Seattle punting...ball on the 10 yard line 3:06 to play.

FArve sacked farve Sacked. Jets 2nd and 17

4th and 4

Hawks hangin' on....

Buffalo could make amends to us for that debacle against the jets, with a win vs. the Pats next week!

Seattle balll seattle Ball.

2 minutes Seattles ball on the jets 20

whatever seattle does, i hope they don't hand it to ricky for a sweep (just kidding!)

I will ay though...it was a helluva effort by DBs covering levernius coles. Farve had all day. Put the ball right there. LC had it and Seattle defender stripped it out!

MAre kicks field goal. 13-3

jets down by ten with less than two mind left!!!

Olindo Mare helps his old squad out...who knew he still cared. LOL. We are # 1 in the Divison if Seattle does this. Seattle Punts. 21 yard return by Leon Washington. 1: 42 to go

so with a jet loss, our chances to win the division doubles, correct?

CBS just officially put Miami into the division leaders graphic!! Peace out Jets! One final Favre INT to end the game.

Farve to Cotchery for 30 yards. FArve Picked off. PIcked OFF. SEATTLE WINS

Favre Passer rating: 48.7. AWESOME. At least for 1 week. DOLPHINS ARE #1 in Division. Woohoo. Merry Christmas again folks. We just got an early little present from the Hawks and Holmgren.

LOL THE JETS LOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no, wait.....

we gotta' beat the jets regardless, huh?

what does it mean for our playoff picture

WE'RE #1!!!!!!

when's the last time we could legitimately say THAT?!?!

yes we still have to beat the jets regardless.

The jets are out of the playoffs now

The only thing is that if we lose next week the patriots go to the playoffs. aaahhy chihuahua

we have to win lol

Jets out of it ROFL

Up to the Phins abd the Patsies.

GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!

Buffalo is winning too...If I'm not mistaken, if they beat DEN they can knock them outta the playoffs...

I bet Farve retires again!

Thanks for the QB WETS!

On the AFC West it depends. If Den looses again next week and SD wins SD is in the playoffs. If Den wins they are in.

Forget the scenarios...win...and end it!

I wanna know if there is any way we get the #2 seed...

I don't think there is, though.

Actually, if Denver wins...they're in...they lose, then next week vs San Diego is the AFC West Championship game.

if we l*se(sorry, just can't type the word)next week, and buf. beats the pats, then do the jets. or the pats win the division?

Is there anyone else out there who thinks there should be a plush Mike Holmgren doll that you can suction cup to your car window?

That Booger guy has the right idea however.....

We just need to win OUR game!

just win, baby. F the scenarios. Peace Out.

If we lose or tie, NE wins the division...no matter what they do against Buffalo.

Actually, Sparano would make a better suction cup doll...

Just win baby!

I wonder how many Jets are crying in the locker room right now ROFL!

That was a heartstompin game. WE win. We win and we are in next week. It don't matter what anyone else does. Just win.

Where are the Wets fans now? Common cuban WRU?

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