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An uneasy feeling -- [Newsy update here]

This morning I filed the post the follows below. But I have an update.

I have confirmed that former Kansas City president and general manager Carl Peterson was at the Dolphins game Sunday. The fact, first reported by profootballtalk.com, makes me wonder what is really going to happen with these Dolphins in the coming days.

Peterson, I am told, was not only cozying up to incoming owner Stephen Ross during the playoff game against Baltimore, he was on the Miami sideline with Ross prior to the game. And get this: He was wearing a Dolphins pin on his lapel.

And he was overheard talking about the Dolphins as, "We." and "We're." So it sounds like Peterson believes he's going to soon be part of the Dolphins organization in some capacity. Ross and Peterson go back 25 years. Peterson was the general manager of the USFL's Philadelphia Stars and Ross was the team's owner.

All this leads me to wonder, how can Ross bring in Peterson and keep Bill Parcells? It would have to happen only if Peterson comes in exclusively on the business side.

Anyway, here's the text of the post I put on the blog early this morning:

This morning I am feeling uneasy so I need to share with you the reason for my discomfort. No, it's not stomach related you jokers.

As you probably have read by now, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said Sunday afternoon he had spoken with Football Czar Bill Parcells and Parcells told him he was staying with the Dolphins. This is my column on the issue that appeared in today's Miami Herald.

And these are the words right from Huizenga's mouth: "Bill is going to stay. He told me the day before yesterday [Friday] he was going to stay."

So case closed right?

I wasn't satisfied. So when I saw incoming owner Stephen Ross immediately after speaking with Huizenga, I decided to ask Ross about the Parcells matter.

"My gut tells me he'll stay," Ross told me. "I certainly want him. And I understand what he wants. I think he deserves all the credit. Everyone is expecting and wanting him to come back. I don't think he could find a more welcome home."

Guess what? I'm still not satisfied. And that's where my uneasy feeling comes from.

The fact is Parcells has not said anything on the matter. The fact is Ross confirmed he and Parcells have not hashed out the issue from a contract standpoint. The fact is no meeting is set between Ross and Parcells to do so.

And then there is my personal skepticism I have to deal with. You see, during my five billion years covering the Dolphins as a backup beat writer, beat writer and columnist, I've heard people say a lot of things. And then I've seen them do another.

Tim Robbie told me to my face he didn't need to sell the team for estate tax purposes. And six months later the team was sold.

I remember witnessing Jimmy Johnson em-effing colleague Jason Cole at least 12 times (There were more em-effs but I stopped counting after 12) because Cole wrote Johnson was taking it easier and slowing down prior to the 1999 season. Johnson insisted he still had the same fire in his belly he always had -- which, of course, it was proven later he didn't.

After Huizenga hired Parcells in December 2007, I asked the owner what the move meant for Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller. "Cam and Randy are secure," he answered. You know the rest of that tale.

Huizenga also told me in August of 2007 that Cameron promised him the team was going to the playoffs.

And, yes, I was there when Nick Saban uttered the phrase, "I will not be the Alabama coach."

So I've learned not to simply accept somebody's word as the Gospel truth.

In this case, I'm puzzled by the NFL Network report of Ross's flirtation with former Chiefs president Carl Peterson. Seriously, Carl Peterson?

I'm curious that Ross didn't squash the Parcells issue by saying something like, "I will do whatever I need to do to keep him." Don't get me wrong, Ross said all the right things. But he didn't exactly slam the door on the possibility Parcells might not be back.

Finally, it was interesting to me that when I asked Huizenga whether the sale of the team to Ross would absolutely go through, he said, "I assume so. We're going to go upstairs now and meet on that."

With that, Huizenga stepped into a Dolphin Stadium elevator and went upstairs ...

... except that I followed Ross and talked with him as he was headed out of the stadium and to his vehicle in the parking lot. He may have doubled back for that meeting. But it didn't look like it.

So I'll believe everything is set and done ... when everything is set and done.



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lifelong dolphins fan living in nashville. i have stayed true to them despite the success of the titans. if ross lets parcells go, and then were to hire peterson, i am done.

Tom Brady will never play football again....Guaranteed!

also if parcells chooses to walk for the money, that would be very sad and say a lot about him

Eric, they were basically reading alot of the comments from here and laughing about the whole thing and they can't believe it.

I can't believe it either. I just had a thought and it seems I remember hearing that Ross was trying to gather several "minor" investors. That very well could be what's going on here.

If Ross lets Tuna get away I'm coming down there to take 5 billion out of his hide!! Peterson is a greasy haired joke.

i am still looking for good calamari dish.please post it

i don't think Peterson has the cash to be an investor and my understanding is that the people inside the Chiefs organization believe that Peterson quit so that he could come down here to Miami.

Dear Mr. Ross,

Can I be your friend too?

I think the Cowboys should fire Wade Philips and hire Mike Shanahan

The Dolphins are going to pay for what you did to my beloved Jets!

We've all taken our turn speaking into Parcell's microphone.
It's time to move on.

Can someone please organize a rally against Stephen Ross? Please! We don't need an owner who hires his incompetent friends! If we, the fans, can stir up enough negative publicity for Carl Peterson being associated with the Miami Dolphins, then perhaps Ross will come to his senses.

This is really sad. It looks like the new owner is going to turn the Dolphins into a party for his friends. It's going to be his friends given preference over business decisions.

Let's hope Stephen Ross isn't friends with Matt Millen! We could have the two biggest boneheads the NFL has seen in the last decade.

What has "King Carl" ever won? The last time his teams have won a play-off game was Jan/94. Parcells has won two Super Bowls. Look at what he did with the Giants, Patriots, Jets and most recently the Cowboys. He changed the losing culture that prevailed last year. If you run off Parcells, this team will be a train wreck just waiting to happen. Ross hiring Peterson is cronyism pure and simple. And you wonder why some teams never win. It all starts at the top.

If Carl Peterson is in deed hired to run the football operations then we're right back where we were when Wannstache was running everything into the ground. Peterson is absolutely atrocious. If it weren't for Matt Millen being the joke of NFL GMs for a decade then Carl Peterson would have the owned the crown of worst GM in football. KC needed a wide receiver the whole time Schottenheimer and Vermeil were there and it only took Peterson 15 years to finally find one. Other than having naked pictures of Lamar Hunt or someone else in the Hunt family Carl Peterson would have been fired 8 years ago.

Let's talk win-win:
Parcells takes money and goes to...Detroit.
Parcells trades the 1st round pick from the Cowboys to the Dolph's for Chad Henne.
We get 2 first round picks
Lions get thier savior (Henne) and Parcells to draft for them.
Parcells gets paid.
Armando gets something to write about.
We have something new to complain and be excited about.
Who loses?

It's consistancy gentlemen...consistancy. That's what wins in the NFL.

And let's face it: In 28 years in the NFL Parcells has won 3 super bowls: 2 with Giants, 1 with Pats.
In both cases he had Belichek with him.
Without Belicheck he hasn't won anything.

Remember Carl Peterson's last dumbass move for the Chiefs........he didn't trade Tony Gonzalez.

Tony REALLY wanted a trade. KC fans wanted the draft pick to prepare for the future. Other teams REALLY wanted Gonzalez on their team.

What does moron Peterson do? He sets the asking price so high that no team can possibly make a deal. The result. KC has one less good draft pick this year. Gonzalez didn't get to play for a contender. Another team didn't benefit from having Tony. EVERYONE LOSES because of Carl Peterson.

Parcells may leave or he may not. I sure hope he doesn't, but Peterson wouldn't be the worst pick for GM. Certainly he's better and has done more in the NFL than Mueller or Spielman did.

If Parcells leaves and signs with another team my big concern is that he will raid the coaching staff--whom really made this great season possible.

In that respect, losing Parcells would be a big step back for the franchise. We will be starting over again from scratch. The Dolphins need stability and consistency. The great teams in the league, the Patriots, Giants, Colts all have relative stability in their front offices. That allows them to develop a system and implement it. You can't do that switching staffs every other year!!

If Parcells leaves, it will be on Peterson to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Can he do it? If he continues to build the team from the trenches out and doesn't give away draft picks in the process, we might be fine. It would also be nice if Sparano doesn't jump ship with Parcells, but I might be getting ahead of myself here too.

But I would definitely prefer that Parcells stay then retire after his stay with Miami. Him leaving and landing in another spot is what can complicate things for the Dolphins, not so much bringing Peterson in, who does have a decent track record in KC. Never got any of his teams to the Super Bowl, but most of the teams he fielded through the 1990's and as late as 2006 were pretty solid. Can you say that about Mueller and Spielman?

He didn't win a Super Bowl with Patsies!

Andy if Peterson signs he's gonna want his own coach so Sparano is out the door anyway.

Frank thats just the way Peterson is, he doesn't like to trade anyone and he doesn't like to trade FOR anyone.

Well then its 2 SB's in 28 years.

Nice going Mondoboy. Just as our team takes a hart breaking loss what do you choose to do? Simply try to stir up more CRAP to boost your stats and huge EGO !

dolfiend can you be more stupid? How is it that Mondo reporting what he reports makes him the bad guy. And if you think he's the bad guy, why you come on here all the time? Dope!

andy,andy andy, there you go settling for 2nd or 3rd best, the fish better hope the tuna stays at least 1 more year..

You are a real reporter? Really? With phrases like "And this is the words, right from Huizenga's mouth...." I find it hard to believe. Perhaps you need a copy of the Kansas City Star Style Manual. It came in handy for Hemingway.

This is an outrage. I didn't think a new owner would be stupid enough to destroy such a great thing. He wants glitz and glamour while Parcells wants championships. Let's hope Ross comes to his senses and delivers for the true fans. No fan wants to see Parcells replaced by Peterson.

If Parcells/Sparano's plan is to just hand the QB job to the rag armed Pennington next year, then let them both find new jobs.

Pennington showed us why the Jets didn't want him. If not for the Wildcat, a stingy defense and a ridiculously soft schedule, we would have been a below .500 team.

He was good as a caretaker and to get things rolling but it's time to start the Henne era.

they bring in peterson and i will turn into expletive falcons fan

if Ross is stupid enough to give Peterson any kind of position on the football side of things and it causes Parcells to split, I will tell him to take my season seats and shove them up his stupid ass.

Peterson would be a great teacher in how to run a franchise for 20 years and win nothing


nice writing.

Nothing would thrill me better than to hear you resign. If you don"t want the Dolphins to succeed then don"t write about them. If I hated my job I would another one. You really seem to find pleasure in anything that would be a down blow to the Dolphins. It is one thing to be objective but you are out right negative and by the way the guy on Sun sent. is a much better writer and stories are better and informative. get better info or join the enquirer.

peterson should not even be allowed into South FLA! that clown stole money for years from KC he should have been fired 10 years ago!!!

that is not to armando .he is a great writer and good reporter.he gets to the of the story all the time and always fair to every one.perfect inwriting perfect in iterviewes .his words like a music in my ears.armando do not listen to those people they are j of you because you sit all day following the story hard for us.working every minute of the to inform fins fans.thank you armando you the future of writing.by........alfrado

nice writing.


write to Ross and tell him how much Peterson sucks and how you will never go to another game if he f**ks this up:

Miami Dolphins, 7500 SW 30th Street, Davie, Florida, 33314


Argh! Please do not let this happen. Allow the J-E-R-K-S to be the laughing stock of the AFC East. Any move away from the Big Tuna at this point is foolish. We are a good team who can be, with Bill involved, great. I agree and thank Armando for the insight. Wayne Huzinga can say anything he wants...proof is in what happens over the next few weeks....

Is there any way to e-mail Ross???

Armando: Any chance that King Carl would be brought in to run the non-football business side of the franchise? I read before that Joe Bailey is likely out after this year so Ross will need someone to run the buisness side. Being the President and GM in KC, Peterson should know the business aspect of running and NFL team. If Peterson is able to stay out of the football operation, its possible that he and Parcells could co-exist.

Another thing that doesn't make sense is that we already have a GM in Jeff Ireland so unless Ross fires or demotes Ireland, what exactly would Peterson's role be? For that reason I don't see Peterson having any role in the football side of things.

Think before you touch the keypad. Penny said he thought 3 out of the 4 picks were good passes. Try putting on his helmet, getting nailed as soon as you take the snap several times, and then pick out an open receiver from field level, not that 20 foot above the field view you get from the couch. Do this while 300+ pounders are flying all around you trying to dust your ass. You bloggers are in the frickin' clouds sometimes! Penny had a bad game that was definitely compounded by overall poor offensive line play. Without Penny this year, we aren't even playing that game.

I found this information online and with the help from others at another Fins' blog...

Mr. Stephen M. Ross, Corporate Chairman
Related, LP
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
(212) 421-5333
Dolphin Stadium
2269 Dan Marino Blvd.
Miami, FL 33056

Business Phone:

ARMANDO, why don't you look up the USFL's PHILADELPHIA STARS RECORD when Ross was the Ownder and Peterson was the GM then let me know why Ross would hire him again? LOL

I just watched Tony Soprano's day after press briefing. He would not touch any questions regarding his, the General Manager, or the VP of Football Operations future with the organization. Of particular note is Tony holding the Miami media at the end and thanking them for their 'kind' coverage of the team. Almost a tearful goodbye. Since day one I have watched and listened to all his press conferences. His words, in this one were very measured. He replied, as never before, to several questions with "that's a good question." All season long Tony has had the answer. He also made it clear that,in addition to the known fact that he grew up a Giants fan, he is a MET's baseball fan. Is he job hunting? Bill Parcell's, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano were brought in by Wayne Huzinga to drive this team as far as they could in 2008. The better the team the higher the price Ross has to pay. The terms of sale are not done yet because Wayne is now selling a Division Champion not a 1-15 nobody. It's over Dol-phans - we are back to this time last year when we fired Cam. My prediction is the Tuna goes, Jeff Ireland follows and Coach Tony, a casualty of war, answers to Carl.

regardless of who is in charge next year, this team needs to add 2 starting wide receivers in the offseason. Ultimately that was one of the biggest deciding factors to sundays loss against the ravens. TJ Houshmanzadeh is a free agent thi soffseason and there will certainly be other opportunities to trade or add guys. Give chad a target to throw to and we are a much improved offense next year.


How do know what Carl did with the money he made from the Chiefs over the last 20 years?? I'm not talking a big chunk of ownwership. I'm talking a a minor investment. What better way to insure a return on your money?

Also, Carl only had one year left on his contract in KC and Clark Hunt made the move now instead of waiting it out a year. No matter what you hear, Carl did not "resign".

A FRONT PAGE STORY! JESOFLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some answers to your comments:

Sherif: The Stars were 16-2 one year and 15-3 another year. And then they went out of business so that wasn't a good year for them.

MJH: It is possible Peterson comes in as a non-football guy on the business side. As I stated in the blog, that would be the only way his hiring would make any sense and work for Parcells.

Get a clue/azphin: On this blog we do not use the term "trifecta," when talking about Parcells, Ireland and Sparano. A trifecta is a bet in racing. You might mean trio or triumvirate. Trifecta is, well, wrong. And I am no a fool, otherwise I would not know where you live and that you post as five or six different names.

Assuming Ross is going to give Peterson a position, to invite and parade him along the sidelines in front of the Parcels regime and the fans without any notice is a totally classless act. What a disgusting insult to "The Trio" as well as the rest of us after finally getting this train on track. That had to have been done on purpose and therefore shows Ross to be a classless piece of dirt. Not to mention putting favors for friends ahead of the good of the team. Consider the fact that he must not care about Peterson's credentials who totally stunk up the place in KC. Remember how that jerk made us sweat so hard for a "nothing special" Trent Green trade?? That should give us a window into the mindset of that pompous ass! This guy Ross already seems like a real $$$ellout with no character or scruples. SUPPORT PARCELS!! Lets make some noise, Dolfans!!

For the final time. Parcells is not leaving. Joey Porter is now on record in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal as saying that Parcells assured him that he will be back next year, and Porter said that he is not, and has never been worried about the silly rumors that Parcells is leaving. If Peterson joins the Dolphins it is to replace Bailey or Wiedmeier, not to replace Parcells. Armando can now go to his bosses and say "look how popular my blog is, I just throw something out there and everybody reads me. Now, can I keep my job and not be bought out." Relax, Dolfans, everything will be all right.
Armando, Armando, Armando, you sly devil you. Stir it up, stir it up. Makes January go by faster doesn't it Armando?

How can this Be. We DO NOT need any more changes!!!

I hope this does not happens w/Peterson being hired in some capacity w/the Fins. This organization is now establishing continuity after the past regimes & if Ross starts to alter the decision making process of Parcells & Co., this team would have took a hundred steps back.

1-15 to 11-5 who knows where we will be if bp leaves:(((

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