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An uneasy feeling -- [Newsy update here]

This morning I filed the post the follows below. But I have an update.

I have confirmed that former Kansas City president and general manager Carl Peterson was at the Dolphins game Sunday. The fact, first reported by profootballtalk.com, makes me wonder what is really going to happen with these Dolphins in the coming days.

Peterson, I am told, was not only cozying up to incoming owner Stephen Ross during the playoff game against Baltimore, he was on the Miami sideline with Ross prior to the game. And get this: He was wearing a Dolphins pin on his lapel.

And he was overheard talking about the Dolphins as, "We." and "We're." So it sounds like Peterson believes he's going to soon be part of the Dolphins organization in some capacity. Ross and Peterson go back 25 years. Peterson was the general manager of the USFL's Philadelphia Stars and Ross was the team's owner.

All this leads me to wonder, how can Ross bring in Peterson and keep Bill Parcells? It would have to happen only if Peterson comes in exclusively on the business side.

Anyway, here's the text of the post I put on the blog early this morning:

This morning I am feeling uneasy so I need to share with you the reason for my discomfort. No, it's not stomach related you jokers.

As you probably have read by now, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said Sunday afternoon he had spoken with Football Czar Bill Parcells and Parcells told him he was staying with the Dolphins. This is my column on the issue that appeared in today's Miami Herald.

And these are the words right from Huizenga's mouth: "Bill is going to stay. He told me the day before yesterday [Friday] he was going to stay."

So case closed right?

I wasn't satisfied. So when I saw incoming owner Stephen Ross immediately after speaking with Huizenga, I decided to ask Ross about the Parcells matter.

"My gut tells me he'll stay," Ross told me. "I certainly want him. And I understand what he wants. I think he deserves all the credit. Everyone is expecting and wanting him to come back. I don't think he could find a more welcome home."

Guess what? I'm still not satisfied. And that's where my uneasy feeling comes from.

The fact is Parcells has not said anything on the matter. The fact is Ross confirmed he and Parcells have not hashed out the issue from a contract standpoint. The fact is no meeting is set between Ross and Parcells to do so.

And then there is my personal skepticism I have to deal with. You see, during my five billion years covering the Dolphins as a backup beat writer, beat writer and columnist, I've heard people say a lot of things. And then I've seen them do another.

Tim Robbie told me to my face he didn't need to sell the team for estate tax purposes. And six months later the team was sold.

I remember witnessing Jimmy Johnson em-effing colleague Jason Cole at least 12 times (There were more em-effs but I stopped counting after 12) because Cole wrote Johnson was taking it easier and slowing down prior to the 1999 season. Johnson insisted he still had the same fire in his belly he always had -- which, of course, it was proven later he didn't.

After Huizenga hired Parcells in December 2007, I asked the owner what the move meant for Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller. "Cam and Randy are secure," he answered. You know the rest of that tale.

Huizenga also told me in August of 2007 that Cameron promised him the team was going to the playoffs.

And, yes, I was there when Nick Saban uttered the phrase, "I will not be the Alabama coach."

So I've learned not to simply accept somebody's word as the Gospel truth.

In this case, I'm puzzled by the NFL Network report of Ross's flirtation with former Chiefs president Carl Peterson. Seriously, Carl Peterson?

I'm curious that Ross didn't squash the Parcells issue by saying something like, "I will do whatever I need to do to keep him." Don't get me wrong, Ross said all the right things. But he didn't exactly slam the door on the possibility Parcells might not be back.

Finally, it was interesting to me that when I asked Huizenga whether the sale of the team to Ross would absolutely go through, he said, "I assume so. We're going to go upstairs now and meet on that."

With that, Huizenga stepped into a Dolphin Stadium elevator and went upstairs ...

... except that I followed Ross and talked with him as he was headed out of the stadium and to his vehicle in the parking lot. He may have doubled back for that meeting. But it didn't look like it.

So I'll believe everything is set and done ... when everything is set and done.



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I guess there are idiots in this world also and you can include Ross as one of them if he thinks Peterson would be better than parcells. I hope this is all negotiation tactic to keep parcells

How bout that schedule next year? The only losing team are the Bills! We must be exponentially better next year to compete

I already want this guy ross to sell the team! Why is he messing around with carl peterson?!?!?! He's already alienating the tuna. Parcells will leave after next season. Mark my words. I can tell already this guy is gonna set this franchise back.

Maybe Peterson takes Joe Baily`s job when he goes...as another Poster named Don Shula said?

Thanks for getting on top this story....Please inform Dolhins Mgmt. that if they think we are buying season tickets for a Carl Peterson run team, they're delusional. No Parcells ='s No Season Tickets. Leave it to Wayne to sell the team to a scumbag from NYC that's going to totally wreck what The Trifecta has accomplished in soo little time.

I'd rather have remained ignorant to this... and in bliss, Armando.

But now that the joy of a successful season is trumped, we have to acknowledge that the Dolphins have already taken a huge step backward.

Given what you've reported, the mere appearance of such a change is very damaging to the welfare of the Dolphins. Ross, although having the wealth to purchase the team, lacks the saavy to understand the benefit of stability- and the consequences of instability.

I'll reserve judgement, but ALA might be right. Ross would have to be an idiot to create such an upheaval in the wake of our storied experience with such reorganizations. Peterson would have to be an idiot, too.

IF they are planning a post-Parcells transition, then for God's sake keep it beneath the radar. Walking the sidelines??? My God.

Again, the damage is already done.

How can the fanbase contact Mr. Stephen Ross??

After years of losing, why whould we want a man who spent 20 years with a team and never went to the Super Bowl. Not to mention that Peterson loves to trade draft picks. Peterson was GM for Ross' USFL team and won 2 Exec. of the Year awards. Woopie. If Peterson comes on board, the dominos will fall. Ireland will leave, Sporano will eventually go, and Peterson will bring in Herm Edwards to suck the life out of our team.

Let's start a fan revolt to slap Ross in the face and wake him up. God, I hate the "good ole boy" network.


Just when this team gives you reason for hope they kick you off a cliff.

I sure hope this season doesn't turn into an oasis of hope sandwiched between years of disaster ... and if Tuna is leaving to be replaced by that douche from KC then that is exactly what this season was. Buy your AFC East Gear now because you might not have a chance until the next decade.

It is starting to sound like Mr. Ross will be a worthy addition to the tradition of lousy owners and management this team has experienced. Welcome to the top of the trash heap Ross. F*** you Wayne.

Maybe Bryan Wiedmeier should be looking over his shoulder...

If this is true and he thinks the Peterson is better than the Tuna, his an Idiot, dolphin fans our next coach could be Herm Edwards.

I just went from feeling pretty good about our future to having a bad headache....thanks armando.

As long as we bring in Carl Peterson, maybe we could replace Sparano with Wanny and Jeff Ireland with Rick Spielman.
I mean, why only go part way?
All three are proven commodities at ruining teams. I wonder if there is room in Dolphin management for Matt Millen? I think he needs a job also.

The only person you can blame for this is "The Fan". Wayne has no choice but to sell the Phins. I watch every game from my home in Northern VA and am always suprised at how empty our seats are. So Wayne brought in the Big Tuna to pump up our team for one season, enough time to sell.

Bill is the best in the NFL. Anyone else is a step-down. But give praise to our coaching staff. They did a great job with mediocre talent. I really hope they stay together this off-season.

As for Carl, it could be worse. When he took over in KC they had only made 1 playoff appearance in 18 seasons. In the 1990's KC had the highest winning % of any team. Sure no SB wins or appearances; not all Peterson's fault. KC has been down for a few years now, but that is expected when your talent gets older and maybe Peterson just needs a change to re-charge him.

It's not as bad as it could be Phin Fans. We have a team full of hard workers and a hard working coach. We only need to add a few pieces next season to remain competitive and hopefully make a deeper run next year.

Dolfan in keys,

I hope just as much as everyone else that Bill stays; but please back-up your opinion that Peterson ruins teams??? What is that remark based upon??? Did KC have a great team and then Peterson came in and they sucked???

Not at all. Peterson was key in turning that franchise around. Do some research before you start making stupid comments.

As for all the fair-weather Phin fans, leave now.

One stpe forward, two steps back. It's like a bad country song with this team. Give you a small glimmer of hope, and then the powers that be yank it away. Why couldn't the team be sold to some who wants to win, and wants to employ people who want to win?

on to things we know for sure...the schedule...it's a doozy

I just vomited in my mouth. So far 2009 has been a Dolphin Disaster and it's only January 5th!!! Carl Peterson couldn't manage a supermarket. Also, if Peterson comes in, bye bye Ireland. He and everyone else will follow TUNA to wherever he goes.


Where can I find the 2009 schedule?

What KC turn around? I think a turn around constitutes a playoff win. When was the last time KC won a playoff game? he'd been there 20 years and they won one playoff game.

Peterson would be a huge step back for the dolphins. Huge.

one of the competitors has posted the schedule...I'm sure Mandy would prefer publishing himself over me pointing you to them...a few highlights...Colts,Steelers,Titans,Broncos...

if tuna leaves.dolphins of old will be back in a hurry.by smart foot

I'm not arguing for Peterson. I would much rather have BP. But I'm just saying Peterson is not a complete loser. He actually won 3 playoff games and won his division 4 times. We don't know what other behind-the-scenes people or owners hindered or helped with that. I remember the Chiefs in the 90's were a solid team and had talent. They had Marty as their coach who can't do anything in the post-season. Maybe Marty deserves more blame than Peterson for their inability to get to the Superbowl.

Thanks Marc. I found it. I can't believe we have to play Pittsburgh for a 3rd time in 4 seasons.

Don't understand why everyone is freaking out when nothing has even happened yet. It's not like the Dolphins facility is going to blow up if Parcells walks out on us. He has a 4 year contract and if he chooses not to honor that contract than that's his choice. I can't believe that people are in here calling Ross and Huzienga names because there are RUMORS that SOMETHING MIGHT happen.

This team needs continuity and stability. To effectively make use of the two there needs to be knowledgeable leadership. The Trifecta brings these things to the table. I would be hard pressed to root for Ross if he were to blow this thing up.

based on new schedule fins next year record at best without PB .....3-13 POSTE BY.............patata

T-Rock, youre an idiot. I think you might be Steve Ross. KC HAS SUCKED AS LONG AS HE'S BEEN THERE!!!!!!! Back up your turn around claim ya loser.

If the hiring of Peterson is key in Parcells leaving, then Ross needs to be held accountable, plain and simple. I hope Mr. Ross realizes that he will probably become the most vilified individual in franchise history.

I live in KC (born & bleed MIA) and there only 2 good things that can come of this. #1-NOTHING! #2-SR brings him in to run the financial side of the organization. "King Carl" is definitely good at this and that is about it; his personel decisions have for the most part been horrible. I can understand a new owner wanting someone he is comfortable with to run the business side of it.

Make no doubt about it though, if he comes in with a "football operations" title we are screwed all the way from players to front office!!!

did you hear and see the new story about the fins schedule .it includes many very good teams.we better get ready for dark year if PB leaves. posted by patata 2

NYScott...do you even know what you are talking about? Parcells contract becomes null and void on change of ownership, its not an issue of honoring it at all. Honoring it is allowing him to leave a pay the last 3 years of his salary. Get a clue moron.

Maybe, just maybe, people can wait one, two or yes, even three days(perhaps read a book, talk to your family, take up a new hobby or just go outside and take a long walk)and let people in the organization decide what they want to do in their lives and what makes them happy and then make decisions in accord with their own freewill.

Altenatively, you can get on an eMoTioNaL RoLLEr coASteR rIDe and speculate on an multiple outcomes becoming frought with worry and concern, justifiably so because there are more permutations than can be found in a delicious can of Campbell’s® Condensed Chicken Alphabet Soup. I'm just sayin.

Anyway just aks ma boy Donovan, he be crazy in da head dis week after lookin at Andy Reeds mutton chop sideburns. Dat man look like sasquatch now and he done put da fear in everbody.

Armando, some of the examples you used were basically just people not wanting the news to get out when you reporters would like to get it out. It was all about timing. Whether or not that's the right way to go about it, that's human nature.

Here's what I don't understand, why does Parcells have to answer to the media about this subject when it is the media who created it? I understand Peterson was at Dolphin stadium blah blah blah and Parcells contract has an out clause blah blah blah but Bill didn't put this story out there therefore there is no need for him to respond to it. If that were the case the media could write anything,for example, Bill owns a MacDonalds because they saw him eating at one and then demand that he answer to them about it! Now certain parts of the media are acting as if Bill has a responsibility to address an issue that they themselves made an issue! This isn't reporting the news folks, it's making up the news for a personal agenda (more hits on a blog, more buyers purchasing print, etc.) and it's not journalism as much as it is sensationalism. That is what much of our media has become today thanks to the millions of fat uneducated people who buy the enquirer. So why don't we wait for the actual facts to come out before we light the torches and grab our pitchforks.

Carl Peterson isn't as bad as some of you are making him out to be. He was good until he handcuffed himself to Herm Edwards, thats what killed him.


Peterson may have turned a failed franchise into a respectable one... but I want more than respectable. The Dolphins, despite 1-15 last year, have never been a failed organization. I DO NOT WANT MEDIOCRITY. Peterson may know football enough to be thereabouts, but Parcells has proven he knows enough to rule the roost... and I LOVE Sparano. We can not lose Sparano.

just play along MR.sick of all the stupid.we know all that you talking about.in closing what happen if ross walked from the deal.ha ha posted by patata 3

Hey T-Rock, last I checked Peterson got fired by the Chiefs. I doubt that action was a reward for a job well done.

Mike, Parcells has a 4 year contract that he signed that states upon change of ownership he has the right to walk. That does not change the guts of the contract at all. He can use the out clause to renegotiate his current 4 year contract (basically holding the team hostage) if he so chooses. Nothing about the change of ownership changes the actual 4 year contract unless Bill decides he wants it to change. So when it is all said and done Bill has a four year contract. I never said he had to honor that contract I said "if he chooses to honor it" meaning he could choose not to. My whole point, that went right over your head, was that IMO it would be pretty crappy for Bill to walk out on a contract for something as minor as a change of ownership. The owner will change but he may still give Bill everything he was promised so if Bill still decided to try and renegotiate he would be doing it out of pure greed. Do you understand now little Mikey? Maybe try to talk like an adult and stop with the name calling when you don't understand something, it makes you look like a 12 year old.

Parcells can row his own boat and only he knows exactly what he's going to do. Stephen and Wayne are walking and talking easy because would anyone be surprised if Parcell's salary doubles. Parcell's agent doesn't make any money with staying pat on the existing contract, and agents can smell blood in the water. Leave Parcells alone, give him what he wants, and watch the team grow in presence in the NFL elite.

i agree with stefin.by lisa

Ive been a fins fans for 25 years. If Huizenga and Ross screws up what Parcells built this year Im gonna have a Fins memorabilia bonfire in my front yard and find a new team to follow.

KC's troubles go way past Carl Peterson. Again, I'm not arguing in hope that we land him...I'm just saying that this isn't as bad as most of you see it.

When Peterson took over in KC, they had been to the playoffs 1 time in 18 years. In his first 10 years they went to the playoffs 7 times. There trouble came when they let Marty go and brought in Cunningham, which Peterson was against. In the 1990's KC had the highest winning % of any team in the league. There problems in this decade were a result of the talent he drafted in the 90's. They lost a great LB Derrick Thomas; Trent Green got old; Priest Holmes got injured; Tony Gonzalez is getting older...etc. etc. Talent was not the problem in KC, coaching was. While Peterson can not take all the credit for their success, he can't take all the blame for their problems. He did his job in bringing talent to the team.

As for the turn-around they were 4-11-1 in 1988 and in 1990 they were 11-5. One playoff appearance in 18 seasons, to 7 in the next 10 years. Back to Back 4-11 seasons before Peterson came in. They had one 10 win season from 1971 till 1988.

Between 2003 and 2006 KC has a combined record of 39-26. So while you claim they have sucked as long as he has been there, they have had a lot more good times than bad. And have actually had much better times than us here in Miami.

No You still don't get it lil Scotty. Opting out and the contract and becoming null and void are one in the same. It can be equally argued that Wayne H. is not honoring the contract by selling the team...which is why Parcells would not really be villain for exercising his right to opt out. If his working conditions are no longer what he signed up for, then he has every right. Get it now. MORON.

I agree with BWS

The proceeds alone from the one play-off game Sunday merits a raise for Parcells. Wonder how much money the Dolphin Organization made on Sunday? Ask, Bill he'll know. The only memories of Carl Peterson was the Trent Green trade. Maybe he is a talent Parcells veiws as employable, bottom line is it would be Parcells decision and I'd say Ross is comfortable with that.

Carl Peterson????????? Matt Millen is available if Ross' primary goal is to run this franchise into the ground before he even owns it!

yeah, Armando is right on about this Carl Peterson situation....my goodness, his history with new owner and Philadelphia Stars and most current with the terrible KC team, that is worrisome...Hoping Parcells stays to finish his project that was step one this year in turning around the record from '07.........

Ross needs to continue the Parcells era and put Peterson friendship aside, otheriwse a very appreciative Dolphin fan base is going to again dissapear and selfishly for me, the trips from the cold north will be put on hold.....

I just hope we can beat Houston next season. They are the only team we have never beated. 0-4 All-Time.

Now that is pretty sad! Even the Big Tuna couldn't break that streak this season.

Funny T-Rock, I was thinking the same thing...How could we have never beaten Houston?

Carl Peterson left KC leading the leauge in under the Salary Cap at 27m, Miami is currently 10th with 14m. The Kansas City Star hailed Peterson as "King Carl". Because he seemed more concerned with Salary Cap than improving the team. Parcells has done a comendable job with our Salary Cap, but I would be hard pressed to hire someone dubed as "King Carl".

I have a very bad feeling about this... God please, don't ever let Peterson run football operations for this team.

Armando, another clause in Bill's contract states that he answers ONLY Wayne H. I'm guessing the wording of that would have to change, and probably a bump in salary. The most important thing is that "King" Carl can not interfere with the football side of the business because Billy P. is exec vp of football ops.

Well from a business prospective you would want to be as far under the cap as possible, me personally, if it's not maxed you aren't trying hard enough, and chances are you'll make more in the end between TV contracts, ticket sales, and merch...think about it....at the start of this year, and even now, who's jersey would you buy?

perspective* I'd buy a Brown jersey...Not Penny or anyone else...

there is no way peterson and bp would work in the same organization. If peterson is in then I can assure you bp is out.

That would suck

How about having Jon Bon Jovi and Dwyane Wade as part owners? Ross is selling 2% slices of ownership to ANYONE who has the $$$$$...: http://www.page2live.com/2009/01/05/will-bon-jovi-be-there-for-the-miami-dolphins/

Let's help Steve Ross help the Dolphins. How about a 2% ownership cold call list for Ross? Jimmy Buffett, Shaq, Madonna, - hey! call Dan the Man! he's making dough from CBS

Mike, I will not get into a name calling hair pulling internet fight with someone I don't know. If that's how you get your kicks you will have to find someone else to act tough with. You can have a disagreement with someone without resorting to name calling. This is something you will learn as you mature a bit more. My original post was an opinion that Parcells would be the bad guy if this were to happen. Parcells knew Wayne was selling the team when he was hired. YOU--> "If his working conditions are no longer what he signed up for". Now here's what I said,"The owner will change but he may still give Bill everything he was promised so if Bill still decided to try and renegotiate he would be doing it out of pure greed". Meaning in that scenario the new owner would NOT CHANGE HIS WORKING CONDITIONS but Bill would be asking for more money eventhough his working conditions had not changed,,,,THEREFORE, he would be in the wrong in my eyes. IMO means in my opinion. So basically you are guessing that his working conditions would change when all logic and good sense directs us to believe that Ross would do anything he could to make sure that Tuna is happy. The only reason that anyone is thinking otherwise is because Carl Petersen visited his friend Stephen Ross at a Dolphins football game and a reporter came to the conclusion that they will be replacing Parcells with Petersen? And you're calling me a moron? WOW.

Replacing Parcells with Peterson will destroy any good will toward Ross & set this team back years. Stoopid!!

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