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Underdog Dolphins now look like the favorites

There was a time the Dolphins were a quaint little story about a team that turned a 1-15 disaster into a feel-good rebound. That improbable team insisted it had a faint and distant hope of making the playoffs and, frankly, not too many folks paid attention for a while.

Well, to heck with that junk.

We've graduated, ladies and gentlemen.

It says right here the Dolphins are not only the best team in the AFC East right now, they should win the division because they are getting better while everyone else is barely surviving the last couple of weeks.

I grant you the Dolphins cannot be confused with last season's Patriots or this season's Giants or Titans. They're not even be the equal to this season's Steelers. But the struggling Pats? The collapsing Jets?

The Dolphins are today better.

Think about this: Miami's defense is working on an eight-quarter string of not allowing a TD. The pass rush was the best it has been in weeks against Buffalo Sunday. The secondary has been solid in six of the past seven games (with the exception of the New England game). The special teams is improving to the point I don't get palpitations every time the Dolphins have to cover a kickoff or punt. And the offense, for all it's patchwork substituting on the offensive line and need for upgrading at receiver, simply does not make any mistakes.

The Dolphins lost go-to receiver Greg Camarillo and found a new go-to receiver in Davone Bess. Chad Pennington is playing better than Brett Favre. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are healthy and the schedule seems favorable the final three weeks.

The Dolphins should win the AFC East. They should be the favorites.

One cannot say that in a vacuum, of course, so let us take an overview of the Pats and Jets for the sake of comparison.

New York is a mess right now. It has lost two consecutive games and done so in hideous fashion.

Start with the New York offense: Favre is coming off a game in which he was outplayed by some dude named Shaun Hill of San Francisco. It probably has something to do with the fact Jets receivers have apparently quit on the season.

On Sunday, Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery combined for two catches. Two catches! Last I looked the 49ers have a terrible secondary and they were without injured cornerback Nate Clements, who is their best player back there. The NYJ running game is good, but the coaching staff seems to be abandoning it way too early and way too often for it to matter. Good stuff!

New York's defense? The anchor of that unit is NT Kris Jenkins and after playing great in September and October, the man the size of a bear has apparently gone into winter hibernation. The stats credited him with more penalties (two) than tackles (one) against S.F.

The Jets pass-rush is a mirage with Calvin Pace, who the Dolphins chased in free agency, becoming something of a ghost of late. Rookie first-round pick Vernon Gholston, meanwhile, has been a bust. Yeah, I said it. I predicted it in the preseason and it is happening, Jets fans.

And with little to no QB pressure, is it any surprise the Jets have yielded an average of over 300 yards passing the last four games?

There's something stinky in Gotham and it has nothing to do with the late garbage pickups. The Jets are reeling, friends.

Then there is New England. Have I ever made the point to you that they cheated all those years? OK, never mind.

The Patriots beat Seattle, 24-21, in Seattle on Sunday and there is nothing wrong with that because the Seahawks are tougher than folks acknowlege. I predict they will beat the Jets Dec. 21st. You heard it here first. I think that team will lay its soul on the line in Mike Holmgren's final home game and the coach knows a thing or two about Favre, so watch for that upset.

Anyway, back to the Patriots: They are still the AFC's best team if it weren't for injuries. No one in the division can compete with Tom Brady and Adalius Thomas and Rodney Harrison and Laurence Maroney and the rest. But all those guys aren't playing any longer this year.

Instead the Patriots are playing with an inconsistent Matt Cassel, and recently signed throwbacks Junior Seau and Rosevelt Colvin. Oh, and speaking of injuries, Tedy Bruschi injured a knee Sunday. The Boston Herald is reporting Tuesday that Bruschi will be out 3-4 weeks. Ouch.

Anyway, the Patriots are spending the week on the west coast because they play at Oakland Sunday. They should win that one, but I look forward to seeing how they handle the Arizona Cardinals the following week.

New England started a rookie corner in place of Deltha O'Neal on Sunday because coaches aren't happy with Deltha. (I don't know how they feel about American or Southwest.) Anyway, if the change to rookie Jonathan Wilhite stands through that Arizona game, watch for the track marks on that rookie left by Larry Fitzgerald and Co.

The key to New England's defense is that first-round-pick studded line. Except that Ty Warren has been injured lately and Vince Wilfork suffered a shoulder injury against Seattle. Against a Seattle offensive line starting four backups, the Patriots could muster very little QB pressure. And if Wilfork's injury is serious, the Pats are through as a viable playoff defense.

New England's running game, never a strength it seems, is merely plodding along now. There was reportedly a LaMont Jordan sighting against Seattle, but he fumbled one of his four carries -- not the way to earn more carries. Obviously, the New England receivers are the strength of that team and that remains unquestionable after Wes Welker had 12 catches Sunday. Randy Moss, I am told, is also pretty good. So the Pats can flat out throw the football when Cassel is right.

But Cassel is inconsistent. It said so four paragraphs back so it must be true. Just look at his game logs here and you'll understand what I mean. He's up, he's down, he's up, he's down again.

It's not a pretty picture is it?

Now, please understand. I am having a little fun. And I am spinning a bit. But none of what I've just written is untrue. The Jets are indeed struggling and the Pats are just treading water. The Dolphins, winners of six of seven games, don't remind of the Perfect Season team, either. They have their own issues, but those seem minor compared to inconsistency at QB, injuries galore, and poor December showings.

So in this improbable season, it is the Miami Dolphins, the gang that couldn't shoot straight a year ago, that has the AFC title in its sights. They look like the best team in the AFC East today.


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I see Mondo is back on the bandwagon...

I love how nobody is picking us, they don't even have our record correct on their charts or they have new england ahead of us, w/o even thinking twice that we have the tie breaker against them (vs. AFC). i luv it i luv it i luv it! let's keep them looking like idiots.

everyones forgetting that the Ravens have to play Pittsburgh and Dallas i dont see them holding on to that final spot, no one has even mentioned on all these shows that if the Dolphins win out they win the division NO MATTER WHAT the jets or patriots do!

this team is really starting to look like the Cowboys when parcells was taking them to the playoffs. ( pre-Terrell Owens)

Next game will tell me whats up..lets see how they handle san fran..somehow i get a gut feeling they will stumble down the stretch hope im wrong/ 49er and chiefs games scare me

Mando. I may agree with much of the content of your article, however I like Sparano and his approach of stay humble, stay hungry. We have won nothing yet. The 49ers are hot and Singletary was an option for me when Cam was here and we were all looking for a leader as a replacement. Talent wise the 49ers are as good as us, with the exception being Pennington. The Chiefs are beatable and the Jets will give us one hell of a fight. I hope we can win the divison before that game, which is mathmatically possible, if we win our next two and the Pats and Jets lose their last two games. Looking at the niners if Gore is injured that is huge for us. Confidence is good but keep it on the down low please Mando you Demi-God of Sports.

Teddy2k, stop being such a sourpuss. Have some confidence and growth a sac. The Dolphins are the best team in the AFC East and they will win their last 3 games. For goodness sakes, you sound like a JETS fan.

The Dolphins are playing good late in the season just like the giants did last season after their 0-2 season start. They just have to continue to play smart aggressive football and the sky is the limit!! I have a good feeling about this season I am making the trip to Miami from DC this weekend for the game!

Oz, the NINERS are garbage and the Dolphins will treat them as such. For goodness sakes, you sound like a JETS fan.


Weren't you writing this team off a week ago, suggesting that they were not good enough to make the playoffs? I don't understand why we should take your opinions or predictions seriously. Didn't you also predict that Joey Porter was going to leave the game because of back problems before the season? That the Dolphins were going to have a winning season last year and not make it to 500 this year?

I realize that this is a blog and that you can write and predict whatever you want, but its not clear to me what your years of covering the Dolphins has gotten you in terms of expertise or insider knowledge. Finally, calling the Dolphins the best team of the division after what the Patriots did to them at home two weeks ago is a major stretch to say the least. Lets see if they can get past the 49ers and Chiefs.

Go Dolphins!


Oz, your post is garbage. If you think the niners are so great, why don't you bet a few "dead presidents" on them. And please, you are worried about GORE when the Dolphins have Ricky and Ronny. Go away and cry some place else.

Will, take your negative thoughts elsewhere. Mando knows his stuff.

Mando, you are drinking the Kool-Aid.

If Trent Edwards plays on Sunday, he is going to absolutely torch the Jets. The last time they played, the Bills went up and down the field on the Jets and the Jets got lucky with getting a million turnovers. I cant wait to see the Bills get 400 yards on the Jets and beat them in NY. That defense cant stop anybody.

Let's slow down here. We lose against good teams and barely beat bad ones. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

It is all a possibility. Maybe Favre is losing it a bit. It is amazing that NE is still around with all of the injuries. Despite the fact that Bellicheck cheated (still have to play the game) they are still in the thick of things and have a good shot of winning it. Winning breads winners and nothing shows that more the NE this season.
We have a good shot at winning the AFC east. There are no cruise control games in the NFL and we have to play each game as hard as we can.
So, even if the numbers show that we are the best, we ain't there yet baby and we won't be until we win the last three games.
Go Phins

As a long-suffering fan I'm enjoying the decent season so far but this team still has work to do. Good year to re-establish a winning attitude but we still need a QB.
A playoff appearance would be a nice bonus but I'm not expecting a lot.

I'm telling you - the Phins should be underdogs the weekend to the 49ers. Singletary has them FIRED UP. Be very, very wary; you are way too confident.

mando... im not sure how often you read these posts since i dont post much but there is one thing i feel i needed to comment on...

ive been reading your blog everyday since the end of the nick-tator days back on the old blogspot page and i have to say i completely share your newfound glowing optimism about the next three weeks... why are all these people on here upset and telling you to slow down? this franchise has been at a dead stop for years.... have they not dealt with the garbage games in december the past 6 years? we finally have a competitive team and speaking for myself, i feel ive earned the right to be excited about the last 3 weeks of this season.

im from ohio and for the past 4 years ive been coming down to the final home game and each year when i get my hotel reservations and tickets in the summer i completely understand im flying down to see a poor football team lose a meaningless game, but this season has been the biggest surprise ever as a fan. so why not get excited? the fins are in first place- in december- who would have ever guessed that this time last year when we were 0-13?

i feel a lot of people are taking the optimism as thinking we are going to win the super bowl and its not that, its the excitement that these games actually have meaning and a purpose of being played other than sorting out draft order! if we dont go to the playoff ill be upset but do you know how happy it makes me to know after a 1-15 year and the 5 years of mediocrity the preceded it- im not looking at mel kiper's big board in december? this has been the most special turnaround season and story any fanbase/team could hope for- so why not cheer up and embrace it?

mando- i appreciate the good work and keep us misplaced dolphins fans in the loop!

I agree with you Belchos. The niners look very good on defense and have a balanced offensive scheme. As I said before, if Gore is out that is a massive boost to us, as they will have to pass so much more and we can get after Hill. Idiots like CeceilWhatever, will never realize this and call the niners Garbage after they smashed the Jets and are on a roll with a great coach.

on espn, trent dilfer thinks that maimi will lose against san fran.
I just don't get the reasoning,other that espn hates the dolphins.

miami has beat teams with better records than the 49ers.
maimi's at home in dec. with the playoffs on the line and on a winning streak.
just because they beat the fading jets,that means,that in the espn thinking,they should beat maimi,because they played some teams hard.miami has played teams hard but have won those games and that's why miami is where they are and san fran is where they are.

trent dilfer is going to eat crow , but that won't stop espn from picking everyone except miami from winning or making the playoffs.
mami has just as good of a chance to make the playoffs as any afc team fighting for a playoff position.
maimi has to think that and believe that.

you are right.....the jets suck!

To those of you who bash the skeptics (of which I am one), please remember that we have jumped onto the bandwagon several times in the last few years only to be very shortly thereafter dumped on our heads. Skepticism is healthy. In fact, it is SUPPOSE to be the backbone of journalism.

I, like most fans, am thrilled with the Dolphins progress this year. But don't confuse our disagreement with the statement that we are the best in the division with negativity. If someone stated that Miami is the best team in the NFL, I think most would disagree, without being accused of negativity.

The fact is, with all their injuries, NE spanked us. I understand we spanked them earlier, but we of course had the element of surprise with the Wildcat. We are not on their level, and it will take a couple years to get there.

It is a disservice to cultivate false expectations. Yes, it would be nice to win the division, but that's not important. In fact, it is quite possible that we win the division, because we are playing at or above the level of the Jets right now, and we don't have to play NE again to get into the playoffs, not to mention SF and KC will have something to say about it- nothing is a given.

We all love the Dolphins! I know it's hard to not feel nervous when facing any opponent. Especially after last years trauma which will take some time to leave our minds.

But in the words of Winston Churchill

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

It's there for the taking! Go get it!

Dolphins Forever!

I hope that Gholston bust comment doesn't jinx us buddy. A few weeks back you wrote about Miami owning the 4th quarter, and then of course we had a 4Q meltdown against the Pats. Lets get 'em Phins!!!!

Does any sports media outside of South Florida LIKE the Dolphins? I've not found one and I've been a Dolphins fan since '72! I think they are jealous of the perfect season and most wanted NE to win last year so the Old Boys from '72 would fade into obscurity. Tell me I'm wrong. Don't get me started on SI's LOVE for the Niners. In their heyday it was obscene!


Say it with me J.E.T.S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!!

Great story here, predicting that Miami wins division:


RAISE THE FU#@ UP this is what u 1-15 fans wanted a winning season now we got more than we can handle live it up enjoy it smile and support ur team see u guys sunday at the game.

The trick with these bad teams like the 49ers and the Chiefs is you have to jump on them early. I was watching the Jets-49ers game and I knew immediately after the 49ers scored the first TD that this was going to be interesting.
Because when you give a young, hungry, non-playoff team, eager to be a spoiler, a little chance to feel good in the NFL you're flirting with trouble.
If we can get the first TD and a FG or so, the 49ers, a team going nowwhere this year, will fold. As soon as they are down, psychologically they will say "Here we go again...." So the trick to these next 2 games will be to jump on them early and often.
I really hope we can do it, I can't tell you how happy I am to be a Dolphin fan- that is a DieHard Dolphin Fan!!
By the way, I already have tickets to the JETS game at the Meadowlands- Dec 28th baby!!!

Flat out this is a different Dolphins team, and this is the most fun i have had in a football season in a long time. Essentially, Miami is playing ball control and smash mouth football and i am loving it.

Jets are suffering from an identity crises, they look different every week, and i just feel they are overrated. Favre will start throwing some INTs and i believe they will struggle against the Seahawks.

Pats - are broken down, they have suffered way too much this season with injuries, Billicheat is pulling up stuff to keep them alive, there is no way they beat the Cardinals.

In the end, no one in the major media outlets are giving the Dolphins any love, which I like, are boys can play with an edge, we can prove to the world that we do belong in the playoffs, not because of an easy schedule. Go Phins! Big props to everyone on the team

Hey all of you morons with the negativity. The Dolphins were not even supposed to be in the chase for even making the playoffs. I didn't think it and neither did you. But the are. YEAH! What is up with all the negativity? You act like we have been a super bowl contender for the last 10 years? We are turning things around. It's great! So stop the negative crap! Even if we lose, so what. We weren't supposed to make it any way. What's up with waiting and seeing what we do in San Fran before we give hope to making the playoffs? You guys absolutely SUCK AS FANS!!!! We won 1 freakin game last year. We now are in the run for the playoffs after an amazing offseason and season. YOU GUYS WITH THE NEGATIVE STUFF ARE A JOKE OF A FAN! Dolphins are winning out and going to the playoffs!!! We will have a great draft and pick up a few key free agents. Next year we are major contenders. Thank you Bill Parcells!!!

"everyones forgetting that the Ravens have to play Pittsburgh and Dallas i dont see them holding on to that final spot,"

Sonny -- The Ravens are one up and hold the head to head tiebreaker on us with three games to go. So if they go 1-2 we'd have to go 3-0 to pass them, but if we do that we will be division champs anyhow. And I wouldn't get your hopes up on the Raven losing out the way they are playing.

We could also shoot to pass Indy, but they are a game up too, have a better conference record and a couple of nice and easy games coming up.

So to my mind, we have to wear the AFC East crown to get into the playoff dance.

OK, so the Dolphins have been barely winning, but they've been consistent. Can't say the same of the Jets & Pats, which is Armando's point. Give 'em some credit. And he's right, TODAY the Fins are the division's best. Hopefully we can stretch it another month or so!

P.S.: Interesting article on NFL.com pointing out the Dolphins' statistical superiority to the other two. Plus-12 on turnovers. Plus-12!! The Jets are dead even, and the Patriots below.

Good stuff Mando!

first off I'd like to congratulate Armando on finding his true colors and showing love to the Dolphins. I think the reality is that when you believe in yourself and can trust those around you to succeed on the field, the game slows down and becomes easier. these last few games with exception to patriots while close always felt like they were the dolphins to win and they have produced for coach Sparano. He is getting them in the position to beat each team in the NOW and the team has responded by being ready for the challenge no matter the team they're up against. The Dolphins can compete with any team in this league and I am not surprised at all at the outcome of this year... I don't care if you believe me but I called a 11-5 or 10-6 season, granted most years I am optimistic and biased as I live and was born in Miami. the Dolphins destroyed themselves last year from the inside. the trifecta is exactly what the doctor ordered

shuan hill is no dud. they have gore and a refocused squad under singletary. fins should take this next game very seriously.

Is the cuban menace still in bed or something?

Armando, is Jim Mandich as annoying in person as he is on the radio? Can you hear him yelling "ALRIGHT" when he's defecating at Dolphins Stadium? It's really annoying. Please tell him to stop.

The only thing more annoying then mandich is dan dierdorffs almost homosexual attraction to tom brady. I mean the guys been out since week 1 and every other word is brady this and brady that.

Yo Masters Whats Up?, Gotta Love Mia. Peeking While My Jets,jets,jets Are Stinking.

I've read your posts this morning and I'm smiling. Here's what stands out to me:

To all the folks telling me to slow down and saying the Dolphins might lose vs. SF: I wrote Sunday there are doubters of this team and the Dolphins continue to answer those doubters. Some folks emailed asking where the doubters were. Well, ESPN, on this blog, in my email basket, everywhere! Now you understand there really are a lot out there.

Secondly, to Will: Your representation of what I wrote after the St. Louis game is completely wrong. You make it seem like I said the Dolphins had no playoff chance. In truth, the column's headline was "Dolphins have playoff chances, flaws." The headline on the jump page was, "Team has shot at playoffs, some problems to correct." In other words, I wrote the Dolphins HAVE a chance at the playoffs, but they have stuff to fix. I don't know anyone on here who thinks the Dolphins are perfect. Even in this post I say they're not perfect. So please don't misrepresent what I've written or said.

Finally, after covering so many December swoons under three different coaches, it pleases me that Miami won on Sunday while the Jets continued to struggle.

This month will be very exciting. I'm pumped.

On Mandich: He has a schtick. That how you spell it? And the aaaaaaawwright Miami is part of that schtick. He's a good dude, though.

Well Mando I think we have a good shot at winning the afc east I mean a few penalties,bad play calling is why we lost the opener against the jets oh and the secondary gave up some big plays but we should have had that game won.But I also have to disagree with your view on the Jets,and Pats for one how can we be the better team we are all 8-5 we just won games by the skin of our teeth just like NE has been not to mention New England will torch us again if we played them why because of our secondary,not to mention the Jets at home now we all know we have had better shots of winning a game in New England with Tom Brady playing than beating the Jets.Our secondary has to play big and not give up big plays to Jerico but anyway how great would it be for the last game of the season to be for the title and a playoff spot.God I only hope we can win our next two.

I heard on ESPN last night that Pennington has more passing yards than Favre this far in the season.

I know that stat isn't perfect, but that's awesome, plus we have someone waiting to take over. We got the best of that deal, easily.

Jets are just done after this year or next once Favre decides to final quit.

Just to update you guys: The Boston Herald is reporting now Tedy Bruschi will be out 3-4 weeks with that knee injury I told you he suffered.

You know, if we lose the rest, i'll be happy with this season compared to the dreadful last season when I watched all 15 of those losses in agony...I was even at our home game against the Raiders for not only to get rained all over, but to see Culpepper run all over our defense.
But now, i no longer look at Dolphins games thinking "oh no, we're probably going to lose." every game I watch I look for us to win. I see us cooling off the niners after their 2 wins recently over the Bills and the Jets (which I'll shake their hands for!!!). I see us stomping the Chiefs, and going on to the Jets game and seeing us pull out a close one over the struggling Jets that are just about to CRASH!!!
I think Pennington was the best thing that happened to us, and I'm predicitng that we're going to at least the divisional playoffs...although I welcome the Dolphins to prove me wrong and make it much further....


Mando, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. We need to do something about the quarterback efficiency rating. Here's the problem as I see it. It is statistically better for a quarterback to be sacked than to throw an incompletion. Why? Because a sack in no way adjusts the QB's efficiency rating, but an incompletion hurts his completion percentage and his yards per pass attempt (two of the categories that make up the quarterback efficiency rating). I always thought Dan Marino was unfairly hurt by this anachronism, since he was so adept at avoiding sacks by throwing the ball away. For the most obvious reasons, it's better for the team to throw incompletions than take sacks, and it's ridiculous that QBs should be statistically penalized that way. What do you think? I recommend you petition the NFL. A one-page, single-spaced brief should do the trick. Get back to me on this.

Great Article!
Send it to the boys and girls at the ESPN Network. None of them seem to think we have a shot. Well I do, and verify this I make a bold prediction...

We'll beat San Fran at home, West coast team in Miami, plus we can out-coach them. Mike Matrz is a bit stuborn and stupid, I like that.

No, our fait will be decided in the Kansas City game. Unlike the 49ers who have beaten both our divisional opponents in the past two weeks, there is no reason to fear them. Well there is but I still see us winning the battle up front. Beware though the Cheifs live off of mistakes, it a good thing we don't make too many of those. Still it will be a nail bighter. Even when they're winning they make us suffer.



Thanks for the Bruschi update.

Any further word on Frank Gore?

Everybody's looking to far ahead. This next game is a perfect trap game. I sure hope the Dolphins don't fall in it.

I have to be quiet because it's hard to speak while you're holding your breath!

The Sparano formula is simple, fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals, don't make mistakes and play disciplined football. I think the NE loss gave him a great opportunity to show his team what happens when fundamentals and discipline break down...

The future outlook can be that simple, play poised, disciplined, fundamental football and the rest will take care of itself. If the Fins take one opponent at a time and treat each team as the best team they will play all year, they will continue the run to the playoffs.

Just one comment Armando before I go back to holding my breath... Kris Jenkins' job should not be judged by statistics. As long as he is containing two OL he is doing his job whether he makes any tackles at all. Such is the life of a nose guard in the NFL.

Okay deep breath!!!

Dolphins Jets game needs to be elevated to 8pm game.
Mando can you put that in motion.

Two things that help us down the stretch. the 49ers can't win when traveling to the east coast, and the jets can't win when traveling to the west coast. the thing that hurts may be the cards having nothing to play for in new england, hopefully the well still be vying for a bye.

i do believe we will find a way to win the next 2 weeks. it may end up being an elimination game in NY... i kinda like that. i hate the jets. i've made the clear here before. to win the east while eliminating the jets on their home field would be so awesome!! seeing those lousy jets fans pelt their own team with insults and snowballs, watching favre cry and retire again in the post game press conference. seeing my fins put on afc east champs hats after going 1-15 last year. what a happy new year it will be!! most likely we will get a home game against the colts.

Excellent blog, Mando. I also thought the column you wrote in the paper (I still get it on my lawn every morning) captured the mood of what is happening with this team. Folks doubt them, they just win and make us proud. Pretty soon the doubters like Trent Dilfer, who never did anything worthy in the NFL outside of riding the BAltimore defense's wave to a title, will change his mind. He'll see the error of his way, the knob.

Anyway, if Mando sees good things for this team, I trust that. He hasn't exactly been a homer in the past.

You guys know if it wasnt for the jets going after brett(father time) you guys wouldnt even be talking play offs.....your welcome. ps masters a nite game in the wind tunnel in jan. iam now questioning your sanity bro..

Why are all you fans wishing that the MIA-NYJ game be moved to 8pm---the 12/28 weather is going to be lousy enough at 1 or 4 pm; an 8pm start will be an additional disadvantage to the Fins---c'mon, guys, think!

Next two games, San Fran and K.C. are super TRAP games. San Fran is winners of two straight and KC has found a resurgence of offense with Tyler Thigpen. I pray that we can go into the final week of the season with a showdown with the Jets for the division...that would be AWESOME, since I'll be at that game in the Meadowlands!

HOUSE MONEY.....wooooo!

Question for C. Little and Cuban Menace: What active qb has played the most December games in the Meadowlands?

Answer: Pennington

C Little, Trust me 8 pm game at that time of year 20 to 30 degrees 15 to 30 mph winds make it feel like 1 to 10 degrees not fit for humans, maybe penguins but not humans

Great--so let him play a December game at Meadowlands at 1 pm or 4 pm & not at the exponentialy more difficult 8pm--again--why are you so interested in an 8pm start if it disadvantges the Fins, which you cannot honestly suggest it does not. If you are a fin fan - doubtful, based on your position - forget the ego graftification of having the "nation" watch our game for a reasonably timed start for the end of December. "F" prime-time-I want a win, not the brutal spectacle of a late-December nighttime game.

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