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Unfiltered: Chad Pennington on playing the Jets

Chad Pennington's story -- you know, the return to New York to play the team that discarded him after seven seasons -- is a big deal. ESPN is focusing on it this week. CBS is focusing on it during Sunday's pregame show.

But you're here so you get to read what Pennington said about the matter only moments ago:

Q. How much do you relish the opportunity to play this game against a team that essentially showed you the door?

A. "Well, as only fate would have it, this is how sports always works out. This situation doesn't surprise me and I pretty much banked on it. It's a good thing. I'm excited about it. The whole team is excited about having a chance to have one shot into the playoffs. That's what you work so hard for the whole season, to get to this point to have an opportunity to play an extra game."

Q. How much more incentive do you have to win this game especially since the Jets brought in Brett Favre and out you go. He gets a Pro Bowl spot that maybe you deserve. How much more incentive is there for you to win this game?

"To be honest with you it's the same. As far as the emotion, the emotional part happened in the first game. And I'm glad that it did happen in the first game. So now it's strictly business trying to win a football game. It just so happens we're playing my former team. Will there be some emotions? Sure. You're going back the Meadowlands where you played eight years. But I just don't think it will be to the magnitude that it was in the season-opener when the situation was so fresh and so new. It's a little bit different now. We've got two really good teams that are vying for a playoff spot. And it's going to be an exciting game."

When you became a Dolphins did you dream or anticipate this scenario would play out?

"Sure. I think if you don't have those expectations for yourself as an individual, especially as a quarterback, if you don't believe you can help change a team, help a team, and lead a team to victory, you really don't have business being behind center. And so I didn't know exactly what to expect. I think our whole team didn't know what to expect for ourselves. But at the same time we expected ourselves to play well. We expected a lot out of ourselves and we expected ourselves to be successful. To what level of success, we really didn't know based upon our youth, and all the new people that were part of the team, and all the different scenarios. Are we shocked we're here? No, not at all. Because we've worked extremely hard and talked about this opportunity and this position for quite some time now."