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A Dolphins in Depth Christmas greeting

This Christmas poem was written by Michael J. Franza and sent to me by his dad, Mike. I thinks it's appropriate for today and this week:

'Twas Week 17 and all through the land, Miami was flowing with excited Fish fans.

The stage was set in the meadowland air, in hope that St. Pennington soon would be there.

The Jets fans were worried, alone in their beds, while nightmares of Wildcats danced through their heads.

Chad in his jersey and Sparano with cap, they just couldn't wait for that Sunday first snap.

From one and 15 arose such a clatter, I sprang off the couch to see what's the matter.

Wearing number 10, not to be outdone, I knew it was him, our St. Pen-ing-ton.

Now Ricky, now Ronnie, now Polite and Mar-tin , on Cobbs, on Bess, on Fasano and Ginn.

Chad sprang to the huddle, Joey Porter gave cheer, and onward they went, like a new team, a new year.

But then I heard Chad exclaim, as the team drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to Jets fans good night!

I want to wish all my Christian friends and readers a very Merry Christmas. I want to wish all my Jewish friends and readers a happy Hanukkah. And as a brotherhood, I am believing the one living God we all serve will make His face to shine on us together in the coming year.


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Merry Christmas, Armando. To you and your family.

Great Christmas poem. The following was posted on the Jets blog on www.newsday.com enjoy:

Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through NJ,
Postseason wishes were fading away.

Fans wrote angry emails, and lashed out on the air,
In hopes that a better coach soon would be there.

The Jets faithful tossed, and turned in their beds,
As memories of 8-3 weighed on their heads.

A promising year had fallen off track,
Yet still, Coach was grinning, like a fat clown on crack,

As his job circled the toilet, along with our season,
Mangini stayed calm, defying all reason.

So I, in my Chrebet jersey, and my ‘98 Division Champs cap,
Had just settled down for a booze-induced nap.

When up on my roof there arose such a clatter,
It sounded like Rosie O’Donnell, but fatter.

I heard him yell out to his reindeer by name,
One after another, a Jets Hall of Shame!

He bellowed aloud, “Come Kotite! Come Groh!”
I couldn’t believe it! How could it be so?

“On, Herm! On, Coslet! On, Carroll! On, Hackett!”
How fat was this man? He made such a racket!

Then down came a thud through my chimney, what is it???
Santa Mangenius was here for a visit!

There in my living room stood Eric Mangini,
With the football IQ of a moldy zucchini.

I asked him and begged him, implored him and pleaded,
“Please give me the playoffs, I feel so defeated.

And then he responded, and ruined my life
In typical Jet fashion, he twisted the knife.

“You’ve got it all wrong, I’m not Jolly St. Nick!”
(at your own 20 yard line, even Santa knows to kick!)

"Forget the division you thought we would clinch,
See I’m tubby like Santa, but I’m really The Grinch,

I didn’t bring presents, I don’t drive a sleigh,
And I’m stealing your Christmas playoff wishes away.”

I stood there in shock, crushed and dejected.
his coach simply wasn’t what we all expected.

And the fat man exclaimed, as he reached for a biscuit,
“You’re a Jet fan, so you should be used to this s**t!”

Very good Mike W
Very good Mike Franza
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukah
Krazy Kwanzaa
Rowdy Rhamadhan

Hey Mando,
Happy Holidays to you!
Whenever the Dolphins play, I'm always checking your blog.
Thanks for all the scoops!

Here's wishing that St. Pennington and his aqua angels take us to the promise land.

Best wishes,

A Dolphin big time fan in Nicaragua

As Tiny Tim {Robbie} would said: God bless us everyone!

MikeW, That's awesome!!!!

I don't mean to trivialize the "niceness" of what Armando said at the end of this blog, because of course I realize it's all coming from a caring and thoughtful place... But why couldn't it have just been a "Merry Christmas to all" or some other generic sentence that essentially means, "happy holidays" and "happy new years to you and yours," and blah, blah, blah... Why did it need to be about religion?

"To all my Christian friends, Merry Christmas" ...I find that rather, well, unfair to me and MY beliefs, because I'm not Christian, but Christmas is the day we celebrate. To us it's just a loving family day, with a fictional character named Santa Claus who brings the kid's toys and presents, underneath a pine tree. We do the egg-nog, the stockings, the whole nine-yards in my family, Armando, but guess what, we aren't Christians... so yes, to me, that statement singles me out.

And not only that, but to add in Jewish and Hanukkah afterwards was just stupid, because then, if you are shouting out to them, then why are you not offering a blessing and a prayer for your Buddist readers, or your Satanist readers, or hey I know, how about your NON-RELIGIOUS readers?!

And please, don't get me started on the whole God part at the end of your singling out of Christian's and Jew's... I mean, what? I'm not even saying that I don't believe in God, because I do, but that's besides the point because so what? Why does it have to be so specific to religion like that, why can't you realize there are ALL TYPES of people in this world... and to some of us, we don't believe that we're "serving" anything, even if we do believe in higher forces and higher places. So again, yes, that does single people out unfortunately, even though I know that's the opposite of your intentions.

However it is the thought that counts, and for that, I definitely thank you Armando, for the intentions you had with your religious shout-outs, and I wish you a great holiday and new year also.

I just think if you're truly trying to cover EVERYONE with a loving blanket statement like that, you really should remember that religion can unfortunately be as touchy a subject to some, as race or orientation can be to others. But anyway, on that note... I LOVED the Dolphins poem, it was awesome. Go Fins!!!!!

Right on, Maxx!!! I wasn't thinking that necessarily when I read Mando's blog, and I'm actually a Christian... But I agree with you, it does kinda single people out when you specifically call out who you are talking to. I mean realstically, if you say "I am talking to only the christians and the jews," it is going to have a whole different meaning than saying, "I am talking to everyone!" Ya know?

Good point Maxx... ALthough, Maybe you shouldn't let it bother you so much. hehe

Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all who participate in the blog.


You are a good guy. I wish you another healthy and happy year.

That Jets poem was amazing. What a good read.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Even you rotten stinkin' Jet fans!

Merry Christmas, 'Mando!
All I want(ed) for Christmas was for the Jacksonville Jaguars to move out of state. Once again, Central Florida will be denied the Dolphins on TV as the NFL braintrust moved the Jax game to 4pm along with the Dolphins game! Which equals NO Dolphins on TV! Armando, isn't there ANYTHING we can do? If anyone's interested in this, you can call the NFL 212.450.2000 and let them know they're killing us!
Merry Christmas all! Even you New Jersey Jet fans!

Merry Christmas all y'all

Merry Christmas to you too Master. I want to come over today and tomorrow so don't let anyone else come over okay.

Baby you can have today until 6pm only. I have other plans for tonight.
And tomorrow will have to wait for tomorrow.

What a difference a year makes ! I am so proud of this team Merry Christmas to all, and may God Bless.

To my stock is rising: Just a follow up on your previous bashing from Mando's Huizenga blog which I just read. ...Can't let you get away with that. What is your problem?!!
Why so much hate?!! Wayne Huizenga's heart was always in the right place. He wanted the best for his organization and the fans. As for his moves, although not always correct, they were well intentioned. Not only that...he is an honest, self made multimillionaire, with an emphasis on honest. A true American success story who kept his values in tact to this day. Why don't you tell us about your accomplishments in life thus far. I'm sure we'd all like to hear about your inspiring 9 to 5 job and your miserable attitude toward life! Witnessed by your nasty remarks directed at a good man on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to Mando and to everyone. ...And yes, to you too. Good luck to our Dolphins on Sunday!

Why can't we get through a day without some overly-sensitive, leftist-minded pissant needing to complain about "Merry Christmas."

All I want for Christmas is the "politically correct, make language as generic as possible and recognize diversity by appealing to the least common denominator" types to STFU.

Christmas was a pagan holiday before it was a Christian one so if the Christian one doesn't appeal to you, celebrate the pagan one.

Regardless, there is no "right" to not be offended, so enjoy "Merry Christmas" or cuddle up in your own hovel and shut up because us "Christmassers" don't give a shite about your sensitivities. Keep your "happy holidays" to yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Hey Maxx... Lighten up. For a person that doesn't want to make religion an issue, it sure sounds like your making a heck of a case for it.
Seasons Greetings to all! ..Ya happy?? Just enjoy this very special day. PS: Excellent, entertaining poems by both writers. Thank you for your effort involved in making us laugh. Both of them were a pisser!

MAXX...You are a very conflicted person and I truly feel sorry for you.

Maxx, Armando couldn't have been more polite and inclusive. For you to take offense at anything he said only shows you to be an egomaniacal, overly-sensitive, unintelligent, buffoon. If you think those words are nasty, just imagine what they would have been had I not invoked "the spirit of the Season."

You are the Cam Cameron of the Christmas season. (Now THAT was harsh!)

Merry Christmas Armando. See you down there next week.

Hopefully the Dolphins won't be so sensitive this weekend. They might get offended if the Jets try to score on offense or stop us on defense. The audacity!! What are you trying to do, keep us out of the playoffs? We are supposed to have a Happy Holiday season and you want to make it unhappy.

Come on Cam. We have to win and you have to win so we can send home the Jets and the Patriots for the postseason.

Great poem Armando! Thank you for sharing and for your holiday wishes!

I just don't understand why if people don't like what you write, why they keep coming back. Doesn't make sense...if I don't like something, I just don't go back.

Anyway, THANK YOU for your blog and your insights, although I might not always agree, I do enjoy reading them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Maxx, lighten up dude. It's Christmas.

Just for clarification, Ramadan isn't in December this year.
(Lunar, not Gregorian, calenders determine Ramadan)
Regardless, I can see Maxx's point, but I think Armando attempted to be inclusive and meant no harm done.

As for the poems, I find the Jets' one to be much funnier.
I cannot wait for the Fins to destroy the Jets, I was at the KC game and if we can survive in -12 degree temperature, we'll be fine in the Meadowlands.

By the way, I don't get why commentators were making such a point of describing how cold it was at Soldier Field for the Bears/Pack game when it was literally 40 degrees higher than in Arrowhead last Sunday.

Let's see how a broke down Favre will deal with our secondary. I just hope that the Crowder loss won't be too important. Man do I wish we had Zach again, big 54 never let us down.

I cannot believe this is turning into a controversy. If Armando wants to wish a Merry Christmas to Christians, he can do that. It's called freedom of speech and religion.

If Armando wants to wish a happy hanukka or however you spell it to jews, he can do that too. It's called freedom of speech and religion.

And if he wants to exclude muslims, bhuddists and folks that believe little green men, he can do that too. That also is covered by freedom of speech and religion.

This is getting to be a screwed up world when all the politically correct idiots are trying to take over. Get a life morons and stop trying to impose your everybody is right standards on folks who have traditional values.

God bless you Armando and Merry Christmas. Yeah, I said it. Merry Christmas.

Mohammad was a jets fan.

Merry Christmans and Happy Holidays to all. I feel as if our Dolphins are destined to win this upcoming sunday. This season has been a pleasure to watch.

Mando- first happy holidays to you and yours.

Please tell all Dolphins fans coming to NY for the showdown with the Jets on Sunday to wear their aqua and orange proudly and cheer like crazy for the team.

How many times do we find opposing team's fans at Dolphins Stadium, especially Jets and Patriots fans, cheering so loudly for their teams that it almost doesn't feel like a home game?

We need to reverse this and turn the Meadowlands into DOLPHINS STADIUM NORTH.


Armando dont you know that this is America the land of the lawsuits and liability galore? Seriously whats Christmas? keep that to yourself please. Only professional opinions matter. I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT ! ! ! !

What's amazing is how I couldn't have been nicer with the way that I described the problem I had with what Armando said. I was very respectful, and I recognized that his heart is in the right place and all that stuff, and I even wished him the same.

Seriously, tell me, how is pre-texting a sentence with "To All My Christian Friends" not like beginning with "To All My White Non-Hispanic Friends"? If you'd stop being an ignorant idiot, you'd realize that yeah, it's at least in the same boat when you do that, it's in the same category of singling people out.

Give me a break you bunch of morons, I was nice when I said what I said in my initial post, and if you had an ounce of intelligence you'd be able to SEE MY POINT when you read what I said. But no, instead you simply resort back to your ignorant world, pretending like I'm not making any valid points, and I'm the one who is being a jerk.

Is there really NO difference to any of you between saying, "To ONLY My Religious Readers," versus "To All of My Readers"? Because that to me, (someone who is rightfully not religious, and yes, gets a little upset when MY beliefs are singled out like that), is in fact what Armando said.

And again, if it really is about reaching out to EVERYONE with a nice sentence like that, then why not keep in a little less specific? Think about it, according to Mando, there are Christians and Jews reading his blogs, and that is it!

Really, no one else sees my frigging point here?! Wow.

Go Mando!
Go Willi!

I'm complaining that there isn't anything new to complain about. The whole "I'm offended 'cause you said Christmas" is so 5 years ago. I think people just like to hear themselves talk. Get over it, it's old. Let the rest of us celebrate how we want, and stop infringing on our rights. Let's protest Valentine's Day, hearts offend me!

Go Phins!
Go Baby Jesus!


Nice attempt at being nice, but now you messed it up with your black hearted nasty name calling. You see, the problem is nobody likes a complainer. Also your stance is being associated with all those that have gone down the same road before you. Couple those two points with your name calling and you lose all credibility. Sorry man, I hope you still can have a merry Christmas, and one day realize that your existence on this earth is not about you.

C'mon guys, give Armando a break. He has spent the whole season (OK, the last 5 games) trying to make up for HATING on the Fins all these years.

PS I HATE Valentine's Day

maxx,to bad for u that your not a Christian,ill pray for you and hope you change your ways loser.

Maxx: I don't want this becoming a subject that derails the blog's intent so let me explain my intentions.

Christmas is a time when Christians, rightly or wrongly, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. That is not open to interpretation. It just is. So I wished a merry Christmas to the Christians celebrating THEIR holiday.

We are also in the middle of Hanukkah, which is a tradional Jewish celebration. I do not personally celebrate Hanukkah, but I recognize this is a special time for my Jewish brothers so I am sending them greetings, also.

As there is no other recognized national holiday currently going on, I was wholely correct in being specific to those two groups who specifically celebrate the current holidays.

Did I give a shoutout to atheists? Nope, because I would think atheists do not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, in whom they do not believe to begin with. That is, in case you forget, what Christmas is intended for -- to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Muslims? Doubt they celebrate the current holiday either. Jehovah Witnesses? Raelians? Pagans? Buddists? None of these folks celebrate the specific holidays for which I am wishing people greetings.

The fact is today is not a holiday in China or India or Pakistan and Indonesia. So to include those folks is inappropriate and could even be insulting. I would think a non-believer, which you say you are, might also be insulted by the presumtuousness of a Christian imposing a greeting celebrating THEIR Lord's birth upon you.

So Happy New Year? You're included. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah? I wasn't even talking to you. I'm targetting the folks I KNOW celebrate those and said so.

In other words, I was not reaching out to EVERYONE, as you say I should. Just like I don't reach out to EVERYONE when I wish someone specific a happy birthday. It's their birthday, not EVERYONE's birthday.

Do you understand?

Merry Christmas Mando! Happy Holidays to all! Thank you Dolphins for the 2008 memories. Here hoping, that we also have some January memories of 2009!!
Go Phins!!!! finish the drowning J...

Merry Christmas Armando. Hope you have a good holiday. Peace to you and your family and all the Miami Dolphins families of organization and fans. Peace.


Thanks for the thoughts and your blog during the year. Also, thanks for the Christmas wishes and all the best to you in 2009!

MAXX...Your tirade says more about who you really are than you should want to be known. Why is it that those of your ilk who are so easily offended have absolutely ZERO tolerance for those that do not agree with you. Ever hear the term "double standard".

maxx, your words are shallow and narrow minded. You are trivializing something very simplistic and diluting his message. Why can't it be about religion without him having to include every other religion for reasons that would be beyond reason? And why sould he have to appease you?

Mando, God bless you and Merry Christmas. Thank you for that last paragraph, and don't mind the supposed inclusionists. Nobody is truly all inclusive of anything. "Truth by definition is exclusive. If nothing were false then what would be the meaning of truth. Furthermore, if nothing were false, would it be true to say that everything is false?" Ravi Zacharias. You see the logic breaks down.

Sean...Well said. God bless you too and Merry Christmas.

I messed up the quote a bit. It should go like this: "Truth by definition is exclusive. If truth were all-inclusive, nothing would be false. And if nothing were false, what would be the meaning of truth? Furthermore, if nothing were false, would it be true to say that everything is false?."


Thank you and God Bless you on this Christmas as well.


May the PEACE of GOD that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind always!

Merry Christmas and Go Phins!!

right on mando...well put...keep the faith


Usually I wouldn't let anyone know that I like Mando's blog so much that I would check it on Christmas Day but that was classy and appropriate. Happy Holidays All. Even you NYScott.

Is it just me or is this the first time Maxx e pad has posted?I hope he gets your point Mando.I love self centered turds who think the world revloves around them.Hope you all are having a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

C'mon Maxx! Don't be a pretentious weirdo! I'm not religious either!

Don't be that guy...

You're better than that!

Merry Christmas all!!

Ho to the mutha f'in ho!!!

Oh yeah, Mando...

When did you find time to blog at midnight on Christmas eve? Did you plan that? Cuz midnight is a hectic time around here on Christmas eve!

Birth of Jesus Christ...Now, that's funny...Happy retail holidays

I did get some sweet fins gear though...

Jeez max get laid bro. u shouldn't even have to explain yourself,Mando. This WILL be the best christmas ever when those PHINS clobber the wets on sunday.

Mando, thanks for coming on here and writing that. I really didn't mean to make this an "angry" thing like all the people who are claiming I'm this selfish, hateful, person or whatever.

I still think my points are valid, but I think if nothing else this simply was not an appropriate situation to state a case for this. (I'm a bit of a grinch this year... sorry.) Funny enough, "Booger" is probably the response that made the most sense to me, just a couple comments above. (Hahaha!)

By the way, in case it's not clear, I'm apologizing here, people! So in conclusion let me simply say, may the Lord above be a Dolphins fan and bring us a victory this Sunday!

Football... the great equalizer!

Oh by the way though... Tony T Bone, I want you to know that you ARE really funny, don't listen to all the people in your life that don't laugh at your jokes. Your insults are truly unique and witty, what with the whole "Maxx e pad" joke, that was classic, who would have thought of that, ya know?

Whew! Maxx-E-Pad... that is a good one man. (Still laughing over here...) I mean, me personally, had I written "Max e pad" to someone named "Max," I'd have changed it to something less obvious. But clearly I don't know humor the way you do. Good job, brotha!

Oh, and I almost forgot to compliment you on YOUR name of "Tony T Bone." I mean, regardless of whether your name is "Tony" or not, that is just... again, among the BEST witty little names I've ever heard! Man, you are really on top of things, and I'm sure that whatever you do professionally, is just a lucky, LUCKY industry to have someone with your level of intelligence.

Apology accepted.Happy Holidays Maxx!!!

By the way Maxx-I do comedy as a side gig and I do quite well thank you.

"Tone, Toni, TONY has done it a-GAIN!"

Are you one of those guys Tony!?

Those are guys are pretty funny...

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