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A Dolphins in Depth Christmas greeting

This Christmas poem was written by Michael J. Franza and sent to me by his dad, Mike. I thinks it's appropriate for today and this week:

'Twas Week 17 and all through the land, Miami was flowing with excited Fish fans.

The stage was set in the meadowland air, in hope that St. Pennington soon would be there.

The Jets fans were worried, alone in their beds, while nightmares of Wildcats danced through their heads.

Chad in his jersey and Sparano with cap, they just couldn't wait for that Sunday first snap.

From one and 15 arose such a clatter, I sprang off the couch to see what's the matter.

Wearing number 10, not to be outdone, I knew it was him, our St. Pen-ing-ton.

Now Ricky, now Ronnie, now Polite and Mar-tin , on Cobbs, on Bess, on Fasano and Ginn.

Chad sprang to the huddle, Joey Porter gave cheer, and onward they went, like a new team, a new year.

But then I heard Chad exclaim, as the team drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to Jets fans good night!

I want to wish all my Christian friends and readers a very Merry Christmas. I want to wish all my Jewish friends and readers a happy Hanukkah. And as a brotherhood, I am believing the one living God we all serve will make His face to shine on us together in the coming year.