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Several Dolphins alive as Pro Bowl vote ends

The fan portion of the Pro Bowl voting ended Thursday and three Miami Dolphins players won their categories and could now be considered the favorites to start in the 2009 Pro Bowl. Players and coaches around the NFL will cast their ballots this week to finish the voting process.

The Pro Bowl results will be announced on NFL Network on Tuesday.

For the Dolphins, left tackle Jake Long, outside linebacker Joey Porter and kicker Dan Carpenter finished the fan voting portion tops at their positions.

Here is a position by position look where Miami players figured with the number of votes in (parenthesis). If the position is not addressed, the Dolphins had no player figure in the top five of the voting.

RB: 1. Tennessee's Chris Johnson (534,170) 2. Ronnie Brown (481,293) 3. San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson (428,381).

LT: 1. Jake Long (207,114) 2. NYJ D'Brickashaw Ferguson (200,304) 3. New England's Matt Light (160,819).

OLB: 1. Joey Porter (328,619) 2. Pittsburgh's James Harrison (282,162) 3. Tennessee's Keith Bulluck (236,398).

K: 1. Dan Carpenter (171,312) 2. Tennessee's Rob Bironas (145,413).

SS: 1. Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu (393,211) 2. Indy's Bob Sanders (109,132) 3. Tennessee's Chris Hope (76,333) 4. Yeremiah Bell (36,021).

Spec. Teams: 1. Baltimore's Brendon Ayanbadejo (160,423) 2. Pittsburgh's Anthony Madison (110,891) 3. Patrick Cobbs (85,821).

Again, just because a Miami player is leading the voting doesn't mean he'll start in the Pro Bowl. And just because he trails doesn't mean he won't. The coach and player voting can obviously tip the scales another direction.

But so far, I think the fans have done a pretty fair job.

And if you'll notice, two Miami players that figure prominently are Long and Carpenter -- both rookies.


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What's wrong Mandy...felt like taking a day off today? I feel cheated

Pennington and Ferguson deserved a look

I don't believe Joey deserves to represent the NFL in the Pro Bowl because although his on-field play has been excellent, his off-field demeanor is atrocious. He's a clown in a red rubber nose and I wish the Dolphins would ship him out as soon as the season ends.

Go join the Christian Coalition...

When was the last time we had a draft pick make the pro bowl?? And then to top it off, the other rookie was an undrafted steal!

Positive signs for the front office.

Terrible list at RB. Seriously, I love Ronnie but he might not even get 1000 yards -- should he go to the probowl?? he's only on there due to his "wildcat" fame.

and Tomlinson??? its the worst year he's ever had! I hate the Jests, but where is Thomas Jones? how about Steve Slaton?

I have heard that the Jets will inactivate Vernon Gholston this Sunday and have him greet fans coming into the stadium instead of playing. They are trying to find ways for him to contribute to the franchise in some way.

I am convinced all those votes for Dan Carpenter are coming out of Montana. Even knowledgable NFL fans have no idea who he is. He has been in the NFL less than a year and has only made one clutch kick. As a Dolphin fan, I like that he is getting this attention, but fans should not be allowed to vote.

Marc, Now you know how your wife feels.

Fake Gm , theres only 52 people living in montana and they dont have electricity there yet, so no computer voting going on there.

Not as well as I know how your wife feels Rob...Kegels...


You are so wrong! Just because YOU don't agree with Joey you want to exclude him from the pro bowl. Since I don't agree with you i'll be sure you don't get an end of the year bonus or recognition at your job. How's that sound? Not good huh. The pro bowl is about the best player at the position not "who agrees with who". Joey keep being Joey!

I love Carpenter and he looks like a very accurate kicker, but it's hard to understand all the accolades this guy is getting. Special teams player of the month? Special teams player of the week? Now the pro-bowl....hmmm. I guess it can't do anything but help his confidence.

I thought Sparano handle Carpenter's blown kickoff pretty poorly. You got to know your players. Carpenter's just not a guy you need to yell and scream at to get him to perform better. Carpenter knew he messed up. I'm sure he felt as bad about it as anyone. I think if Sparano had just let him be after that kickoff rather than getting in his face, Carpenter would have nailed that last FG. The coach actually shook his confidence.

Is that a fact Mike?...You know how to get through to Dan Carpenter, or ANY NFL kicker? Maybe you should apply for special teams coach...I swear, you guys are meglomaniacs!

correction: Megalomaniacs!

Marc my wife also was disappointed in your performance, congrates your 0 and 2 tonite....ps you are one sorry person .

'Nuther forgotten man: Samson Satele. He'll get his day.

Rob, I could go into great lengths (As I did with your wife), correcting your terrible DICtion, but, I'm afraid if the public school systems haven't done it by now it's futile...

Went to private school. But thats ok little(my wifes words) man, keep using that penis pump. soon you'll have the sex organ of a third grader.

Wow, your folks should get a refund!

It'd be nice if Carpenter could get us a touch back every now and then.....

Come on Ronnie has a bunch of TDs and really belongs on that list. I believe the AFC list mentioned above is a fair list. Who else in the AFC are doing better than Chris Johnson, Ronnie Brown, and LT.

Thomas Jones - no
Willie Parker - no (hurt half the season)
J Addai - nope (not playing well)
MJD - he might get some consideration

I cant think about anyone else, Ronnie deserves it, plus he doesnt get that many carries.

Actually, Thomas Jones IS better than Ronnie Brown right now. Has rushed for 400 or so more yards and has a 4.7 yard per carry average compared to 4.1 for RB.

And you want another guy that deserves it ahead of Brown? Steve Slaton in Houston. He's already over 1,000 yards -- Brown is at 760 -- and is averaging 5 yards per carry.

Although i believe ronnie brown is more talented then thomas jones and steve slayton, he is not going to make the pro bowl over them. He simply doesnt have the numbers. This is partly due to the fact that he is getting only about 10-15% more of the carries then ricky williams is. AND he isnt the type of back that is going to break the long run consistently. He is a bruising back, who gets better with the more carries he gets, but since he is splitting the majority of carries no pro bowl for ronnie this year. Hopefully next year! Thats my five cents...

Question to FinFans... Do you think i should get tickets for first row in the endzone, or twenty fifth row of midfield for the KC gm?????

I don't think YPC neccessarily proves that one back is superior Mandy...Maybe statistically. I think (just my opinion) they are doing to Brown what they did to Porter last year. Using him improperly. Brown might have split the load in college, but, from all I've seen in his NFL career, he needs more than a dozen carries a game to be a factor. Now, with that said, I don't believe his #'s this year are impressive enough to warrant a Hawaiin vacation this year...Anyway, ho humm...I'm bored with this as well

Chase, the last game I went to see was 3 years ago VS KC ironically. 7th row, 50 Yard line, 4 tix, $1600. (This was the game that was moved up a day because of one of the hurricanes.) I'd go further up, maybe corner end zone. Honestly, we couldn't see what was going on at either end zone. Really couldn't see anything past either 40...Back to the game. Well, it was hot, humid, and drizzling, and the Chiefs were whooping our butts. I was on the visitors sideline and I recall a fan yelling "Surtain, you're a traitor!" He turned around and pointed to the scoreboard...He and Sammy Knight started laughing...Damn I miss those guys...

I believe the fans should vote, but one vote only like other polls. The NFL site asks you to vote as many times as you like. I know there is a programmer out there that can design a loop to keep voting for their favorite player. Not a fair way to do it.

Armando, it is a travesty that Pro Bowl players are selected with 2 games remaining in the season. That is 12.5% of the season that remains to be played. Can you imagine selecting the Major League year-end All-Star teams, Golden Glove winners, etc. with 20 games remaining in the baseball season? It's a travesty and it has to stop. Mando, please petition the NFL to change its policies. A one-page, single-spaced brief should do the trick. Get back to me on this.

Clowns... Carpenter has only missed 1 kick all year!!! Ummm that’s why he is getting so much attention!!! Compare his stats to the rest of the league please and then make a comment. People have some KNOWLEDGE before you judge, especially when you are wrong; it just makes you look like a clown! And for the clown that doesn’t think Porter should be in the playoffs GFY!! He has been THEE Miami difference maker on D-Fense.

Sparano - Coach of the Year

Mando -- Thanks for regurgitating my earlier post...

"Terrible list at RB... ... where is Thomas Jones? how about Steve Slaton?"



I just have to comment on Brenden's statement that Joey Porter is a clown and that you want the Dolphins to trade him when the season's over? Son, what is wrong with you fool? JP is exactly what the Dolphins need! A hard playing, big hearted, emotional leader who is a hell of a football player, he kinda remind me a little of another favorite player of mine Lawrence Taylor! I don't mind if JP blows off steam by talking smack between games, as long he produces on the football field! For the last six years, we had nice guys in the locker room but sucked bigtime on the football field. We want Joey Porter types on Miami's team, not wamma pambies! Also if Miami could find guys with attitude/ physical skills like Dick Butkus, Mean Joe Green, Ronnie Lott, Dick "nighttrain" lane, Larry Czonka,Jack Lambert, etc we sure do appreciate! Last, JP ignore all the haters, Thank you for kicking Ass for Miami! YeaH!!!!!!

I think Chad Pennington should be considered for the pro bowl with out him the dolphins would not be 8-5

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