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A playoff live blog today of Fins-Ravens game

The day is finally here. Are you just a little excited?

The Miami Dolphins return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2001-02 season today. They play the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore is favored by 3 points.

But so far in these playoffs, the home team is 2-0.

One thing I know: The Dolphins lost to Baltimore 27-13 on Oct. 19 and two things the Dolphins want to address on offense are the use of the wildcat package and turnovers. On the turnover front, the Miamians must avoid the kind of game-changing plays that they allowed in the first game.

That means no interception returns for touchdowns, such as the one Terrell Suggs had in the regular season.

On the wildcat front, the Dolphins have studied and schemed to beat the blitz the Ravens showed every time Miami lined up in the formation the first game. That suggests passes and other tweaks out of wildcat, rather than just Ronnie Brown runs up the pike. The former might work. The latter didn't work on Oct. 19.

One last thing: The Dolphins defense must make Joe Flacco play like a rookie. He played more like Joe Montana in the first game. That means pressure. It will be interesting to see how Miami brings that pressure. Joey Porter, with 17.5 sacks in the regular season, needs to step up.

As you know, the reason you're here is to get the live blog going. It begins in the comments section at 1 p.m., although if you start now, I'll be checking in and out while I do my pregame show on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

The show streams online at 790theticket.com. You can also call me toll free at 1-888-790-3776.


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sack and fumble!!! .....???



That Flaco has got a cannon..wow.. reminds me of our very own Bret Fart.. Go Jets.. Pennington needs to throw the ball to Ricky and let him run with it..

Pts here and we have a real game.

A TD here and Flacko gets rookie rattled - close game for a rookie too keep cool in the playoffs - If we can just get to him a bit more, he will make a mistake. But, we have to score here!

no reverse defense to damn fast.


that's the way to do it..Pennington..dinking and dunking..they are moving now..looking good..

That is why we need Ricky in there against this D. He is a hammer.

good call...bad execution

that sucked big time. It was a good call against that D and Ginn hangs onto ball he has daylight. But now we are in serious trouble.

that done it

They should've kep dinking and dunking instead of getting pretty with that reverse..Now the FINS really need that D-Turn over..

This is why the Jets rolled the dice with Favre, Pennington is just a possession QB, he indirectly hurts the running game because the safeties just stay in the box with no threat of a deep pass. Pennington does not Win games for you, he just doesn't lose them for you, that is fine during the regular season, but like Eli proved in the Superbowl last year, you need a QB that can pull a rabbit from a hat sometimes, Pennington is not that guy.

looks like it's over..Pennington is going to have to put the ball in the air and you know what that means..Even if they hold them to a field goal, I think it's over.

I agree scamscameron.. That's exactly why we got rid of him.. Can't get the ball down field, hurts the run and defense T-off on those wobly passes.. Hope we didn't take a chance on that Bret Fart though..Screwed us big time.. Sorry FINS.. you did great considering last year's record..

Guess we dolfans can stop kidding ourselves now, our team still has a lot of work to do. If Henne cannot supplant Pennington as the starter next year, he is the wrong guy and we need to draft QB. If anyone thinks this team as currently constructed can hang with the Pats next year with Brady back they are delusional. We may need to take a step back next year record wise, but hopefully with a QB who can actually throw the ball more than 20 yards (without the pass looking like a punt).

what draft pick do we have?

they tried....but lack of talent on WR and Chad's brain freeze did em in!

"This is why the Jets rolled the dice with Favre, Pennington is just a possession QB, he indirectly "........YAK YAK YAK...
Dude, if you're goin to come on here and spout your crap do it when you have A SINGLE clue on the topic of which you speak! And, Football is not one of them! Pennington has done fine all year(for the most part). Pennington, can only do what his surroundings (other players-so you can comprehend) allow him to do! This ravens defense eating our "D" line like candy is why Pennington has to do what he is!
Now, for all you RAH RAH types....maybe you'll all STFU now.

an amazing season. i cant be upset. next year is are year

Well, all good things must end. THANKS for a great season guys. You gave us the fans something to chear about again, Go getem next year!!

FURTHERMORE: As I have said all damned year>> porter; 3 tackles, no (zippo) sacks! I know what I'm talking about! You don't! I have proven my case against all the "yayyyyyy, porter" morons here!

As a lifelong Dolfan, I am grateful for alot of things; beating the jets, pats and sweeping the bills, suprising alot of people, making the playoffs, bringing us back from the dump. Let all these Baltimore fans yuck it up, they obviously have no life to come on the opposing teams board and talk crap, simply pathetic, I am proud of my team and all Dolfans should be as well. We won the division, thats something to be thankful for..... Someone has to lose, unfortunatley it was us today but there are many more days to come.

I would have rather them not even get in than to put up a piss poor performance like this one.

The Dolphins played like they did not belong to be the Division Winners. That's right...they didn't!!!!! The Patriots would have destroyed that team. Go lick you wounded fins, you won't be back next year!

ahh another pats fan who was NOT in the playoffs

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