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Bowles uses Miami experience in interviews

Dolphins assistant Todd Bowles has completed his interviews for the head coach job at Detroit and Denver and he's talking to the Denver media about his experience of the past couple of days.

"[The Lions] were 0-16, so they were very interested in the turnaround we had in Miami," Bowles told the Rocky Mountain News. "The Broncos are in a little different situation, but I feel like I've been preparing for this kind of job - to be a head coach - for a long time. I've always felt like it was important to do all of the things necessary to be prepared if the opportunity to be a head coach came my way."

Bowles, so far the only Miami assistant to parlay the success of 2008 into a head coaching interview, is convinced what he learned this season with the Dolphins can be invaluable to any team he works for in the future.

"I don't know if what we did helps my cause, but maybe they're talking to me just because of the turnaround," Bowles said. "But it's not like the Broncos are 0-16, 1-15 and are looking for that kind of total turnaround. Having been a part of it, though, you understand what change is about and how you go about it, that everybody has to be involved and be willing to do what it takes to make a different result."

The Broncos have interviewed seven candidates and there are reports that is where owner Pat Bowlen will stop now and decide in what direction to carry his search. For the record, Dolphins assistants who are not coordinators are not allowed to speak with the media in South Florida. But the Dolphins apparently have no such restrictions on their assistants when they're in other cities.

I wish Bowles the best in his search to land a head coaching gig. If he doesn't do it this year, it won't be long -- another year or two -- before he's climbing the coaching ladder.


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let's keep in mind why he is getting all these interviews..... Afirmative action!!!!!

Thank god 4 the rooney rule otherwise talent black and hispanic coaches who are qualified wouldnt even get a interview..

"let's keep in mind why he is getting all these interviews..... Afirmative action!!!!!"
Is Bowles black? I had never even heard his name until a few weeks ago. The Rooney rule might be in play. I remember when the Dolphins interviewed Art Shell when they had all but hired Saban already just to stay compliant with the rule. It's kind of a dumb rule. Every team in the NFL wants to win. It's not like someone's going to pick a lesser candidate because he's not black.

Is there a reverse Rooney in the future for cornerbacks? If 100% of the CBs in the NFL are black, then maybe you have to talk to at least one Asian CB before you sign a black CB.

Yeah, we should just give them free tuition to any college they want too. The Rooney rule is racist. Why not make a rule that a Mexican, Asian, indian, Iraqi, & white person has to be interviewed, before you can hire someone. How stupid does that sound!!!!!

Good point, for every corner drafted, a white guy has to be worked out first, LOL

teddy you are a idiotic moron.we have a black president but they won't hire a black coach if he is talented enough

You guys are bordering on some racist comments here. You wouldn't say these things in mixed public company.

We have a black president because black people had a chance to vote. There are no black NFL owners with a vote on who to hire.

Actually, we do not have a black president. We have a black president elect.

mando ,bob not bobby,steve not steven .what the difference he's going to be pres in 11 days

so trenton how was art shell.tony dungy,romeo crenell.marvin lewis,etc hired

oh yeah by the black voters

rofl... funny mando. funny.

Well, go phins, if someone blows up a dirty bomb in Times Square tomorrow, it won't be bob, bobby, steve, steven or barak who will be responsible for deciding what to do next. It will be George W. Bush. That's the difference.

Im sorry I have to chime in.

Ask yourselves why is it that we call Obama black when his mother is a white lady from Kansas.

If a black guy and a fair skinned lovely latina have a kid and it comes out fair skinned then is it black? No... its half black half latin...hmmm

Just a thought.

so why are we listening to obama's news conf. about are economy and you don't think they will be consulting with obama admin.if it do's.you got to be kidding me

On a football note, Mando great story on the O-Line. The 3 guys in the middle stunk it up all year. Another reason Sparano should be coach of the year and Pennington MVP. Lata!

We're listening to President-elect Obama's news conference based on something he's promising to do, not something he can do today. And yes, I am certain he would be kept in the loop in case of a crisis the next whatever number of days until the inauguration. But if there is a disagreement between now and then, he loses the argument. After the inauguration, there is no argument. He's the president.

Folks: I'll have a live chat tomorrow at 2 pm. I'll post the details in the morning. Gotta go now. Good-night.

there is no argument now ,the man is presenting economic stim. packs right now to congress please armando this is silly

Um, Barack Hussien Obama is not presenting anything to congress right now. That is incorrect. It does not cease to amaze me how little the average American knows about the workings of government. It is the reason why we find ourselves in decline.

maybe you should run for pres moron

if you don't think obama is talking to his fellow democratis congress maybe its you who's in the decline


maybe you were 1 of the 60% polled who voted for obama didn't know we had a democratic run congress

i knew mando would leave after hearing how silly his argument or losing this debate that the m.o

good night afc east champs baby

The Rooney rule is a good rule. Unfortunately, there are still racist bufoons out there even though it is the 21st century. It's good to get the minority candidates' names out there. Mike Tomlin was interviewed (or hired if you prefer) b/c of the Rooney rule and he is doing a very nice job.

I'm about to ruin this country. Think I can get a job coaching the Patriots afterwards?

If it weren't for the Rooney Rule, idiots like Crennel and Art Shell wouldn't have gotten hired. That rule basically encourages NFL teams to go with inferior coaches. It's like having a rule that forces teams to try out white WRs or CBs at the same time they're making out their depth chart. It's reverse discrimination.

Crennel wasn't a bad coach last year. And Art Shell was a heck of a ball player not to mention he went through a lot of interviews to get hired. How many white guys have the same record as Shell?
The Rooney rule is not a bad rule. You can still hire anyone you wish so long as you give everyone a chance. There are knuckleheads who stereotype people based on colour or race. You still hire people on perceived ability. Sparano may be a genius this year, but give the Phins a few injuries to key personel over a couple of seasons and he will look like Crennel.
Look at Saban...Crennel looks like he would have been a better coach than that guy.

i sure am going to miss the W

The Rooney Rule is racist in itself. If a team already had a coach lined up who they know and wanted to sign and everybody and his dog knew this, the fact that they HAVE to bring in a colored guy just to satisfy a rule is absurd. And how does that make the colored guy feel?, he knows hes just interviewing because of the color of his skin and has more chance of getting the job as Joey Porter has of becoming a mime artist.

racist swine----your inferiority complexes are showing.

Typical of Armando to write something derogotory of the Dolphins. Armando did you high five in the press box again last Sunday ?

Some of these posts remind me that while I love the Dolphins (and my roots in Florida), it's still in many ways a backwards state with tons of racists walking around doing their best impression to beat out Mississippi as "Dumbest State in the Union" (or is that Alabama, I always forget). The Rooney Rule shouldn't be necessary. I mean, if you have over 1/2 the league players in the NFL being black, you'd figure it wouldn't be a problem hiring black coaches. But of course the history of white people in America shows they are defectively STUPID, IGNORANT and RACIST, that just because of the color of someone's skin, they won't allow them to drink from the same water fountain, sit at the front of a bus, go to school with whites, vote or be coaches (or owners) of major sports teams. Blacks (with the help of the whites who don't have that ignorance, as well as good people of all races) had to fight to overturn all those nasty obstacles whites put in their way. So, to the white people on this post who don't like the Rooney Rule, I say it's your own damn fault. STOP preventing people from doing things because of their race and there won't be a need to ENFORCE affirmative action (in schools, in the work force, in our government). And to those that say, "why not Asians, or spanish affirmative action in football," I say, show me where over 50% of the league players are those races and I'll support affirmative action for them too.

Why not just do it the old fashion way. Let anyone apply for the job and the most qualified gets it , regardless of color.

hey;go sins or fins.....you are typical arrogant DUM fan.1 am sure your knowledge of any thing does not go pass THE MOWRON TEST.MAKE SURE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH TODAY AFTER WALK UP THIS AFTERNOON.
by monalisa

I want many more Arab coaches too. We love the football. We can own the team too and only 12% of nation is black so plenty of coaches. Ola Kalimar

If you guys and gals have had your cup of cofffee and are done with your pissing contest maybe we can talk football...

Todd Bowles was a fairly good safety for the Skins the year Doug Williams was qb and they won it all. He's domne a good job here as a coach.

I think the Miami secondary was clearly more effective in the second half of the season and overall I think the group as a unit was more effective than the individual talent might suggest they could be. I heard from more than a few fans early on that it was going to be their weakness.

It may have been, but credit Bowles and the rest of the coaching staffing for making sure it wasn't glaring. Sure, big receivers from Arizona, Houston, NE, had good games against them but so too, did they have big games against much of the league. I thought that this was an admirable job and we never got really blown out all season - the 2nd NE game was not close, but we were competitive.

I truly beleieve that defense starts with the front seven and you can overcome a lot of shortcomings in the secondary with a good unit up front. Sometimes opposing qbs never even get a chance to exploit the secondary because of pressure. Conversely, no pass rush usually equals no pass defense. That to me was the really amazing thing this season. We had no consistent pass rush. Joey was Joey this year yes, but this front seven didn't scare anyone. Yet the secondary held up. Somehow this defense (like the rest of the units of the 08 Dolphins) never complained and worked like a team bending but never breaking. After getting beat out of the gate in '08 it was never a defensive slide for more than one game all season.

You can say they had an easy schedule, but the Pats, Cards, Ravens, Chargers, Broncs in Denver are no pushovers, and winning in 10 degree weather is good anyday for a Miami team.
Nobody on either side could tackle that day.

The secondary played no small part in this season and you've got to give Bowles and the rest of the coaches credit given the talent they had to work with. Marion, Vincent & Madison got beat as much as these guys did so hats off to Bowles. He was a student of Ritchie Pettibon a fine defensive coordinator in DC who for years did it with smoke and mirrors. I hope they keep Bowles, and I cant wait until Parcells gets his prototypical big front seven in place.

We Need some Coaches From Vietnam too.

I Think Bowles Will Turn The Lions Around From 0-16 To better Record Of 1-15 .

you want to be the pot or the kettle DC "the history of white people in America shows they are defectively STUPID, IGNORANT and RACIST"...that is about the most racist statement I saw here. I think a most ppl confuse racism and prejudice...but that was a racist statement...Add in this IGNORANT statement "I say, show me where over 50% of the league players are those races and I'll support affirmative action for them too." and we have a winner. Question genuis. What % of americans are black? Last I heard it was around 17%...Guess they don't deserve affirmative action based on your logic...Go hang yourself!

Side note; Like gun control, abortion, and other "hot button" topics they shouldn't be openly debated in public...especially not on a DOLPHINS FOOTBALL blog!

Marc.....Please Let's Talk Football and Meatball only.
Posted by gorge

Shut up douche...hang yourself too!

Shut up douche...hang yourself too!

I love listening to white people talk about how they are SO discriminated against in this country. I honestly feel SO very sorry for all of you losers. Blame your grandfathers--its karma, baby!

Marc...Stick To Writing Football You Are Good At It.Most Of Us Just Can Not Take this CRAB MEAT You Guys Talking About.Now Go Have Some Organic Milk.
Posted by gorge

Do some of you people thnk at all before you type? Not only is the concept of karma ridiculous, it applies to an INDIVIDUAL not a group! There is nothing my ancenstors or yours could have done to affect our karma...if you were naïve enough to believe in such things...

Marc, you moron, why don't you go check the history books. It wasn't blacks (or any other race for that matter) that created an entire Slave Trade across the Atlantic to support the economic engine of this country, that would be...WHITES!! Not any whites, EUROPEAN WHITES. Let's check the definition of racism:
1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Hey IDIOT, sounds a lot like what happened in America to me. And since that philosophy has been discredited, then I think it's pretty safe to say those people were stupid, ignorant and yes, racist. And, as far as blacks making up 9-12% of this country (NOT 17% like you said hollow brain), you're absolutely right, I only expect affirmative action in colleges, etc. to match that percentage. Doesn't mean we shouldn't have it, just means if there are 12% black kids in colleges I would think that's just fine. But there are over 50% black players in the NFL, blacks are OVERREPRESENTED in this league, so anyone with even a tiny iota of intelligence could use their common sense if they had any to suggest there should be black head coaches (I didn't say there should be 50%, but blacks should be represented in the coaching ranks). And I'll go hang myself right after you blow me!

now marc. can you answer dc finatic,show him marc. .keep up the crab meat talk.

You must be black becase you seem to lack comprehension skills...that was racism. I'm aware of the definition, which is why I said your statement about white people being defectively stupid, ignorant, and racist a racist and ignorant statement...which it is-was! My second point in reference to "If over 50% of players", coaches whatever were white then you would support AA for them too...Well maybe you're just poor at math because whites ARE a minority in the NFL and by definition deserve AA, however by your original statement the majority should be given AA...Maybe you should have clarified you were referring to COACHING, as many people suggested having white DB's or WR's. Regardless, the Army enlisted is predominately black, yet most officers are white. Most steel workers are probably black, yet the executives are white. You think the problem might be bigger than the NFL?

Anyway...don't know about the rest of you, but I like football, and more specifically the Dolphins...Mandy do you have anything new to report? We all knew Bowels was getting interviewed a week ago..

now it's dc is turn. com on man show that you know more than what the other guy knows.i fee the love in the air WASTE OF TIME is the title.

PLease increase the Arab and Jewish coaching staffs to more acceptable levels! This results in prejiduce against many beloved players not getting proper roster slots. There are currently no Arab nose tackles in the NFL and only one Jewish punter! Clearly racism at its mostest! Please include the diverse as the universe intended! Long Live Parcells!

Only 1 qb has beaten Tebow in a bowl game: Henne.

Actually, I'm not black, or white, I'm both. I have one black parent and one white parent. You are obviously white, because you say stupid, ignorant, racist things like, "You must be black because you seem to lack comprehension skills." And that's what I was referring to when I spoke of the history in this country. As far as affirmative action for white athletes in black dominated sports, I'm fine with that (what's good for the goose is good for the gander). However, there's a HUGE difference you're missing (no big surprise). Affirmative action was a remedy for racism. Blacks weren't ALLOWED to play in the NFL or NBA or MLB. They were prevented from playing. No one's ever prevented whites from playing (it's just that apparently the owners and coaches felt they'd have a better chance of winning with black athletes). But if there's a white running back that can play like Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams, I'm sure Sparano would love to have him on the team (as would I). And you don't even know what you don't know. The majority of people in the Army, just like the majority of steel workers or people on welfare, are WHITE! Go back to school, dude, learn some facts from books, don't pull them out of your butt.

Speaking of Henne & the Lions what makes more sense than trading Henne to the Lions for 1st round pick they got from the cowboys for Roy Williams. They also have the #1 overall pick so they can't afford big payroll under the cap. Henne is under contract for nothing. We trade a 2nd rounder who is not going to play here for a 1st rounder.
Any takers?


What say you: Henne to the Lions for one of thier 1st rounders.

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