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Bowles uses Miami experience in interviews

Dolphins assistant Todd Bowles has completed his interviews for the head coach job at Detroit and Denver and he's talking to the Denver media about his experience of the past couple of days.

"[The Lions] were 0-16, so they were very interested in the turnaround we had in Miami," Bowles told the Rocky Mountain News. "The Broncos are in a little different situation, but I feel like I've been preparing for this kind of job - to be a head coach - for a long time. I've always felt like it was important to do all of the things necessary to be prepared if the opportunity to be a head coach came my way."

Bowles, so far the only Miami assistant to parlay the success of 2008 into a head coaching interview, is convinced what he learned this season with the Dolphins can be invaluable to any team he works for in the future.

"I don't know if what we did helps my cause, but maybe they're talking to me just because of the turnaround," Bowles said. "But it's not like the Broncos are 0-16, 1-15 and are looking for that kind of total turnaround. Having been a part of it, though, you understand what change is about and how you go about it, that everybody has to be involved and be willing to do what it takes to make a different result."

The Broncos have interviewed seven candidates and there are reports that is where owner Pat Bowlen will stop now and decide in what direction to carry his search. For the record, Dolphins assistants who are not coordinators are not allowed to speak with the media in South Florida. But the Dolphins apparently have no such restrictions on their assistants when they're in other cities.

I wish Bowles the best in his search to land a head coaching gig. If he doesn't do it this year, it won't be long -- another year or two -- before he's climbing the coaching ladder.


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BTW. I don't need a history lesson. I'm we'll aware o the history of the (flawed) system...I just don't agree with it, just like I do or don't with several other non-football related matters!

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The reason there are still race issues not just in America but around the world, can be explained in this blog. People of all races can't help themselves and continue to make it an issue.

you are all mistaken. . . bowles didn't get an interview to satisfy the rooney rule. you only need one black guy to satisfy that rule. the broncos also interviewed leslie frazier - who's black.

if they were just satisfying the rooney rule, then they wouldn't have interviewed two black guys, just one.

as an aside - i think the rooney rule is about as racist as you can be. singletary can be hired without interviewing a white guy, but if you hire a white guy without interviewing a black guy you're both racist and fined out the wazzoo.

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Suggesting Bowles only got interviews to fill a quota is not only moronic, but factually incorrect.

Denver and Detroit each interviewed 3 minority candidates. St. Louis interviewed 5.

Why are uninformed bigots always the most willing to share their opinion?

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by jenus

Dreamer -
What will turn around Detroit is not Todd Bowles. This job is too big for him. They need a Parcells type guy. The biggest change in Miami this year was the cultural change in the locker room. This happened because Bill Parcells came to town like Wyatt Earp and willed it to be so. Aside from Parcell's substantial football knowledge was Parcell's reputation of not taking any crap from any player. You either perform or you will be gone. Its a rare individual who carries this kind of clout and since it appears that Parcells is not going anywhere especially balmy Detroit, I'd say their years of mediocrity will continue on.

Bowles is a good young coach who will get an opportunity to be a head coach some day.

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