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A playoff live blog today of Fins-Ravens game

The day is finally here. Are you just a little excited?

The Miami Dolphins return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2001-02 season today. They play the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore is favored by 3 points.

But so far in these playoffs, the home team is 2-0.

One thing I know: The Dolphins lost to Baltimore 27-13 on Oct. 19 and two things the Dolphins want to address on offense are the use of the wildcat package and turnovers. On the turnover front, the Miamians must avoid the kind of game-changing plays that they allowed in the first game.

That means no interception returns for touchdowns, such as the one Terrell Suggs had in the regular season.

On the wildcat front, the Dolphins have studied and schemed to beat the blitz the Ravens showed every time Miami lined up in the formation the first game. That suggests passes and other tweaks out of wildcat, rather than just Ronnie Brown runs up the pike. The former might work. The latter didn't work on Oct. 19.

One last thing: The Dolphins defense must make Joe Flacco play like a rookie. He played more like Joe Montana in the first game. That means pressure. It will be interesting to see how Miami brings that pressure. Joey Porter, with 17.5 sacks in the regular season, needs to step up.

As you know, the reason you're here is to get the live blog going. It begins in the comments section at 1 p.m., although if you start now, I'll be checking in and out while I do my pregame show on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

The show streams online at 790theticket.com. You can also call me toll free at 1-888-790-3776.


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here we go baby cobbs next brian westbrook

Lets go

Every week for the past three weeks Sparano has asked his Offensive coaches, 'How are we going to get the ball to cobbs this week?'

those horizontal runs on shotgun work very rarely. not a fan


We can't run the ball to save our lives

omg im telling brian westbrook

... I guess the answer this week was, 'We're going to throw it to him at least twice in the first two pass plays.'

Miami has Balts number
they are confused and

now pound cobbs up the middle for the 2

mando f this blog get up make that noise

David Martin wide open on the play-action but Pennington was running for his life.

terrible terrilbe

Get the points.

Silly to run up the middle on the goal line vs these guys.

We need to score when we get on the 1 yd line

Gotta come away with points. They could be hard to come by for both teams today.

low scoring game this will be.. 3 points off turnover huge....ala yoda lol

NEED td'S. lets go D another turnover

just give to polite on 2nd and goal. his conversion rate is like over 90% I don't get it. If you have first and goal at 1 then you can play fake. Not wise.

SONOFA............!! Same damned story!@!!!! You can't settle for a &*#^*#% field goal after goin that far! And, you can't get into the endzone against a great defense with J A C K A S S playcalling! *)&$*(

now hold them to 3 and out

exactly. polite is the man with 1 yard needed

No more dancing Ronnie!! Hit that hole hard!!!

The Ravens are bunch of bullies and bums. I wish I had the game in which the Giants ran all over them on DVD.

i think everybody extpected polite on goal line so going for playaction was a good idea just a great defense.

Is Carpenter the worst kickoff guy in the league or is that planned crappiness?

the tight end was open on the goaline playaction but pennington didn't want to force it.

they were moving on us fine before the fumble. I'm not convinced of our ability to stop them yet.

smack the flac

hear that crowd and that fumble rattled these guys im sure

can ronnie brown hit a hit with some power please.....

That was real bad.....we needed that TD more than any other time in this franchises' history. The Ravens "D"D is only going to get better and now, after that goal line stand the ravens are pumped, and will be jaw jackin, and the Phins O line knows they were shut down....this is NOT a good combo.

Keep tackling hard-go Joey

3rd down

Vonnie Holliday with the pressure.

3rd and long...Let's go!

at least we put Flacco on his back

flac got punched in the mouth

3 and out....lets go.


Defensive holding. Or PI.

ball not cathable

way too much time again.


5yd better tahn 25

We have to blitz to get pressure b/c rushing 4 ain't gonna get it done.

Terrible pass rush. They have to send more than they can block.

Pretty ticky tack, but I don't blame goodman when Flacco has 10 seconds

Again, not enough pressure. Seems to me this team needs to draft/sign another DL/OLB that would prssure the QB.

It doesn't matter if you hit the line with power if there isn't an inch of room, and ANY back the Phins have is no match (in terms of pure power) with the weakest of the Ravens players. That's why the O line has to do better, or better yet, we need some type of quick pass like the one that Ricky had a play or two before the goal line plays!

Porter is playing patty cake with the LT

crowd noice please

Holliday experience paying off on that penalty.

Wait a minute...How did Hochuli get this game??

someone shut Phil Simms up

The Ravens have obviously scouted the Dolphins pretty well. Dolphins bring CB blitz on long-yardage but Ravens rollout Flacco to counter.

Review it...

Last week Simms was gobbling Farve, this week's it's Flacco.

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