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A playoff live blog today of Fins-Ravens game

The day is finally here. Are you just a little excited?

The Miami Dolphins return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2001-02 season today. They play the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore is favored by 3 points.

But so far in these playoffs, the home team is 2-0.

One thing I know: The Dolphins lost to Baltimore 27-13 on Oct. 19 and two things the Dolphins want to address on offense are the use of the wildcat package and turnovers. On the turnover front, the Miamians must avoid the kind of game-changing plays that they allowed in the first game.

That means no interception returns for touchdowns, such as the one Terrell Suggs had in the regular season.

On the wildcat front, the Dolphins have studied and schemed to beat the blitz the Ravens showed every time Miami lined up in the formation the first game. That suggests passes and other tweaks out of wildcat, rather than just Ronnie Brown runs up the pike. The former might work. The latter didn't work on Oct. 19.

One last thing: The Dolphins defense must make Joe Flacco play like a rookie. He played more like Joe Montana in the first game. That means pressure. It will be interesting to see how Miami brings that pressure. Joey Porter, with 17.5 sacks in the regular season, needs to step up.

As you know, the reason you're here is to get the live blog going. It begins in the comments section at 1 p.m., although if you start now, I'll be checking in and out while I do my pregame show on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

The show streams online at 790theticket.com. You can also call me toll free at 1-888-790-3776.


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Crowd sucks. Very quiet.

No friggin pass rush

It is crazy how much time they have to throw.

where is the f'ing pressure!!!!

just like the last playoff game. couldnt get the TD early. It was a good season at least

where is the pass rush


Can some of these bums make a play

Hey, a tackle for Porter!

McClain looks tired already.

hold em

hey Armando, whatever happened to Anderson on passing downs?

That's Yeremiah Bell, Hayden!!!


Bell saves the TD!

Y Beezy

block now knic

I love you Bell!

Well I guess this makes up for the 2nd and goal failure. Game was over with a TD.

now we need cobbs with a BIG return

Big play by Bell, your boy Mando.

Y bell...friggin awesome!!!! Flacco has too much time. They need to rattle him

This will be a long losing day if we can't get anymore pass rush than that

alright screw this all negativity aint helpin..later people...good with this crowd Armando.

I truly believe Bell is the glue that holds this D together...They MUST re-sign him!

that was huge, now we need to jam the ball down ray ray's throat...

It is remarkable how bad the pass rush has been in the last four games. They can't hit home, let alone consistently.

Easily this is the area the needs to be addressed come this offseason.

Let's matriculate down the field for a TD boys!

our d is trying to push the o line into flacco
instead of making moves around them to get to flacco

1. more cb bitzes of edge, too much time for flacco
2. more ricky.
3. y. bell needs to shadow heap

we got to be able to run the ball

We are the only ones that can make a rookie QB look like a Pro Bowler in his first playoff game.

ginn with an end around now

On the road as well.

Funny comment, David.

ginn should return kickoffs

armando what happen whit our pass rush

Let's see some a throw out of the Wildcat.

good the D stopped them, apart from the wastetd opportunity on the 1 (they should have used Polite) the Fins look good. We will stick it to them!

thats two in a row up ray lewis's middle

Wildcat on third and 2?

wildcat on 3rd down? even if it works i don't like it

the ravens always stop the wild cat

I don't like the wildcat on 3rd down.

when they run the wild cat they HAVE to snap the ball quicker not wait so loong

Can they just can the Wildcat against these guys?

3 guys just got drilled from behind on that return!!!

coaches trying to lose this for us? playcalling going downhill fast.

three tackles missed on punt
got to do better first man down gets him
3 and out

not a good time for the wildcat. thats needs to be a 1st or 2nd down thing against the ravens.

Take the ball away and score

Let's keep Penny under center for 3rd down plays please! Gah...

Manuel, the pass rush has been pretty bad all season. The Dolphins are blitzing and trying to manufacture a pass rush.

Just hope we get the pass rush going....

its over folks

crappy playcalling + suspect defense = WE LOSE.

get ready to lose.

they're setting up the pass from the wildcat

The D is going to get tired quick if we go 3 and out like that.

Spread the field and keep the ball in Chad's hands.

our d has held mcclain to 2 yds per carry
flacco is 4/7 for 70

Lets see what adjustments we have.

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