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Season's Beatings: Dolphins playoff scenarios

The Miami Dolphins are leading the AFC East going into the final week of the 2008 NFL season.

But that doesn't mean that's where they'll be when the final week is over because the playoff picture for the Dolphins, Patriots and Jets will be decided based on the results of that fateful, final week.

So here is the deal:

The Dolphins MUST win to capture the AFC East title outright. They must at least tie and get help elsewhere to win the division or make the playoffs as a No. 6 seed. And if they lose at New York, the Dolphins are out of the playoffs.

If the Dolphins beat New York next week, they win the AFC East no matter what New England does. That would make the Dolphins the No. 3 seed in the playoffs and they would host either Baltimore or New England the following week. The opponent will be Baltimore if the Ravens beat Jacksonville. The opponent would be New England if the Patriots beat Buffalo AND Baltimore loses to Jacksonville.

The Dolphins winning is the dream scenario. The next best thing? The Dolphins can tie the Jets and still win the division assuming New England loses or ties against Buffalo. The Dolphins would have a better record than New York and hold the tiebreaker over New England.

If the Dolphins tie and New England wins, the Patriots would win the division.

The Dolphins can qualify as the No. 6 seed, but that assumes they tie the Jets, the Patriots win, thus winning the AFC East, and Baltimore loses to Jacksonville. In that scenario the Dolphins would visit New England the following week in the first round of the playoffs.

The nightmare comes if Miami loses to the Jets. If the Dolphins lose to the Jets, they are out of the playoffs. Period.

Meanwhile, NBC has just announced its flex Sunday night game will be Denver vs. San Diego for the AFC West title. The Dolphins and Jets will play Sunday afternoon.


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Since we won, it is porbably a non-issue. However, can anyone shed a little light on why Porter didn't play yesterday? I never saw him on the field and all the stats I have seen on people that have him in their FFB, show dashes (-) for every stat, meaning he didn't even play.

Reading this blog i can only assume that miamis already won this game by reading your posts. this makes me laugh.

You Turd nuggets are so confident that it will be funny as hell if the fish lose, you imbeciles will be crying in your cheeros , i also find this a funny thought.

You Know what would be even funnier is n.eng win a balt loss and a jet win.yes this also is funny too me.

porter was a non factor because he can really only make on move, the turf was frozen solid so he wasnt able to switch direction as fast. The o line was being aggressive with him because of the limited footing.

My stock is rising talk is cheap... Bret slipped through in week one by the hair on his chin. im really more worried about your running back, but either way we gonna stick it to the Jets

steam rising,

you know what else is funny a Jets fan that has nothing better to do than come on a dolphins blog, after their team lost to Seattle. in a cold weather game that Favre should win given that he played so many years in Green Bay.

Also, all the optimism in the beginning of the year has churned and no doubt has left an upset stomach and sour taste for the Jets and their fans. no pepto-bismol can cure that condition. the Phins are gonna go up there with Chad P. and win....you guys know it is inevitable.

Cruz, Iam just saying the overconfindense is funny , remember the jets hate the fish and even if they lost 12 games this year the jets would come out breathing fire. the game will be a battle, its to bad the rest of the country wont see it.

Cruz , P. S. iam not a jets fan.

I am a detriot lions fan.

oo i read it wrong. My bad dude Merry Xmas

This Just In From Mando, Game Switched To 4pm.

What Madden would rather be in Denver not New Jersey

I know one thing, except for the Wildcat game against the Pats, the Dolphins have been unable to put anyone away this year. I would love for the Jets/Fins game to be close the first half, then the fins hopefully put it to them the second half and most of the Jets fans would leave the stadium, leaving a few hundred loyal fins fans to pull out their Fins gear, that they were keeping hidden from all the drunk NY crazies. It will remind me of the times, especially recently, when the Jets whip up the Fins at Dolphins Stadium and all the Jets fans sort of take over the last few minutes in the stands.
Whatever happens, I just want my Fins to play as tough as they have this year and, win or lose, leave it all on the field Sunday.
•WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS - it starts Dec 28, 4:00 pm @ the Meadowlands - win, you keep playing, lose and you go home!

this just in bad moon riding,stock rising,pats stock rising and any other stupid post rising is a idiotic moron

this just in 12 tackles, 0 sacks,0ints and 4 inactives


Well, this should give Miami plenty of FIRE in the cold Meadowlands. They have 3 solid reason to play their best game.
ONE: They have a chance to win the division out right!
TWO: They can keep New England from winning it again!
THREE: Pennington can have some redemption against beating Favre!

MIAMI DOLPHIN DIE-HARD FAN can't understand why people are doubting the Asswhupping The Dolphins are gonna lay on the Wets! You Wets fans talk about skinning the fish in the Past 8 out of 9 games, but you RETARDED,Toxic-Waste, New Jersey/New York, who gives a crap where they live Team, and Moronic, stupid, classless, inbred fans will cry right along with Brett Farve when he retires after the game, cry with Eric Manfart after he gets fired after the game, and cry hard after Miami led Chad Pennington serves a Hard, cold Heaping of Revenge to NY Jets and Boots the Wets out of the Playoffs, plus Making NEW England led by Bill Belicheat cry also by putting them out of the playoffs on the same day! So, dont't Doubt Miami against the Jets, WE been waiting for this Day! Miami's comming Fool, and let the games begin! Let's get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuuuumble!

I just hate the jets with every fiber of my body!

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