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Tundra Schmundra: Dolphins beat KC, 38-31

dIt was close and it was cold. But ultimately the Dolphins pulled out a 38-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs today to stay on course for the playoffs.

If the Dolphins defeat the New York Jets next Sunday they will win the AFC East division one season after finishing last in the division in 2007.

This game was not easy. The defense that hadn't yielded a TD in three previous games was on its heels most of this day. At one point, the Chiefs scored touchdowns on four consecutive possessions.

But, as Bill Parcells says, "You are what your record says you are." And the Dolphins are a team that has won eight of nine games while the Chiefs have lost 22 of 24 games.

Miami is now 10-5 while KC is 2-13.

"The thing about the Dolphins is they've been doing it all year at the end of games, Chad Pennington's been able to come through," Dan Marino said on CBS after the game.

Did I mention the Dolphins have a large game against the Jets next week in the Meadowlands? That game should be flexed to a Sunday night game by Monday afternoon, assuming the Jets can win this afternoon.

"Is it a big game? Absolutely," said Miami quarterback Chad Pennington, who will be playing the team that discarded him in the preseason. "We're playing for the playoffs and we're glad to be a part of it."

To get there the Dolphins had to win the coldest game in the franchise's 43-year history.

Pennington completed 26 of 34 passes for 235 yards with three touchdowns and one interception against KC. Tight end Anthony Fasano caught three passes but two of those went for touchdowns. David Martin also had a touchdown for the second consecutive game.

"The one thing I'm going to say to you is we had a tremendous week of practice on offense this week and Wednesday was an outstanding day," coach Tony Sparano said. "And under these conditions they executed very well."

Great stuff, people.

So Jets week has officially started. Get to talking smack!!!!!


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To answer Drsamii, this was a result we basically didn't want, the jets loss leaves us still needing to beat them to win the AFC East which is the only way we can reach the playoffs, with the Jets losing today it also means that if we dont win next week and the Pats beat Buffalo then the Pats will win the Division which they wouldnt have done if the Jets had won today. Nothing much changed for us, basically as long as we beat the Jets then we're div champs, happy new year and playoffs here we come, bring on next Sun, lets hope Ronnie gets at least 20 carries instead of the measley 8 he got tonight, some strange play calling tonight but a win's a win. Go Fins !!!

Buffalo wins

i will be rooting hard for balt. and n.e. next week!! even if they both lose it doesn't help us, so i want them to eliminate the jests early. then i want to finish them off in the night game. i love the fins, but i hate the the jets even more.
how much money did they spend only to still be losers!!
i think we cut our cap number and picked up a lot of wins.
sad thing of it is if denver loses the today, looking good, and next week. the 8-8 chargers are in while 11-5 n.e. may be sitting out.

Well, if we don't win then who cares if the Pats make it? I hate them as much as anyone, but, to be fair they overcame advesity this year and are playing as well as they were at any point last year. If we want to be honest with ourselves they deserve the playoff spot. What I want to know is what are they gonna do with Cassel? He's obviously a capable starter and will garner tons of attention...

if we do somehow lose to an increasingly pathetic jets team i'd still rather have the pats get in over the jets. the pats will represent the east better than the jests!!!
favre 1 td 6 ints over the last 4 games!!

OOoooohhh....Eagles loss opens it up for the Cowboys...another huge game next week. That's like, four win and in games next week in the league.

Beer up, boys!! Gonna be a fintastic New Year's weekend.

Bet Favre retires again, if he does the NFL should just say thanks for the memories now f**k off u self centered git and stay retired, 3 years running is getting crazy, oh and by the way Jets, who's your QB next year now you've jettisoned Chad who by the way has turned out better for us than Favre for you, thanks for that one PMSL

boomer esiason virtually is calling for manginis head on a platter for manginis decision to go for it on fourth down...

eagles losing means nothing for the cryboys. if tampa and atlanta win next week the cryboys are still out, win or lose. both own tie breaks over the cryboys.

Thanks for the breakdown, UK. However, this is exactly what I wanted. I hate the Jets more than the Patsies if I had to choose, esp since they picked up Favre. I agree, no matter what, we just need to win our game if we want in. I don't want us to back our way in. I want us to kick down the door!!! And if we can't then we are not ready yet. This makes it somewhat sweeter though because even if we lose and NE wins...this year was still pretty Great and the Jets still don't get in to the playoffs. So it all comes down to us. We need to win the next 1 for the Gipper (AKA CHAD)

booger, the teams who have win your in games next week, for sure, are the dolphins, the chargers, the broncos, the ravens, the buccaneers, the falcons, and the viking, unless the bears lose tomorrow. if bears lose the vikes are in before next week. the pats, jets, bears, and cryboys all need help to get in.

"Jets had no reason to be motivated for the Seahawks game, as it means nothing....to them."

HUH? It meant everything. Now they do not control thier own destiny. Now even if they win next week, they do not win the Division unless the Pats loose. THe Jests just basically lost the Division.

Booger; Pittsburgh is 9-2 in Conference meaning they've clinched #2 seed.

I think New England can still get to playoffs if Miami wins next weekend. Baltimore probably won't lose at home to JAX, though.

The Jets' only way into playoffs is winning over Miami, and BUF beating NE. The Pats never seem to have trouble in Buffalo late in the year. Speaking of the J E T S, where are all the loud-mouthed idiot Jets fans today?? They must have lost power in the New Jersey slums! Their tears are frozen to there cheeks right now. Wah Wah Wah we cannot win on the West Coast, Wah Wah Wah!!

If the winds are whipping around GIANTS STADIUM, and Chad starts off poorly, why not bring Henne into the game? He can throw through 40 mph winds w/ little problem. It's not ideal, just a thought!

And, what will they say about Man-gina & the awful performance from Favre in the NY papers this week? There is serious talk that Man-gina is in danger of losing his job.

The boomer and carton show is going to be an absolute sh*t show on the FAN in NYC all week long....660 on you dial....god i wish i was going to be here for that, but heading to Palm Beach for the week and see who had their money MADEOFF with....back in time for kickoff at GIANTS stadium next sunday....


i said after last weeks game that it was a 2 team race, us and KC. the jets have sucked for 4 straight weeks. there are only 1-3 because the bills gave them a last minute win. i knew the chiefs game would be tough. a team with nothing to lose takes risks. look at those 4th down plays. a team in the hunt would have kicked. not sure why tony didn't. funny that the jet fans aren't here.
i guess after this week they better hope for warm weather because the jets looked like crap in the cold!!

oops, i meant us and the patriots in the first line of my last post.

Thanks you guys!

I'm trying to think of a way to show support this week other than wearing phin gear until next week. Anyone know how to send fan mail?

I know its X-MAS but i'll pay the extra to get it there if I know it will get there.

You've got to feel good if ur a PHINS fan! Awww man, this is the awesome. This is a one game season yall. Lets let our colors show around the country!

Great win miami!!! IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH FREEZIN MY BUTT OFF FOR!!! and to the tool that made crap of me for sittin first row endzone cause the fins don't put up points can eat it! cause I got too see 3 awesome ass tds rite in my face!!! almost four but I wasn't a big fan of the 4th n 1 call.. but its all good. LETS GO FINS!!! JETS SUX SUX SUX!!!!

To beat the Jets then the Pats or Ravens in the playoffs, the Phins need to play MUCH better defense in the trenches. How many plays did Ferguson, Merling, Langford, Holliday, or Porter make today? Not very many!

Incredibly impressed with this years Phins! Nice turn-around...

Chase! I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad YOU were our 12th man!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DOLFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J-E-T-S, SUX!! SUX!! SUX!!

It feels good to be a DOLFAN today!!!


We are going to bitch slap Bret back into retirement next Sunday.


on tv it looked like you could have sat about anywhere you wanted!!

Hi, my name is jon...I am a Phins addict and I stand before you because thats made me hurt people.

Before the season, I predicted 7 wins and on this board called those who talked about the possiblity of playoffs BIG F...NG idiots.

I now humbly take whatever numbered step that this is and say the idiot is me.

Miami has the Dolphins,
The greatest football team!
We take the ball from goal to goal,
Like no one's ever seen!
We're in the air,
We're on the ground,
We're always in control.
So when you say Miami,
You're talking Super Bowl!

(Chorus 1)
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number 1.

(Chorus 2)
Yes we're the Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number 1.

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